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    1. "They're under the bench at the stern

    2. There was a nice big lake sprite there already, but enough room to get the stern of his boat in and slide up along the dock and the channel side

    3. “You sure?” he asked, switching instantly to a stern and serious look, as if he

    4. Those pumps are heavy in the stern, it wallows easier than I would have liked

    5. Vyinga took a running leap and flew thru the air, actually reaching the stern rail with one foot

    6. ” He was smiling up at him; it was really hard to be stern with him

    7. ‘He’s not as stern as he looks

    8. Berndt is talking to Drens in the steering cabin place at the back of the boat … the stern? … Joris hasn’t appeared yet

    9. They tied their clothes to the rail and then went over the side, not bothering to walk back to the stern where a ramp had been let down

    10. Instead, there was a new man, older and stern looking, standing behind the counter

    11. James, the matter of the egg is settled! Jake was rather stern with him

    12. He lead his country through all of the qualifying matches with an authority that mixed stern determination with the most sublime football skills that the world had ever seen

    13. A tremendous wave broke the stern, tore the rudder off, and left them at the mercy of the gods

    14. What would your first reaction be? Would your boss‘s stern

    15. Continuing with the displeased boss example, you could change your belief about what his stern expression means

    16. Each had a stern gaze

    17. Instead they had put a sail across the stern so she could bathe, use the rail and wash out her underwear in privacy

    18. there was a new man, older and stern looking, standing behind the

    19. There was no spare sail to hang across the stern

    20. At the stern one man or woman lounged while they were rowed to their destination

    21. But they didn’t believe in the Goddess, they needed a stern male God and therefore strife and war

    22. with an authority that mixed stern determination with the most

    23. She had a rather stern

    24. It was similar in design to the modified sampan but was much wider in the stern and quite a bit longer, but there the similarities ended

    25. As the lights of New York disappeared over the horizon behind the ship leaving only a glow on the low clouds to mark its unfaltering presence, Kaitlyn pressed close to Harry as they stood on the stern deck and she said goodbye to America and home

    26. Before a suitable manager could be found, I had a good deal of practice presenting a stern face for the craftsmen one moment, and of sympathy and compassion for my dying husband the next

    27. With the twins at the oars in the stern of the larger boat, they set off across the waters of the lake

    28. Rafe was deep within the ship’s stern, securely imprisoned in what was once Argos’ silver hold

    29. She couldn’t deny the possibility – the man’s power had been unlike anything she had ever seen – but could it possibly be true? Her attempt to match the white robed woman’s stern demeanor was shattered; the image of this Destroyer unleashing his power against the Plague brought a smile to her face

    30. It had a pair of cables strung from bow to stern, providing a taut construction without adding weight

    31. His face was stern, his attendants many

    32. spoken, there was something else about this stern, aristocratic face that suggested deep

    33. But instead, he opened his palm, his arm held stiff, his visage stern, unyielding

    34. was quick to shoot down that request with a stern, “No

    35. In his stern voice the king said, “We have the woman who did this in custody

    36. “And you, young man; where were you through all of this?” Zarko tried to sound stern while his icy stare held his target’s gaze

    37. With harsh words and a stern

    38. Of course, as an officer, his father was very stern and the fact that he was seldom at home didn’t help their relationship, either

    39. Hippomachus was a stern, but learned man, a faithful husband, and extremely

    40. “I…” She searched her friend’s now stern face for any hope of divulged facts

    41. Of those hours, one would be spent with his arms crossed in front of him, a frown further darkening his already stern features

    42. "Ya ever have to put someone down that you loved?" his voice was stern, despite his guilty expression

    43. The stern look he gave me was answer enough

    44. Chris led them along the port side of the ship towards where the stern had originally been

    45. I sat in the stern and, while four of the fellows rowed, two of us bailed, and we were doing all right

    46. ” His voice was stern, but he grinned, which convinced me he loved the teasing

    47. Slightly over 300 metres from bow to stern, it had a crew of almost 200 personnel, the ability to launch eight fighter craft simultaneously and internal housing for 24 fighters in total

    48. She pulled a stern and mildly unhappy face and walked away

    49. As I walked up to the desk the nurse looked up and said in a stern voice

    50. “But I want to explain!” A stern look crossed his fore-

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    after part poop quarter stern tail arse ass backside behind bottom bum buns butt buttocks can derriere fanny fundament hind end hindquarters keister nates posterior prat rear rear end rump seat tail end tooshie tush isaac stern exacting strict austere grim inexorable relentless unappeasable unforgiving unrelenting severe stark cruel hard firm adamant unfeeling authoritarian rigid rigourous steadfast