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    1. Clutching his stomach where a dark stain grows on his shirt

    2. There is a lipstick stain on the side of the cup

    3. The ownership is in dispute and the people involved are not without stain," he was honest with her, but the only rule I worry about is interfering in tribal affairs, but the Brazilians have never registered as a tribe

    4. The stain is made from charcoal or from burned caterpillar flesh and fungus

    5. Melinda noticed a stain on her shorts

    6. Melinda pointed to the stain in her crotch

    7. " She grimaced at her reflection, making her pretty face as menacing as she could and then thought of the girl with the stain in her crotch

    8. The girl with the stain in her crotch from the locker room was wearing the pivot helmet cover

    9. OK crotch stain, you picked the wrong day to mess with WMD

    10. When she opened her eyes the girl was on top of her, the stain of her bloodied crotch pressing into Melinda's gagging mouth

    11. Jordo had always thought he was a cool customer, but watching that shadow, that stain as it came, he wanted nothing but to give in to his fear

    12. Anyway, at a moment he found a black pen and the opportunity to smudge two of the three pages of my published story! When I saw that, I flew off the handle! The little monster managed to stain the only success I've had in my life insofar!

    13. the unswept stain of dry summer earth

    14. a stain of blind function that is an automatic response

    15. the grey-white stain of a new day

    16. between her toes, to taste the rising stain

    17. uneven oblong stain around the shattered glass of

    18. Judging by the stain spreading across the front of the man’s trousers it is obvious that he has started to relax already

    19. When she takes her hand away the fabric of the plaster is already showing a small brown stain where the blood has soaked into the wadding

    20. “They’re not without stain, but cleaner than most schools

    21. The wet stain on

    22. Max Sheehan applied the last coat of stain to the baby crib he had been

    23. As he wiped the stain

    24. Max put the stain rag in paint thinner and cleaned up his station

    25. Blood dripped from his hand and the crimson stain already made its way up

    26. "Good morning my sweets," LeCynic said, his sunken eyes transfixed on the blood stain growing on his bed

    27. Her delicate hands massaged the energy into her skin, making her flesh whole, leaving only a tear and crimson stain on her jacket from where the wounds had once been

    28. I felt that I was a stain on the blemish-less lineage

    29. your person stain your spirit

    30. Was it her imagination or was there still a rust colored stain on the blade? A sickening memory of the pain and fear suffused her mind

    31. I suspect he thought reopening the issue would stain his name, as well

    32. There were times when people would get hit and the water would stain red with their blood but it didn’t put anyone off as this was one of the few pleasurable pastimes that we had

    33. It left a brown stain on the wallpaper

    34. Walls of the palace surrounded the churchyard though the walls were raked levels to allow hours of daylight to penetrate the stain glass windows of the church

    35. The Mortal Wars are a black stain on our history

    36. I walked out of the cemetery and down the lane and tears ran down my cheeks as I knew that my great grandfather and grandmother had been reunited for eternity and because of writing his story they could now rest in peace with together the stain removed from his soul

    37. He was thrown to the wall near the door and his body turned into a stain and then, with a whiff of smoke, all sign of his ever being was erased

    38. Yet you choose death! You have forsaken Me and forced My hand! The stink of your perversions fill My nostrils! Your murders stain My courts! The broken bodies of the innocent and the blameless are piled up in heaps, before My eyes!

    39. a blemish and a stain

    40. For I tell you the truth, the stain of your guilt remains,

    41. Goodness, therefore, is ―ignorant‖ of its (own) inherent, however ―unknowing‖ Goodness; that is to say, Goodness is necessarily ―uninformed‖ of its (own) essential Goodness lest it stain itself with Pride

    42. to show his stain of shame!

    43. She brushed it and took a stain out of it

    44. There was no sign of him now, not even a blood stain

    45. Resolutely, setting himself to the task, he picked up his paper and, passing her table, her copy as well, and set off down the beach, a stain of spilled orange juice darkening his clothes from throat to between his thighs

    46. His tie was decorated in recent soup stain and his shirt seemed to be two sizes too large for him

    47. He felt like he now carried a stain he could never wash off

    48. wash out the wet stain before it dried and smelled

    49. 5 Let darkness and the shadow of death stain it; let a cloud dwell on it; let the blackness of the day terrify it

    50. whose traffickers are the honourable of the Earth? 9 The Lord of hosts has purposed it, to stain the pride of all glory, and to bring into

    1. He could see their ancient ash clubs clearly now, stained now with the blood and shattered remains of the brave men lost in the East Towers

    2. The old man returned Jen’s smile, revealing tobacco stained teeth

    3. The SNACK BAR ATTENDANT -- a middle-aged man from the Subcontinent in a stained white uniform -- languidly shoves a plate toward one customer, takes a drag off his cigarette, points slowly to another student in the gaggle of customers crushing around the counter waiting to be served

    4. The carpet seems to have avoided the depredations of the last occupant of the rooms … unlike the bedroom carpet which is stained beyond belief

    5. that littered a scarred and stained antique pine kitchen table, and pointing to a rickety

    6. was set a rose of stained glass

    7. the same, disgustingly stained gown throughout her long and decrepit life, this

    8. the once, and never stained when she put them on

    9. I stained to hear the bat striking the ball

    10. The mattress stained the air under my head with the faint aroma of damp soil when I turned over

    11. Unlike her mother, a poor and feeble creature tied to the old days, a woman who shimmered like a pallid ghost among the ruins of their estates in the mountains, a woman who wore the same, disgustingly stained gown throughout her long and decrepit life, this Countess had broken with those dusty traditions

    12. Her dresses were simple, worn only the once, and never stained when she put them on

    13. Beyond the hedge and the ubiquitous, unforgiving, waist-high nettles, chunks of ballast gravel, sharp and stained, emited a slight haze of heat, baking the old timber sleepers laid a hundred years ago, counting off the miles between Blue Anchor and Watchett

    14. Wine and blood stained the floor

    15. Plaster hangs on walls, stained red with the rust of long hammered nails,

    16. and aprons stained with gravy and childish tears

    17. of plastic on a smoke stained wall,

    18. is retold through glass stained wine red,

    19. by sweat stained men in lines of khaki and grey

    20. there is a park bench, a stained, spray paint

    21. By the glow of the lightstones down here in the galley, I can see my socks are stained with blood

    22. stained and hot to touch

    23. stained hair that falls across the lilywhite skin

    24. stained brown, but the wound

    25. the blood stained tear,

    26. stained with damp where dark moss creeps along

    27. After all, how distant can you be with a man who has wound bandages round your upper leg? We debate whether I should put my stained hosen back on again or not – opting to leave the clean ones for tomorrow … I’ll have to wash this pair out as soon as I get the chance

    28. There was one sobering moment when we came to a trampled clearing where stalks and weeds were flattened and the sandy soil was stained with a mess of dried blood, we fell silent and strode on without reference

    29. unusually patterned pair of slacks and some water stained loafers

    30. The sun rose slowly and its rays flowed into the room through a large stained glass window high above sending colorful prisms of light dancing about the room in a descending pattern

    31. many boots and stained by the spillage of many drinks

    32. had arrived torn and stained, and seemed to have received the

    33. His t-shirt was stained with sweat, demonstrating clearly the effort he was putting into the digging

    34. Her left arm and hand are bruised and stained dull purple from the repeated attempts to cannulate

    35. He is still wearing yesterday’s underwear underneath his yoghurt stained shirt

    36. A small pool of blood stained the floor on

    37. The shelves would have to be painted cream to match … they would look wrong stained dark as they currently are

    38. White tiles and stained grout

    39. He crawls to the side of the car and hauls himself upright, running a mud stained palm across his eyes to wipe away the tears, leaving brown tracks, a primeval war paint, across his cheeks

    40. Black leather is stained with the deepest red wine

    41. window at the far end was stained glass, but you could still see down to two of the

    42. A large fan shaped stained glass window topped it, causing the arched appearance she’d seen from the outside of the house

    43. The stained glass fan, cast a delicate pattern on the wooden floor, as the first rays of the lavender sky emerged over the blanketed hills

    44. The stained glass windows shone no more

    45. eager to inspect its stained glass from the inside

    46. "Like I said, real hell cat on wheels," Dusty stated through a stained toothy grin

    47. The place was plush, with thick stained glass in the doors and velvet walls inlaid with pictureglass lanterns showing mountain scenes of Wescarp or Quanwark

    48. Beams of sunlight filtered through the stained glass windows lining the chamber's walls

    49. stories depicted in the stained glass of the chapels

    50. In the corner of the room a soiled and stained mattress rested

    1. Hair - long, tangled, dark, hardly showing the dried blood staining it - wafted across the nearside rail, one moment draping the black-grey smoothness with deep brown tendrils, the next flying back whence it came, its roots firmly attached to the scalp that engendered it

    2. staining his flying suit with the sweat of twenty-year old bravery,

    3. The air hangs with salt, staining feathers and

    4. She slams the kettle down onto the work surface and pushes the cold tap to maximum so that she can stop the skin on the back of her hand from staining red with the scald

    5. Onk turned his head and vomited, staining his white robe with a mixture of blood and bile

    6. Was she forgiven? With the blood staining his blond hair and eyebrows, smearing his neck, and dripping from his chin, he appeared even grimmer than usual, but he met her questioning gaze

    7. I was lying on the couch, tears of anger staining my cheeks

    8. But finally, just as the sun began staining the sky, the message came

    9. Oh, my God! They had lights streaming out like fucking beacons, staining the ground outside with a golden tint

    10. She shivered at the thought and felt dry tears staining her cheeks

    11. Ganesh did not want to imagine the infections that must be staining those walls, but at least they offered some semblance of aesthetics

    12. swirled around the foot of the cylinder, staining its thick metal

    13. sores on her chest and stomach, the viscous substances staining

    14. She could scream and holler until she was hoarse, but the image of the dead partisan, his blood staining the ground, was too much for her to bear

    15. Blood leaked onto my fingers staining my nails a deep red

    16. The dog whimpered as blood rushed from the wound staining the surrounding fur

    17. his touch, hated his sperm that seeped from inside her, staining the

    18. Drips of black run down from the gashes in your flesh and into the endless sea, you bleed staining the surface

    19. The builders finished all but the staining, and varnishing of the cupboards, and the painting of all the walls

    20. June rubbed the pads of her fingers across her face, trying to erase the mascara staining her face

    21. ” I managed with vomit staining my clothes and burning in my throat

    22. He blasphemed the gods and sprawled drunken on the floor of the banquet hall wearing the golden crown, and staining his royal purple robes with the wine he spilled

    23. sticking in his hair and staining his robes the same brilliant red

    24. It slid an inch higher, staining to

    25. synch with each other, free hands swinging, sweat staining the collars of their shirts,

    26. oil staining the concrete driveway

    27. The colors pool between her pale clavicles before running and staining her white brassiere

    28. much simpler than staining them

    29. accomplished using staining techniques

    30. Coagulated blood staining parts of her body

    31. The man wiped his mouth on his shirt staining i red

    32. She smiled, "Because to outsiders, true Staining shows wisdom and experience

    33. The consumer of blood are countries under the predator Al Quaida, staining blood in Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan and Kurdistan

    34. Dental fluorosis is the staining of the teeth as a result of consuming too much fluoride while children’s teeth are developing ( 0- 6 years of age )

    35. The torn wing lay broken on his back, blood staining the floor

    36. You are the staining IT

    37. ” Eye the Sky squeaked with the latest leak as they monitored the brown air staining them

    38. For the usually unflappable Henrietta was fidgeting in her seat, a slight blush staining her cheeks

    39. and onto the bed staining the white sheets red

    40. Sun and sand filled her mind, wind whipping around a stooped figure as he fought his way through the sandstorm, blood staining his chest, what had been his life torn from him—

    41. He carefully wiped at his mouth, looked down at the blood staining his fingers

    42. It oozed over the rocks staining them in a growing patch

    43. Laughter in her eyes, pink staining her cheeks, Emory couldn’t watch

    44. “I will come to your home,” Garret said, a happy flush staining his cheeks

    45. Closing her eyes, Petra replayed a memory in her mind: Emory falling, blood draining from his face and staining his shirt

    46. There were acres and acres of wildly colored flowers staining the summer air with their scent

    47. and he vomited forcefully across the bed, staining the mattress with a

    48. otherwise empty staining trays

    49. other sperm test, then his doctor may require a peroxidase staining test

    50. staining her teeth appeared

    1. I'm only 36 years old but that's enough to remember when they were universally considered to be anti-social, trashy, criminal looking stains on the skin

    2. rain upon an unwashed face, where stains

    3. running hot water over his hands, washing away the stains

    4. his cap pushed back, paint stains drying on

    5. burning through the stains of passion,

    6. pricking out the shapes of autumn berry stains and sticky jam jars

    7. oblivious to the stains that she absorbs

    8. Just below his knees, where his trousers have brushed the sides of his Wellington boots, there are damp, muddy stains

    9. She fills the kettle as he scrubs the grass stains off his hands at the sink and chats on about the cleaning she has been doing

    10. Judging by the colour of the stains on his shirt he spilled more of the yoghurt then he ingested

    11. Brown water stains make teardrop shapes around the plug hole

    12. white jacket, splattered now with red and brown stains, pulling out first his gun and

    13. He had not been counting floors, he recognized the stains on the steps and would turn there

    14. At the corners of their lips he saw blackened stains, a reminder of their long night of chopa use

    15. The orange stains on his lips shimmered as though covered in a layer of oil

    16. He found no possessions, no notes, no stains, no nothing

    17. One of his golden sleeves was soaked from dunking Alec's head while the rest of his robe was splattered with stains of puke

    18. Cloaked beneath the shadows of the inferno, the beings slithered among the undead, dark, empty stains on the land

    19. From my brother’s pungent breath, I could tell the red stains in his beard were wine, not blood

    20. She couldn’t help thinking that evil might lurk in its dark niches, that black stains of gore might be splattered on the walls, that she might never reemerge into daylight

    21. Dark stains discoloured the bandages as the gashes continued to ooze blood and puss

    22. Elijah turned him over and held him in his lap we could see the small entrance wounds in his chest with blood stains round them it his blood had also trickled down his chin

    23. There were stains of dried blood already encrusted on them

    24. The stains on the wall didn't scrub off so easily, he'd need to get some paint later and paint them over

    25. It was tidy enough except for the stains on the wall and the wine on the rug

    26. Curiously, there were no water stains on it

    27. Nothing, although I now know fifty different ways to remove urine stains from cashmere

    28. I knew from the dried drainage stains on the stockings and the foul odor coming from the area that her legs were badly infected

    29. “It’s a bit hairy out there at the moment I bet there are a few brown stains in the back of your pants?” I replied

    30. “I bet I’m not the only one and if this keeps up the stains won’t be brown but red with blood

    31. He rearranged his bed sheets to cover up the stains

    32. He looked down at his hands and was dismayed to see that crimson stains still smeared his fingers

    33. He could see it clearly now, that tarmac sight bearing the blood stains of uncontrolled childhood feuds, there, preserved as if for posterity: the school's heritage

    34. The walls were covered in thick padding to prevent self-damage, and sickening dark brown and yellow stains marked the material

    35. Even in the darkness, Raven could see their blood on his hands, dark crimson stains forever painted on his palms

    36. A sailor has cleaner apparel that is constantly exposed to the winds and elements, yet has salt stains from the water

    37. peeling paint and stains of indeterminate age and origin

    38. Yellow stains marked the armpits of the vests and several sported dried blood spatters

    39. Gorgeous State umbrellas, enormous kinkassies or wardrums, brass-studded chairs, beautifully carved stools, European and native swords, native spears, Ashanti daggers and knives, executioners' blades and torture instruments, brass studded cases, leather fetish caps, silken and cotton cloths, execution stools with recent blood stains, valuable old English chinaware, common table knives, large glass vases, carved wooden sandals, silk and gingham pillows of down and soft cotton, a few tusks, ivory pieces for playing “po” and drafts, a few bottles of brandy, common blunderbusses, old flint locks, a few Sniders, and so on ad infinitum

    40. Originally it had been painted white but now big red rust stains showed through every surface

    41. The fog explained the stains on the white and pink floral wallpaper, though

    42. He had smoke stains on the fuselage

    43. It seemed to Hilderich as if the man had grown literally attached to his set of armor, or that its prolonged use had left indelible stains on his body

    44. I blink, and the violent red stains the inside of my eyelids

    45. He told her that of all his ties it had the least number of food stains on it, and that being a paisley would hide whatever stains it had

    46. His words came from somewhere within an ill-kept silver beard that bore tobacco stains

    47. It may have a few carbon stains from the burning process, but that’s it, and even this could easily be wiped off with a cloth

    48. Some bones will have dark carbon stains and this is normally caused by the use of cancer medication which is alleged to alter the bone composition

    49. May all these practices be undefiled by the stains

    50. We reluctantly broke camp the next morning, renewed our stains on hair and skin, and with a last look to burn it all into our minds, we left our meadow

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    blot smear smirch spot stain discoloration discolouration brand mark stigma dirt filth grease grime grunge soil defile maculate sully tarnish dishonour disgrace taint smudge blotch blemish mottle dye tint dirty discolour streak debase colour tinge