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Streak en una oración (en ingles)

But he has a hard streak.
She's on a wild streak today.
He had that streak in him too.
One to let this dominant streak.
It is more of a wild streak.
A winning streak can end suddenly.
He’s developed a ruthless streak.

I had a bad streak that’s all.
It was just a blur, a white streak.
Joey looked up at the glowing streak.
A streak that is in you too, Corina.
It has put a streak of meanness in.
The girl with the blond streak nodded.
He doesn’t want to break the streak.
Even the most stubborn streak, he.
It was that damned stoic streak again.
Like her friends, she had a wild streak.
Apollo feels pain streak across his face.
Thereafter followed a 17 day winning streak.
Lo and behold, he goes on a winning streak.
But then I see another Raven streak past me.
The white streak tracking our every move.
Another red streak and one more Toral went down.
A few minutes later the streak of light was back.
Rachael paused again and Purple Streak took over.
He used his hand and wiped a streak of the fog.
He had a roguish streak in him, and by now was.
There was a little streak, it was getting bigger.
It did not however, quell his adventurous streak.
Despite his charm, she sensed a streak of cruelty.
A streak of black and blue crossed Andrew’s vision.
He could just make out a silver streak down the side.
At the top he saw a streak of light from an open door.
A powerful streak of gushing blood spurted out of the.
He was opinionated, and he had a deep stubborn streak.
She gestured toward her head where a streak of silver.
I kept an eye on this streak until it became a massive.
There had been a streak of desperation in her screaming.
A streak of fork lightning is a natural example of this.
If looks could kill… This guy's got a real mean streak.
She looked away, the silent tears streaking her face.
I wiped the tear streaking down his cheek with my thumb.
She pointed ahead to a massive plume of fire streaking.
A female devil form came streaking out of the dream heaven.
She wiped at a tear streaking down her cheek and sniffled.
The other girl looks up, too, tears streaking down her face.
They could see the motor-boat streaking towards the mainland.
Hartstongue, his eyes wide, sweat streaking his forehead, nods.
Through the rain streaking down her visor, I saw tears in her eyes.
Iratus was nearly blinded by the streaking turbo laser bolts that shot.
It was a single comet streaking across the sky, fading as quickly as it.
It ascends slowly at first, fighting gravity, but soon it’s streaking upward.
Streaking in from behind the mountain, the two warships laid the column to waste.
His fingers brushed away the dust, streaking the dull red cover with brightness.
Tears streaking her face, she brought her hands to her chest to secure her blouse.
Would he care? She doubted it somehow; the man was colder than a streaking Eskimo.
His hair a dark chestnut with what seemed like flames of red streaking through it.
Streaking in uncontested, I was preparing myself to take the shot when I felt the.
My sister went in first and came out some time later with streaking tears to suit.
The car was moving before the doors were all closed, streaking back to the White House.
A solitary moped whizzes past, its headlamp streaking the bars of a wrought-iron fence.
At this some of them were laughing so hard that tears rolled, streaking their dirty 48.
The missile was streaking head on with the bar-Seth and would crash into it within seconds.
They scattered as he dove through them, wings folded so his body was a red streaking bullet.
We sat there and Constance, still staring ahead, the tears streaking down her cheeks, said:.
My files are shooting upward at the speed of light, streaking toward the communications satellite.
Its readings indicate that gamma rays are streaking through the dusty air at 100 millirems per second.
Carmen? Yeah, Carmen! And as Bruce watched, he saw tears running down her cheeks, streaking her make-up.
In fact as she ran out of my room with tears streaking her face I felt like I might expire on the spot.
Blood and water dripped off her chin, her face not as lovely now, with burns streaking over the pale skin.
Torbin got back on his chair and watched the forward display of the faint blue of the stars streaking towards him.
With sweat and blood streaking down his face, Jai stirred and sat up shakily next to Ceder in the bottom of the boat.
It shattered on the roof of the trailer, just wide of the wall, and sent waterfalls of fire streaking down the side.
Wolfe turned his face away, and in a flash of passing light from outside, Jess saw that there were tears streaking his face.
One shaking hand reached out to grab some noodles, streaking back to his mouth so fast I could barely track it with my eyes.
Old women in housedresses gawk at the crazed white boy streaking past their stoops, but at least they don’t call the cops.
The two boats settled in, rowing in full-sprint mode, the boats streaking down the course most of the way as if locked together.
His answer came in the twang of the bow-string, the streaking flight of the arrow that sank to the feathers in his broad breast.
Washburn's hoarse voice caught her attention from behind the fountain bar "You'd better sit down" he continued, streaking to her side.
When Amaranthe woke, early morning light slipped between the boards across the windows, streaking the maze of hanging papers with slashes.
The sky was streaked with red.
They streaked along his cheeks.
Blood streaked both her cheeks.
They streaked past a black door.
Her face was streaked with tears.
Worry lines streaked his forehead.
Meteorites streaked across the sky.
The stars ahead streaked by faster.
His face was streaked with tears.
Shooting stars streaked across the.
Their faces were streaked with dust.
An open claw streaked towards his arm.
His face was streaked with tear tracks.
She could see his cheeks were streaked.
Dried blood and tears streaked his face.
In hair that’s streaked with sunlight.
The dog streaked ahead and David followed.
Her blond hair was now streaked with gray.
The shaft of fanlight streaked with rain.
From the rain – the paint had streaked.
Its black whiskers streaked lines in the dirt.
The color streaked his forehead and faded out.
Amazingly, some kid streaked through the crowd.
Yellow and black blurs streaked across the sky.
Long shadows streaked across the stone walkways.
Within seconds her hair was streaked with slick.
His hair was knotted, his face streaked with pain.
Her face is streaked with saliva and drying vomit.
The pig streaked across the plain in the direction.
The east streaked with light before Sam tried to move.
Halibut and streaked bass, dissection of the eye of, W.
Dusty water ran out of his hair and streaked his neck.
Pinched faces streaked with suspicion or fear or both.
No! Ella said, her face still streaked with tears.
The air was streaked with violent flashes of lightning.
Bullets streaked through Super Man from every direction.
Caramel skin, warm chestnut eyes and silver streaked hair.
The color of the pall was green, streaked with dark spots.
Wallace's Dissection of the Eye of the Streaked Bass, 218.
His wide blue shirt-front was streaked with Joy’s blood.
You have to cut bad streaks.
I journeyed and saw streaks.
The cloth left streaks of dirt.
Sandy hair with purple streaks.
All traders will have losing streaks.
Streaks of lightning stabbed the city.
Frances looked at the streaks of blood.
Streaks of white ran through his beard.
Streaks of tacky blood matted the grass.
I saw the streaks of blood along her thighs.
We’re not going over 4 game losing streaks.
Streaks of deep red had been sprayed across.
It was an odd colour, purple with grey streaks.
I stared at her black hair with blonde streaks.
The sea was emerald blue with streaks of green.
Her hair was mostly gray with wispy red streaks.
It left odd, bloodlike streaks on her tawny skin.
I had streaks of early knockouts that lasted weeks.
Streaks ran down the tree like rust colored tears.
Overhead, the sky was ceiled with streaks of purple.
The high streaks of clouds near the horizon had a.
Stylish streaks of green paint wrapped around the.
Yes, yes, I know; but look, see those red streaks?
Her hair had streaks of gray, and there was a hint.
Their blood now layered his armor in crimson streaks.
And the rain whipped white streaks through the lights.
There were no laser streaks through the misty darkness.
Before we reach it, however, a sphere streaks through it.
Her palms had left wet streaks on the cold, meshed metal.
She was a red-headed beauty with streaks of grey hair at.
Death streaks down out of the sky, screaming and laughing.
The sun had completely disappeared and the last streaks of.
Fire! A rocket streaks towards the New York Stock Exchange.
All the Campbells had similar streaks of mulish stubbornness.
His sparse hair was brown shot through with streaks of gray.
The color of her hair faded, and the white streaks increased.
Now, inside the blackness, she saw streaks and tears of color.
Two games that would either make the Silver Streaks immortal.
Pilate started videoing with his phone as the streaks of light.
Streaks of red now could be seen rising through the black base.

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