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    1. stay calm and composed in the mist of chaotic

    2. Underling said in his deadly calm

    3. Men need to learn to deal with stress through mental shielding which involves developing the ability to disengage from hostile comments and remain in control, first by achieving a calm, relaxed state, and then creating a mental shield between yourself and person responsible for causing stress

    4. He stayed calm but let her do the talking, then excused himself to the compost can

    5. ‘What!’ he exclaimed almost against his will, his calm front shattered by my statement

    6. None of the nearby stores were open yet and there was a soft morning mist that added to the eerie calm that contrasted strongly with all the fighting and explosions they had just left behind

    7. In his head, Topher began counting in multiples of sixes, as he always did to calm himself down

    8. He was apologetic enough and gave out enough iron that doostEr remained calm

    9. The waves stop and the sea is calm

    10. Ricci shakes his head, holds up his hands to calm Ahmed

    11. "I think we should remain calm till we know more," doostEr said

    12. "Mike, can you calm down please? What’s with all the language? What's the problem here?"

    13. it makes man’s mind become calm – his thoughts become positive

    14. He turns with a terrified look back at Russ, still calm as can be

    15. and the air was still and calm

    16. He would need to be calm, controlled, no matter what

    17. ’ He said, calm once more

    18. Lucy saw with absolute clarity under this calm but deep moonlight, that

    19. "Oh?" she was totally calm about that

    20. Oliver / D: ---> (Calm) It's amazing how far the power of love

    21. ---> (Calm) It seems that there is a special bond

    22. The rest of the disciples stay silent and calm, as if that were something absolutely natural, something you see every day

    23. Perversely, this time became a moment of calm reassurance in the long drawn out days of my future imprisonment

    24. " I feel Sabrina's uneasiness build and I try to calm her nerves, "It's alright, he wants to see you

    25. He was too calm, as if he were hiding some ragged alter-ego, something that I was by now all too familiar with

    26. A part of me, the lingering essence of the creature in the box, wanted to lash out at him, but I kept my calm, breathing slowly, not wanting to antagonise the beast

    27. He looks calm, balanced, intellectual -entirely different to the men I've met so far

    28. Nathan quickly grabs her, trying to calm her down but she continues going hysterical

    29. This kind of terminology isn't taught in any school, you learn it while working,” I explain as calm as possible

    30. Her voice was low in pitch, confident and calm

    31. The olive grove was secluded, the grass thick and soft, the trees full and weeping heavily with fruit, and the air was still and calm

    32. While Iain made the introductions she desperately tried to calm herself

    33. Lucy saw with absolute clarity under this calm but deep moonlight, that accepting the request would bring freedom of a kind that, at her tender and exciting age, she had never yet considered

    34. She could hear the girls talking to the thongas, trying to calm them

    35. that threats would calm the child by act of will

    36. She handed him the papers Berndt had prepared and watched as his until then calm and controlled expression suddenly reacted to what he read

    37. Because they were calm, it made Luray confident there were no dangerous predators around

    38. Slowly, my senses steadying, I open my eyes and try to calm my breathing … the familiar room is comforting

    39. " Desa tried to sound calm but her shaking voice failed

    40. Calm weather in the month of June sets all in tune

    41. the setting sun on the calm blue-black

    42. She took a breath, trying to calm herself and get her breathing under control

    43. He scanned the land that he could see while he held her, "I see calm thongas around, I know from you, that means we are safe

    44. “Beth, calm yourself,” Kate went to her and put her arm around her the way a sister would

    45. Calm your fears Steve

    46. that is the deepest of calms, a calm as deep as soft crusted

    47. I seemed to recognise her calm face but then realised I knew her only from my books

    48. As you lie there with your feet higher than your head try to calm your mind and still your thoughts so that this period of rest becomes a powerful exercise in mind control and mental stillness

    49. Breathe, calm yourself, now return to the Queen, protect and stay with her till we come for you

    50. I looked out to sea, pretending to be calm although inside I was a quivering wreck

    1. She had calmed down somewhat by the time she met up with Renald at the Market Wayhouse later that day

    2. Do not be anxious for us – we will go back once the mountain has calmed down again

    3. She soon calmed down and relayed the wondrous news of Daowyn’s arrival

    4. Jake calmed her and told her that he just need more time to grow

    5. Collin tenderly put his arm about her and held her for a bit till she calmed

    6. I waited till she calmed down then gave her a hand to stack them into the old pick-up that was collecting the group she was with

    7. Their confidence and total belief in what was occurring finally calmed her

    8. She calmed as Jake finally headed towards the mountaintop

    9. She calmed herself as much as she could, reached out with her other arm and took Nuran again

    10. They introduced themselves as Maggie and Felix and once they'd joined me on the sun loungers and sipped their iced tea and calmed down a little, they were fun and easy-going

    11. Surfman spoke to her and finally calmed her

    12. He would have to warn the men that he was on a tear and keep them out of his way until he calmed down

    13. She fell into his arms sobbing hysterically; he calmed her and they both walked over to Duncan

    14. Three hours later everything was calmed and order restored

    15. He calmed himself and focused all his senses; he would have to be very cautious

    16. She calmed and turned her large head to look at him in surprise (he thought)

    17. Tevid was babbling like a schoolboy to everybody about the way Lady Rayne had calmed the large beasts and sat and sang with them

    18. stopped shivering and calmed down

    19. A small meal seemed to keep it calmed down, but now her stomach was queasy again

    20. She calmed him and explained in detail what had occurred the

    21. He tried to center himself and relax; as he calmed down he floated back to the landing

    22. Eventually the storm outside calmed and with it the storm inside as she slept

    23. Cordra had calmed down and though it wasn’t time yet, she said she knew she was pregnant

    24. As quickly as he got pissed he calmed down and lit another cigar

    25. calmed down, she began to consider this latest piece of

    26. reaction was one of panic, but he quickly calmed himself

    27. ' Soissons calmed down enough to at

    28. Eventually we got Heather and her mother calmed down to a point where the tears

    29. Once he calmed down they had a fine Dawnsleep, only slightly tainted by the knowledge that she was home because she hadn't been lucky that Nightday

    30. Nidon calmed down and continued

    31. He had either calmed Viktor or just left her there, because her android did not re-animate

    32. It was beyond delicious and the sugar and alcohol stopped her shaking and calmed her nerves

    33. period of kissing and tears, and, after they’d all calmed a

    34. The professors had calmed down a bit after watching me sweat

    35. “Maye!” I angrily followed her into the room, but calmed when I saw Josephine sitting on the sofa

    36. After a while she calmed down and the crying stopped

    37. When his mother eventually calmed down and stopped sobbing, Zarko led her to the waiting room and made her sit down on one of the couches

    38. Lunarey waited in silence until he calmed down again, feeling angrier and more agitated than ever

    39. When she calmed down fully she yearned for someone she could tell her dreams to

    40. It is your own case that you wish me to reconsider, I take it?" Mr Snickerty calmed down a little and leaned back in his chair, and then somewhat surprisingly said: "Very well, I will hear your story, and I shall pronounce judgement

    41. The seas calmed, the tornadoes dissipated and headed back out to sea harmlessly

    42. She dropped the plasma lance and for a second she stared at the sparking and smouldering flare in horror, then she calmed down and looked up at Chris

    43. something relevant, once he'd calmed down he

    44. It took minutes before they could be calmed down enough for Rex to speak

    45. should I start?” She calmed her thoughts and said a silent prayer

    46. My stomach calmed almost immediately as it tricled

    47. harming the wretched females!” he calmed down somewhat

    48. The best thing to do would be to take her out to his own house let her warm up with a hot drink and then when she had calmed down take her back to Shelagh's

    49. instantly being calmed by the obvious backbone in Drake’s voice

    50. What could he say? Rose! Rose! Rose! Presently the sobbing calmed and her breathing eased and she seemed to be sleeping

    1. Valerian and passionflower aid relaxation and sleep, oats have a calming effect, ginseng supports the adrenals (but shouldn't be used during pregnancy or if you have high blood pressure) and Echinacea boosts immune function

    2. ‘But this is not calming your mind so that you can sleep

    3. It is best performed with the eyes closed which is very calming to the mind and nerves

    4. You will find it a valuable exercise in the calming of the mind, and this calmness should be reflected in the serene expression of the face

    5. You have done very well my furry friend, Rah was speaking to her, calming her again

    6. And now for one last exercise to relieve eyestrain, which is also a good exercise in concentration and the calming of the mind

    7. The day was calming down and the light was growing amber on the ground

    8. Then, start deliberately calming these reactions by breathing slowly and deeply, relaxing your muscles and mentally staying in the present moment

    9. uses calming or activating imagery, for instance, they

    10. Thank goodness we are on foot this morning … the calming influence of the walk home will restore my equilibrium

    11. ” Boras was calming down; “We shall pick her up in the morning and keep on her trail this time

    12. Walking to the office from the car park, I concentrate on calming down so that I present a sensible and, above all, normal face to the world as represented by Bill and Graham

    13. Hemlock has a calming effect – and works very

    14. After calming herself, she picked up the letter once again to read the instructions about following the step program

    15. There must be something like alcohol that relieved inhibitions, but something that was also calming

    16. bells, give me cow bells! Why is it that they’re so calming

    17. The birds frequented the coolness and their sounds had a calming effect on the couple

    18. Griffiths stared straight into his eyes, eventually calming down, realizing the reality that Arkaneh spoke of

    19. He said that knowledge of these matters did not lead to disenchantment, dispassion, cessation, calming, direct knowledge, self-awakening, or unbinding

    20. calming effect on the Altmer man, who exhaled with a loosening frown

    21. "I promise, Joss,” I said softly, calming down a little, though my heart still thumped against my chest

    22. It is a very calming way of managing our state of being, for it allows us to ride through tough periods of our lives, much more effortlessly

    23. The Priest had a way of calming someone with just a word, and there was a trust in him that was quite engaging

    24. The warm water tasted wonderful as we were parched and as we lit our cigarettes these reached the spot as well calming us and tasting nearly as good as the water

    25. pain and calming his breathing to stop the spasms running across

    26. This tea is made with the most palatable of the calming herbs

    27. Leave him with some water which you can add some calming herbs

    28. Calming herbs can be a huge relief to dogs with separation anxiety

    29. It has a calming and soothing effect on the mind and is of great help in conditions associated with anxiety and nervous tension

    30. Eucalyptus essential oil is said to have an expansive effect that can be both calming and invigorating

    31. It has a calming, soothing effect on the digestive system

    32. Traditionally used for calming and soothing nervous tension without causing lethargy

    33. Combines well with Valerian for calming your horse in times of excitability, stress and tension

    34. Used extensively in Europe for stress it can be very helpful in calming your horse before events and when your horse is generally excitable

    35. The cool wood of the door felt deceptively calming against Amaranthe’s cheek

    36. Eventually calming myself, with a lot of encouragement from Egan, we once more sat silently on the couch as we finished our coffee

    37. Nevertheless, it had a calming and reassuring effect on the soldiers that someone cared for them and was looking out for their health and wellbeing and trying to help them

    38. Finding the keys her calming walked over to a small white van

    39.  Elestial Quartz: For use on kidneys and liver it’s also calming and soothing it

    40. Camomile: This herb is good for relieving Stress, Calming Tension and Promoting peaceful

    41. Its everlasting sameness always had a calming effect on her slowly settling nerves

    42. Ethan’s voice took on an authoritative yet calming tone:

    43. It was not mocking, not wondering, not calming

    44. “I am calling for Khevasiah…is she there?” Junya said in a calming tone

    45. Laino had been busy with calming the army and arranging the gathering and burning of the enemy corpses

    46. How could they think that? They sat with blankets around their shoulders and with each a cup of steaming tea of Ilmal’s most calming kind

    47. “This is me calming down

    48. There, the silence wraps around me like Caleb’s embrace did, calming me

    49. Back at Ingleside Rosemary had succeeded in calming the children

    50. Her expression was one of relief, a calming smile

    1. Seth calms his tone and steps to me, as not to cause a scene, "That's where you're wrong, Oriah

    2. that is the deepest of calms, a calm as deep as soft crusted

    3. Slowly, she calms down and follows Adamant

    4. If you practice regularly, you already know how it calms the mind and brings you a sense of peace and tranquility

    5. And truth be told, he centers her and calms her; it’s a good match

    6. calms the nerves and releases stress

    7. soothes and calms it also opens the 3rd eye to the divine

    8. It affects and stimulates the Nervous System the Head and the Brain then Calms it down it also Sharpens the Memory

    9. Robinson rubs his head and calms down

    10. In the beginning of the year Melkejel rises first and rules, who is named Tam'eine and sun, and all the days of his dominion while he bears rule are ninety one days; And these are the signs of the days which are to be seen on Earth in the days of his dominion: sweat, and heat, and calms; and all the trees bear fruit, and leaves are produced on all the trees, and the harvest of wheat, and the rose-flowers, and all the flowers which come out in the field, but the trees of the winter season become withered; And these are the names of the leaders which are under them: Berka'el, Zelebs'el, and another who is added a head of a thousand, called Helej'seph, and the days of the dominion of this leader are at an end

    11. I stroke his coat, and this calms both of us

    12. Maxx calms down and clears his throat

    13. In the beginning of the year Melkejel rises first and rules who is named Tam'eine and sun and all the days of his dominion while he bears rule are ninety one days; And these are the signs of the days which are to be seen on Earth in the days of his dominion: sweat and heat and calms; and all the trees bear fruit and leaves are produced on all the trees and the harvest of wheat and the rose-flowers and all the flowers which come out in the field but the trees of the winter season become withered; And these are the names of the leaders which are under them: Berka'el Zelebs'el and another who is added a head of a thousand called Helej'seph and the days of the dominion of this leader are at an end

    14. Jesus Calms the Storm

    15. It is despite their faith that Jesus calms the storms and settles the sea

    16. Possibly, there is a Socialution that calms the battle and enables everyone to win

    17. Amy calms down

    18. We’ll question her some more when she calms down

    19. The oars were for use in tacking out of creeks and bays, and during calms

    20. “Oh, I really hope it calms down

    21. He slowly calms himself and speaks

    22. calms down; be careful in the meantime

    23. This calms critics down and

    24. Calms the brain and helps relieve stress and mild depression

    25. This active version of Bridge Pose calms the brain and rejuvenates tired

    26. Calms the brain and helps alleviate stress and mild depression

    27. Calms the brain and helps relieve mild depression

    28. Age calms us all, as does loss

    29. He’s light unto the blind, He calms the troubled mind

    30. within us calms a bit; the pain recedes

    31. Diane D calms a little as her head lays on the second doctor’s shoulder with her eyes closed and face red and sweaty as Mary and the second doctor continue to hold tightly onto her

    32. Stretching calms down the nervous system and helps reduce stress

    33. Barry calms a little

    34. And, yes David, we will sign the agreements on the bombers and after some of this calms down you should be getting them

    35. you, that calms me down mack

    36. This formula clears heat from the Pericardium and thereby calms the Heart’s spirit

    37. Breathe in a way that calms and comforts

    38. Such beauty always calms and rests the mind

    39. It calms the soul and quietens the

    40. Hands of the Man who calms the waters (remember that song?)

    41. “Well, I have been having a bit of issues of my own,” she calms down and stammers

    42. The storm finally calms down but Ulysses is again faced with total

    43.  Calms the brain and helps relieve stress and mild depression

    44.  Calms the brain

    45. This active version of Bridge Pose calms the brain and rejuvenates tired legs

    46.  Calms the brain and helps alleviate stress and mild depression

    47.  Calms the brain and helps relieve mild depression

    48. I’m not to happy about this, but he calms down and gets our coats

    49. The first part of the month with us is generally bustling and busy, a great clatter and hustling while the shrieking winter is got away out of sight over the hills, a sweeping of the world clear for the marsh-marigolds and daffodils, a diligent making of room for the divine calms of May

    50. He calms down when she nods

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    calm calmness composure equanimity calm air sedate tranquilize tranquillise tranquillize becalm steady calm down chill out cool it cool off settle down simmer down lull quiet quieten still serene tranquil unagitated relaxed even-tempered composed moderate easygoing peaceful mild placid pacific unruffled tranquillity stillness rest repose peacefulness peace of mind patience poise serenity allay soothe pacify console appease quell assuage