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Stifle en una oración (en ingles)

  1. I tried to stifle a smile.
  2. Sam had to stifle a smile.
  3. Indio tried to stifle his laugh.
  4. I cover my mouth to stifle a sob.
  5. Will you squat and stifle there?).

  6. It didn’t stifle the blood flow.
  7. Mark yawned, then tried to stifle it.
  8. He grits his teeth to stifle a groan.
  9. They had to stifle their humor at once.
  10. I stifle a laugh, my mouth still by his ear.
  11. As much as she tried to stifle the guilty.
  12. Stu and Col could barely stifle their laughter.
  13. The rain is good too: it will stifle the fires.
  14. Joey gasped but his scream was stifle by pain.
  15. He saw the force as a way to stifle competition.

  16. She brought her hand to her mouth to stifle it.
  17. Carrie managed to stifle her laugh as she fol-.
  18. Even I had to stifle my urge to laugh at that one.
  19. But he sniffled harshly in an effort to stifle it.
  20. I roll my eyes at him but can’t stifle my smile.
  21. Gwog tried to stifle a laugh, but it didn’t work.
  22. Crazy Chris raised his hand to stifle the laughter.
  23. She shivered trying to stifle a laugh, and grinned.
  24. Bulstrode's desire to stifle the scandal of Raffles.
  25. Suzy placed a hand over her mouth to stifle the gasp.

  26. I raise an eyebrow and stifle a yawn at the same time.
  27. Anna nodded, as she tried to stifle her emotions down.
  28. Where is thy heart? Oh there, now there—I’ll stifle it.
  29. Godwyn said: But— then pretended to stifle a protest.
  30. Slapping the steering wheel, Locke couldn’t stifle a laugh.
  31. They both giggled, covering their mouths to stifle the sound.
  32. Henri held up a hand to stifle Philemon’s indignant response.
  33. France is made to arouse the soul of nations, not to stifle it.
  34. I think he’s trying to stifle a smile, but I can’t be sure.
  35. They like to stifle resistance; this resistance is often tested.
  36. Tahoe cleared his throat, as if he was trying to stifle a laugh.
  37. It was to stifle them in myself, to still them, to smother them.
  38. Thomas couldn’t stifle his worry about what Newt was thinking.
  39. Her daughter continued to eat to stifle the nervous feeling she.
  40. Never heard of them, he replied, trying to stifle his pique.
  41. Jonathan was a born worrier and no words would stifle his edginess.
  42. Her hand came up to stifle a sob before running to her grandmother.
  43. The heat of the day swarmed in to stifle and depress the old priest.
  44. Guess that didn’t work, Darcy said, trying to stifle a giggle.
  45. Breckenridge tried to stifle a belly laugh, knowing that Houston’s.
  46. Lord Ashburn waved his hand as if to stifle the inaccurate conclusion.
  47. But the stubborn little brain wouldn’t go quietly, wouldn’t stifle.
  48. Long story, he said in a firm but polite manner, hoping to stifle.
  49. I let out a load groan, which I tried to stifle in the pillows, and he.
  50. When they stifle all other faculties, the man becomes a hideous monster.
  51. But we stifle all the natural tendencies of children to play and have fun.
  52. I need several copies of the RAM, she said, trying to stifle her tears.
  53. He clapped his hands over his mouth for Doc's sake to stifle the laughter.
  54. Melodía had to stifle a giggle she feared would turn to a fully mad laugh.
  55. Island, whose infamy as a dungeon built to stifle the spirit of freedom is.
  56. Slovan clamped a hand over his mouth to stifle an improbable fit of giggles.
  57. I couldn’t stifle my laugh, because this theory was worse than the last one.
  58. Could he not see that Francis would stifle me and eventually kill my sprit?
  59. Apsu could not stifle Their cries and Tiamat was speechless at Their behavior.
  60. Apsu could not stifle their cries and Tiamat was speechless at their behavior.
  61. These and many other determinants can stifle or strengthen one’s Human Hope.
  62. I bit my lip to stifle the scream when I felt warm human fingers touch my arm.
  63. Then he noticed the face of the cap-owner and he had to stifle a gasp of shock.
  64. Galloway burst out laughing, while Maria and Temple both tried to stifle grins.
  65. Oh, they would be in haste to love, to stifle the great sorrow in their hearts.
  66. He had to stifle his laughter again, ‘My parents will love you, truly they will.
  67. At this point Patsy began to laugh and cover her mouth trying to stifle her mirth.
  68. Mr Jordine couldn’t stifle the giggle that slipped through his shiny white teeth.
  69. The access code given each voter with his id code helps stifle jamming of his vote.
  70. The screams made me shudder and I burned them to charcoal to stifle their suffering.
  71. She was also frightened, and as the minutes ticked by she tried to stifle her anger.
  72. Focusing on what you hate serves only to stifle creativity, learning, and imagination.
  73. Her heart pounded as she closed the door behind her to stifle the sound of her voice.
  74. Our natural character is vicious; let us stifle natural desires and mortify the flesh.
  75. I didn’t receive love from anyone, so I ate in order to stifle my negative feelings.
  76. Cleo patted Alcor on his shoulder, herself trying to stifle her tears on the other side.
  77. Johnson was able to stifle all investigations into his practices during his presidency.
  78. These actions still did nothing to stifle the government’s out-of-control spending sprees.
  79. He has none of the Trader Wuss Syndrome issues that can stifle a young and developing trader.
  80. I feel a flare of anger—how many things is he going to keep from me?—and try to stifle it.
  81. Almighty Creative Mental Power stifle investigative thought about the essence and character of.
  82. I tried to stifle all that was continually seething within me by means of external impressions.
  83. All Villefort's influence barely enabled him to stifle the secret Dantes had so nearly divulged.
  84. Slowing his breathing, he was able to stifle the coughing somewhat and more easily than yesterday.
  85. Faith in what? Each other's interpretations about natural phenomena? No, we do not have to stifle.
  86. And my dad said a military career would stifle my business creativity, Brock snickered, excited.
  87. Candy caught hold of his other hand, trying to stifle further giggles at Byron’s silent and pale face.
  88. Emily was thankful for the elf's intervention, though she wished she had the power to stifle him herself.
  89. I expect decreases in health care costs as tough new legislation is enacted to stifle white collar crime.
  90. Not in the palaces of Dejon, where servants and nobles bow to my every whim and stifle me with formality.
  91. He could not continue and left the net, making efforts to stifle the sobbing which was convulsing his breast.
  92. Back home they saw nothing of Trask the rest of the day, and Charly did her best to stifle Frankie's questions.
  93. Thaniel opened his hands between them and had to clench them together tight to stifle the need to hit something.
  94. Nor can piety itself, at such a shameful sight, completely stifle her upbraidings against the permitting stars.
  95. His passion might well, for a moment, stifle not only the fear of arrest, but even the torments of conscience.
  96. Instead of transforming their life into harmony with their conscience, they try by every means to stifle its voice.
  97. Stephanie put a hand to her mouth to stifle an outburst of laughter, though a girlish snicker did manage to escape.
  98. It is important to note that government does not have a monopoly on actions that stifle innovation and productivity.
  99. It is unhealthy for them to stifle and sabotage all of their own learning-growing dynamics of a healthy human being.
  100. She comes from a royal family—that’s all I meant, Rafael said, trying to stifle the laughter in his belly.
  1. D said, stifling a yawn.
  2. It was stifling in the room.
  3. She shrugged, stifling a grin.
  4. A wave of stifling heat bore.
  5. Ritter added, stifling a chuckle.
  6. Stifling a gasp, she glanced down.
  7. Silence hung like a stifling pall.
  8. It was a dark and stifling evening.
  9. Ruby gasped, stifling a small noise.
  10. The air was pestilential, stifling.
  11. The heat in the streets was stifling.
  12. Unnatural and stifling as it was, he.
  13. There was a stifling air in the house.
  14. The air in the dark burrow was stifling.
  15. I do hope that it’s not too stifling.
  16. The heat in the kitchen became stifling.
  17. Stifling a sigh, he remained where he was.
  18. Stifling, the heat was becoming unbearable.
  19. Oil thus stifling that country’s economy.
  20. The air pressed in on him, heavy and stifling.
  21. She sniffed a little as if stifling her tears.
  22. He hoped he wasn’t crushing her; stifling her.
  23. The air was hot, stifling their efforts to breathe.
  24. Chevalier said, the anger in his voice was stifling.
  25. June? What was going to happen to him? Stifling the.
  26. She was stifling a yawn when she picked up the phone.
  27. That will make Tartarin laugh while stifling his cries.
  28. Land the air seemed almost dead, chill and yet stifling.
  29. Thanks, again, both of you, I said, stifling a yawn.
  30. The air was stifling, and lay heavy as lead on my breast.
  31. A heavy stifling atmosphere hung over the fallen Colossus.
  32. The second day after the operation was a stifling thirty-.
  33. The prostrated inactivity of two mornings was stifling him.
  34. In fact, she had to unlearn most of his stifling teachings.
  35. It was only wet, muddy, damp and stifling, especially for Mr.
  36. Here there were no taverns, no stifling closeness, no stench.
  37. If he thought that the atmosphere was stifling in the Yemeni.
  38. Halfshaft watched her go, stifling the urge to call her back.
  39. For a while they felt faintly the sense of stifling which they.
  40. The dark was stifling but not as much as the temperature, as he.
  41. He hit the floor like a damp rag and Shoop was on him, stifling.
  42. I’ll pop back after lunch Mrs Sullivan said stifling a yawn.
  43. I was swimming in perspiration, I was stifling, I was about to be.
  44. Lama’s bad points – his origins in the stifling medievalism of.
  45. Al of the Dalai Lama’s bad points – his origins in the stifling.
  46. He promised her freedom from the stifling life of a home bound wife.
  47. The inmates huddled closer, cutting off his air supply, stifling him.
  48. Religions torture & waste their stifling breath, Occult invocations.
  49. Do you need some help with that? Tipene asked, stifling a giggle.
  50. He walked out of the airport terminal into a stifling sticky heat wave.
  51. These considerations alone were a pain, were stifling to his creativity.
  52. The woman jerked around, stifling a gasp and dropping the book in her lap.
  53. In the village the air was stifling, heavy and terrible as in a nightmare.
  54. Dim blue lights lit the tightly packed carriages and the air was stifling.
  55. The first thing he was aware of was a strong and stifling smell of sewage.
  56. Raskolnikov felt as though something had fallen on him and was stifling him.
  57. Waking up in a hurry, he grabbed the receiver and answered, stifling a yawn.
  58. Taramis felt as if a stifling net of bewilderment were being drawn about her.
  59. He needed to get out of this stifling atmosphere and breathe some fresh air.
  60. After increasingly stifling his research, the government fired him in 1989.
  61. The air itself was almost stifling from the effects of fire, dust, and death.
  62. The atmosphere of the ward was stifling with the odour peculiar to hospitals.
  63. But she could not escape the stifling family responsibilities expected of her.
  64. Through the hot, stifling night the temple gongs boomed and the conchs roared.
  65. The silence stifling, Morgan looked to the direction from which they had come.
  66. I don't know why that worries you so? If he's that stifling you should move on.
  67. Pine was stifling his displeasure at the aside conversation that had taken place.
  68. If only you could release your bonds of captivity and end this stifling boredom.
  69. I removed it because the temperature was balmy, almost hot and the furs stifling.
  70. An acrid and stifling smoke in which dying and wounded lay with weak, dull groans.
  71. I held up my hands I have nothing to do with this I said stifling a chuckle.
  72. Linear logic is the most mentally stifling and uncreative way of thinking possible.
  73. The trick will be to keep them safe without stunting or stifling their development.
  74. It was as stifling as before, but he eagerly drank in the stinking, dusty town air.
  75. He knew nothing of this stifling wildness; less about his new-found sense of smell.
  76. I still wake every day stifling a scream, fresh from abandoning my brother yet again.
  77. When he was gone, Dorothea's tears gushed forth, and relieved her stifling oppression.
  78. Pain rushes through my body in sharp bursts, but I try to ignore it, stifling a groan.
  79. Stifling a sob, I try to remain calm, though I am powerless to quiet my pounding heart.
  80. At last, he landed in Perth, and although it was not yet mid-day, the heat was stifling.
  81. She stepped closer to the bed, hand covering her mouth, stifling a not yet formed scream.
  82. It was an aching desert, the gravel was a dirty brown, the noon breeze was still stifling.
  83. That was too much for her nerves, she jumped and tossed it in the air; stifling a scream.
  84. The air was a stifling buzz of urgent exchanges, air conditioning, and business machines.
  85. Since his childhood, Mayank had witnessed his family members stifling questions which he.
  86. Sometimes the concern was stifling, but at the end of the day, I loved having him around.
  87. She dared not look behind her, through a stifling hope and doubt that Walter had followed.
  88. It was beyond their wits to estimate how far they had already risen in the stifling chasm.
  89. Only too often had she heard him lying awake at night, stifling sighs for Angel with prayers.
  90. This stifling closet at the top of Maybelle’s stairs was a punishment, a torture, a prison.
  91. The result is a stifling of freedom, diversity, and creativity throughout society as a whole.
  92. Maybe it was because she knew her boyfriend wanted to tap my ass, I thought, stifling a giggle.
  93. The hot weather has returned and the carriage is stifling today, despite being only half full.
  94. In spite of everything, this strange man hadn't yet succeeded in completely stifling his heart.
  95. Alex started laughing, too, and I could hear Amaia and Izzy stifling giggles from the back seat.
  96. She closed her eyes and leaned her head back as she tried to take her mind off the stifling heat.
  97. You no unnerstan, she answered, stifling her laughter as she reached to touch Beth’s hand.
  98. The light moved back through the crack in the ceiling, allowing the stifling darkness to dissipate.
  99. There was nothing left to discuss, but the stifling heat of the truck left me with little patience.
  100. Even absent the stifling heat of the previous year, the accommodations were decidedly uncomfortable.
  1. She stifled a sharp cry.
  2. Van Thorn stifled a smile.
  3. Con stifled a shout of joy.
  4. He’d let out a stifled.
  5. Safety Pins stifled a laugh.
  6. The wizard stifled a scream.
  7. He stifled for a few moments.
  8. Liam stifled a painful laugh.
  9. McClure gave a stifled grunt.
  10. I stifled the impulse to beg.
  11. I stifled the urge to kill him.
  12. A cry was stifled in my throat.
  13. Shh, he stifled her words.
  14. She stretched and stifled a yawn.
  15. I stifled a gasp behind my hand.
  16. Vinny snorted then stifled a laugh.
  17. With a stifled cry, Carrie turned.
  18. White stifled a gasp with her hand.
  19. His stifled tears came flooding out.
  20. Zac stifled his own mocking laughter.
  21. Jaxon stifled his laughter and asked.
  22. Their clamor stifled dreadful cries.
  23. You and my parents have stifled me.
  24. UGHH! but stifled other outbursts.
  25. A couple of the Hunters stifled laughs.
  26. Mick were unaware of the stifled giggles.
  27. And this second voice stifled the first.
  28. Tylin stifled and laugh and shook her head.
  29. Everything got quieter, stifled and slowed.
  30. Aya unsuccessfully stifled a laugh at this.
  31. He stifled a cough as he lumbered through.
  32. Starret stifled his laugh, but said nothing.
  33. Villefort's only answer was a stifled groan.
  34. Stokes stifled a yawn, the warmth from his.
  35. She looked as if to protest, but stifled it.
  36. He turned around, with a stifled exclamation.
  37. When I arrived at the top I heard a stifled.
  38. She stifled a yawn and saw Leonid wink at her.
  39. I stifled a flinch and his mother looked down.
  40. The man stifled a very slight yawn and continued.
  41. What’s wrong? his voice comes out stifled.
  42. Annie raised her hand as the others stifled yawns.
  43. Rollinthor and his fellows stifled their chuckles.
  44. It was an over powering feeling, but I stifled it.
  45. Margot glanced at her watch and gave a stifled gasp.
  46. Geffen stifled a guffaw and slapped Nem on the back.
  47. George Mason droned on while Jillian stifled a yawn.
  48. Jeff opened the valves and stifled a scream as the.
  49. Covering her mouth with one hand, she stifled a gasp.
  50. Chevalier and Kyle followed her with stifled laughs.
  51. Denver stifled his smile and continued with the act.
  52. Twice now he had heard the sound of stifled sobbing.
  53. A cry of welcome was quickly stifled as Vorga looked.
  54. I stifled a laugh Oh please, you do it all the time.
  55. Flower gripped it back, stifled sobs wracking her body.
  56. She stifled a curse as she entered Dane’s Aston Martin.
  57. Richard's stifled voice was heard calling to Carlotta:.
  58. A whip-thong curled round his legs, and he stifled a cry.
  59. Her sadistic vampire side stifled a grin at the thought.
  60. Rebecca stifled a sob, and both had tears in their eyes.
  61. While it was normal for vegetation to be stifled in this.
  62. Mom! Dad! Her shouts were stifled by the thick fog.
  63. Be serious please, I said and she stifled her laugh.
  64. Most of the members of the group stifled a chuckle at this.
  65. What should we do now? Elizabeth stifled another sob.
  66. Any groans of protest were quickly stifled by the Warriors.
  67. At this I stifled a sob, but I sensed that if anyone could.
  68. What he saw made him leap out of bed with a stifled scream.
  69. Eilidh stifled a smile as Liam’s eyes bulged in surprise.
  70. Come and dwell within me so that my baseness will be stifled.
  71. The hot gases and smoke from the intense destruction stifled.
  72. It seems the surprise kiss has stifled her mouth from working.
  73. She stifled a yawn and watched as the others searched around.
  74. Garcia stifled a laugh by cupping his mouth with his left hand.
  75. He scratched at his beard and, Than could see, stifled a smile.
  76. Michael stifled a cough as he undid the fly of his cargo shorts.
  77. I stifled a groan even as I attempted to keep up with the dance.
  78. She was about to scream but Hobbs stifled it with his heavy hand.
  79. Why has it come to me? he said, his voice full of stifled sobs.
  80. He had started to feel stifled in the club, particularly since.
  81. Determined to survive this war, he stifled this awareness imme-.
  82. She gave a stifled scream as she noticed the three new visitors.
  83. Jack stood like a statue, listening to Maureen's stifled sobbing.
  84. A foul acrid scent almost stifled him, his own sweat blinded him.
  85. Doreen made a sound somewhere between a snort and a stifled laugh.
  86. The tight buildings stifled whatever breeze tried to move through.
  87. His left chest cage was pretty tender, but he stifled the grimace.
  88. Once within, Conan grunted in surprize, and Olivia stifled a scream.
  89. I stifled my own groan of yearning and focused on the task at hand.
  90. He heard behind him a faint stifled noise, which was sweet yet sad.
  91. Once he had gone, Windsor, balancing the dishes on a tray, stifled.
  92. Everything which had been hastily stifled was moving and fermenting.
  93. So he has muffled the real truth, and stifled the voice of language.
  94. I stifled that last thought quickly or it would have overwhelmed me.
  95. I stifled a giggle at the image of turning the teacher into a rabbit.
  96. Movement, a stifled laugh under a blanket, the flicker of torchlight.
  97. The news was stifled, destroyed by the living: but not by the undead.
  98. She stifled some tears that welled up in her eyes and sniffed slightly.
  99. He also heard a few more stifled mocking sniggers from some other lads.
  100. Faith could restrain herself no longer and broke into a stifled giggle.
  1. Sean stifles a laugh.
  2. The sleeper stifles a cough.
  3. He stifles a theatrical yawn.
  4. Love-making stifles me in the daytime.
  5. Clenching his teeth, Loki stifles his protest.
  6. Ultimately, it stifles our ability to be fully human.
  7. Sharon stifles a laugh, but Koongi’s anger shoots out of his eyes.
  8. I hate a law that stifles generosity and makes charity good business.
  9. The mousy-haired girl clamps her hand over her mouth and stifles a sob.
  10. One of the worst things about a cult, is that it stifles original thinking.
  11. She stifles the tears for a moment, but she can't hold them back for long.
  12. In the one case as in the other, on both sides the struggle provokes passion and stifles truth.
  13. Loki stifles a laugh at Beatrice’s conspiratorial prompting, but he’s more impressed than repulsed.
  14. She stifles a moan, one hand splayed against the floor the other hungrily gripping his side, both trembling.
  15. Until you get a standardized, duplicated, dead, boring environment that stifles and destroys all creativity.
  16. The working environment that is created for the women that stifles their creativity and the boredom that comes with a paid job are some of the reasons behind this.
  17. That fosters an organisational culture that stifles creativity and innovation, especially when we are preparing for the negotiation, and leaves members of the organisation afraid to speak up.
  18. When everyone is given an equal chance for life and health and happiness: there will be no more pointless adversarial competition, there will be no more obsolete pyramidal structure or culture which stifles and sabotages all attempts to improve things and make them better.
  19. In our days,’ continued Vera-mentioning ‘our days’ as people of limited intelligence are fond of doing, imagining that they have discovered and appraised the peculiarities of ‘our days’ and that human characteristics change with the times- ‘in our days a girl has so much freedom that the pleasure of being courted often stifles real feeling in her.
  20. This illustrates how civilization represses, suppresses, stifles, denies, our healthy genetic yearnings… and turns them into sick-twisted yearnings… incoherent urges that are stifled and blocked so deeply: they only can surface in convoluted, distorted zigzag paths that destroy the pure intent of our blind healthy instinctive energy trying to get out of us.
  21. In our days,” continued Véra—mentioning “our days” as people of limited intelligence are fond of doing, imagining that they have discovered and appraised the peculiarities of “our days” and that human characteristics change with the times—“in our days a girl has so much freedom that the pleasure of being courted often stifles real feeling in her.

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