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    1. Check them off your list

    2. You can check off each step in GoalTrax

    3. When you check off the steps on your list, by taking the specific actions you need to take, that will continue to motivate you

    4. Please check with a qualified practitioner before initiating this programme

    5. “I just need to check that he’s breathing properly

    6. Just wait here while I check

    7. Or he’d check up on her because he found out she was hanging out with some guys he didn’t like

    8. Check with the source before you buy it!

    9. “Hey! Check these out!” He whispered, opening a red bin

    10. The doctor check it out and he got a rabies shot

    11. She'd let Jorma and Venna check today's traps when they got up here

    12. Ava was barely awake enough to speak, but told Herndon, "You better check those maps

    13. Always check the label to see if PB is present

    14. Check your food containers

    15. ‘We are making enquiries in Weston-super-Mare, Mrs Wynell, trying to check your story

    16. Check for plant growth directly outside vents to insure that it’s not inhibiting proper ventilation

    17. Check the water meter after turning off all water use

    18. Check for leaks and repair or replace as needed

    19. Soap Drenching: You can check for grubs by placing a can that has be

    20. Finally, Manuel came with his big rolling tray of tools to check on Baggy's condition

    21. Frank laughed as he swiped his card to check out and, just like magic, the doors opened for him

    22. ‘That’s easy, Liz … a load of stuff was lent out for a themed party of some sort, and we know that Dan was involved in the collection … in fact Henry didn’t check over the stuff until quite recently which was when he noticed the gun was missing

    23. ‘I’ll check it, Mum

    24. Day 12: Check on bin #3, how does the compost look? are there any parts that don’t look decomposed? remove that and place in bin #1

    25. ‘I’d better check it’s open today

    26. Can you run a check on it for me?"

    27. It’s only the knowledge that Stephen was intending to contact her and get her over to his office prevents me from ringing her mobile to check she is all right

    28. I’ll get a car round to Mrs Wynell’s house to check she is okay

    29. and constantly flipped the sun visor up and down to check his reflection in the mirror

    30. The Inspector rang to check you were okay

    31. Boarding pass, check

    32. A nurse comes into the room shortly after to check if I need anything

    33. This afternoon a team of inspectors came to check our progress

    34. I remembered to check that I had the towel wrapped around my still naked lower half

    35. However, I do remember feeling grotty with stomach cramps the day I took the car down to the garage for its MOT … I check back in my diary that would be the second week of October … I should come on sometime around the second week in November

    36. "Check her out," Bahkmar invited, "I've got her set pretty sassy though, if you want her panel," he said and her user control screen appeared in the air above Jaseem's right hand

    37. Check her out on that gymnastics horse over there," he pointed and watched Jaseem swallow hard

    38. There is a spell check on my computer so correct spelling is not difficult

    39. Slightly breathless, I check I have my keys in my bag and follow him out to the car, getting in the back with Rose

    40. I wondered where the guard in the blue check shirt was

    41. The door swung open and the guard in the blue check shirt walked into the room

    42. He wore eye-liner as black as coal, and constantly flipped the sun visor up and down to check his reflection in the mirror as he spun the car through sluicing puddle and gravitational turn

    43. The problem occurs when we don’t check in with ourselves

    44. The sails were all furled to little check marks and still they were buffeting the ship this way and that as the wind swirled and gusted

    45. Not all stalls are bad, they give us the opportunity to check in

    46. Check out other cool Afronauts on

    47. held in check by walls of manhandled rock

    48. He grabbed it and went outside to check the fire

    49. Note! If you have a health problem that may restrict your ability to exercise, check with your doctor before beginning or changing your exercise habits

    50. with tattooed torsos and midriffs held in check

    1. In another experiment, the researchers showed that growth medium treated with the 2 percent caffeine solution had only 5 snails, when checked 30 days after the spray was applied

    2. He hadn’t checked what kind of plane it was, but it didn’t look like anything beginning and ending with a seven

    3. ‘I saw that friend of yours Amy today … she brought her car in to have the tracking checked and I asked her if she was still going along to them

    4. He checked the driveway again to make sure the car was still gone

    5. We told you that when this was checked in

    6. "I wasn't the one who checked it in

    7. On top of that, I spent most of yesterday keeping within reach of the phone and, on the two occasions I had to go out of earshot into the garden to deal with the washing, I had checked to see if anyone had called while I was out there as soon as I got back inside … but Stephen didn’t call

    8. Tahlmute climbed to the plank, checked the straps on his luggage and looked at what doostEr brought

    9. Theo sat down in the one rickety chair provided in the reception area and checked his phone

    10. He had a light breakfast, reviewed his plan for the day and then checked his voice mails There were three from unknown caller which he assumed were from his creditors

    11. Theo checked his watch

    12. Strike one! Jimmy checked with the coach

    13. ‘Hmmm … he very kindly offered to give me a good time if ever I should feel the need … oh, he checked that you and I were not what he called ‘an item’ first

    14. All carry-ons must be checked at boarding

    15. The baggage handler felt such serious concern that he double checked the computer himself, and found it was true

    16. “Swear to God Rosy, I checked every hour

    17. Tig checked his version of the integrated capacitor discharge control system one more time

    18. He checked his old references, formulas he thought he knew by heart

    19. ‘Kate, you’ll have to get that door checked, it was jamming a bit just now

    20. There is a form of email called eye messaging on this planet and he checked for messages and found nothing but petty complaints of some in the community toward some others in the community or some aspect of local custom they don't want to adapt to

    21. Robbie was sweating visibly, wiping his brow with the bottom of his usual checked blue shirt

    22. She checked how the probe's fabrication was going

    23. dropped to his knees and checked his wound

    24. If not checked, these kinds of thoughts can lead a

    25. She went over and checked on Daniel; he was sleeping peacefully

    26. She quietly entered the cave, dropped the food off on a dresser, and checked Daniel

    27. He checked his body, to see where he was injured

    28. She checked on Daniel twice, watching him as he slept for a while

    29. He checked his shoulder and chest

    30. Cosmicblasto took the pot and checked that there was enough

    31. She went downstairs and checked out the videos that were here at the house

    32. She checked the box, “believe it or not, she’s curled up sound asleep

    33. ’ Wiesse assured him, ‘I have checked him out most carefully

    34. stirring themselves, they too checked for water

    35. ‘You ready to go?’ Drens asked, coming over to where we are standing once he has checked all is as it should be

    36. Drens, having checked his crewman is safely on deck again and sent him off to dry and change, takes one look at Berndt and rushes off in the direction of the galley

    37. Each rider and dragon checked themselves for any signs of injury

    38. Juztin and his squad checked the area as instructed by Ichor, and flamed all the remains to ash

    39. “Yes miss, why do you ask?” He spoke as he checked out the boy, Tommy

    40. She checked with her college friends to see if anyone went by the nickname, but she couldn’t find anyone who she could identify as the sender of her flowers

    41. She sent text messages by the score and took pictures of everything and anything that moved, but, and much to her delight, every time that she checked the credit on her phone it was full

    42. When the new crystal was installed he checked the master allocation gauges

    43. He took one last glance at the executive summary and checked his notes

    44. He checked that his tie was straight and that there were no bits of cabbage stuck to his perfectly white teeth

    45. In the background two large looking gentlemen in suits checked a clipboard list, closed the front door to one of the houses and put the keys into a black leather briefcase

    46. As soon as they had checked the greenhouses for themselves, they started to despatch punnets of their lush red tomatoes to all of their important friends

    47. 'What?' she said as I checked out her arm for a moment too long

    48. They checked their legal agreements through, clause by clause and swore to each other in front of various newspaper and television reporters that they would always be true, but no matter how vehemently they protested their love for one another the doubt always remained

    49. He patted Rayne’s hand and smiled, “Couldn’t let him get away with that, could I? You should have seen me Rayne…” he winced as Tarak checked his wound; “you would have been proud

    50. Tarak rose early the next morning and checked on his warriors

    1. Children of elderly parents can play a key role by checking their parents’ homes for potential hazards

    2. Allow to sit, checking temp every three days

    3. Tahlmute's certificates and incantations performed correctly this week and they were admitted to the storage facility after quite a lengthy process of looking up records and cross checking thieves files

    4. ‘Probably checking you were in the house

    5. ‘He was just checking that everything was okay

    6. They begin checking the undercarriages of the trucks with mirrors on long poles

    7. ‘They moved out yesterday, I believe, so it’s only a case of going over the house and checking that everything is as it should be

    8. Again, checking with the coach, Jimmy saw that the bunt sign was still on

    9. In fact I think I saw her checking it was in her bag

    10. He’s terribly upset … he thinks that it is possible that Sadler tampered with Liz’s car before going into the house and blames himself for not checking the car was okay

    11. "I’m just checking what coordinates Timms laid in here

    12. That he is pleased with his CD is very clear, and he immediately starts looking through the book, following me into the kitchen and reading out bits to me as I carry on with my turkey checking … Christmas is proving successful so far

    13. Doc Ibora spent the better part of a two days checking out every thread of the Chief's nervous system for damage

    14. I go and wash my face trying to restore some normality – a glance in the mirror confirms the fact that I look a mess, but I plead a headache as I go from house to house checking everyone is okay

    15. He has no such qualms, it seems, for he gives me a hug before checking that I have my keys and leading me out to where he’s parked his car

    16. He simply made a show of checking his watch every few minutes

    17. Aban looked towards where the nearest guard stood, checking to make sure that we were not overheard

    18. Nurses came and went, doling out medicaments and checking her various bodily functions were working as they should

    19.  Keep checking in and feel within if this is making sense

    20. checking to see if the lane was clear of traffic and proceeded to

    21. Berndt brings up the rear – I spend a fair bit of my time checking he is still there; a fact which does not escape his notice

    22. I have completely lost my bearings and haven’t the faintest idea where we are in relation to the coast … Joris, first checking all is clear, waves us across, and we disappear quickly into the woods on the other side

    23. The finishing touches were put on the cave, and after checking everything, Kate pronounced it finished

    24. One of the many ways to track this truth down is by checking on

    25. "I wouldn't want to think I couldn't have the bishop over without checking with you and going over the house

    26. ’ Her eyes flashed up to my face as though checking my reaction … then dropped to the unwanted food on her plate again

    27. After making sure everyone was ok, and checking the house and grounds, James went up to his room

    28. However, same can be achieved by checking requests header directly:

    29. ' Then, checking herself in her hand mirror, she wiped more paint off her teeth with a tissue, 'Now run along, my darling ex

    30. In theory the kids have all gone to do their homework but you’ll have to do some tactful checking

    31. Gary patiently explained about conveyancing, how he acts for the purchaser of a property, checking that the title deeds are in order, liaising with the building society if there is a mortgage, and then, after the purchase is completed, registering the sale with the Land Registry

    32. the plasterwork on one of the cornices looked unsafe and they were checking it out

    33. In the early morning hours Mya woke and quietly rose checking out her new surroundings

    34. appeared to be rigorously checking the ration coupons from the books

    35. Checking that he was not being watched, he

    36. or two figures could be seen moving around, purposefully checking

    37. around, as if checking that they were unobserved

    38. Her eyes drawn lazily to her forearms, she spots some specks of apricot paint and concentrates on picking them off, checking her hands and giving them the same treatment

    39. Worth checking out

    40. Quickly checking the ward names on the board behind the porter's head, he asks for Bassett, explaining that his sister has just had her second little boy

    41. I don’t think there are any matches in the Kassikan, there’s a few Hyondahi’s worth checking out in the city, but I’m doing Yorthop’s friend’s places myself first since I have names and addresses

    42. Checking the fastening of his coat, Tom set off across the

    43. By the time Yorthops left, checking the hallway carefully before leaving, Ava knew the only thing she could do to remove suspicion from herself was find out how it really happened

    44. His eyes scanned down the page, checking his own grading one more time

    45. He edges into the barn, carefully checking the corners as he approaches the van

    46. Another console, plus one checking the imprint of a hand, were next to the

    47. Instead he walked nonchalantly along this commercial street for a ways, looking like he was checking out the action at a few taps on his way by

    48. ‘Yes, I’m just checking that everything is secure

    49. He looked around like he was checking for followers but didn't see her

    50. Alfred finished checking the coordinates, “Yes it is sir, and the point where we would be making those observations is well within your cursor

    1. John checks the number, answers it

    2. Dave checks their provisions

    3. He pulls on his pants, goes to the window, checks out the view

    4. As always, Berndt is practical and sensible – it is he who locates our bags and checks that they are as they should be and he who oversees the ggs being settled in the stable

    5. ‘And what was this monumental thought?’ he asked, watching as Joris checks the coast is clear before edging out along the line of the stone wall

    6. Joris goes and checks over his handiwork, tutting a little as he sees some signs that the wound is still bleeding

    7. While Berndt and I stand in the shadows out of sight, Joris crawls forward to the edge of the road and checks it out

    8. She was running netlist checks on all his signals, making sure there were no extra inputs or outputs

    9. Oblivious, he checks I’m settled in my seat and drives off down the lane

    10. He checks the surrounding area for scraps of torn clothing, for personal items, but finds nothing other than puddled boot prints and the tracks of a wheelbarrow tyre

    11. He checks out the room, approaching the tables in the centre of the room on which the sachets are being stored, all the while watching the far end of the laboratory and the bathroom door

    12. Billy checks the bar again and then heads down to the kitchen, but he finds nothing there except a load of cutlery on the floor

    13. " She checks with her Dad

    14. She inspects the bar, checks table layouts and reservations, and spends an hour with chef

    15. Jock checks his watch

    16. The screen saver disappears and she checks bookings

    17. Billy always checks her before he turns in

    18. Before they leave the house Bex checks to make sure that she has the cab fare and her mobile

    19. Shaun skips up the metal staircase and checks out the two girls leaning over the balcony

    20. He checks his pockets

    21. The second man returns to where Bex is sitting and checks that the oxygen mask is still secure

    22. When the ECG fails one of the nurses double checks by feeling for a carotid pulse

    23. A nurse appears in the doorway, says hello and checks charts and displays

    24. Double checks and signatures

    25. – checks were carried out on newcomers, and exhortations for extra

    26. Dave checks the slip way and nudges the car out of the car park

    27. Alex sits back and checks out the canteen

    28. It's Sunday but he checks an old kitchen table in the hall for post

    29. Alex checks the layout downstairs; two flats, one either side of the hall

    30. He checks the landing

    31. The officer checks behind him but sees no one

    32. Carol is repeating her daughter's name over and over again, burying her head in Dave's shoulder as medical staff run checks and ask questions, moving Bex into the first stage of waking

    33. The sound of dishes rattling about in the kitchen, told her Beth was still hard at work, as well, adding to her determination to finish the checks on time

    34. After laying the checks on the small kitchen table, that Beth had rounded up to give the stainless kitchen a touch of home

    35. Large almond shaped blue eyes, that were twinkling at that moment, studied Kit's face intensely, with a warm smile, and rosy checks, that lied about the health of the sweet thing

    36. Just whistling a few notes to himself off the sky, like maybe he's a sound man going thru some final checks, gradually collecting it into a melody

    37. "Some preliminary checks that might help you catch something trying to modify your mind internally

    38. He stops at each window, checks it

    39. The 5 Checks For a Great Niche

    40. The further checks completed, Alistair took the single parking space marked ‘A’

    41. In this security climate, it would make it very difficult for Sloan to get through Security checks

    42. That minister had unfortunately embraced all the prejudices of the mercantile system, in its nature and essence a system of restraint and regulation, and such as could scarce fail to be agreeable to a laborious and plodding man of business, who had been accustomed to regulate the different departments of public offices, and to establish the necessary checks and controlls for confining each to its proper sphere

    43. ” which was quickly replaced by “Diagnostic checks

    44. “She checks out as healthy in every other way

    45. His credit chip certainly checks out, and he provided your address

    46. Last time he checked the monitor AI it was only able to run checks of its own caretaker systems; certainly there was no sign any ability for outward communication – unless one of the programmers had found a way to enhance its evolutionary rate

    47. someone checks out the site and buys through your link,

    48. It was as some consolation she seemed to be enjoying her life; he suspected L-Seven-Six ensured Tanya had all she wanted from TIAR, knowing Gerrid would be keeping tabs, or at least making occasional checks

    49. there’s a bulletin board there, and she checks it

    50. What happened to the checks and balances designed to prevent such a horrific abuse of State power? The answer is simple

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    check check-out procedure checkout bridle curb chip balk baulk deterrent handicap hinderance hindrance impediment assay confirmation substantiation verification chit tab check mark tick bank check cheque arrest halt hitch stay stop stoppage break crack chink delay retard check into check out check over check up on go over look into suss out check off mark mark off tick off ascertain assure control ensure insure see see to it determine find out learn watch contain hold back turn back checker chequer hold hold in moderate condition discipline train agree correspond fit gibe jibe match tally examination review investigation inspection inquiry audit analysis barrier obstacle obstruction damper receipt stub tag ticket cessation standstill suspension set-back rebuff reverse repulse rejection trial test verify confirm assess inspect examine monitor stem cut short govern curtail impede inhibit hinder