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Svelte en una oración (en ingles)

  1. Once upon a time I was svelte.
  2. They appear svelte and elegant, totally devoid of baby fat.
  3. Old French villas crumbling in the torrid heat, slim svelte Vietnamese.
  4. When Jason escorted the svelte octogenarian from the McFee house to his own, the.
  5. Harry saw now had jet black hair with no trace of grey, and was as svelte as she.
  6. She wished he was less knobby, and she wished his language was more svelte at times.
  7. They were quite a bit more svelte with prettier faces and luxurious hair, one gold, one warm brown.
  8. Ingrid smiled at that while she also looked at the long, svelte aircraft with giant clipped delta wings.
  9. The svelte female lightening bug centered herself securely in one of the shallow v-shaped grooves on the palm frond as she awaited her visitor.
  10. Not svelte in ninety-five pounds of suntanned seal-brown flesh, but marrowed in a wire-coat-hanger skeleton-thin Florentine Renaissance priest.
  11. A $30 billion dollar industry thrives on our false hope of miraculous weight loss supplements itching to effortlessly turn us into svelte hard bodies.
  12. And then, without taking his eyes from her face, Damien tantalized one stiff nipple with the tip of his tongue causing her to arc and offering her svelte curves to him.
  13. Stopping with Buse besides the nose of the P-38, he watched with interest as a tall, svelte young woman got up in the cockpit and climbed down to the ground, using a ladder integrated to the side of the nose nacelle.
  14. Are you trying to tell me that after all I spent on this outfit that I look that helpless, how about svelte and sexy? He offered a wry grin, but held her by the elbow and, practically pulling, hustled her towards the casino door.

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