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Slim en una oración (en ingles)

  1. She had a slim chance.
  2. She had slim hips with a.
  3. She was slim and graceful.
  4. The man was slim, but wiry.
  5. The chance of that was slim.

  6. He was slim in stature, his.
  7. Slim said, You hadda, George.
  8. Her slim body trembled a few.
  9. Karit was slim built but muscled.
  10. Still there is a very slim chance.
  11. Her hands were slim and work-worn.
  12. The slim shoulders lift - then fall.
  13. She was still very pretty and slim.
  14. She was a slim, dark-haired young.
  15. She spread her slim hands helplessly.

  16. Slim doesn’t mean the same as dull.
  17. He was short and slim, almost slight.
  18. He had a Slim Jim in his gloved hand.
  19. She shrugged her slim ivory shoulders.
  20. She was middle aged with a slim and.
  21. Slim shuffled along in his shackles.
  22. He had a chance but it was a slim one.
  23. Henry dressed up as Thin Money Slim.
  24. It was a slim chance, but his only one.
  25. How slim and attractive Jeremy was in.

  26. There was still a chance, however slim.
  27. George put out his hand and grabbed Slim.
  28. She told us he was very strong yet slim.
  29. Slim stood looking down at Curley's wife.
  30. It was slim built with a barreled chest.
  31. A slim, elderly man stepped towards them.
  32. Good thing she’d often worked with slim.
  33. Shaldin was slim, though well proportioned.
  34. Her slim fingers stroked his beard lightly.
  35. She had a slim build and her baby was Joey.
  36. But the chances of that happening are slim.
  37. He looked at her slim form with appreciation.
  38. So this slim short haired Yelkai wore brown.
  39. For example, a notebook computer may be slim.
  40. She stared at her own slim, capable fingers.
  41. Slim, like Leah, her smile was breathtaking.
  42. Each time tearing slim strips from his heart.
  43. Slim followed the stable buck out of the room.
  44. Over wild eyes and the pity of her slim body.
  45. When his slim margin of victory in the 1862.
  46. He had the tall, slim build of a Leni lenape.
  47. I think it’s a possibility, but very slim.
  48. His slim hand with a wave graced echo and fall.
  49. Chances were slim that, as a Conservative, he.
  50. A tall slim boy called Eddie Stack won the race.
  51. O’Neil’s CAN SLIM, my 401(k) is still +10%.
  52. The odds of them listening to you are very slim.
  53. The slim rectangular pack was crushed and soggy.
  54. It’s slim, but it’s there, she murmured.
  55. A slim, dark-haired girl, whom I recognised but.
  56. What this means is the chances are slim that the.
  57. Telkit cradled the slim lazhinian and checked him.
  58. Investing Championships using the CAN SLIM system.
  59. That! the slim brunette pointed, and laughed.
  60. A slim chance existed that Cody wasn’t involved.
  61. Her body was slim and she had beautiful long legs.
  62. George asked, "Did you see Slim out in the barn?".
  63. DAWN SHOWED AS A SLIM band of light on the horizon.
  64. Brandor is expecting of him? It was a slim hope.
  65. A short time later, Captain Slim went the same way.
  66. She had blond hair and a slim, but pleasing figure.
  67. The Saluki is a slim dog that resembles a Greyhound.
  68. What was Slim doin' in the barn when you seen him?
  69. The pressures of work drove thoughts of slim young.
  70. The skirt of her satin dress was slim and restricting.
  71. Anna crossed her long, slim legs and rose to his side.
  72. He was tall and slim, with - well - lovely blue eyes.
  73. She was older than Ariella but just as tall and slim.
  74. Slim came in, followed by Curley and Carlson and Whit.
  75. His eyes slid down her slim body; the love-making had.
  76. We'll come in sort of slim on it here, I reckon, Nels.
  77. George asked, Did you see Slim out in the barn?
  78. Slim said loudly, One of my lead mules got a bad hoof.
  79. He stared at her slim figure disappearing in the rain.
  80. The doctors said he had a slim chance of recovery - 1.
  81. The chances of the Boss finding the cave were very slim.
  82. I am looking for a job but the pickings are mighty slim.
  83. There showed a white, slim church spire above the trees.
  84. Dorothy Gardner was slim and jolly and rather tomboyish.
  85. Then Slim went quietly over to her, and he felt her wrist.
  86. A slim shape slipped into the room and stood next to him.
  87. The chances were slim this time of year and time of night.
  88. A slim figure that appeared to be sticks beneath clothes.
  89. She was slim and graceful, a seductress with each gesture.
  90. The pickings at the commissary were always slim, however.
  91. Slim moved back slightly so the light was not on his face.
  92. That was when I was slim and gorgeous, she stropped.
  93. CAN SLIM and IBD played a preeminent role in that success.
  94. The second man stood as we neared, a slim fifty-year-old.
  95. Slim at the best, but by the gods and stars, he had to try.
  96. The chances of a second soil truck passing were very slim.
  97. The woman came close and extended a slim and manicured hand.
  98. It is such a slim hope that Loki drops his hands and laughs.
  99. In the darkness the door opened and the slim figure of the.
  100. Finally, I disciplined myself and made a CAN SLIM checklist.
  1. Each panel slimming and elegant.
  2. This makes the herbal product extremely beneficial for slimming.
  3. It actually works in a number of ways to aid the slimming process.
  4. The catechins in green tea have slimming and beautifying properties as well.
  5. A better way to judge whether you're slimming down is by monitoring the way your clothes fit.
  6. In terms of the slimming aspect of the procedure it must be noted that different persons have different rates.
  7. This will allow you to work out more effectively and accomplish quicker slimming without experiencing fatigue.
  8. There are different substances that promise to accelerate the slimming, but the reality is that not all of them are effective.
  9. Pepper slimming creams has been able to make people sweat, because they can affect the distribution on the nervous system, known as TRPV1 ion channels, this nerve receptors is an important component of the regulation of body temperature, its exists can urge the brain to maintain the human body temperature at any time, when we were bacterial infecting and cause fever (increased body temperature to inhibit bacterial activity) it also have contribution.
  1. She had slimmed down.
  2. Even my face had slimmed, my cheekbones becoming more prominent, the shape of my face more defined.
  3. That once you have slimmed, the Yoga way, you will be able to eat as you please and not gain an ounce.

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