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Frasi con sway (in inglese)

  1. Thus it should have no sway.
  2. Suddenly James began to sway.
  3. Tiger�s head started to sway.
  4. So the BJP would always hold sway.
  5. They sway with the ships movement.

  6. Now a kind of grim fury held sway.
  7. Their choice would sway the battle.
  8. The same ones that held sway over.
  9. The center is lost in the sway of a.
  10. And be held in sin’s dread sway;.
  11. Apophis was trying to sway me, the way.
  12. Beyond the sway of the winds, he found.
  13. I sway my legs over the edge of the bed.
  14. Love rules his kingdom with a gentle sway.
  15. I move and sway my hips against my partner.

  16. With the exception of the Sway Test, the.
  17. Your princess cheeks will not sway my.
  18. God had said They would sway your heart.
  19. This time, I made every effort not to sway.
  20. And that could sway their decision today.
  21. Cold clammy winter still held sway in this.
  22. The leader of our herd is a 26 year old sway.
  23. Sway senselessly this way and that, even now.
  24. That’s when the whole room started to sway.
  25. Though millions die, the vassals of thy sway:.

  26. Now I can watch as they sway and glow in motion.
  27. In the end it was impossible to sway her decision.
  28. The only drawbacks to the Sway Test are that you.
  29. Pinney‘s rejection certainly didn‘t sway the.
  30. In chapter two you learned to do the Sway Test by.
  31. She is very young, and we may be able to sway her.
  32. Diane D then stomps her foot and sway her shoulder.
  33. If that black ape got made the buggy rock and sway.
  34. The horses’ croups began to sway in the front line.
  35. It has its headquarters where it maintains its sway.
  36. In chapter two, you learned to use the Sway Test to.
  37. I believe time can sway one's opinion, he said.
  38. The music started and Suwanee started sway in rhythm.
  39. To try the Sway Test, assume a standing position and.
  40. No 1 can sway his mind, not even… chuckle… Satan.
  41. Even these noble steeds had no real sway over matter.
  42. By the time she was through she was starting to sway.
  43. The breeze made the branches dance about and sway in.
  44. Hanor was the one he was after, hoping he might sway.
  45. She began to sway her hips and then gyrate her groin.
  46. He could bend and sway like a slender tree in the wind.
  47. Such disastrous results did not sway Freeman and Watts.
  48. Of course, the simplest self-testing method is the Sway.
  49. Professor, you have already tried to sway the council.
  50. Maybe you could sway Larocka to help us, Books said.
  51. A few Moons ago the Rowan trees started to sway furiously.
  52. They say the Arkenians have sway over the weather, though.
  53. She walked towards her friends, but her body began to sway.
  54. The room seemed to sway disconcertingly as Ambrosius awoke.
  55. He stood on one leg and closed his eyes, and didn’t sway.
  56. The tips of leaves sway delicately on spindle stemmed shoots.
  57. When we’re under the sway of these instincts, no abstract.
  58. And I think you’re making up stories to sway the judge.
  59. She walked with an extra sway as she cleared off a plate of.
  60. It bellowed an earth-shattering roar that made the grass sway.
  61. You believe you can sway my heart and keep me for yourself.
  62. Mankind has the ability to sway events, all are in mankind's.
  63. Where the flicker barely reaches, men hold each other and sway.
  64. That took place when 'Bukht Nassar' was given a sway over them.
  65. Q: Am I not under the sway of destiny, of my karma? What can I.
  66. Roderick, King of Andalusia, assumed sway over all Spain in 709.
  67. He seemed to sway slightly, as if his knees had turned to twine.
  68. Power surged through them; it was that which was making them sway.
  69. Two more wedges removed put a noticeable sway into the belt length.
  70. In the summer of 1940 Hitler held sway over the continent of Europe.
  71. He has a natural gait and a cadenced sway, as though he’s a fine.
  72. I felt myself shudder, then seem to sway very slightly in his hands.
  73. It seemed to sway, as if it were being blown by an intermittent fan.
  74. He seemed to exercise more and more sway over Mitya, as time went on.
  75. Though he hadn’t said anything, a slight sway betrayed uncertainty.
  76. Watching it sway slightly under the sun, she couldn‘t imagine why.
  77. She’d sway over every time I happened to be speaking with Andrastus.
  78. Brutus and Antony sway them for and against his assassins with ease:.
  79. The platform began to sway, and she fancied she was in the train again.
  80. They held sway more than thirty thousand years ago, that much was known.
  81. Rationality does not sway and convince but to force a victory for the.
  82. The thick black lines will thin away, give sway to only bands of white.
  83. He’s a good one, but he likes to sway a little too close to the edge.
  84. When I tried to stand, the room began to sway and I nearly toppled over.
  85. She started to sway back and forth like the switches of a sapling birch.
  86. He is using violence to sway his people to his ruthless way of thinking.
  87. When they closed and her head began to sway, I steadied her with my arm.
  88. He used both his oratory skills to sway the hearts and minds of millions.
  89. As in Egypt, various gods held sway from city to city and ruler to ruler.
  90. The Rowan started to sway wildly and the wind was ushered into the trees.
  91. In your speed after uncontrolled sway, trample not down this constitution.
  92. You may have political sway over the High Command, Legate Goris said.
  93. Bridges are built to have a certain amount of sway to them because if they.
  94. I sway for a second, my heart beating so hard I can’t feel anything else.
  95. I thought for a moment, watching the ends of the reels of ribbon gently sway.
  96. It held sway over popular church thinking in the eastern (Byzantine) church.
  97. She sat loosely, letting the movement of the car sway her body and her head.
  98. Terence laughed as though he recognized her futile attempt to sway his course.
  99. She had to take it slowly, as the sway of the horse made her side hurt worse.
  100. She wouldn’t be used to the interference a sway of siblings had on your life.
  1. I was very weak, swaying.
  2. He was on his feet, swaying.
  3. The roof was swaying under me.
  4. Claire lowered her head, swaying.
  5. Swaying back and forth and shit.
  6. The room was definitely swaying.
  7. Cold and the wind swaying dance.
  8. Scott stood swaying slightly in.
  9. Sim got to his feet, stood swaying.
  10. Felt the trees around him swaying.
  11. The ceiling was swaying dangerously.
  12. Cali was already swaying to the music.
  13. In the chance swaying of your dress;.
  14. She sprinted toward the swaying trees.
  15. The tree stopped swaying and a small.
  16. The car was swaying from side to side;.
  17. He was on his knees, but he was swaying.
  18. Holmes,' said he, swaying his face about.
  19. In the gloom, I can see Berndt is swaying.
  20. Around the hero's sword, like swaying ears.
  21. Swaying while seated was never a good sign.
  22. The car was swaying from side to side; the.
  23. She had to let Wuffs do all the hip swaying.
  24. He could feel the gentle swaying of the ocean.
  25. The house began to move, swaying back and forth.
  26. Could it have been the swaying of the leaves?
  27. At first we sort of stood there, swaying stiffly.
  28. Then he bent his steps towards the swaying crowd.
  29. Their carriage began to move, creaking and swaying.
  30. For a moment he only stood, swaying, looking at it.
  31. The crone makes back for her lair, swaying her lamp.
  32. She smiles back, but continues in her swaying dance.
  33. McLean craned his neck over the edge of the swaying.
  34. Randall was swaying gently in place when I found him.
  35. He was sitting in a lotus position and swaying back.
  36. She stops swaying and nods her head slowly up and down.
  37. The stabbed native was swaying now through blood loss.
  38. She was swaying slightly and looked slightly disheveled.
  39. She pushed herself onto her desk, legs swaying slightly.
  40. He saw the Alm-hut above him, and the swaying fir-trees.
  41. For the moment, Ralph stands swaying in front of Gelahn.
  42. The painted walls were swaying tufts of long eared grass.
  43. His curly hair was swaying in the breeze, and his upper.
  44. He reined his horse in, and halted, swaying in his saddle.
  45. Oh, those servants! said the count, swaying his head.
  46. There, look at that, said Karatáev, swaying his head.
  47. It was like a black worm swaying its blind head to and fro.
  48. He strode over to the other man and in a slurred, swaying.
  49. Branches swaying, groaning, moving with a life of their own.
  50. The only sound the gentle swaying of the trees in the wind.
  51. Swaying on high-heeled boots, he stood at exactly my height.
  52. Then she saw I was swaying and my eyes were a little glazed.
  53. A patch that wasn’t swaying to the same music as the rest.
  54. She runs toward me as fast as she can, hobbling and swaying.
  55. The carriage heeled over and back, their four trunks swaying.
  56. The swaying serpent remained swaying, still looking menacing.
  57. As he sat on the swaying limb, a bird swooped down behind him.
  58. He came toward Oak who was slumped over and swaying slightly.
  59. She looked seaward through the slim, swaying eucalyptus trees.
  60. Her head was hanging down, her ears swaying like two wet rags.
  61. I grabbed the tripod and held the swaying camera above my head.
  62. The poplar trees beyond were swaying in the breeze, beckoning.
  63. The swaying thought pulsed and caressed souls, stabbing backs.
  64. After some minutes, I got up and walked swaying up to the door.
  65. I was floating with the melody, rising and swaying and bobbing.
  66. He stops and looks back at her shoulder and her softly swaying hip.
  67. Swaying, he moved down the tower stairs to the streets of the town.
  68. Kevin is standing, swaying slightly, on the other side of the road.
  69. The Ferris wheel stopped, gently swaying, at a certain black seat.
  70. The entire audience, Breton and animals, sat swaying to the melody.
  71. The thing was holding its head in its hands and swaying on its feet.
  72. Karan and I opened the dance swaying to a beautiful romantic number.
  73. Johnson was swaying back and forth, walking with the uncoordinated.
  74. Drayben was going to officiate_?_? The thought had my stomach swaying.
  75. Two it is then, Jon said, swaying gently as he made his way to.
  76. He turned up the staircase, groggily swaying as he ascended the stairs.
  77. The hosts of Isengard roared, swaying this way and that, turning from.
  78. King stopped, swaying slightly as his 2IC pulled on the rope below him.
  79. Jeff stood swaying in the doorway with the pink glow of dawn creeping.
  80. Johnny looked down at the watch in front of him with his head swaying.
  81. Their movements create a new swaying pattern in the hammock, while the.
  82. Shapiro climbed out the window and made his way down the swaying ladder.
  83. Swinging round, he saw Ralph swaying in the snow, barely able to stand.
  84. The man next to him was swaying back and forth on his bar stool with an.
  85. Diane D suddenly stops swaying as she watches Cody and Shane walking away.
  86. She started to move her hips, swaying to the rhythm that she had created.
  87. The park was still and quiet, the only movement from branches swaying in.
  88. The afternoon was turning sour with his sweating and swearing and swaying.
  89. So you mean to say that I should also walk confidently swaying my ass!.
  90. Swaying over the grave, he reached down in a terrible panic to lift the lid.
  91. Trees stretched in every direction, the thick canopy above swaying in the.
  92. And the gentle roll of the wagon had Mahood swaying like a grieving mother.
  93. He thought he saw a shadow swaying under the crack so he walked to the door.
  94. The lights were on, curtains swaying open with dark silhouettes peering out.
  95. The worm raised a blind, quizzically-pointed head, swaying in all directions.
  96. Esteban Ramirez stood in the corner, swaying back in forth in place, saying.
  97. Two it is then, Jon said, swaying gently as he made his way to the door.
  98. This woman, swaying to and fro and muttering something, was choking with sobs.
  99. The mouth grew bigger, so too did the stick, while the whole head was swaying.
  100. Her shoulders drooped and she wilted even as she stood there swaying unevenly.
  1. He swayed on his feet.
  2. The arm swayed a little.
  3. He swayed back to look.
  4. She swayed with the wind.
  5. His mother swayed her head.
  6. As she swayed tiredly on.
  7. Tokyo Tower swayed so much.
  8. A slight breeze swayed the.
  9. She swayed her head uneasily.
  10. The yacht swayed on the waves.
  11. Lanterns swayed on their beams.
  12. Evan as they swayed to the music.
  13. And nothing she said swayed him.
  14. And trust which is easily swayed.
  15. She got to her feet and swayed.
  16. I swayed, powerless against him.
  17. And then a tide of faces swayed.
  18. He swayed, clutching at Sam's arm.
  19. Do not be easily swayed by darkness.
  20. Kutuzov groaned and swayed his head.
  21. His tie swayed down near his crotch.
  22. His wife swayed over the huddled pile.
  23. Smith said and swayed the vial again.
  24. Kutúzov groaned and swayed his head.
  25. As she swayed unsteadily in his arms.
  26. The three-story beauty salon swayed.
  27. I swayed behind the first empty chair.
  28. Once there, she swayed but stayed up.
  29. It wobbled and swayed like a pendulum.
  30. He was swayed by his idolatrous wives.
  31. The woman swayed, but she did not budge.
  32. Her long black hair swayed in the wind.
  33. The door swayed and hit the wall lightly.
  34. The odd chandelier swayed, which was odd.
  35. He swayed from side to side as he spoke.
  36. She merely swayed her head to signal a no.
  37. Grey swayed by Hester, smiled and nodded.
  38. The grisly pendulum swayed over his head.
  39. I cannot be swayed in this deciding hour.
  40. Alpatych swayed his head and went upstairs.
  41. He swayed the masses with words like over.
  42. Alpátych swayed his head and went upstairs.
  43. Voices changed, figures swayed at campfires.
  44. He swayed and sat on the side of the saddle.
  45. It’s okay, she whispered as she swayed.
  46. Rabel’s eyes shut close and his head swayed.
  47. A man who is swayed by negative emotions may.
  48. The scales swayed down on the Carrington side.
  49. The room, the entire building, swayed with it.
  50. Elm trees swayed and creaked around the valley.
  51. Both swayed and grabbed each other for support.
  52. Do not be swayed by those that insist the evil.
  53. He swayed slightly, his eyes losing their focus.
  54. They swayed and crashed over some of the troops.
  55. Harry swayed out of the lobby in search of a cab.
  56. Adapa could never be swayed from his own opinion.
  57. The palm trees swayed before the red sky as the.
  58. The palm trees swayed back and forth in the wind.
  59. Swayed on his feet like he was going to collapse.
  60. Lips parted and my body swayed in a secret rhythm.
  61. Then the reeds in front swayed against the breeze.
  62. He swayed over the table as if struck by a bullet.
  63. It creaked and swayed and she cried out in terror.
  64. Initially, the men at the meeting were not swayed.
  65. He blinked and swayed as if he was about to faint.
  66. Nancy and Ant dodged items as they swayed in their.
  67. As Dzunga swayed closer, Nerissa saw this gem was.
  68. Quite a few of them looked high as they swayed and.
  69. She turned and he swayed across the room toward her.
  70. The tall youth moved his lips and swayed from side.
  71. Petya’s eyes began to close and he swayed a little.
  72. They swayed in that fight and then the pressure was.
  73. Toro Ruíz swayed, blinking, debating whether to fall.
  74. Foxe swayed, his mouth clapped open, shut, open, shut.
  75. But Paul was not to be swayed by the likeness of men.
  76. Her flaxen hair swayed against his chest as her head.
  77. He swayed again, as if he would pitch on to the child.
  78. And then he swayed and leaned upon his father's chair.
  79. Pétya’s eyes began to close and he swayed a little.
  80. Kings and Queens swayed and spun, dancing in the air.
  81. Before he could answer, the airliner bucked and swayed.
  82. It swayed freely in the air, and her nipple was erect.
  83. He staggered as the walls of the tent swayed drunkenly.
  84. The elements had still not swayed him from his drink.
  85. Ailia started laughing, her body swayed as she chuckled.
  86. The craft swayed and lifted slowly off the hangar deck.
  87. The folksy audience in the crowd swayed back and forth.
  88. His immaculate white cloak swayed as he moved in slow-.
  89. She swayed and fell on her bed, still conscious though.
  90. She swayed at the edge of that split-second, a pillar.
  91. The train swayed and Pat sat down unsteadily beside Mrs.
  92. I touched the cross, swayed, and called up, blindly: “J.
  93. The tops of pine trees swayed in the turbulent fall air.
  94. Pretending to befriend3, he swayed his victims to depend.
  95. Gareth reached out and steadied me as I swayed on my feet.
  96. Fronds of the few palm trees swayed in the unfelt breeze.
  97. He was always swayed most by coin—it was a lust for him.
  98. Tom, swayed by the ambiance of the flickering flames and.
  99. Whereas Dr King’s speech swayed the hearts and minds of.
  100. His shoulders swayed a little with maturity and importance.
  1. Her hips she sways.
  2. The father sways the son.
  3. He sways back and forth.
  4. Johan? The scribe sways.
  5. He sways with me, keeping pace.
  6. The boat sways with his motion.
  7. He moves and sways his hips to me.
  8. Diane D sways the baseball bat again.
  9. He sways in stance like the drunk he is.
  10. To combat the evil which sways the world.
  11. On the Day when the heaven sways in agitation.
  12. And the way it sways with your every movement;.
  13. She just stands out there and sways back and forth.
  14. He sways back and forth as both cry in this embrace.
  15. Simon scrambles to his feet, sways, gains his balance again.
  16. Werner sways between exhaustion, confusion, and exhilaration.
  17. Diane D then sways the baseball bat and positions herself again.
  18. Grass rises from the concrete and sways in a wind I cannot feel.
  19. Bob Doran, toppling from a high barstool, sways over the munching.
  20. The boy sways twice more, until it’s clear he’s about to faint.
  21. Byz Ship 2 sways, bucks, weaves and rolls to ditch or damage its pursuers.
  22. She looks away from Wesley then sways the bat and positions herself again.
  23. It is late afternoon and his long shadow sways back and forth on the gravel.
  24. Thankfully, this teaching no longer sways us…at least, not by what we say.
  25. The lawyer on the other side may come up with something that sways the jury.
  26. The Queen Anne’s lace sways on its taproots, and the bees do their steady work.
  27. She places the side of her finger into her mouth, and then slowly sways side to side.
  28. A useful testimonial is one that really sways somebody who’s been doubtful to become.
  29. The ladder creaks and sways beneath his feet, but he keeps climbing, whistling as he does.
  30. Corny Kelleher on the sideseat sways his head to and fro in sign of mirth at Bloom's plight.
  31. Inside one restaurant, a staircase rises to a balcony and a hanging lamp sways on a fraying cord.
  32. The night steams, the stars burn, the prisoner sways, the boys watch, the commandant tilts his head.
  33. Oh, he’s affected all right – and my very small inner goddess sways in a gentle victorious samba.
  34. This is the itchiest part of his body, and he sways ecstatically while emitting his little chirping noises.
  35. It is the fragrance of the flower as the breeze gently sways the beautiful creation which you have visualized.
  36. The crowd begins to jump and cheer as Diane D sings and sways her shoulders with The Dianettes dancing several feet behind her.
  37. A dull roar hums through the walls, a sign that the thrusters have engaged, and the craft sways when the docking clamps release it.
  38. And We placed on earth stabilizers, lest it sways with them, and We placed therein signposts and passages, that they may be guided.
  39. Something shocking that's yet to be discovered, basically the wind sways the stem too and fro and this builds up a charge in the flower.
  40. The "appetite for joy" which pervades all creation, that tremendous force which sways humanity to its purpose, as the tide sways the helpless weed, was not to be controlled by vague lucubrations over the social rubric.
  41. Nations are built up and moved by another force which sways and dominates them, the origin of which is unknown and inexplicable: that force is the force of an insatiable desire to go on to the end, though at the same time it denies that end.
  42. The Dianettes start to dance as Diane D turns back around towards the entire crowd and starts to sing, slowly swaying her body back and forth to the left, then to the right, pointing her hand up and down, then sways her shoulders back and forth.
  43. With pen pouring into a sheet of pine, Letchard locks arms with the colours in his mind; and he sways and like a drunk pheasant he brays, spilling his jug of mother-love and shrilling above his fathers snore for more, more of the violent nets and crow-nests, where the lively violins saw and the wifely doorbells B.
  44. For the strain constantly kept up by the windlass continually keeps the whale rolling over and over in the water, and as the blubber in one strip uniformly peels off along the line called the "scarf," simultaneously cut by the spades of Starbuck and Stubb, the mates; and just as fast as it is thus peeled off, and indeed by that very act itself, it is all the time being hoisted higher and higher aloft till its upper end grazes the main-top; the men at the windlass then cease heaving, and for a moment or two the prodigious blood-dripping mass sways to and fro as if let down from the sky, and every one present must take good heed to dodge it when it swings, else it may box his ears and pitch him headlong overboard.
  45. As the old mother sways her to and fro singing her husky song,.

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