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    1. In some ways Determinism has advanced a milder or ―softer‖ expression common to modern liberal doctrine(s) that seeks to explain and systematize human behavior

    2. 7 And so did these Romanized Greeks force both Jews and Christians to philosophize their religion, to co-ordinate its ideas and systematize its ideals, to adapt religious practices to the existing current of life

    3. Systematize your thinking time

    4. , that is, in order to systematize them

    1.  A business process that can be automated or systematized

    2. beliefs were vague and not systematized, those of Spinoza were precisely thought out and written

    3. As the use of shading became systematized the contour

    4. In any total advance or evolution of the soul, not only the intuition, insight, inner sense, the heart’s devotion, a deep and direct life-experience of the things of the soul have to be developed, but the intellect also must be enlightened and satisfied; our thinking and reflecting mind must be helped to understand, to form a reasoned and systematized idea of the goal, the method, the principles of this highest development and activity of our nature and the truth of all that lies behind it

    5. It offers a systematized ap-

    6. more of the Pagan fantasy of their remote forefathers than of the systematized religion taught their race at later date

    7. It is some systematized exhibition of the whale in his broad genera, that I would now fain put before you

    8. In several of our schools—notably Le Moyne Institute at Memphis—instruction in domestic economy, including cooking, is now well systematized as a part of the course of study for girls

    1. If so, then where is my miracle? If god is love and you are god via IT, then why can't you perform on demand and where is your love for all? Where are your bloodless footprints? Only those who walk on water could possibly have Pontius auto-Pilate clean feet?” my mentor was begging me to understand the impossibility of my desire of systematizing an ethic for How to Luv in the Now

    2. unconscious agents of the Supreme in the necessary work of systematizing and

    3. Likewise, with my new list, executing these precepts in tandem—and then systematizing and amplifying the whole thing with regular mindfulness practice—elevated them from platitudes to powerful tools

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