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    1. They alone saw the danger in speaking out, so they began to confer only with each other

    2. They would measure here and there, and then confer with each other, not realizing it was driving him crazy

    3. 'I had no need to confer on this matter with any of

    4. They would confer

    5. “I am very pleased, in fact personally honored, to confer this village School's first diplomas upon Jameson Aloysius Connor, Hipolyta Belle Livingson, and Titania Belle Livingson with top honors

    6. behind the Dean’s desk to confer in a whisper with

    7. But though, in Scotland, the law gives the benefice, without any exception to the person presented by the patron; yet the church requires sometimes (for she has not in this respect been very uniform in her decisions) a certain concurrence of the people, before she will confer upon the presentee what is called the cure of souls, or the

    8. Instead, he thought for a second and went to confer with his mates

    9. A young Army surgeon had recently been assigned to the Regimental Aid Station which helped to relieve some of the pressure that Lewisohn had been under as the sole physician for the regiment, but the inexperienced first lieutenant continued to want to confer with him on nearly every case

    10. Of course, most mutations are not advantageous, but over many generations, the infrequent mutations that confer an evolutionary advantage would cumulate

    11. “Does this mean I can go home now?” “Not yet, we want to keep an eye on you,” and they moved away to confer around the bed of the quiet lady

    12. He then halted us while he went to confer with Suchix

    13. He then ordered me to continue on and turned back to confer with Ignace

    14. He stopped to confer with Moonjah, and then rode west

    15. I then dismissed them and called for the minghan and jagun commanders to confer with me

    16. 42 Have you ever heard, seen or known of such a beautiful woman as I am, or better than myself, who speaks daily to you, fall into a decline through a love for you, confer all this honor on you, and still you will not listen to my voice?

    17. I must confer with them

    18. I’d like whoever is most senior among The Atoning at providing security to confer with Kalem of the Volunteers about a personal guard for Talia and myself on those occasions when it’s called for, including our tour of our properties today

    19. “Honored Yazadril, and honored members of The Assembly of The Just Alliance, I therefore most respectively suggest and request that you confer upon me the authority to command our alliance for the next five days, or until Zarkog has been completely defeated, whichever comes first

    20. Other possible advantages whey may confer to the

    21. One has to confer with others on these things

    22. “We will confer with the king,” the general said

    23. They arrived in Jerusalem and immediately confer with the local prince

    24. We must confer with Rauros and return with additional forces

    25. Leif and Reoren rode up to confer with Einar, who had taken charge of the village guards during their absence

    26. confer on a regular basis in a mutually agreed manner

    27. Restadicus was anxious to confer with Lord Taliesin and met him in the courtyard of the stronghold

    28. The Mages will now confer and decide on the next step

    29. Nothing happened for the next fifteen minutes, then Rex joined him and they withdrew into deeper cover to confer

    30. confer any power-- whether psychic, mental or physical-- on their pupils, they take upon themselves all the sins of that pupil, in connection with the

    31. “It’s a legend about seven objects that confer great power on a spell and how to activate it

    32. He would then have gone out to confer with his mother and his brothers, but a messenger arrived in haste from Tiberias bringing word that the officers of the Sanhedrin were on their way with authority to arrest Jesus and carry him to Jerusalem

    33. to Minneapolis to confer with officials of IDS

    34. driver of the second truck jumped down from his cab and came to confer with the

    35. The members were made up of a selection of leading international scientists, and a further delay was incurred as they were given time to read through the proposals before attending an assembly to confer their approval, which took place at the Pentagon

    36. took the ship’s medical team to confer with the station’s medical staff

    37. I have just returned from the capital city and he has sent me home to confer with the elders of our tribe

    38. Terence Underwood and his habits; then, he and Lady Jane would confer on the issue, regardless of their intentions not to get involved in a marital dispute

    39. Dismissing this notion that perhaps Faye was one of the spirits wishing to confer with her, Elizabeth carefully returned her glass to the table as the waiter disappeared then removed a freshly baked roll from the basket in the center of the table

    40. Tempting as it was to recount the entire event of last night, Faye realized she would not have time to do so if she was to go riding before her luncheon date with Elizabeth with whom she wished to confer before revealing the story to any strangers

    41. He paused to confer with Chance, "And what do ya want to drink tonight, buddy?"

    42. One last point: should he be canonized? I have learnt that moves are afoot at the United Nations to confer on him the title ‘World hero of Social justice

    43. It is regarded as preparation for adulthood and to confer merit on

    44. He would confer with his boss – the

    45. On the following Monday, after sacking and sending back to the United States the bulk of the sycophantic staff of MacArthur and bringing in fresh blood, General Collins flew to Korea, landing in Pusan to confer with Lieutenant General Walker and to see the frontlines by himself, something that MacArthur or Almond had never done

    46. The vectoring thrust nozzles of its engines will confer a maximum of agility to our XF-83, which will also be fully equipped for flying at night and bad weather

    47. The pilot settled his machine on the driveway to the rear of Rudolph’s vehicle and he and his sole crew member exited to confer with the inspector

    48. The men al tossed sideways glances at each other as if to silently confer

    49. chin for a while and then said, ‘Wil you just give us a moment to confer?”

    50. I will have to confer with the Counsel,” Gilgamesh said

    1. Their sergeant conferred furtively with a girl within

    2. Belle finished the story and then she began the same explanation always conferred upon the child before a decision should be required of them

    3. consulted a parchment before them and conferred in

    4. with the sunrise, and they conferred over a meal of stale

    5. } Their offer was accepted, many privileges were conferred upon them, and they began the manufacture with three hundred workmen

    6. Matthew kept the accounts, as well as conferred with Joseph about the various tasks that needed to be accomplished

    7. During the short term of Badger’s appointment, Badger conferred upon young Waddell an

    8. property, conferred upon his son and heir in honour of the day) into

    9. That is to say, authority is often conferred as a quid pro quo in exchange for (public) favors

    10. That many individuals seeking salvation have oftentimes found themselves in a State of Grace at one time or another only to have it rescinded, is a humble reminder of how difficult it is to sustain; a blessing suddenly conferred and taken away just as quickly through spiritual despondency or neglect

    11. The friendly jostling for the added security of the grain storage’s roof and the ramp leading up to it became a spirited contest for the advantage conferred by the finished portions that the second-level offered

    12. The stability conferred by an agreement to view this Magnificent arbitrator as a final Referee in leadership contests inexorably spread to contests concerning other kinds of behavioral disputes

    13. 7 And he conferred with Joab the son of Zeruiah, and with Abiathar the priest, and they following Adonijah helped him

    14. It was the place where he had conferred with them when they had agreed to join the Khanate

    15. and a king, a status that can only be conferred by the Lord, and includes the anointing

    16. Then after they conferred a short time, he rode with him to headquarters

    17. prophet, and a king, a status that can only be conferred by the Lord, and includes the

    18. be conferred by the Lord, and includes the anointing of the Holy Spirit, which

    19. 7 For therefore, since nature has conferred on you the most excellent flesh of this animal, do

    20. This conferred tremendous power on the three elected commissioners, none of whom was a lawyer during my tenure, making the assigned assistant AG’s duties doubly onerous as both the legal advisor to the Commission on disputed points of law as well as an active participant in essentially tripartite hearings where the staff, usually the Tariff & Rates division, who were civil servants, put in an alternative case to that advanced by the carriers and shippers, respectively

    21. grade and title were conferred upon his white successor

    22. We, ah, we conferred, and agreed to make up the difference from the treasury of the High Council of The Lava Shapers, and so the mount was purchased for you

    23. She conferred with Mark privately via their Link

    24. Instead the post was conferred on another who was expected to agree with everything Park said

    25. “After the Rotary Club luncheon,” Pate said, “Roy conferred with his assistant, Jean Ballard, put in a heavy schedule of office work, and headed home

    26. Mark and Talia conferred over their Link, and Talia laid a hand on her hilt to bring Ria into it

    27. Krocek and Haskell conferred as they ran through the brush

    28. 7 For therefore since nature has conferred on you the most excellent flesh of this animal do you loathe it? 8 It seems senseless not to enjoy what is pleasant yet not disgraceful; and from notions of sinfulness to reject the boons of nature

    29. Before heading for Washington, Roger conferred with the PAX staff and gave them the go ahead on the PAX bombs for the Iraq/Iran mission

    30. He held some papers as he conferred with the guards

    31. Michael conferred with his small team and they decided to agree as the building was isolated from the others and they had it surrounded in any case

    32. In the shadows, figures conferred quietly, constantly glancing over their shoulders at who was passing by

    33. They pondered this for a few seconds while Jarek and Zeno conferred

    34. Back home the principal’s wife had conferred a certain prestige, but here in the city surrounded by people more her own age, Irma saw the real Violet—elderly, unfit, overweight, unattractive and prone to whining self-pity

    35. conferred by that abstraction called the University-- usually at the hands of

    36. giving a definite blessing is one of those conferred upon the Priest at his

    37. “You have evidence that if additional powers are conferred upon him, they will be used for the furtherance of the Great Work?”

    38. the first time the new and mighty power which had been conferred upon him

    39. He and Ivan worked hard at school and often conferred with each other in regard to homework

    40. used the powers previously conferred upon them; and forasmuch as a power

    41. had done, and expressing the hope that the new powers now to be conferred

    42. They often conferred with each other about their employment experiences

    43. But this Great God has conferred a moral sense even on many inferior people

    44. Vaginas may be conferred this status through contact with a penis

    45. Such an ordination conferred the title of "rabbi" upon the teacher and also qualified him to act as a judge, "binding and loosing such matters as might be brought to him for adjudication

    46. This disconcerted the staff and they conferred with the head of the detail who sent a message to the King

    47. We do not have his specific promise to make these plural visits, but it seems most probable that he who carries among his universe titles that of Planetary Prince of Urantia will many times visit the world whose conquest conferred such a unique title upon him

    48. He anticipated being called before the full meeting of the Sanhedrin and there hearing himself eulogized while they conferred upon him suitable honors in token of the great service which he flattered himself he had rendered his nation

    49. To Amalric's camp came Xaltotun in his chariot drawn by the uncanny horses that never tired, and he entered Amalric's tent where the baron conferred with Valerius over a map spread on an ivory camp table

    50. 2 And when Gabriel had conferred with the senior Most High of Edentia, the archangel spokesman for the celestial hosts was given permission to make such disposition of the physical remains of Jesus as he might determine

    1. without conferring with me

    2. Those concerning the government of the church, and the right of conferring ecclesiastical benefices, were perhaps the most interesting to the peace and welfare of civil society

    3. His other concern was that Arawn may be conferring these issues with Math Mathonwy and Dis Pater, who would in turn explain these matters to Carl and Wil

    4. ‖ What law protects their Rights? Or laws conferring arbitrary advantages and special privileges to certain individuals or favored (―political‖) groups at the expense of others? I am not at all certain that this is what the founding fathers had in mind when this document was initially conceived

    5. The litany of abuses predicated in the name of free expression, or proxy ―decisions‖ made on behalf of others who are unable to make informed decisions, are understood by the hordes of mentally ill people roaming the streets, who should be otherwise institutionalized for their own safety, if not for the safety of our society, for that matter, who remain on the streets, unable to properly care for themselves, mandated by civil rights organizations fearful that their rights may be jeopardized, people otherwise incapable of making a rational assessment of their own condition; not to mention conferring legitimacy to sexual deviancy in all its varieties that many of us have casually resigned ourselves to as ―simply‖ alternative lifestyles or championing (equal) protection under the law, that, in some instances, should call for censorship, or implausible assumptions regarding the ―unborn,‖ (Abortion) remanding millions of innocents to an early grave, a convenience for women fretting over their figures or professional careers, abetted by spineless politicians, who for expediency sake, continue advancing legislation denying them (―unborn‖) their own inalienable right to choose, had they the means, or encouraging a culture of death (Euthanasia) for the convenience of (the) would-be custodians of the terminally ill or perhaps to (simply) reduce the increasing costs of Healthcare, or the legalization of drugs because that too is a convenient alternative for a number of individuals who have seemingly lost the will to rid our society of rampant drug abuse and therefore justify such (hare-brained) schemes from the vantage point of opportunity savings or reduced social costs, or movements to eliminate God from the public consciousness lest society be reminded of its sins or perhaps because many of us have (conveniently) chosen to become our own gods

    6. � Steve and Linda looked at each other and after conferring for a moment, Linda turned to her brother Vinnie and asked him to call for the forensic attendant who was on call that morning

    7. They looked back and caught Stroyer’s gaze after conferring with some of the kids

    8. But he did not walk up the aisle with his usual consciousness of the honour he was conferring on the building

    9. In the hall, I found George seated in the Khan’s chair and conferring with Baidar

    10. We were challenged by the guards, and even after looking over our paper and conferring with their superiors, they only grudgingly let us pass

    11. “And if they were in the habit of conferring honors among themselves on those who were the quickest to observe the passing shadows and to remark which of them went before, and which followed after, and which were together, and who were therefore best able to draw conclusions as to the future, do you think that he would care for such honors and glories, or envy the possessors of them? Would he not say with Homer, ‘Better to be the poor servant of a poor master, and to endure anything rather than think as they do and live after their manner?’ ”

    12. He looked around at the patio and grounds of the cottage, where the Volunteers were mostly making themselves comfortable and conferring in groups

    13. outstretched arm upon Benjamin's shoulder as if in an act of conferring authority

    14. conferring a peculiar charm to the property

    15. “I look forward to conferring with my father,” said Marlin

    16. ‘By conferring a spurious mantle of superiority on fictitious lives, they trivialise our own

    17. the Lord at the critical moment of the conferring of the degree

    18. As he comforted hungry minds and ministered to thirsty souls, the recipients of his mercy did not so much feel that they were confessing to him as that they were conferring with him

    19. He did not hear this last offer of mercy to the Jewish rulers because he was still in conference with a certain group of Sadducean relatives and friends with whom he had lunched, and with whom he was conferring as to the most fitting manner of dissociating himself from Jesus and his fellow apostles

    20. He stole noiselessly after them, then shrank suddenly back against the wall as he saw them halt and cluster together as if conferring on some matter

    21. The final embrace of the Paradise Father, conferring unlimited sovereignty of his universe

    22. Looking around him as he walked out of the elevator, he soon spotted Major General King, who was conferring with some of his senior officers

    23. Douglas MacArthur, returning to the operations center after conferring with a group of senior officers in his office, saw that new symbols had been added on the wall map of the Pacific

    24. Undoubtedly, there was more to this scenario than met the eye, but she would wait no longer now but instead focus more attention on this development at some other time, preferably after conferring with Faye once more before drawing any hasty conclusions

    25. She grabbed it from the wall and took it to the conferring band, tapped on Steve's shoulder and handed the picture to him

    26. And while the two stood in the cool September breeze conferring with one another, the other officers at the scene were beginning to finish their cleanup

    27. Washington, I will be conferring urgently with the President on your behalf, in order to

    28. That left the Governor conferring with his aides and Father Lemoyne as they stood together on the ramparts

    29. The two Warriors stopped and seemed to be conferring

    30. Monty could see the Guardians conferring

    31. * Indians rejected the Simon commission report out of Hand as it did not mention anything in regard to conferring the Dominion Status – Simon Commission’s report became the basis for enacting the Government of India Act 1935

    32. has the power of conferring his own form on others

    33. As Joel and the two women walked into the family room, they saw Nick quietly conferring with Gerry and Jack (who’d scooted ahead of them) while the rest of the security team gathered round them, listening to what was being discussed

    34. They were quietly conferring with one another in the family room, while filling out a myriad of forms and reports which they had to process and file to various offices, to give an accurate account of their actions and all the events which had taken place

    35. After conferring with their superiors, a slow moving convoy of non-natives left the

    36. directors were conferring with the chairman of the JCS when he entered the situation room

    37. With two of twelve arms the blue god elevated Upaya and Ishtar before conferring:

    38. The young men are dressed like soldiers; the old men and the elders are seated in one corner conferring

    39. grant this without conferring with the other tribes

    40. After conferring with

    41. Able to tell she was conferring with someone, Hanor decided not to mention that his

    42. I was there when you were conferring with your friends about Rebel Rambo, the Dinos, the RAM and other stuff

    43. † I cannot but think that the mode of presenting Christianity—which we advocate as apostolic and Divine—as a message conferring eternal life as a donation upon dying men, is not only fitted to assist the faith of European minds deprived of their old hopes and fears by recent scientific conclusions, but also probably of the countless millions of Buddhists throughout India, Siam, Japan, and China

    44. Lorry, who could not sufficiently admire the bride, and who had been moving round her to take in every point of her quiet, pretty dress; "and so it was for this, my sweet Lucie, that I brought you across the Channel, such a baby! Lord bless me! How little I thought what I was doing! How lightly I valued the obligation I was conferring on my friend Mr

    45. Thinkest thou that the Amarillises, the Phillises, the Sylvias, the Dianas, the Galateas, the Filidas, and all the rest of them, that the books, the ballads, the barber's shops, the theatres are full of, were really and truly ladies of flesh and blood, and mistresses of those that glorify and have glorified them? Nothing of the kind; they only invent them for the most part to furnish a subject for their verses, and that they may pass for lovers, or for men valiant enough to be so; and so it suffices me to think and believe that the good Aldonza Lorenzo is fair and virtuous; and as to her pedigree it is very little matter, for no one will examine into it for the purpose of conferring any order upon her, and I, for my part, reckon her the most exalted princess in the world

    46. For there is reason to think that if a city were composed entirely of good men, then to avoid office would be as much an object of contention as to obtain office is at present; then we should have plain proof that the true ruler is not meant by nature to regard his own interest, but that of his subjects; and every one who knew this would choose rather to receive a benefit from another than to have the trouble of conferring one

    47. And if they were in the habit of conferring honours among themselves on those who were quickest to observe the passing shadows and to remark which of them went before, and which followed after, and which were together; and who were therefore best able to draw conclusions as to the future, do you think that he would care for such honours and glories, or envy the possessors of them? Would he not say with Homer,

    48. Some of them took these books and promised, with the air of men who were conferring a great favour, that they would read them

    49. He thanked them for the honour they were conferring upon him

    50. After conferring with her colleagues she insisted that I rest in Diego’s bedroom

    1. I cannot mention the Yogamudra twice in this book without telling you of the spiritual values it confers

    2. As though all these benefits were not enough this posture confers on all who practice it the grace and flexibility of a ballet dancer

    3. “She confers this mark

    4. ) Adopting conspicuously faulty and (otherwise) self-serving reasoning conveniently side-steps a very important fact; that we all exist in a less than perfect world subject to changing fortunes and other unexpected events that routinely challenge our mettle; and that Nature, however, has its own inestimable manner of compensating each of us with an innate capacity to endure hardships and rise above our present condition however unfavorable or improbable our prospects for a ―better‖ life may appear and that an individual‘s threshold for suffering and privation oftentimes vary in proportion to that individual‘s (mental) endurance and acquired habits in spite of that individual‘s accustomed environment and in any event, such (gratuitous) impressions are problematical at best and should not serve as a litmus test in determining who should or should not be permitted to live or given an equal opportunity to exercise free choice(s) pre-empted by selfish motives indifferent to such rights; motives whose arbitrary designs are (otherwise) impervious to the apparent limits or consequences of questionable solutions whose (hardened) indifference to Life must inevitably diminish the (inherent) value a society confers upon its citizens regardless of their station in life

    5. This energy confers that

    6. I am glad, that confers that you are ready for the knowledge it wishes to show you

    7. They do this because it confers the illusion of personal power, although the truth is that they have little or no personal power at all

    8. who, at this third step, either confers the Initiation Himself, or deputes one of His pupils, the three Lords of the Flame who came with Him from Venus, to

    9. number of mechanisms are in place that confers other advantages:

    10. confers blessings upon those who worship him

    11. To say that infant baptism confers grace mechanically, as a chemical solution produces an effect on a photographic plate, and that if water and certain words are used by a thoughtless, careless clergyman over the child of thoughtless, ignorant parents, the child is at once born again,-to say, furthermore, that an immense spiritual effect is produced by baptism when no effect whatever can be seen,�all this, to many thinking persons, seems calculated to degrade baptism! It tends to make observers suppose that baptism is useless, or that regeneration means nothing at all

    12. It all comes down to the stone confers holiness

    13. He has so far said that the practice of yagya confers the highest glory and that it is a creation of accomplished realized sages

    14. But although this happiness is like poison at the outset, at the end it is like nectar that confers the substance of immortality

    15. confers a higher risk compared with women who have had their last

    16. “We are obsessed by the fascist function of money because it confers advantage

    17. For conspiracies naturally arise within any system that confers advantage by manipulation of events, agencies and institutions

    18. To be equally liberated to enslave others confers advantage to those with the ways and means to enslave

    19. Negotiability confers absolute and good title on the transferee

    20. then confers with the superintendent of schools, who in turn

    21. It is founded upon the close association, in our Lord’s words, between Water and the Spirit, held to signify that when and wherever baptism is rightly administered, there the Holy Spirit accompanies the rite, confers the grace of 'spiritual life,’ and washes away the guilt of original sin

    22. But that spirit may be the eternal life which the Holy Spirit confers along with the germ of the Divine Image; and under this definition there would be less difficulty in holding that the regenerate man alone possesses pneu~ma, or spirit, in the technical sense of the term

    23. ' I say so because it is my will and pleasure that one of you should follow letters, another trade, and the third serve the king in the wars, for it is a difficult matter to gain admission to his service in his household, and if war does not bring much wealth it confers great distinction and fame

    24. Thou needst say no more to him, nor will I say anything more to thee, save to tell thee to bear in mind that this Second Part of "Don Quixote" which I offer thee is cut by the same craftsman and from the same cloth as the First, and that in it I present thee Don Quixote continued, and at length dead and buried, so that no one may dare to bring forward any further evidence against him, for that already produced is sufficient; and suffice it, too, that some reputable person should have given an account of all these shrewd lunacies of his without going into the matter again; for abundance, even of good things, prevents them from being valued; and scarcity, even in the case of what is bad, confers a certain value

    25. "Monsieur," replied the count, with a chilling air, "I am very happy to have been the means of preserving a son to his mother, for they say that the sentiment of maternity is the most holy of all; and the good fortune which occurred to me, monsieur, might have enabled you to dispense with a duty which, in its discharge, confers an undoubtedly great honor; for I am aware that M

    26. still not clear, however, whether this predates the drug use, and thus confers a

    27. Under cover of obtaining help of this kind for another, which from pride he would never accept for himself, he kept in touch with the circle which confers

    28. That is what confers on Folard the right to

    29. It is a strange thing to what a degree security of conscience confers security of the rest

    30. and testify in his favor before history; this deposition, whatever else it may be, is evidently and above all things, entirely disinterested; an epitaph penned by a dead man is sincere; one shade may console another shade; the sharing of the same shadows confers the right to praise it; it is not greatly to be feared that it will ever be said of two tombs in exile:

    31. Our ideal investments are in franchise businesses, the term we use to signify a right, a license, or a privilege that confers an economic advantage that will permit the company to earn above-average returns on capital over long periods of time

    32. You alone, when you are simple and obedient to the will of God, know not that farcical pretence of labor which the men of our circle call work, and know that the labor imposed by God on men, and know its true rewards, the bliss which it confers

    33. " If this part of the constitution really confers no power, it at least, according to this opinion, strips it of that attribute of perfection which has by these gentlemen been ascribed to it

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