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    1. You need to communicate with your customers so they can see what products and services you have to offer

    2. order to communicate with God is our communion with

    3. communicate with Him, the more you know Jesus better

    4. communicate with Him throughout that day concerning

    5. · Be a "hip" grandparent and use the Internet to communicate

    6. Children are fascinated with computers, and teens use email to communicate with friends next door! If you keep tabs on their lives via email, you will be a modern grandparent

    7. Email is the best way to communicate with your older, busy grandchildren

    8. It's only this last year that I can communicate with them

    9. sires to communicate with us

    10. you and communicate with them

    11. ciples how to communicate with the Father

    12. It is easy for little children to communicate with their parents

    13. ‘The speed with which they communicate takes my breath away sometimes

    14. We could almost communicate by raising flags …

    15. You can communicate like this? But she doesn't answer, just gets up and walks seductively over to him

    16. I tried to rationalise my way through the long days, assuming that it must be far too risky for my fellow prisoners to communicate every day

    17. Now it was a voyage of centuries to communicate with home

    18. This is how you will communicate with your own dragon

    19. The dragonets were delighted, and began to keen, even in their eggs; but they were upset when they realized that they couldn't communicate with the large dogs

    20. "They did their work during eclipse and they have not attempted to communicate with us

    21. She knew that Andrew would be unable to communicate to anyone for a while

    22. And you must come also Lady Emily; how else will we be able to communicate if you do not

    23. We all communicate telepathically

    24. How does IIS communicate at runtime with ASP

    25. When you've been doing your best to communicate and neither of you speaks much of the other's language you resort to the universal language of mime, grunts and nodding just like we did in the beginning, and suddenly you make a breakthrough, well the gratitude you feel is huge

    26. However, if they are using quantum entanglement to communicate, only Thom’s instruments would detect it

    27. course, there are two ways to communicate: gently with love or and

    28. That is a very unloving, non-‐truthful way to communicate

    29. Always ful y communicate what you

    30. who or what had required the lady to communicate the messages

    31. to communicate to her

    32. “It’s frustrating, knowing things and not being able to communicate them

    33. Trouble is, that caused me a lot of pain, and there was no way to communicate it

    34. Other groups had been directed to communicate with the

    35. “No, we have few parasites on us right now, but most humans take action against most parasites sooner or later, that’s probably had more to do with our success as a species than the fact that we can communicate or the fact that we are an invasive species with few natural parasites

    36. Ben suggests that if David is going to communicate with us by e-mail, as he has said he intends to, then if he could include some titbits of information about the town where they are at the time, we can print off the e-mails, and then stick his messages around the map with a string linking the message with the appropriate place

    37. Life, David had it – we could communicate, touch and share together … and now he’s lost it

    38. “I’ll keep that in mind when I communicate with him

    39. Words should be to communicate not deceive

    40. I grew up with parents who love me but were unable to communicate how to be close to other people, to be able to tell people that you like them or love them

    41. He could only communicate with them for about an hour at dawn and another hour and a half at dusk

    42. God can communicate to us through m ny ways

    43. Expand your expectations about how God is about to communicate with you

    44. God is passionate about you and want to communicate with you

    45. By this passage it is revealed that God is a communicator, and it is God’s nature to communicate his heart

    46. It is important for a people to communicate to their Father with more than letters

    47. He was unable to communicate with Argos on any level

    48. trying to communicate and negotiate in a foreign

    49. the jealousy of strangers, the aversion to take apprentices, or to communicate the secret of

    50. If there was a scrounge lurking down here he intended to make peace with him if possible, if the person still had enough mind left to communicate with

    1. Here we just see how God communicated with His

    2. "One of the ancient wizards I've communicated with

    3. She communicated with the Brazilian on the ground

    4. "I've been gone two days longer than that, you've communicated with him more recently than I have

    5. It is wrong to put them above the Holy Spirit and make it so that the only way people are directed and communicated through is if they have some sort of title or credential

    6. She did not know how to contact his children, and she would die before she communicated with his wife

    7. intelligence was communicated by field telephone, in order to

    8. world,” Briz continued, “And the stories certainly communicated a

    9. news they have already communicated in their letters

    10. “And I would later arrange for my reports to be communicated back

    11. had communicated many times with the manager over the

    12. that God called to repent, He communicated the consequences

    13. "I'm glad you told me because it confirms what Nimblefax had said, or rather communicated to me, I was asked to go along with this little ploy of Grandpa's

    14. "Actually someone I communicate with via suntower has communicated with her via suntower

    15. The moment he sensed their presence, Ollius communicated telepathically with them

    16. The philosopher then comes in to propose that the human mind is programmed to receive, treat, and transmit information communicated to him by a vastly Superior Intelligence

    17. He communicated little through the flap in his head, nor did he attempt to connect with them telepathically

    18. The two small moons above them communicated a mixture of yearning and fear

    19. We’ve communicated with them and sent a new password that is also in your command module

    20. Using paper cut-outs to represent the little girl, myself, and the goats I communicated to her the idea of sneaking up on the animals and committing what could rightfully be called a “kidnap

    21. At times, Joseph and I communicated as much without words as with

    22. He and I communicated better when we were in the hills, so I left orders for the others

    23. San Francisco harbor until he had communicated with another

    24. Aside from the terrorist, he doesn’t appear to have communicated with anybody

    25. Wherever they are they have not communicated outside of their immediate proximity

    26. Gerrid knew L-Seven-Six would have a new and more creative method of punishment after a second block, but for some reason the EI hadn't communicated for a while

    27. He caught me with a hand on my shoulder, holding me at a distance even as his keen regard communicated with perfect clarity all the things he would like to be doing to me instead

    28. He left orders for his aide-de-camp that he was not to be disturbed or communicated to in any way while he was out having his walk

    29. The signals’ officer then communicated it by a hand gesture to a soldier who held two colored flags

    30. communicated everything they know that should have been communicated to the states and so it is

    31. Like a bolt out of the blue, a mental impression communicated itself to me

    32. ) An intercom from the guard booth communicated with each girl’s room

    33. Since leaving London, I have not communicated with my dear wife in any way, partly out of fear that such communication can somehow lead to my whereabouts, although now I must do so in order to inform her of our plans

    34. They communicated telepathically

    35. It was communicated in no uncertain terms that you are the son of an SDPD cop, and if any harm comes to you that every known or suspected Russian Mafioso will be hounded until they are all either in jail or deported, that is, if they survive the arrest

    36. 9 So he communicated the matter with Raguel,

    37. Elena could feel the position of every shadow as she was now connected to them and, when she was pleased with their positioning, she communicated with Kali and Akira, through their minds, to inflict pain on every titan that was there, but she told them to leave out Isodor

    38. As two creatures entered, the leaders of the Cerberus, they communicated all that they knew

    39. When we communicated in the dream world, neither he nor his mother had let on

    40. Service Management Policy is established in the organization and its communicated and understood by all the employees

    41. Documents should be created, reviewed, approved and changes are controlled, communicated and available for use, versioning and naming conventions to be followed, archive the obsolete documents and track the customer given/third party documents separately

    42. communicated with them his secret counsel, and concluded the afflicting of the whole Earth out of his own mouth

    43. ‘If you were communicating without using your voice and communicated like us, you could interpret more information at the same time

    44. The guardian looked at Ogg and communicated with

    45. I wished my government communicated this fast

    46. The ability to speak and to form words allows intelligent thought to be communicated

    47. decision had been communicated to Ouellette while he was vacationing in Quebec

    48. I communicated this plan (with deliverables and deadlines) to the senior

    49. anecdote or witticism has already been communicated to the audience

    50. and completion is communicated to the group

    1. You see the pickup line approach has a huge flaw -- it indirectly communicates that you're very interested in her from the very beginning

    2. who communicates with spirits be telling me the same thing I had

    3. After He communicates, it is necessary for us

    4. The transmitter communicates information to the brain from the computer, and vice versa, and the liquid alters the brain to put it in a simulation state

    5. IT’S STRANGE TO see people you don’t know well in the morning, with sleepy eyes and pillow creases in their cheeks; to know that Christina is cheerful in the morning, and Peter wakes up with his hair perfectly flat, but Cara communicates only through a series of grunts, inching her way, limb by limb, toward coffee

    6. Quality policy which is appropriate for the business and which communicates the intent of quality activities in the organization to be documented and maintained

    7. Information Security policy which is appropriate for the business and which communicates the intent of ISMS activities in the organization to be documented and maintained

    8. communicates a commitment to the founding

    9. It has one billion alien languages built in with a universal translator and it communicates in milliseconds

    10. the self communicates with is also a part of the same Entity

    11. You need to have a crystal clear understanding of the needs and challenges of your target audience so that you can publish content that consistently communicates your brand promise, and is useful and relevant to their needs

    12. He hangs up, and communicates with his partner in Italian, and mentions the name Van-Bailey again

    13. believe that man communicates directly with God and that no priest is necessary to

    14. It communicates with itself

    15. Your dad still communicates with you

    16. A script is a well-thought-out, rehearsed statement that best communicates a response to a

    17. Are you? If you are concerned, do something that clearly communicates to the people that you not only are listening but that you can hear

    18. It communicates that they are only interested in their looks and not who they are as a person

    19. Even Brinkley’s replacement can’t tell us who appointed him, who he communicates with on a regular basis

    20. always communicates with us through action

    21. You scream and shout, but nothing answers, nothing communicates with you

    22. And at last the man-beast puts aside his music-maker and communicates with Galluk, though not through language

    23. communicates its oscillations to the man who recites the mantra and also to

    24. So irrespective of whether the individual is aggressive, defensive, or even violent, when the word love is genuinely projected surface reality communicates directly with an individuals' core

    25. one's identity and communicates to oneself and others in a multitude of ways

    26. Thus, indicating your professional goals can be a wise decision, or at least make your resume in a way that it communicates it

    27. This one communicates now with the two sentient beings simultaneously in your prime languages, directing waves to individuals

    28. This one rarely communicates with fleeting beings, but the organized sounds amused

    29. "Two: There's little doubt that the subconscious mind communicates to the

    30. basic way a cat communicates with us

    31. communicates that you are willing to lend a hand; it allows you to offer

    32. communicates the wrong message to the dog

    33. She communicates with spirits who have contacted us, to find out why they need our help

    34. Attention and awareness to how the coach communicates

    35. cutting its dividend, or communicates expectations thereof, the proposed dividend yield

    36. Help us put out a statement that communicates this intent

    37. communicates itself to us

    38. You see words communicate language, but our voice communicates the spirit

    39. A friend connects and communicates heart to heart

    40. God does not speak with words, He communicates with people through mediators, archangels, who bring His will to the consciousness of people

    41. The body communicates through feelings and sensations

    42. Amy shoots him a look that communicates both revulsion and disbelief

    43. When he enters the war with his division, he keeps in contact with his higher commander especially in the thick fight when the war status escalates and comes to a head, and when there becomes no room for moving or manoeuvring, and he senses a real danger pervading the division, he does nothing but holds the field telephone and communicates with his wise merciful commander informing him about the painful military fact and asking for his wise discerning opinion to accomplish it at once

    44. Thus the word (mine) means Fasting communicates your spirit with Me (God)

    45. Our social-cultural mind is a field effect that communicates to itself through our instinctual adaptation to the traditional mores, customs and thought structures that comformicate our minds in how to frame the world

    46. short-term memory communicates with the cortex through what we call simple human will or effort;

    47. communicates ideas and features in a manner that makes the copy of

    48. As a piece of art communicates about the artist,

    49. Storytelling is a highly efficient form of information sharing because it communicates data, contextual rules, and subtleties of behavior that may be difficult to state explicitly

    50. As defined in Chapter 1, Knowledge Management is a deliberate, systematic business optimization strategy that selects, distills, stores, organizes, packages, and communicates information essential to the business of a company in a manner that improves employee performance and corporate competitiveness

    1. Praying and communicating with God

    2. you, where I will hear you communicating your love to

    3. Communicating good and bad news is an art that should be developed by doctors

    4. Communicating with God goes beyond prayer

    5. Communicating with God is a skill that we

    6. through communicating with Him

    7. It is good to hear from a friend of my sister, though I do not remember communicating before

    8. What John is communicating is that the religious system that would be elitist is over

    9. is how your tiny inner self is used to communicating with the

    10. communicating with people try to use grammar that is correct and not offensive

    11. communicating with them online

    12. We are communicating our differences

    13. Whatever energy resides within is your method of communicating to

    14. communicating with the universe (God)

    15. anger constructively in communicating our needs without belittling or destroying

    16. Desa didn't see them as three humans sitting across the coach, she saw three machines disguised as humans that might be communicating with the ghosts of human souls in the starship high above Narrulla

    17. At first, Adros thought he was communicating with more new arrivals

    18. Monk-Key 1 responded, “The cross wiring of the random Emotions sets forth new considerations of word relations Which while not communicating in standard idiom still Manage to produce idioms randomly to the accommodation Of sustained communication without linear deliberation—

    19. The possibilities of communicating with the first witches from your line would be amazing, but I had a feeling it would take a lifetime to communicate with all your ancestors

    20. They have no secrets, such as those of the greater part of manufacturers, but are generally rather fond of communicating to their neighbours, and of extending as far as possible any new practice which they may have found to be advantageous

    21. Alternatively, the song may be communicating some advice about a situation or relationship

    22. Some cues from others are objective and obvious, clearly communicating their judgments of both acceptable and unacceptable behavior

    23. Communicating with other nearby spiritual beings via telepathy

    24. It seemed crazy that with their level of technology they did not have any means of communicating over just a few kilometres, but the fact was their stock of personal communicators was stored in the mid-section

    25. Torbin tried communicating, he put out an all-channel comm

    26. Though Torbin knew they were communicating, he heard nothing

    27. Ever since the ally Elusiver (imagined or not) had made its presence known, the computer ceased communicating with him

    28. ” replied the communications officer, “But I can hear them communicating with their vessels

    29. “The Angel and Jesus were communicating, I think

    30. subconsciously communicating the fact that you are good in bed

    31. don’t need a guide to relationships and communicating with the

    32. He said after a while, ‘entering TIAR and communicating with its controller would surely have been a fascinating experience, however the Temporal Directive prevents such action

    33. “We haven’t mentioned it to them and they aren’t communicating with us

    34. The big cat was stalking him again, edging him nearer the door, almost as though the animal was somehow communicating with those outside, herding him towards them

    35. “Who me?” William was communicating with someone! He just realized that he had confirmed that these people were real and that he was somewhere in turn of the century America

    36. Corporations footing the bill should be allowed (some) input into areas directly affecting a company‘s performance; for example, suggested coursework compatible with a company‘s business requirements or communicating effectively

    37. Through communicating with Houdini about coping with strangers and visitors, we

    38. After communicating the memory and

    39. art of communicating with animals

    40. When he got there, Hilderich was not communicating

    41. “Well, when will they be back?” Brendan focused on communicating as ambiguously and obscurely as he could and still get it across

    42. Nevertheless he thought that actually communicating was wonderful indeed so he didn’t give it a second thought and smiled

    43. Though it had little in the way of communicating sentiment and feeling and lacked a facial expression, the flatly lit red thick line in the middle of the black band felt to Hilderich almost as if it wanted to burn through him with enjoyable deliberation

    44. rationalized that the dragons were communicating with

    45. as the benefits already highlighted of communicating effectively

    46. radiating information and communicating with others even though

    47. These are also ways of communicating

    48. are constantly radiating information and communicating with other

    49. without actually communicating with words

    50. You may think that you are communicating effectively but even so

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