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Tend en una oración (en ingles)

Of all that may tend.
Because I tend to be.
Men tend to have the.
You will also tend to.
They tend to look at:.
I tend not to say much.
I tend to believe the.

The way cats tend to do.
She ran to tend to him.
Bad skiers tend to ab-.
But we tend to attempt.
These herbs tend to be.
Against all that may tend.
They tend to be rich in.
Most niches tend to have.
These tend to vary from 0.
We tend not to average down.
But with no one to tend it.
They tend to the patients.
Women tend to stress over.
I tend to think the latter.
Isobel rusht in to tend her.
Men tend not to admit defeat.
People with RA tend toward.
Although you know they tend.
They do tend to crowd round.
Hispanic, tend to get abused.
We tend to keep to ourselves.
I tend to forgive and forget.
Conner and tend to his horse.
They tend to gather data by.
But I always tend to narrow.
And I have guests to tend to.
We tend to assume we are our.
Groups tend to be multi-male.
They tend to exaggerate their.
Now this is what we tend to do.
Church people tend to get this.
I will tend to it immediately.
Most of us tend to live in one.
He is tending your tired.
I miss tending the potatoes.
Boehm is tending to the matter.
I was tending it the whole day.
As he was tending unto his affairs.
Eloise was also a poor maid, tending.
Imagine that! Maeve tending a garden.
Colonel Gaunt was there too, tending.
The cook is tending a big old stewpot.
All, all toward the mystic ocean tending.
Even we are kept very busy tending them.
If you haven’t been tending your.
Only the old man was there tending the bar.
He saw you sleeping while I was tending you.
The one who stayed home every day, tending.
Still tending bar here at his private location.
Colling asked the man tending the bar for vodka.
I’m absorbed with tending to my grandchildren.
She lit the fire, and started tending the flames.
I was home, tending a pot of farfalle on the stove.
Tim just grunted and went on tending his flower bed.
Freameck’s estate, and were happily tending their.
Ludwig suddenly stopped tending to the wounded driver.
We found Cal tending Lobo with bear grease once again.
Her family should be tending the fields and orchards.
Abram sat on a rock watching Ishmael tending the flock.
There are several aspects to a book that need tending:.
But Rogojin understood how things were tending, at last.
And who are fully as well worth loving and tending as M.
But now it needs tending to of the stock selling variety.
Roric found Krista in the hot houses tending her flowers.
Varion and Dixon were still tending to her down the shore.
There they were tending to their sick, resting and eating.
She had been tending him lovingly all the days of his trial.
Most entertaining, he’ll be tending his ego for a month.
Gloria Weaver was busy tending to the morning breakfast and.
Thing: Zombie wife, tending to the needs of her still living.
It was just my leg that I was tending to, the wound was deep.
Whether tending toward the narcissistic or tending toward the.
Before I quit the bar tending job, though, a monumental event.
He tended to her hand.
I tended to wear cotton.
I tended to her every need.
While he had gently tended.
Around adults, he tended to.
They tended to muck things up.
He has tended you, and now he.
Perhaps the cook tended to him.
When we get these men tended to.
He tended to do that quite a lot.
The tapes tended to keep me awake.
It was older, but lovingly tended.
Just seeing her tended to short-.
They tended to get offended easily.
Loud noises tended to startle them.
She also knew that Shoop tended to.
It tended to happen when someone in.
Their fellow warriors tended to them.
They tended to the meat smoke houses.
They all tended to say the same thing.
Even though he tended to be a little.
Slaves tended to all the farm animals.
Jai stared up at her as she tended him.
However, the Low Heels tended to muddy.
Chapman tended to wander as he lectured.
It should heal well when I have tended.
Otherwise he tended to be a bit sketchy.
This pub tended to be frequented by an.
They tended to linger over some vowels.
From then on Marxists have tended to be.
All his carefully tended control was gone.
They tended to agree on most things, but.
His dad tended to forget things like that.
However, the Low Heels tended to muddy the.
Then the cabin, where the man had tended me.
The armies tended to reflect their leaders.
It’s been a while since I tended my cache.
Krishn was a cowherd and he had tended cows.
Lucy appreciated this, as she tended to run.
He tended to believe Hope when she said she.
The Duat tends to put a.
It tends to happen slowly.
Since Wall Street tends to.
Shay tends to splash a lot.
It tends to move upward and.
This species tends to be picky.
My family tends to be difficult.
That coming in tends to dominate.
For it the real to the ideal tends.
Lysander, whereto tends all this?
Love is the dove who tends its nest.
An individual who tends to worry a.
This only tends to create confusion.
I know, but she tends to overdo it.
Mind tends to include in it anything.
It tends to suppose that heaven is a.
A force that tends to distort the body.
For instance, the color white tends to.
They are sticky and that is what tends.
There is but One, who tends His sheep!.
The FEV1 here tends to be between 60-80%.
The FEV1 here tends to be greater than 80%.
Whatever we put out in the world, tends to.
The hole of adolescence tends to be filled.
However, the sheer number of OBEs tends to.
She tends to believe in the unbelievables—.
Each group tends to focus on different factors.
He was tired, and the concentration tends to lag.
The mystic tends, however, to over-project the.
I’ve learned that it tends to irritate people.
This tends to defeat the purpose of exercise as.
Dad tends to say things that I find embarrassing.
You are focused here and so love tends to happen.
When t→∞, X decreases monotonously and tends.
Based on its uniformity, it tends to be at a low.
The world tends to exploit all of this, of course.
A petty officer who tends to the ship’s signals.
It dulls pain, but it tends to leave one volatile.
Everything that happens tends to keep on happening.
It always tends towards an ever greater perfection.

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