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    1. And night wanderers who exercise tend to wander less

    2. As with memory, mood, and behavior problems, the physical symptoms of Alzheimer's disease tend to worsen over time

    3. But he wants the same one and we tend to laugh at his immaturity

    4. "I think that the kinds of things that women are exposed to tend to be in more of a chronic or repeated nature

    5. The kinds of interpersonal violence that women are exposed to tend to be in domestic situations, by, unfortunately, parents or other family members, and they tend not to be one-shot deals

    6. Overwatering will tend to damage the plants more than the spiders would

    7. Hopefully she could get enough money from Herndon that she wouldn't have to tend sail on a freighter to get home, she hadn't brought much with her and with all his fortunes he often balked at paying for her yaag

    8. We tend to blame others but continue to flout these social norms ourselves

    9. He has a mobile but doesn’t tend to give the number out to all and sundry, preferring to keep a bit of freedom from the perpetual messages that so many of his colleagues have to field as a result of being more profligate with their own mobile telephone numbers

    10. · Dharma includes all external deeds, as well as thoughts and other mental practices that tend to elevate the character of a man

    11. Even today in agricultural and business oriented families in villages and towns people tend to live in large multigenerational households

    12. Torn apart by the migration to cities, bothered by economic storms, the families tend to strip themselves of unwanted relatives and convert to what is commonly called nuclear families

    13. The 'empty nest syndrome' is when couples tend to question their purpose and the future of their life together

    14. ‘All finished, Barney?’ Adrian said in that special voice adults tend to use to small children

    15. We often tend to make everything more complicated than it should be

    16. There are loads of bridleways and footpaths around here and, when I have the chance, I tend to grab my OS map and wander off to explore

    17. They do tend to crowd round

    18. ’ Stephen replied, ‘There’s also a gate entry system but we don’t tend to use it

    19. It is so complicated forming relationships in middle life … people tend to have all sorts of clutter by that stage

    20. "tend" are from the same word, (poimaino)(Acts 20:28; 1 Peter 5:2; 1 Timothy 3:1-7; Titus 1:9; John 21:16)

    21. For practicality’s sake, and so that I’ll know when to start really getting worried … I try to work out when I had my last period … I don’t tend to record these events in my diary – not a lot of point when living the celibate life

    22. Smiler rarely ventured down into the burrow world of rabbit Marwan, preferring to leave others more attuned to the rhythms of nature to tend the sick foreign heathen in the basement

    23. ’ He said deliberately seriously understating the case, ‘In the summer, I tend to get my breakfast and bring it up to eat in bed, and, on the odd occasion when I’ve been ill, it has been a great comfort to be able to see that lot from the bed

    24. A point that they tend to over look is that they are not going to be going on a camping

    25. They tend to look upon their friends and

    26. Presenting oneself is an area that requires a lot of work, but surprisingly, this is the one area which people tend to neglect the most

    27. They were in the mouth of the great Central Wescarp Valley and the river was starting to tend more and more to the east with every meander

    28. They tend to be lower here because most of the urban streetcars in downtown Zhlindu are indoors

    29. Meanwhile there was sail to tend

    30. Desa's heart stopped when Tiytha came over to Luray and said 'your turn', and left them to tend the mast for awhile

    31. These are the businesses that tend to earn the highest profit margins, and will sell nearly any product to their customers

    32. Luray wanted a look at Alan's foot, and tut-tutted his objections, "After my adventure, Oliar made sure I knew good basic healing to tend to him

    33. We tend to look more at the spiritual aspect in our modern Christendom, and have therefore robbed ourselves of the full meaning and intention of God

    34. You will be in a kind of Headstand at once by this method but why I do not favour it as much as the other one is that in this position your spine is uncomfortably arched instead of being held naturally and because it shows quick results students tend to rely on this method and become so used to the support of the wall that they have difficulty, afterwards, in doing the Headstand without it

    35. The fluids of the body tend naturally to flow downwards and even the skeleton is subject to downward displacement by the pull of gravity

    36. The guy who told how he was the only stud on a ship of women and how he got pumped on semphaneet and never had to tend sail

    37. Byia came over to Desa and Luray, for Desa had to tend middlemast from the foredeck in this wind

    38. ‘I’d heard that chestnut mares tend to be sprightly and highly strung – it’s clear she likes a challenge

    39. Relationships created by meeting at work tend to materialize and last longer than those on the

    40. The bay at Dorini served the needs of the people who had to go to Faria to tend their goats, to worship or to establish trade with nearby islands or down to Stephanos main town in the south long before the road was built

    41. dates tend to settle in

    42. emotional tend to spend their money more often, as the more conservative, logical thinker

    43. Gujarat is the only state in India where people tend to

    44. "He says the only way he sees the distant areas is in the setup screens when he details them," Kelvin recalled Ava telling him, "but I tend to agree with Heymon

    45. Have you ever noticed that your thoughts tend to ―snowball‖ the

    46. ‘For example, air signs – that’s Aquarius, Gemini and – um – Libra, I think – they tend to be very analytical people

    47. You will also tend to

    48. tissues that lie within that sphere will tend to fall

    49. Trapped emotions tend to

    50. Access to the grounds of the villa is via a pair of wrought iron gates which look very impressive but to be honest the place is slightly run down in the way that Mediterranean properties tend to be – I don’t know if it is the heat or just a cultural difference but they don’t take the pride in their properties that the English do

    1. Using his exceptional brilliance, which unfortunately everyone had to admit he had or they would hear about it for days, Ackers tended to put on an air of entitlement

    2. His dad tended to forget things like that

    3. He tended to travel where there was comfortable transportation and accommodations and might not even be terribly interested in watching a movie of a safari like this

    4. Unlike many of his vampire brethren, Wolf has tended not to hide his identity

    5. His men took the kargirs and tended them, more of his staff served lunch on a patio

    6. Low government revenues in rural areas and urban bias in central resource allocation have meant that social service provision has tended to start in cities and extend only gradually to the countryside

    7. When I was young, the criteria for getting a job tended to be linked to how good you looked in a mini skirt … okay, that is a sweeping statement, but I clearly remember one job where it was definitely the reason I got the job

    8. As usual, my role tended to be that of tea maker and encourager, but I wasn’t sorry for that after the marathon which was Monday

    9. Glenelle tended to have a separate sun for each room in her universe anyway so this would just be the opening on one side of her home

    10. Just as I had done with my own family, I tended to keep people at arms length, invariably watching human relationships unfold as if I were standing beyond a pane of glass, but here I was almost drifting into fantasy about one of my jailers

    11. As the youngest in the group I tended to listen more than I spoke, and I enjoyed a vicarious and voyeuristic expansion of my hinterland through the far more interesting stories from other people’s lives

    12. She tended her right arm towards me and then -nothing

    13. he was tended to by nieces, by brothers,

    14. She took a wherry across the river to the Southwark side where the warehouse was situated, strolling along the lanes behind the Shakespearean theatre where herb gardens, supplying the nearby centre for the Herbmasters, occupied neat little patches of ground carefully tended by a cadre of gotteswomen specially trained for the purpose, the purple outfits of their calling showing up clearly as they toiled amongst the neat rows of plants

    15. Thru the remainder of that Morningday, Noonsleep and the next Afternoonday they tended to the camp

    16. She was nearly seven decades old but had tended the same plot with her father all those decades

    17. Unlike the almost universal acceptance of Miss Jones in the media, however, some of the reporting that related to the young man tended towards the dark side

    18. Their fellow warriors tended to them

    19. The only mortal reality he had faced was in an artificial environment in the bowels of a starship, tended with androids and totally alone

    20. Man and wife tended their plants, made sure that their supporting canes were securely tied, weeded and hoed beds, watered and pricked out, and through their horticultural therapy they began the process of contemplation, of imagining their lives lived forever in the shadow of the hole

    21. There once was a keen gardener who tended to a beautiful rose garden not too far from here

    22. tended to be curt with me as well

    23. Then he went back to the stricken man and tended to him with

    24. I once lived on a farm with a loving master and tended his sheep

    25. Even in the early years, we’d only tended to go to the pub together … what on earth was I thinking of getting involved with him?

    26. wife tended their plants, made sure that their supporting canes were

    27. Wives tended to see her as a threat, you see

    28. This pub tended to be frequented by an

    29. quiet chat with one’s companions; the regulars tended to keep

    30. gypsy camp at Erendell, where he was tended by

    31. They tended to

    32. with Bram and Alistair, even though his notes had tended to devolve

    33. He noticed that shift supervisor tended to hand his in every three or four weeks while Kulai was always that week

    34. Around adults, he tended to

    35. It’s quite a complicated show from a props point of view and, anxious to get my head round the story line and what and, more importantly, when props would be needed, I tended to hang around at the front during rehearsals

    36. He knew he should never have tended the horse while it was still in its stall, but whether out of hubris or carelessness, he was there

    37. Belle and George tended the daily routines of the store and lodges assisted in the afternoons by the girls

    38. She had always tended to believe more in appearance than substance, but she hadn’t made a discipline out of it, and she was never this nasty

    39. In her experience, most beings of substantial stature tended to move relatively slow

    40. He tended to lean a little more towards experimental sounds like hKyiitn's Funny Party, but he would never turn down one of the shows she liked either

    41. the nuns who had tended him, and the apothecary

    42. The lads quickly glanced into the spoons and indeed saw a fading Dingle waving, as he tended his herbal and vegetable patch

    43. tended the hearth and purchased the firewood, did most

    44. tended to their animals

    45. needed to visit the infirmary to have his feet tended

    46. Though Nerissa tended the sheep alone, there was no chance of escape

    47. I tended to give people the cold shoulder and it made people keep their distance

    48. Both were sufficiently feisty, as Bretons tended to be

    49. But though this institution necessarily tended to strengthen the authority of the king, and to weaken that of the great proprietors, it could not do either sufficiently for establishing order and good government among the inhabitants of the country; because it could not alter sufficiently that state of property and manners from which the disorders arose

    50. But men tended to go for looks and not necessarily a nice personality

    1. If you haven’t been tending your

    2. "Well shit, all the hiking I was doing the last few weeks before we left? And harvest? And the keda tending that goes with logging? The Troll in me should be showing by now

    3. After tending the sail Alan came back and sat with her on one of the benches that served as the dining room, such as it was

    4. Whoever was up for the remainder of the dark was tending stuff drying by the fire

    5. After another hour they noticed the edge of the brushy area along the stream or lake was tending more to the east

    6. If she kept this up she would be tending her mast with a buzz and she didn't think that was something Byia would approve of

    7. They were paying their way to Zhlindu also, but by cooking instead of tending sail

    8. Once Luray got up, Desa was left with only the onset of dark remaining in Afternoonday and the red was tending toward purple

    9. Within a year he bought the old country mansion for himself and spent every spare hour he had tending the gardens, the vegetables and the fruits

    10. Well you would think that to be the end of the story but in fact it is not, the gardener went back to work that morning to continue tending to the gardens as normal

    11. nearby and he had been tending to her all along

    12. was one old man, tending the garden at the front of his house

    13. “If we’d been tending sail we wouldn’t have had time for the midday

    14. “Yeah, but if we’d been tending sail I wouldn’t have had energy for once a week

    15. “Oh, I’ve been tending Tendine’s vines for a good decade and a half now

    16. There were people out in the lot also, conversing and tending their keda’s and wagons

    17. Freameck’s estate, and were happily tending their

    18. He was up early this Morningday, that would be the best time to find people home tending the garden

    19. Her Father, Milton Barrett, was quite busy tending to the beehives

    20. As little ducklings waddled along the water, and the birds chirped in the trees, tending to their nests and flying around, the kids looked around in awe at this sight

    21. sat in the snow, tending to their wounds

    22. He was tending more and more toward making the scientific expedition the most likely

    23. But it must be considered, that the price of any instrument of husbandry, such as a labouring horse, is itself made up of the same time parts ; the rent of the land upon which he is reared, the labour of tending and rearing him, and the profits of the farmer, who advances both the rent of this land, and the wages of this labour

    24. The most desert moors in Norway and Scotland produce some sort of pasture for cattle, of which the milk and the increase are always more than sufficient, not only to maintain all the labour necessary for tending them, and to pay the ordinary profit to the farmer or the owner of the herd or flock, but to afford some small rent to the landlord

    25. A great part of the cultivated lands must be employed in rearing and fattening cattle ; of which the price, therefore, must be sufficient to pay, not only the labour necessary for tending them, but the rent which the landlord, and the profit which the farmer, could have drawn from such land employed in tillage

    26. The sleep hadn't been the best, that and the boredom must have put her back to sleep again because when she woke they were turning off into a smaller, but still substantial road tending a little more toward the west

    27. days tending the family’s sheep)

    28. weaving and tending the fire

    29. He saw you sleeping while I was tending you

    30. The man with twisted flesh stood up from tending to Dona’Cora, and humbly complied, sending massive waves of flames his way

    31. Thing: Zombie wife, tending to the needs of her still living

    32. “Do you know Berenice?” she called to a boy who sat on a fence rail tending the herd of

    33. Home is in this manner the centre, if I may say so, round which the capitals of the inhabitants of every country are continually circulating, and towards which they are always tending, though, by particular causes, they may sometimes be driven off and repelled from it towards more distant employments

    34. Whenever they did chores together, whether it was sheep tending or house cleaning or

    35. When he arrived at Darniil’s house he found him out back, tending to his small vegetable and herb garden

    36. Ah well, his fever couldn’t be too severe if he’d been tending her

    37. But that degradation in the value of silver, which, being the effect either of the peculiar situation or of the political institutions of a particular country, takes place only in that country, is a matter of very great consequence, which, far from tending to make anybody really richer, tends to make every body really poorer

    38. Zarko was busy tending the horses when he noticed the approaching dust cloud on the main road from the city

    39. This law, therefore, necessarily obstructed the improvement of the land, and, instead of tending to render corn cheaper, must have tended to render it scarcer, and therefore dearer, than it would otherwise have been

    40. and others were tending to some part of

    41. During the day, when Shelagh was busy tending her garden, or working in her greenhouse or dealing with her 'callers', as she preferred to call her patients, Rosemary would take long walks, skirting the village as much as possible

    42. The rest of us moved in quickly to put a barrier between them but by this time the woman had given the child to Johnny Lewis and was cradling George in her arms and tending to him

    43. Ten years tending tables at the Sea Dog will toughen-up any young lass, and that one certainly knew how to handle herself in a fight

    44. Pulling up to the kerbside outside his home in Robin’s Way, Alex waved a hello at old Mr Waverly, out tending his roses as usual, even though it was getting too dark to see

    45. Walking down the path from his house, Alex raised a hand at the, “Good morning,” he received from Mr Waverly, out early tending his roses

    46. Mr Waverly shook his head at his next door neighbour’s antics, then went back to tending his roses, unaware of the events unfolding across the Solent

    47. Tending to the Image

    48. to tending to the breakthrough process

    49. through the brain of the last ghoul, and the grim Presque busy tending his wounds

    50. There was a man, an old man full of years, who grew up tending sheep

    1. ~ Research studies have also shown that the human body tends to accumulate more fat when a person eats fewer, larger meals than when the same number of calories was consumed in smaller, more frequent meals

    2. "All I know is Ava's word that it's valuable and the money she sent me tends to prove it

    3. I suppose it’s partly the fact that we have fewer people and partly the culture of family or communal living that tends to be the norm

    4. He tends her when the shadow days fall,

    5. This, 1 know, is not easy if one tends to eat out a great deal

    6. The rain is pouring down in that unrelenting, I can keep this up all day sort of way that it tends to in Wales … at least from my recollections of the place

    7. Jake explains to me in an aside that Alastair tends to be the one at home after school as Karen doesn’t get home until about 6

    8. Their first reaction to something is generally intellectual, whereas for the water signs – Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio – their initial reaction tends to be emotional

    9. it used to worry me, but I read somewhere that the blood supply tends to concentrate on the digestive system at times like this

    10. You have seen the accommodation, Sarah, there isn’t much in the big scheme of things and the turnover tends to be on a two yearly basis

    11. livestock in this area is avoided, since it tends to attract the dragons

    12. he answered, “Unless it’s done slowly and carefully, the result tends

    13. The liberal reward of labour, by enabling them to provide better for their children, and consequently to bring up a greater number, naturally tends to widen and extend those limits

    14. The scarcity of a dear year, by diminishing the demand for labour, tends to lower its price, as the high price of provisions tends to raise it

    15. The plenty of a cheap year, on the contrary, by increasing the demand, tends to raise the price of labour, as the cheapness of provisions tends to lower it

    16. The increase in the wages of labour necessarily increases the price of many commodities, by increasing that part of it which resolves itself into wages, and so far tends to diminish their consumption, both at home and abroad

    17. The same cause, however, which raises the wages of labour, the increase of stock, tends to increase its productive powers, and to make a smaller quantity of labour produce a greater quantity of work

    18. The increase of stock, which raises wages, tends to lower profit

    19. When the stocks of many rich merchants are turned into the same trade, their mutual competition naturally tends to lower its profit; and when there is a like increase of stock in all the different trades carried on in the same society, the same competition must produce the same effect in them all

    20. Current machinery tends to be compact and solid cast plastic

    21. ethic criterions tends to become a new religion

    22. I shall conclude this very long chapter with observing, that every improvement in the circumstances of the society tends, either directly or indirectly, to raise the real rent of land to increase the real wealth of the landlord, his power of purchasing the labour, or the produce of the labour of other people

    23. The extension of improvement and cultivation tends to raise it directly

    24. That rise in the real price of those parts of the rude produce of land, which is first the effect of the extended improvement and cultivation, and afterwards the cause of their being still further extended, the rise in the price of cattle, for example, tends, too, to raise the rent of land directly, and in a still greater proportion

    25. Every increase in the real wealth of the society, every increase in the quantity of useful labour employed within it, tends indirectly to raise the real rent of land

    26. Another amazing and interesting quality of happiness lies in the fact that it tends to multiply endlessly

    27. But in what manner this operation is performed, and in what manner it tends to increase either the gross or the neat revenue of the society, is not altogether so obvious, and may therefore require some further explication

    28. Parsimony, by increasing the fund which is destined for the maintenance of productive hands, tends to increase the number of those hands whose labour adds to the value of the subject upon winch it is bestowed

    29. It tends, therefore, to increase the exchangeable value of the annual produce of the land and labour of the country

    30. Every injudicious and unsuccessful project in agriculture, mines, fisheries, trade, or manufactures, tends in the same manner to diminish the funds destined for the maintenance of productive labour

    31. “Excuse me Zune, but it’s a hierarchy problem, don’t you see? There’s nothing wrong with classifying and grouping and organizing and all that, but the deal is, when we end up on top of the taxonomical pyramid, that tends to give us illusions of grandeur and superiority that are not at all justified when a global point of view is taken into consideration

    32. But whether it tends either to increase the general industry of the society, or to give it the most advantageous direction, is not, perhaps, altogether so evident

    33. A child who fails to develop these skills will have difficulty developing and sustaining personal relationships, since their immature behavior, such as acting out verbally or physically when angry or afraid, tends to destroy social connections

    34. Both in years of plenty and in years of scarcity, therefore, the bounty necessarily tends to raise the money price of corn somewhat higher than it otherwise would be in the home market

    35. But it has been thought by many people, that it tends to encourage tillage, and that in two different ways ; first, by opening a more extensive foreign market to the corn of the farmer, it tends, they imagine, to increase the demand for, and consequently the production of, that commodity; and, secondly by securing to him a better price than he could otherwise expect in the actual state of tillage, it tends, they suppose, to

    36. But that degradation in the value of silver, which, being the effect either of the peculiar situation or of the political institutions of a particular country, takes place only in that country, is a matter of very great consequence, which, far from tending to make anybody really richer, tends to make every body really poorer

    37. The rise in the money price of all commodities, which is in this case peculiar to that country, tends to discourage more or less every sort of industry which is carried on within it, and to enable foreign nations, by furnishing almost all sorts of goods for a smaller quantity of silver than its own workmen can afford to do, to undersell them, not only in the foreign, but even in the home market

    38. Whatever be the actual state of tillage, it renders our corn somewhat dearer in the home market than it otherwise would be in that state, and somewhat cheaper in the foreign; and as the average money price of corn regulates, more or less, that of all other commodities, it lowers the value of silver considerably in the one, and tends to raise it a little in the other

    39. It tends to render our manufactures somewhat dearer in every market, and theirs somewhat cheaper, than they otherwise would be, and consequently to give their industry a double advantage over our own

    40. • Your mind tends to focus more on the bad than the good

    41. It tends, indeed, to lower somewhat the average money price of corn, but not to diminish its real value, or the quantity of labour which it is capable of maintaining

    42. On the contrary, as the rise in the real value of silver, in consequence of lowering the money price of corn, lowers somewhat the money price of all other commodities, it gives the industry of the country where it takes place some advantage in all foreign markets and thereby tends to encourage and increase that industry

    43. That rise in the real value of silver, therefore, which is the effect of lowering the average money price of corn, tends to enlarge the greatest and most important market for corn, and thereby to encourage, instead of discouraging its growth

    44. have confirmed the findings of the Indian philosophy, that eating late and taking heavy foods after sunset, tends to slow down digestion and produces more fat and problems of stomach

    45. 15, which puts hides and skins among the enumerated commodities, and thereby tends to reduce the value of American cattle

    46. The exclusive trade of the mother countries tends to diminish, or at least to keep down below what they would otherwise rise to, both the enjoyments and industry of all those nations in general, and of the American colonies in particular

    47. The surplus produce of the colonies, however, is the original source of all that increase of enjoyments and industry which Europe derives from the discovery and colonization of America, and the exclusive trade of the mother countries tends to render this source much less abundant than it otherwise would be

    48. In its natural and free state, the colony trade tends to increase the quantity of productive labour in Great Britain, but without altering in any respect the direction of that which had been employed there before

    49. But as it obstructs the natural increase of capital, it tends rather to diminish than to increase the sum total of the revenue which the inhabitants of the country derive from the profits of stock ; a small profit upon a great capital generally affording a greater revenue than a great profit upon a small one

    50. It tends to make government subservient to the interest of monopoly, and consequently to stunt the natural growth of some parts, at least, of the surplus produce of the country, to what is barely sufficient for answering the demand of the company,

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