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Tend in a sentence

We tend to.
You tend to.
Does not tend.
They tend to.
I tend to be.
I wоuld tend.
We tend not to.

to tend the cave.
I tend to agree.
Stocks tend to.
…I tend to.
things to tend to.
Children tend to.
We tend to think.
Thus, stocks tend.
to tend the nursery.
We tend to project.
Youd tend to think.
Of all that may tend.
Men tend to have the.
tend to think too much.
can tend to her injury.
Because I tend to be.
dates tend to settle in.
They tend to look at:.
tend to attack the skin.
I tend to believe the.
Tending to the Image.
Tending to the house.
He is tending your tired.
I miss tending the potatoes.
weaving and tending the fire.
living by tending a small farm.
Boehm is tending to the matter.
I was tending it the whole day.
days tending the family’s sheep).
As he was tending unto his affairs.
because of our laziness in tending.
The young woman tending the bar.
Colonel Gaunt was there too, tending.
Imagine that! Maeve tending a garden.
to tending to the breakthrough process.
Eloise was also a poor maid, tending.
before tending to your child’s cries.
Even we are kept very busy tending them.
The cook is tending a big old stewpot.
and others were tending to some part of.
All, all toward the mystic ocean tending.
sat in the snow, tending to their wounds.
If you haven’t been tending your.
Only the old man was there tending the bar.
for him to return to tending to his patient.
As nearer to Him placed, or nearer tending,.
He saw you sleeping while I was tending you.
The one who stayed home every day, tending.
was tending to become a new religion, a false.
They tended to.
This bed has tended.
We tended our family.
He tended to her hand.
tended periods of time.
Danny tended to agree.
tended to burn herself.
and tended to regularly.
tended to their animals.
tended school in Urumqi.
I tended to wear cotton.
tended to school as well.
Pete tended the boiler.
tended to keep to himself.
People tended to stare!.
People tended to begrudge.
Witchdoctors tended to them.
I tended to her every need.
(We tended to cause a lot.
tended to be the rowdy bunch.
While he had gently tended.
Around adults, he tended to.
and how Cal had tended to him.
tended for a farmer’s hands.
They tended to muck things up.
Perhaps the cook tended to him.
He has tended you, and now he.
This tends to.
It tends to burn.
Therefore it tends.
One tends to focus.
mind tends to wander.
That woman tends to.
is so easy, it tends.
Our heart tends more.
This pattern tends to.
Tends to git overexcited.
The Duat tends to put a.
This tends to prosperity.
It tends to happen slowly.
the heart tends to go wild,.
Since Wall Street tends to.
Shay tends to splash a lot.
that no one tends to anymore.
It tends to move upward and.
that this is where Love tends.
tends to thin the blood anyway.
and he tends to gloss over them.
who is hasty tends only to want.
This species tends to be picky.
My family tends to be difficult.
which tends wholly to the unfair.
tends to sound a little peace-meal.
That coming in tends to dominate.

Synonyms for tend

tend incline lean run