Oraciones con la palabra "tough"

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Tough en una oración (en ingles)

1. This is a tough one.
2. Life is tough on us.
3. Tom was a tough guy.
4. It was a tough climb.
5. I had to be tough!.
6. It was a tough read.
7. It was a tough choice.

8. No, I’m a tough guy.
9. It is tough to have.
10. It is a tough combat.
11. This was a tough one.
12. They had a tough job.
13. She had a tough time.
14. That was tough to hear.
15. She had to be tough!.
16. This was a tough job.
17. It's a tough road ahead.
18. That was one tough lady.
19. I was born in a tough.
20. The Tough of the Track.
21. It was tough to combat.
22. It wil be tough for you.
23. But it was a tough call.
24. And then the tough heat.
25. The Law is Tough Love.
26. His tough phase had left.
27. That was a tough year.
28. Yeah, but Reg is tough.
29. This will be really tough.
30. BUT when things get tough.
31. It’s been a tough call.
32. She’s a tough son of a.
33. She’s as tough as nails.
34. She was just acting tough.
35. It’s tough luck for him.
36. Zion was a tough customer.
37. It wasn’t a tough job.
38. It was a tough one, Allen.
39. This is one tough hospital.
40. He waited, but it was tough.
41. It was a tough way to live.
42. That was one tough vehicle.
43. He is thin and tough still.
44. Might make it tough for ya.
46. I had to learn to be tough.
47. He's very tough, you know.
48. That is a tough one Theo.
49. He was a tough little shit.
50. This could be the tough part.
51. They did that to look tough.
52. Life can be tough sometimes.
53. Some kind of tough material.
54. The little fucker was tough.
55. This was a tough beginning.
56. Tough luck, I was a hungry.
57. It’s been tough on her.
58. But this case is a tough one.
59. I know at times it was tough.
60. It's going to be a tough one.
61. It's an incredibly tough job.
62. Kathy was a tough little girl.
63. You're a tough cookie Jason.
64. Brian's a really tough cat.
65. He had a tough time sleeping.
66. That would be the tough part.
67. People said she was tough.
68. It is a tough and sweaty job.
69. The Union workers held tough.
70. Media and the Tough Questions.
71. These tough guys are running.
72. Although they were tough and.
73. Life is a burden and so tough.
74. Real ugly girls have it tough.
75. Not so tough now are you?
76. The going was tough; all the.
77. I know things have been tough.
78. He was a tough one to replace.
79. You both look tough, fit, and.
80. It really is tough to accept.
81. My boys are tough as nails.
82. Life is tough in the big city.
83. It has been tough on her part.
84. She was as tough as horsemeat.
85. Casella would be a tough target.
86. Kublai was mean, tough and cool.
87. A brave and tough kid, she was.
88. He’s a tough old guy, my dad.
89. You guys can really get tough.
90. You’re as tough as old boots.
91. Bruce seemed as tough as Brian.
92. She was not as tough as I hoped.
93. It was very tough moment for me.
94. He said his town was in tough.
95. The fruit has a tough, thorny.
96. The old man was tough to crack.
97. These are really tough animals.
98. We had a tough choice to make.
99. The men of the sea have tough.
100. She certainly was a tough girl.
1. Just pure cold turkey, toughing it out, but the most important thing.
2. We are not ignorant of the fact that there is much uncertainty of opinion toughing this subject.
3. They don’t want to suffer so they reach for the drugs or the bottle, or they engage in criminal activities because it’s faster and easier than toughing it out or getting a job.
4. It is an intelligent step toward truth to be able to justly discountenance such theories as those of Milligan, Lord, McGarvey, Campbell, and thousands of others, toughing these great questions.
1. Right now, even the thought of Cameron having toughed out her time spent in hell couldn’t calm Tabitha.
2. They toughed out harsh conditions, struggling through winter snows and Federal hunters to bring a great nation back to life.
1. To his eye they looked like professional toughs.
2. Up ahead I saw a street gang comprised of some young black toughs and a few Asians.
3. We have three probable Iranian toughs in a blue Honda Accord parked about thirty yards behind us.
4. Both toughs by the door had one of their hands slipping behind their back to grasp the weapon that was stuffed there.
5. It’s sad they forget that their kids would be better off, if only they’re groomed to face the roughs and toughs of life.
6. Immediately I noticed the two toughs by the entrance straighten and glance at each other in as much alarm as their stoic countenances would allow.
7. Two more toughs with long pipes closed around him and I cut at one, felt a blow from the other, and twisted as I fell, driving the blade through the man's calf.
8. The two toughs truly didn’t know what to do, but a cool voice from out of the shadows of the club’s shadowed entrance said, Since when you need weapons?
9. Instead of slithering through mud and bushes to steal the flag of the opposing team, a couple of young toughs had hived off and were tugging at each others erections.
10. Kurt didn't want to leave Greece, but the Greeks didn't want him, and he was marched straight from prison with a lot of other toughs into a German boat and shipped home.
11. Having slammed the door to the basement garage, Farzdbuk quietly opened the foyer door to the street where a pair of shaven headed toughs with tattoos and boots and unpleasant faces were waiting.

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