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Tune en una oración (en ingles)

  1. He could name every tune.
  2. How I howled to that tune.
  3. The tune I now recognised.
  4. A pleasant tune hit his ear.
  5. Sing a tune in the shower.

  6. A Sangreal player is in tune.
  7. I knew Susan would tune me.
  8. I can’t wait to tune in.
  9. The old man gathered his tune.
  10. My soul is more in tune here.
  12. In tune, despite the draught.
  13. It is something we tune into.
  14. I had to finally tune him out.
  15. Quinn could tune in from afar.

  16. Just tune your mind into the.
  17. Millie and Rosie sang the tune.
  18. But Morg was still in the tune.
  19. It was not a tune I recognized.
  20. Stripehead was singing in tune.
  21. It's the same old tune, brother.
  22. Found him up and humming a tune.
  23. For they're feeling more in tune.
  24. The guitar was badly out of tune.
  25. That was her characteristic tune.

  26. He hastened the tempo of his tune.
  27. I learned just to tune his nutty.
  28. Who pays the piper calls the tune.
  29. We dance to the tune of the music.
  30. Advise me if she changes her tune.
  31. She found herself humming the tune.
  32. Learn to tune in to the Holy Ghost.
  33. I Love You Truly was the tune.
  34. Phillip doesn’t tune in to what Mr.
  35. If we are able to tune in to these.
  36. Our black upright piano, out of tune.
  37. How quickly people change their tune.
  38. He searched for the source of the tune.
  39. Chen’s time frame was in tune with.
  40. The dawgs was barkin� right in tune.
  41. Could you tune that to the BBC?
  42. I long the pleasing tune of your cheer.
  43. Hum its tune and let it guide you home.
  44. You are in tune with your surroundings.
  45. Wearies the tiny queen with heavy tune!.
  46. A gentle tune entered through the window.
  47. It was a clear voice and it was in tune.
  48. Be more in tune with your surroundings?
  49. Would this insane sol die r of for tune.
  50. Action, you’re in tune to the situation.
  51. By now were all dancing to Rita’s tune.
  52. Put on the cap and I’ll tune you in.
  53. Between her moans she was humming a tune.
  54. Even if he could barely carry a tune, he.
  55. Thriller did too, to the tune of over 50.
  56. It was a rag-time tune, I don't know what.
  57. A new confidence gave me a tune to whistle.
  58. What do you call that tune, anyway?
  59. Sophie laughed at their off tune harmonies.
  60. THE HYMN AND TUNE BOOK which stands the test.
  61. Several bells played the same rhythmic tune.
  62. I have never taken the time to tune in, to.
  63. They commonly tune in to your sub-conscious.
  64. He stretched out his arms and whistled a tune.
  65. Onk's earrings bounced in tune with his steps.
  66. This is the Key that will unlock it! Tune in.
  67. Tune in to the radio sometime, you’ll see.
  68. She bent to hum the tune with me in her mouth.
  69. Whenever I did tune into their words I always.
  70. Maybe we can tune you up so you can remember.
  71. There's no discernible tune, no special rhythm.
  72. She then started to sing a lovely tune, while.
  73. And scourged its madden’d throbbing into tune.
  74. You may not be in tune with your feminine side.
  75. Tune in to that and then write as you’d speak.
  76. Be in tune to the way that things flow.
  77. One tune followed another – three … four ….
  78. I had to tune my feelings properly so as to be.
  79. Way‘, but his way, which was sadly out of tune.
  80. That m a de the m cha nge the ir tune a ll right.
  81. The tune was infectious, for he followed my suit.
  82. If I could whistle, I would have whistled a tune.
  83. I can tune it based on your brainwaves and dna.
  84. Live in tune with things as they are and not as.
  85. She starts playing, and the tune emerging brings.
  86. Fred laughed, and went on with his tune to the end.
  87. Vinnie started a song to tune of Hallelujah Chorus.
  88. Oh, yeah? And what was the name of the tune?
  89. Calm weather in the month of June sets all in tune.
  90. Ladislaw did not join in the tune of Hanover, and.
  91. Drat! I liked that tune, grumbled the Admiral.
  92. All these days I have been out of tune with my work.
  93. She sung a lively tune while feeding Redbolt leaves.
  94. But after a day or so she began to change her tune.
  95. They’re in tune with our Mother, while we….
  96. After the explosion noise there is the victory tune.
  97. The wind whistled a shrill tune through the vehicle.
  98. So she resolved not to dance to their tune for once.
  99. Here it is within five minutes of the tune for the.
  100. She heard the traditional wedding tune being played.
  1. Im good with tuning out.
  2. As if tuning into their.
  3. Tuning in further to the.
  4. Was he finally tuning in?
  5. Tuning more into what they.
  6. A local rock band was tuning up.
  7. That’s because the tuning fork.
  8. These are enchanted tuning forks.
  9. It was as simple as tuning a guitar.
  10. We believe that is a tuning control.
  11. It is only a question of tuning in the.
  12. One of my tuning forks vibrates at 512 Hz.
  13. We have children tuning in for the Games.
  14. Now, all you will need is some fine tuning.
  15. Perhaps, he prayed, they're only tuning up!.
  16. Trumpets are heard tuning up in the background.
  17. It was the after-tone of a struck tuning fork.
  18. The thrum was stronger now, like a tuning fork.
  19. The heavenly brass band are tuning their bugles.
  20. Michael looked for the tuning dial and found nothing.
  21. The real challenge is engine tuning for the thin air.
  22. It had been neglected and needed tuning and polishing.
  23. I sat up in the couch, tuning into the chatter upstairs.
  24. Mas sum oll as a ma, he repeated, tuning his will.
  25. But then what plan doesn’t need a bit of fine tuning?
  26. Clarity turned on the radio tuning to an oldies radio station.
  27. The band was tuning on the other side of the stage, and the.
  28. Tuning into his sadness, Coreema reached out and held his hand.
  29. I was tuning and the piece of crap snapped and slit my finger a bit.
  30. He’s in the process of arranging microphones, tuning guitars, and.
  31. Stripehead pretended to be too involved in tuning his guitar to notice.
  32. This must have been like tuning in to the afternoon soap opera for them.
  33. It would indicate a massive tuning in on what’s happening in Little Rock.
  34. His older pupils the work of tuning the lower bodies, though He Himself is.
  35. I could almost feel his hands on me again, could feel my body tuning to his.
  36. He was tuning in on the Navy station when Ingrid walked in with Julia, the cook.
  37. After what seemed like half an hour of slow, persistent tuning, It is the weather.
  38. It’s like tuning into a radio station, except it’s your brain that’s the radio.
  39. I grabbed hold of the remote control, turned on the television tuning into the CBC News.
  40. Blood pressure worked within the activation process of tuning to the local environment.
  41. For example, if we have a radio receiver, two possible states are tuning on the FM or AM.
  42. As soon as I entered my apartment I turned on my television set tuning in to the CBC news.
  43. This is the key: life is toneless; you are its tuning, matching voice sung to song heard.
  44. As you tap on the negative statements while tuning into your feelings of fear, you will be.
  45. I used to play in a band, I told the gathering, as Kowalski was tuning up his clarinet.
  46. I handed the remote control to him and he changed the channel tuning it on the Food Channel.
  47. I saw my Uncle, Wes Lee K tuning up his guitars, chatting with his band mates, and whatnot.
  48. Instead of tuning in to somebody else’s success, listen for people lamenting an investment gone bad.
  49. In Arkansas, you have a fifty-fifty chance of either tuning in a country station or a preacher station.
  50. The band-pass filter is optimized by tuning the filter to 90 percent of the measured dominant cycle period.
  51. Her hands weren’t shaking, but she felt a vibration in her body, like a tuning fork had touched her bones.
  52. It is the finest radio he has ever laid hands on: an inclined control panel, magnetic tuning, big as an icebox.
  53. I think I’m a tuning fork now, ya know what I mean? Hell I don’t know what I mean exactly, but I like this.
  54. Okay, so the Holy Spirit will do this, so if I'm going to be tuning into the voice of God here's the first thing.
  55. The pilots are dead, Garcia said, tuning in the numbers on the transponder and then pushing the ident button.
  56. He turned on his bike’s cloud band radio tuning it into a station that had been suggested to him a week earlier.
  57. To see or use a tuning fork in your dream suggests that you are in tune with your conscious or your instinct.
  58. We urge all citizens to stay alert to this developing situation by tuning in to their local Homeland Security broadcasts.
  59. One only has to start ascending to a higher vibrational level to begin tuning into this expanded awareness of consciousness.
  60. Looney Tunestra – drug prescribed to help with sleeping difficulties brought on by tuning in too long to the cartoon network.
  61. With spit, he wipes clean the length of the wire and coils it a hundred times around the base of the pipe, making a new tuning coil.
  62. Tuning in to the Movie Channel he settles back on the couch and with broadening smile settles down to watch John Wayne as Rooster Cogburn.
  63. Running past life regressions loosens our light fibers by tuning us into other moods (life purposes) from other lives and realities.
  64. Every morning, tens of thousands of masochistic tri-staters were tuning in to hear him rant about the shooting of the unnamed minor in Central Park.
  65. Therefore, by tuning the indicators to the measure cycle period they are optimized for current conditions and can even have predictive characteristics.
  66. Elsing’s, when Fanny had been duly married and old Levi and the other musicians were tuning up for the dance, Scarlett looked about her with gladness.
  67. But listen, for it seems he is tuning a lute or guitar, and from the way he is spitting and clearing his chest he must be getting ready to sing something.
  68. After many weeks and months of fine tuning my recipe I then began to play around with presentation ideas and flavour combinations to see what was possible.
  69. But eventually he and Hookhand end up in an enthusiastically drunken conversation about the finer points of tuning theory, counterpoint, and hook maintenance.
  70. The last few minutes had been a matter of fine tuning based on data from those who’d actually been exposed to temporal erasure – but only for microseconds.
  71. Love for God, real devotion, is not mere emotionalism; it is the tuning of the will, the heart and the mind to the eternal and indestructible music of the divine.
  72. Viewers are intelligent enough to realize that the adjustments are done for a few laughs, but on too many occasions the people tuning in may be completely fooled.
  73. Also, for those of you who are just tuning in, we are in the middle of a panel discussion among religious leaders from whom Jack has agreed to answer questions.
  74. When length is an input parameter to any indicator, that indicator can often be optimized by tuning that length to the dominant cycle period or a fraction thereof.
  75. As he was pulling back onto the road, Joe hit the switch on his steering wheel to activate the stereo and hit the tuning button until some cool jazz drifted out of his speakers.
  76. There empathy, tuning in to the emotions of another and having that person understand that the doctor was indeed well aware of what was being experienced, was much more helpful.
  77. In the final seconds before I took the stage, I was tuning my guitar in a Portakabin that served as a dressing room when a familiar face and Swansea voice came around the door.
  78. One radio manufacturer had to improvise the tuning system by dipping ferrite cores into coils instead of using conventional tuning capacitors which were difficult to manufacture.
  79. So, striking his hands together and wiggling his fingers, Doug made one final vibration of his literary tuning fork and moved with quiet intuition toward his grandparents’ house.
  80. I have now successfully trained my mind to turn off all the negative emotions and to tune out all the negative sounds, thus tuning in to all of the positive energy of my own mind.
  81. After tuning one of the ship’s radio transceivers on the correct frequency and putting that channel on the overhead speaker, she spoke calmly in the microphone of her light headset.
  82. While I have held to the general Historic Premillennial position now for several years, I am constantly fine tuning it (and even slightly altering it) as God shows me things from his Word.
  83. Tuning their AN/ARN-6 Radio Compasses, that looked like the WWII coffee grinders, to the proper station would allow the needle on the automatic direction finder (ADF) unit to point to the station.
  84. They think: "Why bother to sign that stuffy old contract with all those tedious ‘work, discipline and focus’ clauses? I could have it all for free merely by tuning in to the bounty of the universe!".
  85. Fine tuning established businesses: at this level, most businesses have established processes with data collection using automated process flows or as the very least through excel sheets and Tally systems.
  86. I remember tuning in, as I usually did, for the morning news when a reporter came on, excitedly talking about a fire in one of the twin towers, those two American equivalents to Egypt’s towering obelisks.
  87. However much we all pretended that music was about a small handful of albums and the long dark hours spent pondering them, there was still a guilty pleasure of tuning in to Top of the Pops on a Thursday night.
  88. Granville monitored intraday prices by tuning his TV into CNBC with the sound turned off and a towel draped over the upper portion of the screen, so that all he could see was the tape, running along the bottom of his screen.
  89. The rays concern energy and consciousness, and determine expression, but where the matter utilised and the vehicle informed is as yet imperfectly evolved, there is then limitation and the "tuning out" automatically of much of the energy.
  90. He switches off the dying flashlight and mashes the headset against his good ear and shuts his eyes against the darkness and turns on the repaired transceiver and runs the needle up and down the tuning coil, condensing all his senses into one.
  91. If you recall what I said about truth relative to war, how much do you really think you will learn from tuning into the coverage about the fighting? You will be wasting your time when you could be doing something more worthwhile and productive.
  92. This last, indeed, is so much the most laborious part of the tuning of the organ, that if even much more labour were required than actually is, in adjusting the intervals of the octave first tuned it would occasion little difference in the whole.
  93. If it wasn’t for you, Elkanah, I swear I should die of listening to nothing but frogs tuning up and swallows twittering and old fools swapping guff, he went on, sourly, and then he suddenly cocked his ear, for a new note sounded faintly from the marsh.
  94. The former are imbued with the catalytic energy of the moment of their birth, tuned like a tuning fork to the frequency containing their evolutionary experience in past and present terms, and orchestrated to accommodate a future intent born of their personal design.
  95. As the congressmen present looked at each other with consternation, Hillary got up at once from her easy chair in the coffee corner of the Oval Office and walked quickly to the television set sitting against one wall, switching it on and tuning it to the CNN News channel.
  96. He also explained that each archer had a designated target area within the square, therefore the twigs were not the same distance away from each archer, at the moment the bowmen were fine tuning the elevation they each needed to guarantee hitting the square exactly were they needed to.
  97. And I think you will find that many Worldwide Industries scientists were beginning to question this line of thinking, too—dare I say this line of nihilistic thinking? For example, we know that randomness and chance fail to explain the incredible fine tuning of our universe for life.
  98. On the morning of his fourth day trapped beneath whatever is left of the Hotel of Bees, Werner is listening to the repaired transceiver, feathering the tuning knob back and forth, when a girl’s voice says directly into his good ear: At three in the morning I was awakened by a violent blow.
  99. And my mother, standing outside the Abbey Theatre in the rain when I was twenty and thirty days old, and the actors and directors coming out tuning their ears to my Gaelic laments, they said I should be signed up and trained! So the stage would have been mine with size, but size never came.
  100. Then he rises from his cot and takes the little shortwave radio out of the first-aid box—six years old and bristling with his modifications, replacement wires, a new solenoid, Jutta’s notations orbiting the tuning coil—and carries it into the alley behind the house and crushes it with a brick.
  1. You are tuned to it.
  2. I tuned in to what.
  3. You are tuned all in.
  4. THE TV WAS tuned to CNN.
  5. Psyche has to be tuned up.
  6. When your radar is tuned.
  7. He asked for an A, tuned.
  8. Stay tuned to this station.
  9. He'd already tuned it, but.
  10. He must have tuned into my.
  11. They have tuned in with the.
  12. I tuned her out straight away.
  13. A finely tuned human mind is.
  14. He was just not tuned to the.
  15. Finely tuned to the spectral.
  16. He tuned into Prosto Radio 102.
  17. It’s tuned to channel one.
  18. He tuned back in to the auction.
  19. Men need to be tuned into this.
  20. To purest love he tuned his note.
  21. Like a fined tuned watch, major.
  22. How do we get properly tuned?
  23. To be honest she had tuned it out.
  24. Conrad tuned to face the complainer.
  25. It was tuned to an African channel.
  26. I tuned in to the proper frequency.
  27. Acron was tuned to a specific sound.
  28. Colin tuned it all out; he was spent.
  29. He tuned his ears as he made his way.
  30. Sebastian tuned into the eulogy again.
  31. Suzy, we will all be tuned in for that.
  32. Our bodies are tuned into the systems.
  33. So stay tuned and we’ll be right back.
  34. O’Shea’s father had tuned it for him.
  35. I tuned out again as he droned on and on.
  36. I tuned in WJOU radio and heard my best.
  37. Someone is definitely tuned into my trip.
  38. His senses were highly tuned for trouble.
  39. Stay tuned to this station so we can let.
  40. He discovered this when he tuned in again.
  41. History taught lessons, if we stayed tuned.
  42. Everyone tuned in to the unexpected exchange.
  43. Marut each tuned their voices and they began.
  44. The lighter the touch, the more fine tuned.
  45. Not that they would be tuned into each other.
  46. I tuned Brimmer out and stared off into space.
  47. After maybe an hour of that, I tuned him out.
  48. Kandras twiddled some knobs and tuned his set.
  49. He tuned the dial first and then turned it on.
  50. That is 30 percent of the tuned center period.
  51. Everyone else in the lobby he simply tuned out.
  52. I tuned back in and could hear someone talking.
  53. Only the ones it was tuned for can access it.
  54. Yeltsa tuned out the noise and looked at the key.
  56. He worked her body like a fine tuned instrument.
  57. He was sure she had tuned up her personification.
  58. It tuned the barrel so that it always flexed in.
  59. I stay tuned, glaring at the TV: Hurry up, Ellen.
  60. A primitive sense we all have, when tuned into it.
  61. He was closely tuned to his child, his baby, just.
  62. At 7:30 PM we tuned in to California Confidential.
  63. Arch Carroll’s ears suddenly tuned in sharply….
  64. Stay tuned for radio and television announcements.
  65. Crystals are said to be tuned to energies of unity.
  66. I tuned him out, switched to a polite nodding mode.
  67. She scanned the surroundings and tuned her hearing.
  68. Only a few seconds after I tuned in to the news a.
  69. They are tuned to the planet’s harmonic heartbeat.
  70. I cropped up my ears and then tuned into what the.
  71. I tuned in to what Corey and Cynthia said afterwards.
  72. Silicone whispered, Like a receiver tuned to the.
  73. I stopped cold for roughly a minute and then tuned.
  74. She turned on the radio and tuned to Sierra’s show.
  75. The TV on the coffee shop wall was tuned to local news.
  76. The radio in the van was tuned to an all-news station.
  77. She tuned the radio to the local station, turned the.
  78. Maybe you’re more tuned in than you thought!.
  79. He tuned back into his senses again to see what they.
  80. Ben had already tuned him out, but caught the end of it.
  81. He turned on the radio—permanently tuned to WAAF 107.
  82. When I got in, she had already tuned the radio to her.
  83. I cropped up my ears and tuned into what was happening.
  84. See if they get that old sixth sense of yours tuned in.
  85. Stay tuned for further updates on this developing story.
  86. I scaled the tree and then tuned into what was going on.
  87. It is a wonderful thing to stay tuned up and in control.
  88. Stay tuned to find out who slept in the bathroom and why.
  89. It was calculated anger; a precisely tuned show of hate.
  90. The last bloke to fly this tuned it in to Classic FM.
  91. You have the tools available, finely tuned abilities you.
  92. I tuned into the conversation at hand and then placed my.
  93. Be sure that your pianos are tuned at least twice yearly.
  94. What I do know, however, is to stay tuned for some hassle.
  95. Stay tuned for a major change in elevation and temperature.
  96. Now she’s tuned in, wanting to know what I want her to.
  97. Too bad I didn't have my iPod so I could've tuned her out.
  98. The door was open and the staff in the office was tuned in.
  99. She tuned into Adam right back then, right at the beginning.
  100. They genetically tuned up some systems, mostly hormones.
  1. He thanked Ray for the tunes.
  2. Some good rousing tunes first.
  3. Magnetic tunes with lots of soul.
  4. A poem set to melodies and tunes.
  5. From aft came the tunes of the band.
  6. I never went much for campfire tunes.
  7. And those tunes are baby-making tunes.
  8. One of the tunes on this album was the.
  9. Those tunes still capture those bygone days.
  10. They played scarcely anything but dance tunes.
  11. Tunes I think could possibly be on the charts.
  12. Oh we're going to play a few tunes downstairs.
  13. Which time she chanted snatches of old tunes;.
  14. I’ll use that in one my tunes sooner or later.
  15. Ornate summer tunes that comely alleviate living.
  16. Morose tunes were still heard throughout the room.
  17. Here’s to caps and bells and rollicking tunes.
  18. So he played a couple of Irish Celtic tunes as the.
  19. So we looked up the band that plays swing-time tunes.
  20. Watching Looney Tunes always made Wisdom feel better.
  21. There was an apathetic response to our first few tunes.
  22. He threw in spirituals and show tunes from time to time.
  23. After they had eaten, two of the Barbegs played tunes on.
  24. Musical thoughts had been bugging him for weeks, as tunes.
  25. She would hum her little tunes which I could never make out.
  26. They start to sing some tunes as the crowd continues to cheer.
  27. As they rode home, Nerissa sang one of Father’s favorite tunes.
  28. Nicolas and Mickey start to play the guitar and sing some tunes.
  29. Nicolas and Mickey start to play the guitars and sing some tunes.
  30. He murmured old childish tunes out of the Shire, and snatches of Mr.
  31. This is what makes them seductive tunes for the pied piper’s pipe.
  32. Honesty in Lord’s Glory arranges now tunes of my father the singer.
  33. Claire and Cam danced to the loud tunes, unaware of what had gone down.
  34. The music is a relaxing ambient journey of chill out tunes mixed with.
  35. Musicians were also in attendance, playing soft music and dance tunes.
  36. Everything in the Universe automatically tunes its vibration to.
  37. Shop doors were wide open with quirky qawali tunes blaring out of each shop.
  38. He could still barely accompany himself if the tunes were in the key of C-.
  39. Think of the many good deeds that you could do Listen to your favorite tunes.
  40. An edition is now ready, bound in boards, with tunes, only FORTY CENTS PER COPY.
  41. In invisible choirs, they sang forth wild tunes I should have heard long days ago.
  42. In his life, Duke also covered blues, pop, movie music, show tunes and sacred music.
  43. The music was great and he recognized one of the tunes from the black cassette tape.
  44. A complete book for churches which prefer a more limited selection of hymns and tunes.
  45. It seems that Tomi Kern, Boran’s wife, is playing all the right political tunes there.
  46. Outside, in the year 1938, a man played three tunes upon a guitar, one following another.
  47. I’m always sorry I try that because I always toss out the tunes I write the old.
  48. The public tunes in to conservative talk radio in order to get another side of the story.
  49. Hasini had left a keyboard at home, her son’s, a small one with limited tunes and tones.
  50. We practiced acrobatics with reptilian ropes and scaly ladders performed to hypnotic tunes.
  51. But it was music made to order, always the same tunes, and the guests listened wonderingly.
  52. The interregnum has left Stripehead with a vast catalogue of tunes for Apell to choose from.
  53. I started nodding off after midnight, and he asked me if I’d mind if he put on some tunes.
  54. She proved her gift with more singing while playing her guitar, dancing along with her tunes.
  55. He said He just dropped by ‘cause He wanted to get stoned, relax, and listen to some tunes.
  56. The neophyte web-cruiser hit the reverse arrow and went back to searching out more jazz tunes.
  57. I love to hear music, mainly the tunes which you can create upon the ivory keys of the piano.
  58. Nancy sat next and grabbed her flute, playing a few tunes originating from various centuries.
  59. The worst part of that improvement of TV is that almost everyone tunes in to this schlock.
  60. It’s simply one of Elvis’ best tunes, and frankly it’s too hard to leave it off the list.
  61. He would hum over his old rigadig tunes while flank and flank with the most exasperated monster.
  62. I need to see what’s making the kids all Looney Tunes, get to the root of this Boom Boom Cult.
  63. I have taken to humming happy tunes so as to drive off the terror that thrills me, to little avail.
  64. I huddled over the wheel, flipping stations between weepy country tunes and Christian rock and fuzz.
  65. Specifically it refers to changing their tunes, hence voices and ways, and thereafter living.
  66. At the Grand Coulee Club and the Silver Dollar, small orchestras played dance tunes for taxi dancers.
  67. A place had been cleared for use as a dance floor, and the band was playing a variety of swing tunes.
  68. She banged the drum buttons; and she pressed some pre-recorded music and nodded her head to the tunes.
  69. The hand-organ player, smiling ingratiatingly left and right while cranking nostalgic tunes of the past.
  70. During that time, a larger crowd of Guardians and wielders gathered by the fires to listen to the tunes.
  71. A group of Cub Scouts gathered in front of the stage while the band crashed through their last two tunes.
  72. He seemed almost startled by the reaction of the people in the audience upon hearing even his rarest tunes.
  73. I would’ve loved to have thrown some tunes on, but I was sure all the DJs had been gobbled up by zombies.
  74. They had heard that a new band was to be playing there and were looking forward to dancing to some new tunes.
  75. And the music played joyous tunes mingled of the sounds of the tympanum, the pipe, the zither and the dulcimer.
  76. As they ate, pipes and fiddles filled the air with spritely tunes, and the talk turned to the morrow’s jousting.
  77. However, Gavroche was well up in all the popular tunes in circulation, and he mingled with them his own chirpings.
  78. Often he would play his saddest tunes on the beach and pretend that the sea stopped its roaring to listen to them.
  79. They fly among the trees singing charming tunes and enjoying the freedom of fly that the Almighty obliged them with.
  80. Making up droll tunes to go with the Pooh hums or songs, my reading them aloud as songs made the children smile.
  81. Then I asked T Bone to sing my favorite of his tunes, Shake Yourself Loose, the one with the chorus that ran:.
  82. He was experimenting in tunes to suit some words of his own, sometimes trying a ready-made melody, sometimes improvising.
  83. I heard some of the women say: If those men don’t stop singing those dry tunes we’ll take our bonnets and go home.
  84. I did not realize that it WAS possible! The tunes of Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star and the Alphabet Song were the same!.
  85. Langston Hughes offered that if he were rich, he would have bought a house in Harlem and had chimes playing Duke’s tunes.
  86. The humming of bees, the sweet notes of the nightingale, the seven tunes in music, and all sounds are emanating from OM only.
  87. Max didn’t mind some of the crooner tunes that had resurfaced with the NetRo movement, but she still loved her classic rock.
  88. Lennie Fiddler played sad tunes on his five-stringed instrument, and the mourners became tearful and maudlin as they got drunker.
  89. This is the first practicable Collection of Hymns and Tunes abounding in vigorous Pieces adapted to the Gospel Temperance Movement.
  90. He was also an accomplished pianist, a devotee of Fats Waller, and capable of pulling off anything from swing tunes to Mendelssohn.
  91. Looking around she saw no-one who could help, just distant joggers engrossed in their running tunes and focused on their morning runs.
  92. I leaned my head on his chest and Aidan covered both of our bodies with the comforter before humming random tunes as he stroked my hair.
  93. It is as though the analyst and Dame Fortune were playing a duet on the speculative piano, with the fickle goddess calling all the tunes.
  94. Some one downstairs was playing sadly on a cello, tunes that reeked of _Weltschmerz_, and overhead the larks shrilled an exquisite derision.
  95. Kendall and Kailee squabble about who goes first, and Emerson tunes them out as she stares at the empty fields they pass along the interstate.
  96. Sherlock Holmes was not very communicative during the long drive and lay back in the cab humming the tunes which he had heard in the afternoon.
  97. Sage sat huddled within the torch of the statue where she took refuge after her quarrel with Cristian, listening to the melodic tunes in the wind.
  98. They last about an hour, during which I sit at the piano in the library playing cheerful tunes, and the babies dance passionately round the pillar.
  99. After all, from the countless multitude of matter and radiation reaching our senses the nervous system tunes in only to a small fraction of this chaos.
  100. Adem sat cross-legged in front of the large campfire where a Torvellen woman was singing to tunes played on a flute, harp, and drum by three Nordic men.

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