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Discover en una oración (en ingles)

  1. His Office is to discover.
  2. They are easy to discover.
  3. From this we discover that.
  4. Q: What remains to discover?
  5. Discover The Bad Guy's Plot.

  6. In this CD, you'll discover:.
  7. Only then will you discover.
  8. They might discover his body.
  9. What I did discover about.
  10. Each one has to discover the.
  11. What if You Could Discover the.
  12. Discover the bad guy’s plot.
  13. I was shocked to discover that.
  14. I would soon discover otherwise.
  15. Discover the Power of Commitment.

  16. There is still a lot to discover.
  17. We can discover new species be-.
  18. The more you discover, the more.
  19. I wanted to discover what caused.
  20. They might discover that I don’t.
  21. To choose or discover the choice.
  22. Try to discover their expectations.
  23. Did she discover you? I asked.
  24. Just as at birth you discover the.
  25. I discover them on a regular basis.

  26. This is what he intended to discover.
  27. I’d eventually discover that the.
  28. You have to discover a ways to relax.
  29. Though as we will discover further on.
  30. It took me 36 years to discover that.
  31. He would find that boy and discover.
  32. This you will all discover in the end.
  33. Soon I would discover they to be true.
  34. In seeking you discover that you are.
  35. Discover that current and stay with it.
  36. We must discover what it is and bring.
  37. You will develop and discover ways to.
  38. You may discover that mediating often.
  39. Vine: His Office is to discover Things.
  40. How to discover the owners of websites.
  41. Then you are about to discover that….
  42. It was a shock to discover that as the.
  43. Discover the best Site Concepts for you.
  44. Discover the Most Powerful Force in the.
  45. I only discover that after my third shot.
  46. I didn’t discover this all by myself.
  47. Our only chance is to discover the truth.
  48. I can read on my pen "Discover the broom".
  49. The Trolls Discover the Joys of Shopping.
  50. We’ll discover that we have already at.
  51. President, can discover nothing which has.
  52. If he is here my agents will discover him.
  53. Pole, north, attempts to discover the, 101.
  54. It is through vision that we discover our.
  55. You will have to discover this, and soon.
  56. It’s critical we discover who is selling.
  57. Only to discover that you’re one of them.
  58. PS: Discover a Proven 3 Step Strategy That.
  59. You will soon discover that it is full of.
  60. Is it possible to discover the cause?
  61. Your focus therefore should be to discover.
  62. It is not surprising then to discover that.
  63. You discover yourself standing in beingness.
  64. So now, you can discover these same secrets.
  65. Without the police, he might never discover.
  66. What a relief it was to us to discover that.
  67. His eyes are looking more eager to discover.
  68. We discover later in life that its not free.
  69. Within this Nature, we start to discover ….
  70. I'll discover the parish of that parishioner.
  71. Whatever neurologists may discover about the.
  72. Only you will discover which method suits you.
  73. Soon you shall discover what war is all about.
  74. The Selected are starting to discover we are.
  75. But now to discover that it was life with Mrs.
  76. He was shocked to discover that his hand was.
  77. Everyone had been surprised to discover that.
  78. On the positive side, they did discover that.
  79. Discover your mission and live it with purpose.
  80. You will discover later why I mention this now.
  81. Then you seek to discover what The Choice is.
  82. Following, you will discover how you store the.
  83. Discover the ingredient combinations and spices.
  84. In his 6-step plan, he helps you discover that.
  85. Soon she would discover; this man wanted control.
  86. It allowed Aiden and Liam to discover the joys.
  87. Yet later on he’d discover he knew what to do.
  88. Arnold would no doubt discover that we were here.
  89. When did you discover the oil? Gomes asked.
  90. A few discover the same realms through the use.
  91. But people have to discover this for themselves.
  92. It is quite interesting to discover that within.
  93. We have yet to discover why they’re doing it.
  94. How did you discover that I was living here?
  95. Later you discover you've eaten the whole bowl!.
  96. At any moment they might discover Will's absence.
  97. However, you may quickly discover that the best.
  98. Stick with me to discover some tips on what you.
  99. M: You discover that there is nothing to discover.
  100. They had not been the first to discover the land.
  1. Jean was discovering that his.
  2. Discovering the Law of Abundance.
  3. Even discovering that we have an.
  4. It’s also about discovering how.
  5. It's about discovering what is true.
  6. Discovering The Attributes Of Love.
  7. It’s a process of discovering who we.
  8. Discovering all the uses of a cable modem.
  9. I do, however, admit to discovering beer.
  10. Discovering truth is our primary obstacle.
  11. Discovering an allergy to the isle’s.
  12. In the old days, hacking meant discovering.
  13. Imagine discovering such a unifying equation.
  14. These trolls, he was discovering, were morons.
  15. The odds of discovering tin are very low indeed.
  16. Developers are discovering the power of Blu-Ray.
  17. Steps to Discovering the Blessings in Your Life.
  18. Ignorance has no means for discovering solutions.
  19. Fear of Tobias discovering her whereabouts kept.
  20. Jason was a little shocked upon discovering that.
  21. Paul dove into the tale of discovering the cave.
  22. There are other ways of discovering their content.
  23. Discovering his cache, guards locked him in a cell.
  24. Discovering what 'water' actually represents in the.
  25. After discovering that Erin had rearranged the cans.
  26. It was insane that we were the ones discovering leads.
  27. Unable to believe he was real, but discovering he was.
  28. That’s another way of discovering where you may not.
  29. Meal times, he was quickly discovering, were the best.
  30. After discovering 350,000 seats, they are still digging.
  31. Discovering and analysing why the coachees could surpass.
  32. This is a part of the new me that I’m just discovering.
  33. How I awoke, I am still inquiring into and discovering.
  34. Discovering who we are, and learning to incorporate that.
  35. After discovering that she was still alive and well, there.
  36. What was I discovering, that all along you had it right? No.
  37. On land they were also discovering species that had survived.
  38. The most interesting bit was discovering what the beams were.
  39. The thrill is in the homecoming and in discovering who you are.
  40. The coachees will be supported in discovering what additional.
  41. Home is another word for family, or discovering our genealogy.
  42. It is about discovering that there is something much greater.
  43. Cautiously, discovering how to stand and move with the aid of.
  44. He touched her between her legs, discovering she was as dry as.
  45. Discovering your talent is not enough, it's just the beginning.
  46. They built with the abandon of someone discovering a new magic.
  47. She shook her head in disbelief upon discovering that they had.
  48. I woke up in a recovery room discovering that I was alone again.
  49. And discovering what that is, is part of your goal now, Elizabeth.
  50. On the one hand, there was the respectable type who, discovering.
  51. With any other servant, he’d risk Lady Phyllis discovering his.
  52. I remembered that more vividly since discovering her bizarre notes.
  53. The most difficult task would be simply discovering her whereabouts.
  54. It will help avoid humans discovering it, which helped me calm down.
  55. I have examined every lodge in the village, without discovering the.
  56. For more information and tools for discovering and treating learning.
  57. Learning this details are key to discovering your family’s history.
  58. I felt nauseous thinking of Dave discovering the body in the family car.
  59. It is interesting to observe how Freud, who was capable of discovering.
  60. I’m discovering with great surprise that my mind is not an ugly place.
  61. CJ, after discovering she was a clone, had trouble accepting her reality.
  62. Can you believe this, I will be discovering the future on this same date.
  63. P Hubble is generally credited with discovering the red shift of galaxies.
  64. Back on weekend GMA, I was discovering that the gig did have some upsides.
  65. Discovering the secret to life which is in Jesus has set me free to be me.
  66. Discovering that he could now stay up, he let his feet drop to the floor.
  67. Discovering a high cliff ahead of him, he almost died, frantic with worry.
  68. Discovering this payment option flashes as a billboard but only the border.
  69. As such you should expect the worst if you hear a company discovering one.
  70. This experience is like looking deep within and discovering that under the.
  71. As we’re discovering, however, it’s not a storehouse that is infinitely.
  72. Scientific Researchers are discovering new reasons to eat An Apple a Day.
  73. He was mind and spirit engrossed in reading and discovering the mysterious.
  74. I recommend discovering for yourself where the edge of your comfort zone lies.
  75. Jesus when He was born, but upon discovering that his plan was thwarted, the.
  76. But now Georgia was discovering that Reconstruction at its worst had just begun.
  77. A REQUEST TO RETURN The act of writing is the act of discovering what you believe.
  78. It was so strange discovering that my father was personable and pleasant company.
  79. After discovering three grey hairs on her temples, she talked much of her old age.
  80. Discovering Buddhism at Home Programme, "Subject Area 13: Introduction to Tantra".
  81. Discovering this, I again tried to concentrate on the flower, but nothing happened.
  82. I think I hear Doc Turner's voice say, She's strong, but she is still discovering.
  83. Now German children have computers, and are discovering that they have been lied to.
  84. Likely, Thea managed to keep Praegon and the Mistress from discovering this breakage.
  85. I've never heard of anyone discovering these abilities as late in life as you have.
  86. And he felt the joy of a traveller on discovering a new, unknown, and beautiful world.
  88. This first line talks about the real joy of discovering what you were really created for.
  89. What could be more important than discovering the fate of the ones that left here?
  90. After discovering the dangerous fire in the basement, my parents knew they had to intervene.
  91. She loved solving problems, you know, problems in science and discovering answers to things.
  92. The last thing I need is my mom discovering how close I came to biting it in that vamp fight.
  93. Discovering the secret of endurance will open doors that many have long thought locked tight.
  94. You may even tread on them, or have your eyes on them for a minute, without discovering them.
  95. Discovering what ‘water’ actually represents in the metaphorical terms of the Bible is no.
  96. He’d been like a caged animal, even worse after discovering the storm had trapped her there.
  97. Thanks for picking up a copy of this report! A lot of the same things that we were discovering.
  98. And it ended by my discovering traces, but very different ones from those which I had expected.
  99. We need to have the new and different experience of discovering that we are more than or larger.
  100. He wasn't sleeping well--he kept having bad dreams about Astarte and about discovering the body.
  1. That we may be discovered.
  2. The man who discovered it.
  3. This is what we discovered.
  4. I discovered the reason why.
  5. At length he discovered her.
  6. The police discovered that M.
  7. In 1911 they discovered atoms.
  8. Coco was discovered by animal.
  9. At last I had discovered the.
  10. What I discovered troubled me.
  11. When I discovered my loss, Mr.
  12. This was what he discovered:.
  13. You have also discovered that.
  14. What else had they discovered?
  15. Doc, was discovered at his home.
  16. He discovered the human in him.
  17. In the hope of being discovered.
  18. At home, I discovered that, in.
  19. The date America was discovered.
  20. I discovered that we were both.
  21. Pilate had discovered this place.
  22. It’s a new power i discovered.
  23. What we’ve discovered is that.
  24. They discovered His desires and.
  25. The Mayfair family discovered it.
  26. This was discovered by my client.
  27. Lyngdoh, had discovered in 2002).
  28. But he also discovered one thing.
  29. No other openings were discovered.
  30. Other methods were soon discovered.
  31. A conspiracy had to be discovered.
  32. I, of course, discovered the body.
  33. However Tony discovered the move.
  34. Only one such area was discovered.
  35. He suddenly discovered he had wept.
  36. I discovered my writing technique.
  37. But who discovered it? Not reason.
  38. When Gregoire was discovered by Dr.
  39. We discovered a 193? Baby Austin 7.
  40. I have since discovered that this.
  41. What he discovered had worried him.
  42. It was too late; he was discovered.
  43. I turned and discovered the captain.
  44. I certainly discovered some things.
  45. She didn’t want to be discovered.
  46. He did not like what he discovered.
  47. Because I had just discovered this.
  48. The body was discovered this morning.
  49. I think I have discovered my father.
  50. The theft was not discovered until.
  52. At an early age, it was discovered.
  53. He discovered that the human brain.
  54. They have discovered the wheel and.
  55. Instead, she discovered it was Josh.
  56. Not much danger of being discovered.
  57. Tell me what you’ve discovered.
  58. Discovered By: Known by the Ancients.
  59. Ruth had discovered a set of tracks.
  60. He discovered a way to preserve fruit.
  61. I soon discovered that she loved to.
  62. He felt lucky to have discovered it.
  63. You would be very quickly discovered.
  64. Chapter Seven - The Truth Discovered.
  65. How have these laws been discovered?
  66. To this day I have never discovered.
  67. He was still waiting to be discovered.
  68. Two charred bodies had been discovered.
  69. I discovered a friend I never knew I.
  70. And when his remains were discovered.
  71. I discovered that when I was fourteen.
  72. Something I discovered just yesterday.
  73. Integrated had discovered the roll-up.
  74. On the bottom, he discovered a small.
  75. It seems that we have discovered what.
  76. It was then that they discovered that.
  77. In 2003 Uyehara discovered Marketocracy.
  78. She hadn’t discovered the body; she.
  79. If he was discovered now, there would.
  80. She discovered more in an hour on the.
  81. Marian, Robin discovered, was an orphan.
  82. Sadly, the survey discovered that 83%.
  83. Moreover, it was discovered that this.
  84. Two months since the man was discovered.
  85. Just as you have discovered with Maddy.
  86. They discovered that the tomb was not.
  87. I discovered quickly that it was more.
  88. Now that you have discovered a workable.
  89. Cuneiform tablets discovered in the.
  90. Unsurprisingly, he had discovered that.
  91. I only wish I could have discovered it.
  92. As for the emperor, he had discovered a.
  93. And in doing so, he discovered another.
  94. That usage was discovered and reported.
  95. Lies planted the airliner you discovered.
  96. Have you discovered what it does?
  97. You have finally discovered it? But.
  98. It's not hard to find, as I discovered.
  99. He discovered everything, the monster.
  100. Especially now that I've discovered my.
  1. Discovers nature of the being!.
  2. Discovers that he is not a king, just a human.
  3. Discovers here – for itself and their own sakes.
  4. When this girl discovers that there were as many.
  5. When one discovers that the best lessons have been.
  6. David soon discovers he is looking and feeling better.
  7. The young cop went on, So, this faggot discovers the.
  8. Magdalene, alone, who discovers that the stone has been.
  9. The more our search discovers, the more we find to discover.
  10. When the Search Engine discovers your game, it will ban you.
  11. How will she feel when she discovers that I have misled her.
  12. In Darkfever Mac discovers they are not her biological parents.
  13. He first visits Hell, and the scene he discovers there horrifies him.
  14. Peter discovers that the robber and the murderer are one and the same.
  15. As his eyes focus he discovers the 3 of spades staring him in the face.
  16. But it is in his inner consciousness that man discovers the truth of it.
  17. If Eiess discovers where she is hiding, she would kill her in an instant.
  18. With true self-awareness, one discovers there are lots of clothes, but no.
  19. But what happens when she discovers the identity of her so-called employer?
  20. I also learned to listen carefully to what science discovers about the truth.
  21. The innocent Red discovers the wolf lying in bed disguised as her grandmother.
  22. And then, lo and behold, he discovers that she’s a better shot than he is.
  23. Public Relations media kit: the reader discovers how to create a media kit for.
  24. He discovers that he is missing something, and that missing thing is aspiration.
  25. It was about a student in law school who discovers his wife with his best friend.
  26. You know a doctor has come? Of course, you know it—the one who discovers madmen.
  27. If man thinks about his physical or moral state, he usually discovers that he is ill.
  28. Money discovers fools-true love has no crimes to out it money is the way of the flesh.
  29. In this movie, the main character discovers a pill that gives him super human powers.
  30. What happens when a professor discovers that her theory of earthquakes is on shaky ground?
  31. Archan realizes he had better shut up this oddity before someone else discovers he’s here.
  32. The ship is vast and it takes Grailem a quarter of an hour before he discovers an elevator.
  33. Free of Arct control he escapes in the starship where he discovers the microchip's and robots.
  34. The father who discovers that he has been raising the child of another man is called a cuckold.
  35. If a stranger discovers their existence, he is killed or so absorbed that he is never seen again.
  36. It is possible that if the Third Force discovers that we know their identity, they will attack us here.
  37. I can’t help but gloat when I think of the blow Ben’s ego will suffer once he discovers Mara’s gone.
  38. Now, if the Governor discovers them about to pass a law or do an act he does not like, he sends them home.
  39. In Shadowfever, the king discovers his concubine isn’t dead as he has believed for over half a million years.
  40. It isn't until she makes her second withdrawal five weeks later that she discovers an additional $10,000 deposit.
  41. It runs to one side, and then only discovers in what direction the scent grows stronger, and so follows the animal.
  42. Sometimes when a character accepts a mission or when he discovers the bad guy’s plot he will be given a temporary.
  43. Pete is everything she dreamed of and more, as she discovers passion and fulfillment for the first time in her life.
  44. Public Relations media kit: the reader discovers how to create a media kit for her new business, and for her clients.
  45. Only a brave person is willing honestly to admit, and fearlessly to face, what a sincere and logical mind discovers.
  46. Aiming her strange gun between her feet, she discovers the pinstriped passenger squeezing out though the back window.
  47. In Shadowfever, Mac discovers Dani killed her sister, and the two, once as close as sisters, are now bitterly estranged.
  48. This is also calculated to make whoever discovers me think I’m nuts, so I won’t be held accountable for killing her.
  49. Religion discovers for the soul those supreme values which are in contrast with the relative values discovered by the mind.
  50. If, for example, there be an unusual series of losses, the trader had better suspend operations until he discovers the cause.
  51. Increase in me that wisdom Which discovers my truest interest, Strengthen my resolution To perform that which wisdom dictates.
  52. But Pop soon discovers that, instead of inventing a new way to blow things up, the professor may be doing quite the opposite.
  53. I fear the situation is becoming out of hand and surely it is only a matter of time before someone discovers what is happening.
  54. After some external investigating of her own she discovers that Lucky had been in trouble before for other disturbing behaviors.
  55. When Josh’s mother discovers that they are serious, she makes a better effort to be more appropriate in her treatment of Christina.
  56. And as he advances in life, every individual discovers an ever increasing proportion of truth, and thus becomes less liable to error.
  57. Now he experienced the gladness of release and the feeling of novelty akin to that experienced by an explorer who discovers new lands.
  58. A metal detector can be used as a tool to confirm history when it discovers coins on which the face of emperor was put and more to say.
  59. This news editor is the one that discovers threads and themes in the over-population of information that streams past our awareness.
  60. I begin to believe that the only solid thing about them is the spiritual value which everyone discovers in his own form of activity—.
  61. And during these sentimental vigils he discovers that Nostromo, Captain Fidanza that is, returns very late from his visits to the Violas.
  62. I’m sorry you’ve been bothered at the office, said Robin, but do let me know what, if anything, he discovers about its source.
  63. At last he discovers him in his corner behind the cupboard, bows to him politely, and then draws him by his beard into the middle of the stage.
  64. In waste and uninclosed lands, any person who discovers a tin mine may mark out its limits to a certain extent, which is called bounding a mine.
  65. He discovers they could recognise the voice of the father and the mother; recognise conflict; and could understand what was happening around them.
  66. On examining the packet, the bridge looks for the destination address in its tables and discovers that the address belongs to Node l, on Network A.
  67. A fictional investment bank, probably a thinly disguised Lehman Brothers, discovers that its huge holdings of subprime mortgage bonds are worthless.
  68. Usually when a human discovers our secret and threatens to expose us, we give them two options, and volunteering blood is the more appealing choice.
  69. Maybe one of those lives they saved will also be a doctor; perhaps one of the lives they saved will be the scientist who discovers the cure for cancer.
  70. On her first official mission for the Invisible Recruit Agency Alex Noziak discovers that to save the innocent she must call upon her untested abilities.
  71. Preferably, you buy a value stock just when it has fixed its troubles and begins to profit again, or just before the market discovers its discount price.
  72. You threaten my Temple? Are your crimes not enough as it is? Do you have any idea what will become of you if anyone discovers what you are up to?
  73. As Nash is lost in his world of overpowering delusions his wife now discovers her worst fears, that her husband is seeing the unreal world in a real way.
  74. I appreciate the repercussions if the person responsible discovers you on his trail, but knowing you better now, I am confident he will never see you coming.
  75. Out here you get evangelical preachers and album-oriented rock and ad after ad—and as the analgesia of the pot wears off, he discovers a pit in his stomach.
  76. One test assumes a building engineer who discovers toxic gas in a school’s forced air heating system that would kill five children in a room if not diverted.
  77. FRanco have had their own private sessions and Marcus discovers what Sher is from Father Quimpers and Pierre Franco's papers that he's had time to read and absorb.
  78. He turns around to head home and falls to the ground in shock as he discovers all the non-functioning equipment that was left behind when they first entered the tomb.
  79. In that book, which is actually neither about Zen nor too much about motorcycle maintenance, he tries to define the concept of ‘Quality’ and discovers he can’t.
  80. Let us say that the individual discovers who the person is that stole something from him and comes to the realization that the thief will never be brought to justice.
  81. All does not end well, as Loomis (Cotten) discovers the plot against him and turns the tables on Rose (Monroe) and her lover, dispatching him into the crashing waters.
  82. Nature knows nothing of a God who makes little of broken law, directly the breaker of it discovers that he is in trouble, or even professes to be sorry for his offence.
  83. Business identity theft victims don’t usually find out about the crime until big-time losses accumulate, or an audit occurs and someone discovers discrepancies on the books.
  84. If a Bedoween discovers from afar a solitary traveler, he rides furiously against him, crying, with a loud voice, Undress thyself, thy aunt (my wife) is without a garment.
  85. Bursting through the entryway of the brownstone, he lands on the concrete stoop and discovers the confused and concerned faces of his neighbors gathering up and down the tenement block.
  86. The suspects, the husband and his friend, blame each other, so investigators turned to Kerr, who, tapping into the fallen wife’s ‘vibration,’ discovers a truth that breaks the case.
  87. Why would the new Commander feel the need to warn him off? With his instincts on alert, Riley digs deeper and discovers not only is Kate’s mother in a wheelchair, she also hates the water.
  88. Whoever discovers a new mine, is entitled to measure off two hundred and forty-six feet in length, according to what he supposes to be the direction of the vein, and half as much in breadth.
  89. Then she discovers that Blomkvist, himself a brilliant investigator, is cracking open the cold case of a missing girl – uncovering secrets that have poisoned a family through generations.
  90. So it happened that, a little later, in one of those nooks which the genius of decorators devises, and the man of discernment discovers, Margery and I were having that talk—all to ourselves.
  91. However her admiration quickly turns to ire, when she discovers that he’s mistaken her door for that of her irritating neighbors, the bodacious Blackburn twins, not knowing they are his stepsisters.
  92. Somethingś getting into his mind, so he closes his eyes and discovers that someone is sending a shredded quick sequence of battles to his head and aggressively looking alien faces at some burnt place.
  93. Although it is clear why he first says that he will marry Pritam - because he is scared - it is not so clear what it is that makes him keep to this plan before he discovers a true conviction to Sikhism.
  94. Other laws criminalize the taking of property; instead, burglary is meant to safeguard the sanctity of a person's home and to protect against the possible violence that could arise if someone discovers a burglar in their house.
  95. It’ll be a story, about a girl who grows up in an orphanage, she thought she was an orphan but on her eighteenth birthday she finds out she’s not an orphan and she discovers she has a grandmother, and is in search of her father.
  96. The best character in the book is the old duchess, for whose mystification Penelope’s scheme is planned, and who only at the climax discovers, like the rest of us, which of six men her niece has married, though all of them lay claim to that honor.
  97. In which our Heroine well and truly learns the Pyrate’s Craft, discovers the Joys of Sailing (as she hath previously known only the Pains), whereupon our valiant Pyrates meet their Match upon the Seas, and we disprove that old Maxim, namely: Man cannot be rap’d.
  98. Besides, the methods of instruction themselves, which are not settled once for all, but always strive to be as easy and as simple as possible, are modified and improved from the indications which the teacher discovers in the relations of the learners to his instruction.
  99. Poor Lady Kitty discovers that same soul, too late for the discovery to be of much use either to herself or her husband, but one is rather relieved to leave them reconciled, even with the interruption of Lady Kitty’s demise, and to wish William a more serene period of existence.
  100. We have added the CodeIgniter's form_error() statement, passing it the name of the HTML form element so that if CodeIgniter's validation class discovers that the posted form data does not meet the parameters assigned to it as validation rules, an error will be displayed above the form element.

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