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Unwrap in a sentence

Unwrap and serve.
Unwrap one of the bundles.
But don’t unwrap the head.
She heard him unwrap his tin plate.
But to never unwrap, to never open?
She nodded and started to unwrap her foot.
We both hesitated before we began to unwrap.

I unwrap my tablet and call Hani and Dr Tawfik.
Feel free to unwrap me later, if you’d like.
As they unwrap, I practically have a panic attack.
Tomorrow is a gift that you begin to unwrap in the.
Unwrap and slice thinly, about 1/8-inch thick pieces.
Orphenn moved on to her other wrist and began to unwrap it.
Unwrap candy kisses and place one in the center of each pretzel.
Ruby, unwrap the flower and detach its head carefully from the stem.
Trevain gently began to unwrap the bandages to examine Aazuria’s injury.
Yeah, what did you expect? That I can unwrap her crazy little mind in ten minutes?
He jumped onto the bar, fumbled into his light green coat pockets to unwrap a piece of chewing.
He took it out started to unwrap it, and then folded it back and pushed it back into the pack and his sleeve pocket.
I ordered bratwurst and sauerkraut and distinctly saw the cook unwrap a sausage from a cellophane slip cover and drop it in boiling water.
Only ten years before I had eagerly gotten up early in the morning to unwrap my birthday gift - a dart gun with rubber suction cup projectiles.
Most of our friends had exchanged small gifts before the break, but Lisette had insisted that I save hers so that I had something to unwrap on Christmas Day itself.
But, realizing that there’s no way but to accomplish his task, he slightly opened his eyes to unwrap the mummy and gathered all his wits to nip some tissue off it.
But, realizing that there’s no way but to accomplish his task, he slightly opened his eyes to unwrap the mummy and gathered all his wits to nip some tissue off from it.
He was nearing the cars when he stopped cold just long enough to remove the scalpel from his pocket, unwrap it and forcefully stab the tires on both patrol cars, dropping the tool in his wake.
Yeah right, like that was possible! Anna to me was like the most coveted present that I could ever have asked for or even dreamed of and I longed to unwrap her and discover everything there was to know about her.
She curled upward on her toes and brought her lips to my ear to say in her sexy voice, If I’m your present baby I can hardly wait for Christmas morning so you can unwrap me to enjoy everything about me that was crafted to bring you joy.
Lewisohn and obtaining his advice and authorization, Colling gave the men injections of penicillin, and packages of the new penicillin tablets, reminding them that they would have to unwrap them from the foil they were sealed in, and hold them in their mouths to get them to work.
INTERVAL: The unwrapping of the.
Not quite, said Flint, unwrapping a small key.
Carefully unwrapping the fabric, she pulled out an.
She got the hint when she saw him unwrapping a condom.
She hurries unwrapping her present the rest of the way.
With a grin he snapped it, unwrapping the foil with care.
Unwrapping it with the free hand that wasn't holding the.
She thumbed the wheels and opened the case, gently unwrapping the book.
Miss Avery stops unwrapping while replying, I wonder what it could be?
Was I loudly unwrapping a peanut butter and jelly sandwich during the quiet test? No.
She looks at the children’s impatient straining faces as she slowly proceeds unwrapping.
Too bad about the ol’ girl, he said, unwrapping a piece of gum and popping it into his mouth.
He turned on one of the ceiling lights above me while I started unwrapping the scarf from around my arm.
Titus obliged, unwrapping the rags from the sabre and presenting the magician with the sabre’s handle.
Using his left hand to hold tight to the foliage above him, he finished unwrapping himself and prepared to move.
Searching in a pocket of her coat, she took out an energy bar and, unwrapping it, broke it in two before giving one half to each child.
Soon the big day arrived and Matthew thinking he was the first to rise early that morning was met by Sarah in the front room excitedly unwrapping her presents.
Joe, unwrapping herself with haste and excitement, and throwing her bonnet back on her shoulders where it hung by the strings, "if this boy ain't grateful this night, he never will be!".
While he hopped, Silas had time to fantasize about the string tying him unwrapping from his own body, then flying around Fox's neck, the bat’s, the flying squirrel Josh Glider’s — Weasel and Tony Crow and all the rest of them.
They are sitting in the lounge with Treacle – Jake is on the floor rubbing Treacle’s stomach as the stupid cat lies there waving his feet in the air … Obviously, he’s only just arrived, Alastair is only now unwrapping the present he has brought.
Stick nodded and began unwrapping the anti-gravity unit, and he had just reached into the safe again, when the UPS said,.
She unwrapped it and inhaled.
They unwrapped the presents to.
He took it out and unwrapped it.
Jesus sighed and unwrapped the gift.
When she unwrapped the material she.
He hands me a flat, square box, unwrapped.
I unwrapped the small box he had given me.
She nodded as she unwrapped the soft leather.
With that he unwrapped something in his hand.
Willie unwrapped the parcel and gave a start.
Recovered now, Nerissa unwrapped the blanket.
Sabina took his hand and unwrapped the bandages.
Louie untied the T-shirt and gently unwrapped it.
The other half lay near her on a rock, unwrapped.
When she unwrapped it, she nearly burst into tears.
With that in mind, with care, I unwrapped a Cailler.
She unwrapped the blue knitted scarf that had been.
I tiptoed down the stairs and unwrapped the package.
He unwrapped himself from Holly and moved to the window.
They unwrapped each one and shook out every blue cloth.
I unwrapped it and opened the box; I froze for a second.
Nidan felt like a child with new toys about to be unwrapped.
I unwrapped a second tree, and the same had happened there.
She unwrapped the biscuit to give her hands something to do.
Harold took a stick, unwrapped the silver paper and stuffed.
Toby unwrapped the package and held up a tailored flight suit.
Johnson unwrapped the brown string holding the envelope closed.
Roman slowly removed the apple from his pocket and unwrapped it.
He unwrapped it to disclose a Luger, which he handed to Colling.
He unwrapped the sandwich, took a good bite, and closed his eyes.
Many were still unwrapped, which meant that I had never used them.
He unwrapped his sandwich and saw that it was a Philly cheese-steak.
I’d unwrapped it with such fervor that the paper came off instantly.
The Elves next unwrapped and gave to each of the Company the clothes.
I unwrapped a peppermint and sucked on it as I opened the desk drawer.
He set it on the table next to the Emperor and carefully unwrapped it.
I unwrapped Jesus swaddling clothes and examined him from head to toe.
Carefully he unwrapped the bottle; its contents held a powerful poison.
Give it, Trey said, stuck two in his pocket and unwrapped the third.
Harry unwrapped a salami sandwich and silently offered half of it to Joe.
He unwraps it from its skin pouch.
Jesus the Christ awakens on the slab, unwraps the cloth.
This provides a wonderful presentation once your recipient unwraps the box.
A relieved smile covers his face as the doctor stitches him back up and unwraps a large plaster.
When she unwraps the newspaper, she finds a model house, tall and narrow, no bigger than her fist.
She opens her purse and unwraps the partially crushed wooden house and says in her best French, My brother had this.

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