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Visualize en una oración (en ingles)

This week visualize a plant.
Visualize being in the center.
Here is how you should visualize.
Meditation helps you to visualize.
When you visualize yourself in that.
You have the power to visualize that.
But the voices only visualize changes.

Visualize moments that make you happy.
Trying to visualize it gives me a headache.
It is a convenient way to visualize going.
Ah, yes I can visualize what you're saying.
Visualize what you can buy with this money.
So we can visualize the electron as either.
Every time you look in the mirror visualize.
Visualize %K as the plotted instrument, and.
It would not be hard to visualize a situation.
Transmit to us the wonders we cannot visualize.
Visualize a cross as two wheels viewed on edge.
I haven’t had time to visualize yet, thanks.
Visualize this divorce being bitter to the end!.
Sketch on the next page will help visualize this.
All he had to do was visualize the classroom—.
I sit back and visualize Aaron and his two cousins.
Close your eyes and visualize a wall, or a door.
Visualize the reality in your imagination and it.
Nevertheless, line charts are easier to visualize.
While we visualize this we think and contemplate:.
Visualize them finally splitting up and divorcing.
This helps them to visualize it and bring.
Visualize them smiling and in a state of good health.
I squinted into space, trying to visualize the sight.
Many take months trying to visualize their intestines.
And that would lead him to visualize his own dharma.
It required certain fundamental knowledge to visualize.
He may be able to visualize and manipulate concepts --.
For nothing the mind can visualize and want is of much.
It was for the beholder to visualize it, to conjure it up.
Visualize a pit trap, which is a hidden hole in the earth.
Arjun was told to recite the sacred syllable and visualize.
Make it interesting; add pictures if it helps you visualize.
Visualizing the loop.
You are a visualizing entity.
Visualizing the tree as a model to develop and.
Visualizing Tobias touching her in those intimate.
Oh, man, I said visualizing the scene, the terror.
Visualizing the greatest creatures that ever roamed Earth.
Kris was enthralled by what he was visualizing in front of him.
I shuddered, visualizing all too clearly what he meant by primal.
Then, begin fantasizing and visualizing what it is your heart.
Try visualizing what you want, rather than worrying about what you fear.
Visualizing in your mind the victims mental hell they will be going through.
Prior to my awakening, I had been visualizing my creditors as demons wearing.
He stopped visualizing his past when he felt Rani’s soft hand slip into his.
The histogram can also help visualizing when the two lines are coming together.
If you have trouble visualizing what's happening, imagine for a second that the.
He closed his eyes, visualizing the early days of his and Stephanie’s relationship.
Lord Boras was lost for the moment visualizing the death of his hated enemy with glee.
The histogram can also help in visualizing when the two lines are approaching a crossover.
In other words, visualizing something is next to useless without a plan for achieving it.
Most traders begin their trading career, whether consciously or subconsciously, visualizing.
Focus your attention during this process on visualizing the job's work, not which hot-key you.
More women are now using hypnotherapy as an alternative to surgery to visualizing increasing their.
He asked them to begin by visualizing a circle of white light, for protection, surrounding the trailer.
Use this meditation to build your personal powers by visualizing yourself in the strength of your spirit.
He really enjoyed visualizing those beautiful women rushing about the store, grabbing whatever they could.
As you research and analyze businesses, you are visualizing how a great investment should look through MECOM.
Having rationalized her proclivity thus, visualizing the ecstasies of their passionate orgies, she got excited.
Work on your career by the methods of night – through visualizing where you want to be; controlled dreaming.
It is a process of visualizing or idealizing the plans which will eventually materialize in our objective world.
Visualizing how great investment ideas should look and the process of investing, accesses both sides of the brain.
If visualizing keeps you awake, the VILD technique is not the technique for you! You should use a different technique.
Keep repeating and visualizing the mantra until you're sure that your intention is set in your mind or you fall asleep.
To the stock option trader who is used to visualizing calendar spreads, the futures option variety may confound him at first.
She lay there hour after hour, fantasizing, visualizing Jamie at her feet, begging for forgiveness, making wild love to her again.
While he went on visualizing the possibilities of fruition of their love, as if to bring him back into reality, the bearer brought the bill for his signature.
When it comes to achieving a goal, committing yourself to that goal is the first major step towards receiving it, and visualizing your goal is the second step.
Colling could see that Braun was visualizing additional Marks flowing into his pockets, and was obviously calculating how gullible the young soldier might be.
The narrator in Wind-Up Bird accomplished moving through the well into the hallway of an indefinable hotel by visualizing himself swimming, akin to his happiest moments.
Being fully active in life is the most important reason why you exist; try to inaugurate and commission a pre-planned goal in life, visualizing the outcome at a time in the future.
If you stop repeating and visualizing the mantra, then still try to make sure the last thing in your mind before falling asleep is your intention to remember to recognize that you're dreaming.
It can be visualized as an 8 L.
It is here that your ideal is to be visualized.
The thing visualized will manifest itself in form.
Heaven can be visualized as a mathematical equation.
He visualized the thing best known to him—his study.
I lay there speechless for a moment as I visualized the.
That she visualized it before she went to sleep every night.
The best intentions are neutral in tone, ful y visualized and.
In the darkness, he visualized her being his and his alone forever.
And, very soon that scene I visualized was exactly what became true.
The theory as visualized; was that the big threat was from underneath.
I visualized it until I could feel myself standing inside of the tree.
Incantation, hymn, an instrument of thought, ideal sounds visualized as.
So hell, as visualized in the Geeta, is degradation to recurrent birth in.
Visualized it, the simplicity of the hatch-door opening and light inside.
He visualized tiny, mechanical, robot things, with funny-looking waving antennae.
He visualized where he wanted it to be, and the Veiled ship instantly disappeared.
Make each of the following intentions positive, in the present and ful y visualized.
In a blinding flash she visualized the surrounding terrain and raced over to August.
And he again saw her not as the daughter of Prince Vasili, but visualized her whole.
And this can be visualized from the news report in ‘The New York Times’ quoted by M.
He visualized the two white Ford Explorers pulling up, waiting to take him and his crew.
The body that I have now is exactly the body that I visualized while I was losing weight.
The trouble, as he visualized, with most in media was truly representative of the average.
The girls visualized the vulnerable spots on the bodies of the Marines on either side of them.
In fact he visualized only the personifications of those present and any pertinent paperwork or screens.
Everyone realized that I was still stuck on that second rectangle, that I hadn’t visualized the green light.
However the numbers from project point of view can be only better visualized and owned by project team alone.
As his eyes closed, he visualized footprints appearing on the streets of Gambling City where it never snowed.
It is the fragrance of the flower as the breeze gently sways the beautiful creation which you have visualized.
Following the instructions, I visualized a bubble around myself, the magically excited ether flowing around it.
He also visualized the diagrams of the female anatomy from the human physiology books he had studied in college.
She visualized the back room at Susie’s, that haven of warmth—and the name Quick Express leapt into her mind.
I visualized my parents during their last hours alive, both in bed, wearing their reading glasses, books in their laps.
She visualized the controls of state as an antique panel behind a heavy cast iron plate with a ten pound padlock on it.
And he again saw her not as the daughter of Prince Vasíli, but visualized her whole body only veiled by its gray dress.
Some people that believe in the laws of attraction will say that this exercise will also attract many of the visualized goals.
Gaps in the technical analysis are named interruptions between close and open prices visualized in bar charts and candlesticks charts.
He visualized their distance and speed, then, his distance and speed from the Odyssey, and sent the question to the implant in his head.
He knew these were all dark objects, snowflakes that the screen visualized as bright as stars, while they might be as black as lamp soot.
An architect visualizes his ideas as they come to him.
The inventor visualizes his idea in exactly the same manner.
It visualizes all that will happen (though we are not consciously aware of this) and this is what happens during the day.
Also, it visualizes and it analyzes the relations of causes and results according to the hierarchy of the presented problems.
The latest consensus of Science visualizes the end of the Universe as an infinitely large Space with a few giant combined forms of Energy, like huge, giant atoms, with a few huge powerful Black Holes.
For instance, Nikola Tesla, he with the giant intellect, one of the greatest inventors of all ages, the man who has brought forth the most amazing realities, always visualizes his inventions before attempting to work them out.

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