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Envision en una oración (en ingles)

  1. He could envision no other.
  2. Envision the program in sections.
  3. Now, try to envision the incredible.
  4. To envision a world in which labor is.
  5. I could envision the men placing the chairs.

  6. Envision yourself standing on a grassy meadow.
  7. Envisioneering is a combination of envision and.
  8. I couldn't envision moving to Canada or Sweden.
  9. But, as you peep behind the curtain and envision.
  10. We envision a life where mortals no longer fear us.
  11. Now it’s easier to envision what’s ahead of us still.
  12. Envision these sins as a festering rot on the human soul.
  13. Just from the profile, he could envision the lovely woman.
  14. Holding it up to the door frame, where I could envision him.
  15. Pacing, I envision a spin-off: Linden in the Valley of the Lost.

  16. I could envision the headlines, turning the case back against us.
  17. I squeeze my eyelids shut and try to envision what I would see if I.
  18. Reaching her quarters, Vidya tried to envision her place in his life.
  19. He suddenly realized that he could not envision his life without her.
  20. Can I not envision? Can I not dream? Set me as a seal upon thine heart.
  21. We can consciously envision and bring into manifestation what we desire.
  22. In some cases, I would simply ask my client to envision what they most.
  23. I envision a committee in every hospital and nursing home in the country.
  24. With what you envision them to be, after all, is to what you would do to.
  25. I could not envision Hermie’s showing off my UCLS ring to his friends!.

  26. Select your outcome; envision it as you would enjoy it coming to fruition.
  27. She may not have been able to envision the summer, but winter was looking up.
  28. Of course, they could not envision the speed with which we do everything now.
  29. But with our creative mind’s I, each of us can envision all sorts of worlds.
  30. But I could easily envision Julio killing Susan and Tom just in case they knew.
  31. He could envision the proud smiles of his brothers as he was elbow deep in blood.
  32. It became clear that I did have the capability to create anything I could envision.
  33. Select your outcome; envision that outcome as you would enjoy it coming to fruition.
  34. But then, that had not been as close as that other THING which he dared not envision.
  35. Besides, we the Hindus need distinctive images to envision our concept of God’s avataars.
  36. Her tale had Joel bent over double with laughter, for he could easily envision this disaster.
  37. I could never envision me having psychic vision, but I have now, I can now do astonishingly.
  38. And how did I, a wife and mother, envision myself to be responding? Under the threat of dire.
  39. A reader needs to envision the surroundings as though he himself were standing in John’s shoes.
  40. Schmoozeglutton could envision the lot of them joining in the feeding frenzy that would surely ensue.
  41. Say, is it true she has taken up gardening? It's a bit difficult to envision her handling fertilizer.
  42. All is well, and you envision the trade hitting your +15 percent profit target by the end of next week.
  43. She was a dream that had come true, someone with whom I could envision spending the rest of my life with.
  44. Ready! Now you have to envision the target and shoot the ball, desiring that it strike with great force.
  45. They tried to envision the work that a team of 80 harnessed horses could perform and it boggled their minds.
  46. I could not envision the breakthrough role the Moog synthesizer would play in the music world in the future.
  47. Ch’o grew up being taken to all corners of the kingdom so he could envision every part of it and memorize it.
  48. I can see her pulling a hissy fit and attacking me - wait, I can envision it now - not pretty, not pretty at all.
  49. For those laid off I envision a continuation of their salaries at a declining rate over 6-9 months pending rehire.
  50. Mitchell could only envision the blonde pilot that walked past him in the airport while patiently on surveillance.
  51. It was Sab who thought of it and when all of us could actually envision it happening we all stepped back and agreed.
  52. I could envision Ben growing up here; playing on the long front porch, running through sprinklers in the summertime.
  53. I envision a day when class distinctions, with the exception of two, (Master and Servant) will be formally abolished.
  54. These categories encompass all the reasons for work and anything you can envision will fall into one of these categories.
  55. In another illustration, envision a sagging, weeping plant in the hot sun with no moisture as the ground begins to harden.
  56. What was her name? He could even envision the actress who portrayed her in the recently released film version of the novel.
  57. The delicacy of her demeanor made him envision the evocative charm of a bunch of seedless grapes in the midst of the season.
  58. Restoring the Government For the People To restore a democratic government FOR the people I envision several requirements.
  59. Prospective buyers need to be able to envision themselves living in a home and visualize how wonderful it will be to live there.
  60. As he rang the obnoxious doorbell, he could only envision Chance masturbating vigorously, to the various images from the internet.
  61. We envision that the entrances and windows will appear to be natural caves and openings in the rock, with fully finished interiors.
  62. I envision four pairs of agents to assist me in the ground search in Italy, all on robotic horses and all of them assault specialists.
  63. Envision this: envisioning us within the pause of our communion – an ocean within a drop of water splashed from a wave upon a teaspoon.
  64. I envision an America of the future bent on changing the economy to uplift the low end to give them purpose and hope, and put them to work.
  65. So we would like for you to sit down in your own time and think of the things you would like to envision in the creation of a healthy Earth.
  66. For a moment, he could envision the both of them falling over the edge, dying with millions of dollars inside two suitcases, back in Honolulu.
  67. When you read the Why statements of Champions, you will see that golden thread running through everything they envision for a successful future.
  68. I envision the elimination of lobbying, and donations to candidates limited to individuals ($250/year per candidate max) as I stated in Chapter 1.
  69. She accessed the situation with a quick thought, and said, Joey, when you envision yourself as a hero, what powers do you see yourself using?
  70. But I have to tell you that I cannot envision any situation in which our need for tax revenue in the future is not going to be higher than it is today.
  71. I envision the creation of millions of jobs in solar cell manufacturing, systems work, battery technology and fabrication, and solar heating industries.
  72. How Hendrix managed to ever envision this extraordinarily explosive cover when he heard Bob Dylan’s acoustic original has boggled my mind for years now.
  73. I envision a new auto industry segment separate from the current oil biased companies, that works on all forms of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles.
  74. In his mad rage, would man ever envision the noose around his own neck? Having avenged himself, possibly, he wouldn’t even care if he were hanged then and there.
  75. Just as we envision all of space as really being out there, as really existing, we should also envision all of time as really being out there, as really existing too.
  76. It was a tremendous challenge to envision myself into a time and place where I’d never been, nor seen except through the porthole of pictographic and literary consumerism.
  77. When I think about making a trade, I envision someone from a sales and trading desk at a big bank on the other end of the phone pitching clients to buy or sell a trading idea.
  78. Some supervisors and executives, whether they realize it or not, are definitely in a bottlenecked situation and do not envision that their subordinates’ time is valuable too.
  79. I envision a short conclave of the military chiefs with a weekend plan for discontinuation of contractor support used in construction, security/warfare and intelligence overseas.
  80. I envision a network of dedicated, licensed professional traders who, as a means to supplement their income, would travel to the client's home for a series of one-on-one sessions.
  81. If only being a Sentinor meant we could walk through these walls, we’d be fine, Ailia said, wishing now that she had another power other than being able to envision the past.
  82. Please use the provided slips of paper and write down your own personal choice for our inaugural production, as well as what role you would envision yourself playing in that endeavor.
  83. That we are affecting nature is science; that nature is acting towards us is still mythology, due to, perhaps, the limitations of the reality we perspectively envision as mirror and revelation.
  84. What, if anything, preceded Man’s attempt to envision some Essence, before a first Animal Spirit presence, is at this juncture, unassailably beyond common memory, and possibly discovery.
  85. This is in line with our overall expectations, in which we envision our taxable account staying even or slowly diminishing while our 401(k) and Roth IRA accounts continue to grow until age 59½.
  86. Art seeks to transcend the culture that gives it flight to comment upon its hidden structures, to have insight into its unseen dysfunctions, to envision idealizations of its collective potentials.
  87. The Socialutions answers are right before your eyes, but unless you can envision a new method and understand the power it represents, you cannot comprehend that which you are not aware of or understand.
  88. I also envision high paying jobs here for alternative energy projects as well as setting up – with the State University of New York – research on remediation and cleanup that would lead the country.
  89. Just as she’d visualized herself as thin, minute-to-minute, day after day, she’d envision those doors as her own: the scent of their cherry stain, the strength of their wood, the ease of their glide.
  90. This all represents a formidable design challenge, but you will find in this file the necessary technological information from the future to help you in your work, along with sketches of what I envision.
  91. The satisfaction of this thought, led him to other ones, and with blood-thirsty lust, his sickly deranged mind began to devise and envision several gruesome ways in which to end Kathy Meadow’s life….
  92. Can you envision an environment where there is no joy in a self-expression, but others pillage that happiness in communication? There would only be sadness, depression, and anger within our words and deeds.
  93. If we eliminate the sanctuaries of privacy, we will most assuredly find ourselves being scrutinized by everyone with a vendetta against us for whatever reason their myopic self-righteousness might envision.
  94. The lay brother’s voice trailed off, and Duchairn tried not to shiver in a reaction which had nothing at all to do with the snow outside Fultyn’s office as he attempted to envision what the Chihirite had just described.
  95. He tries to envision the bouncing pathways of electrons, the signal chain like a path through a crowded city, RF signal coming in here, passing through a grid of amplifiers, then to variable condensers, then to transformer coils.
  96. We know that an individual’s personality embodies certain intangible thoughts, emotions, values, attitudes and beliefs, etcetera, and so we may envision the concept of personality to be invisible and therefore essentially spirit.
  97. Joel laughed as she shared this memory with him, for having met her family, he could easily envision the chaos and disaster her sibling’s idea of help could generate, especially if their kids had leant a hand in this endeavor too.
  98. Here is how I envision ACT being used by the active trader: imagine that every time you have a negative thought about your trading, you were also able to detach yourself from, and thus defuse, the thought before it affected your trading decisions.
  99. These too are caused or created or sustained by external conditions, and talking about particles without referencing these conditions is a convenient shortcut that allows one to envision a building-block world where everything is composed of particles.
  100. But forced apart, him living alone for 500 years, and then taking over the world in the next 500, imposing rules and customs on a people, forcing them to love him, to worship him, or else it was death for them, was a future I didn’t envision for my Julius.
  1. Even in the envisioning.
  2. But then envisioning her.
  3. He was too busy envisioning his remaining years in prison.
  4. We all know what happened next… and are probably envisioning.
  5. People have an inherent difficulty envisioning things they haven’t seen before.
  6. Ailia could see by his facial expression that he was envisioning the moment clearly.
  7. In that spirit, I penned a blog for SMBU playfully envisioning the future stars of trading.
  8. Even at the hypothetical envisioning level, my own temporal life was a fact I could not fully.
  9. Oh, that’s going to hurt later, she said under her breath, envisioning a purple bruise.
  10. The church was on fire when we arrived, Cody said still envisioning the burning farm in Kansas.
  11. He subsequently drove north on I-95 feeling in a restive mood, envisioning her gorgeous, body naked, and next to his.
  12. I had trouble envisioning the physical relationship between the worlds and exactly how straits and openings connected them.
  13. After envisioning all the horrible ways he deserved to be slaughtered, he finally was able to focus on looking for the device.
  14. However, pattern failures are common, and too many traders have tunnel vision, envisioning only the price movements they expect.
  15. He looked up his gaze catching hers; her blue eyes were so pretty he could spend every minute of the day just envisioning the sea.
  16. Outside, on a stool near our well, I sat for a few moments in the light of the moon, envisioning our home with a small child in it.
  17. And there I was, fantasizing about sharks, envisioning huge jaws armed with multiple rows of teeth and capable of cutting a man in half.
  18. Envision this: envisioning us within the pause of our communion – an ocean within a drop of water splashed from a wave upon a teaspoon.
  19. A grave could be referred to by that term without readers or hearers automatically envisioning 'the lake of fire, which is the second death' [Rev.
  20. Inside her deep in thoughts, she felt Mitchell to be the emotional anchor for the family, envisioning him excelling at whatever he did later in life.
  21. For a moment, Mitchell attempted to look into his future, envisioning Cindy as his girlfriend, filling the empty void he had always discreetly desired.
  22. He continually pictured himself being the best cop in LA, envisioning a ceremony of fellow officers in his future, honoring him for his bravery and accomplishments.
  23. Caroline introduced her to a twenty-five-room country inn that she liked immediately, envisioning a slowed pace with placid afternoons on the deck, capturing the views in watercolors.
  24. Feltus shivered involuntarily as he stood frozen, staring at the scene and envisioning what those final moments must have been like for the victim lying peacefully asleep in his bed, content with his own foul deeds, as a pillow was forcefully pushed against his face.
  25. I was envisioning marriage,.
  1. She’s not the person I envisioned.
  2. I had envisioned an evening like this.
  3. Day envisioned STS as the total pack-.
  4. Not quite the image Zoe had envisioned.
  5. She had envisioned sitting at the Devil’s.
  6. It was nothing that I had envisioned it to be.
  7. Lil’ B envisioned the police chase in his head.
  8. The future will be the dream we both envisioned.
  9. I guess I had envisioned it differently, though.
  10. This was not how he envisioned his life unfolding.
  11. She became the ideal he could never have envisioned.
  12. Again he bowed, and envisioned the classroom this time.
  13. This was not how I envisioned my college graduation day.
  14. Different cultures have envisioned this in different ways.
  15. The ancestors of these animals could never have envisioned.
  16. Never had she envisioned him as a source of money or power.
  17. She envisioned being lost in the crowd, just another face to.
  18. She envisioned that ‘someone’ to be Alfredo, the stable boy.
  19. She envisioned in her mind what would’ve happened the day 314.
  20. Since leaving the army, life was not how Pete had envisioned his.
  21. Barron had never really envisioned Silver City without its founder.
  22. The four mile run I had envisioned for today was now an afterthought.
  23. So many thoughts ran through the bomber’s mind as he envisioned his.
  24. This wasn’t the way he envisioned his first few days in space to be.
  25. In my young mind, I had envisioned Eiess to look absolutely terrifying.
  26. However the new age was not the type that the architects had envisioned.
  27. Whatever one might choose to call the envisioned Creative Cause of the.
  28. I shuddered as I envisioned the soldiers, who would surely commandeer the.
  29. Saul extended his hand to the man he envisioned as being older, and taller.
  30. Hitler never envisioned a long-term war with Britain, much less an invasion.
  31. The Founders envisioned their new nation to be one of laws, not of powerful men.
  32. Although this was not the way she had envisioned her last moments of life to be.
  33. She had never envisioned being convinced by her father to do something like that.
  34. We are all one with the (incomprehensible) Spirit in whatever manner envisioned!.
  35. And then he realized that the pain was not nearly as intense as he had envisioned.
  36. Her last decade was filled with a quality of life she never could have envisioned.
  37. Her movements were sensual, exotic; everything that he had ever envisioned and more.
  38. The Hebrews and the ancient Germanics, for example, envisioned it as a tree—.
  39. He envisioned an academy that offered the best of education to those less fortunate.
  40. The sex was, as Peter had not only hoped, but had thoroughly envisioned, spectacular.
  41. Mitchell surveyed his emotions, feeling somewhat infuriated as he envisioned the cash.
  42. Yet he had never envisioned that they would have killed the man in such a public place.
  43. Finally, I envisioned him in what I imagined were the moments after the car accident--.
  44. New Age as an envisioned species, caring for one another and replenishing the earth with.
  45. It is inconsistent with the natural evidence to suppose that the envisioned Originator of.
  46. He had never envisioned his life without her but the formality of marriage put him on edge.
  47. Eventually, it would lead then, First Lieutenant Walker, into a role he had never envisioned.
  48. According to one source, Wilder early on envisioned Danny Kaye and Bob Hope as the drag duo.
  49. She heard all the words, but this was well outside anything she'd encountered or envisioned.
  50. Beach with just his mom and sister, he always envisioned life on the other side of the tracks.
  51. Again, I selected the wrong word for the envisioned unknown source to which I was prayerfully.
  52. They were young and eventually reached their goals, getting the place the way they envisioned.
  53. As it turned out that was more complicated than we and the administrators at DOW had envisioned.
  54. Marching on the Rajpath that 26th January morning, Sandhya envisioned Roopa glued to her TV set.
  55. Where was that mask when I most needed it? This was not how I had envisioned a hero would travel.
  56. Submission to the Creative Power envisioned to have originated our species is not the same thing.
  57. I might have concerning the essence or character of that envisioned Infinite Cause of the primary.
  58. I-to-Thou silent praying cannot be overestimated, for how we address the envisioned Infinite Cause.
  59. As he stepped into the living room, he envisioned her magnificent, naked body dancing for him again.
  60. The phantom disease he envisioned suddenly represented a lucid reality of what could potentially be.
  61. I feared to admit that I really do not know anything about the character of the envisioned Almighty.
  62. The parents looked at each other in horror, obviously not having envisioned that piece of the process.
  63. He was quick to jot down the things he would need to create what he had envisioned it would look like.
  64. She had only been with us for a few weeks, but I had envisioned her life extending out to the horizon.
  65. Only one thing bothered him, one thing that threatened the idyllic future he envisioned for all of them.
  66. Seeing someone like Sorcer and Rumu acting against them was something they would have never envisioned.
  67. Yes, it was just as she had envisioned her on their first meeting—this confirmed it beyond any doubt.
  68. When she had been asked to destroy the crystal she had envisioned something the size of a man’s head.
  69. I sat on the makeshift step of what would be my refurbished porch and envisioned a yard with wildflowers.
  70. Our self-doubts and fears of failure cause us to glimpse catastrophe where once we envisioned opportunity.
  71. By incessant repetition the worst that can be envisioned will come to be seen as scientifically validated.
  72. If such is the nature of action envisioned in the Geeta, the question of physical warfare simply does not.
  73. Now it would be necessary to put everything into place and hope that things would work out as he envisioned.
  74. He then envisioned his father fishing a peaceful lake in heaven, starting a whole new beginning from scratch.
  75. Anna Ross envisioned her daughter being a teacher or missionary, but Ella went a different route with her life.
  76. He envisioned driving his car through the line of bikes ahead and that seemed to be the best and only solution.
  77. It wasn’t that long ago that the Black Panther movement embodied much of what Grace and Jimmie had envisioned.
  78. He was no longer self-assured and the mountains of Europe did not hold the glory he had envisioned them to have.
  79. She envisioned it as the parlor for funerals, a part of the morgue, but perhaps history has forgotten this part.
  80. Hitler envisioned a one-thousand year-long rule of Germanic power and might as the dominant culture in the world.
  81. He had envisioned a desperate battle in space between the Veiled mother ship and himself – a duel between Titans.
  82. Because the hole was so narrow, it was impossible to load a proper cartridge as Zhwaigair had originally envisioned.
  83. I want to get P in a room with a girl, all by themselves, Fritz started to unfold the script he had envisioned.
  84. Her blood was boiling, as she envisioned stepping into the opening and demanding, they put a stop to the foolishness.
  85. I envisioned the day when neighbors would refuse an invitation to lunch, make excuses when invited to a dinner party.
  86. I envisioned a small room inside my thought shield, and in that room I pictured a table and chairs for us all to sit at.
  87. Chuckling for a moment, Mitchell envisioned the sinister puff adder's fangs sinking deep into the neck of this individual.
  88. It was a sad barometer of an economy long in decline, and far from the pretty poster envisioned by the Chamber of Commerce.
  89. They envisioned a government that would be fiscally responsible and would empower its citizens by keeping them free of debt.
  90. In her mind, she envisioned what she would see in the house and how the old man would look twisted and mangled on his couch.
  91. Joe Billie Bloodtooth heard the sickening sound and violently exhaled as the envisioned war club was freed and came crashing down.
  92. The wedding that all of us have always envisioned for Talia, Nemia continued, Would be attended by all of the High People.
  93. Before I even started undergraduate work, I envisioned staying in the Corps for four years and getting a commission as an officer.
  94. Was Marcus thinking of me when he envisioned this gown? It certainly wouldn’t have suited Bethanie, but it was me on many levels.
  95. We would have enough land to create the institute for spiritual growth, healing, and the practice of permaculture that we envisioned.
  96. Any that could be envisioned or uttered by Man would be incomplete! There is no language of Man that would be capable of such scope!.
  97. He realised he was hungry and envisioned the meal Barbara would have waiting, yet he turned his car around and drove back to the office.
  98. The idea is something along the lines of what Asimov envisioned in his book I, Robot: built-in laws which forbid the machines to harm us.
  99. He shifted in the straw, his mind elsewhere as he envisioned D’ata on the outskirts of Marseille, plodding along on an old horse—in love.
  100. But I had originally envisioned the group as bringing together everyone’s science and advocacy when it came to anything concerning the brain.
  1. Ras envisions a future under Avery Perelle.
  2. The present text apparently envisions a scheme in.
  3. Now I am destined to be the woman he envisions in his head.
  4. In his mind Cass envisions his second momma, Lucy, proudly trying on this fine present.
  5. It will help if she envisions a particular color to represent each thing that bothers her.
  6. But the human being Lukacs envisions is thoughtful, not aggressive; contemplative, not arrogant.
  7. A friend of mine recently stated that he envisions a day when America will return to a (de facto) separate but equal society.
  8. My daughter imagines he drives around in her Barbie Bus, while my son envisions him logging on to Wikipedia or reading the newspaper.
  9. Carrie envisions the wrappers, which are printed with soy inks on recycled paper, at weddings, bridal and baby showers and as birthday.
  10. They can tell a trader when the ground is fertile for candlestick reversal or continuation patterns to be successful, but there is no guarantee that price will move in the direction the trader envisions, no matter how astute the analysis.
  11. He reflects on the future back at the eighteenth hole and envisions a more settled and contented life without too many of the distractions, griefs and worries that marriage had brought to him, deciding to play life straight and walk the walk instead of talk the talk.
  12. Ray envisions a world in the next 15 years where we grow plants vertically, and also grow meat without the slaughtering of animals, by using in-vitro cloning of muscle tissue in computerized factories—all at very low costs, with high nutritional qualities and without environmental impact.

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