suffer frasi

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Frasi con suffer (in inglese)

  1. To try is to suffer.
  2. I wanted him to suffer.
  3. This is why you suffer.
  4. The Lord will not suffer.
  5. They are bound to suffer.

  6. Why should he suffer so?
  7. He would suffer a mortal.
  8. You made me suffer gravely.
  9. We suffer for the sins of.
  10. Sodom did not just suffer.
  11. THEY ain't a-goin to suffer.
  12. They deserve to suffer too.
  13. Suffer and resent and rage.
  14. No, I will not suffer it!.
  15. Only the ladies will suffer.

  16. Eugenie had begun to suffer.
  17. They love to see you suffer.
  18. And they still suffer from.
  19. Nor can they help but suffer.
  20. At least she didn’t suffer.
  21. If not, everyone will suffer.
  22. A way to make herself suffer.
  23. Their wallets suffer as well.
  24. None of you will suffer the.
  25. In the event you suffer.

  26. Thoth was the first to suffer.
  27. The shame they would suffer if.
  28. Assuming you don't suffer from.
  29. I suffer from my sedentary life.
  30. Lady, we suffer a great grief.
  31. They will be willing to suffer.
  32. She could never so suffer again.
  33. Jack was the first to suffer his.
  34. Did she suffer? Wendy asked.
  35. Why shouldn't you suffer? I do!.
  36. You want them because you suffer.
  37. For we suffer because of our sins.
  38. Sodom did not just suffer a lost.
  39. Did he suffer? He says he did not.
  40. Louise wouldn’t suffer that way.
  41. I believe he cannot suffer longer.
  42. Who must suffer by it? The people.
  43. Now they would both suffer for it.
  44. She could either sit and suffer -.
  45. How did he die? Did he suffer?
  46. He will not let little boys suffer.
  47. They might suffer later when they.
  48. Your body didn't suffer any damage.
  49. M: He suffers with those who suffer.
  50. She didn’t suffer, Dad says.
  51. Well, he had made her suffer for it.
  52. Art index data suffer from problems.
  53. Why must society suffer because of.
  54. I could never suffer that intensely.
  55. Child beggars suffer lives of misery.
  56. Even if those around Athens suffer.
  57. And whether one member suffer, all.
  58. He didn’t let her suffer too long.
  59. I want to suffer for my sin!.
  60. Julia did suffer, however, though Mrs.
  61. Don’t let him suffer because of me.
  62. I wouldn't want my grades to suffer.
  63. Marie was the next to suffer a mishap.
  64. Ostedes had meant to make him suffer.
  65. Let her suffer in life without Death.
  66. He’d rather stay and suffer with me.
  67. Thessalonians: 'they shall suffer the.
  68. She starts to suffer real bad from it.
  69. You made me suffer all this time!.
  70. Now he was going to make Gomes suffer.
  71. They do not suffer the living to pass.
  72. He didn’t want any of us to suffer.
  73. How can I bear to see You suffer?
  74. Does he really suffer? she asked.
  75. Suffer now and live the rest of your.
  76. I don’t suffer from that affliction.
  77. None of them cared to suffer that fate.
  78. He had to suffer through it for a while.
  79. People suffer and die for those ideals.
  80. Why shouldn't they suffer? She suffers.
  81. But in his folly he makes others suffer.
  82. Reza just sat there, watching him suffer.
  83. His Son suffer pain and sorrow from the.
  84. Cross needed to suffer a great deal now.
  85. That’s why he must continue to suffer.
  86. His shirt and pants suffer the same fate.
  87. And he began to suffer for lack of food.
  88. Claire would not suffer for her mistake.
  89. It was his fault that they would suffer.
  90. There are others who suffer the same way.
  91. They will suffer the ultimate punishment.
  92. I didn’t want to suffer, not like that.
  93. In the long run your projects will suffer.
  94. She had never been one to suffer quietly.
  95. No reason to suffer more than we have to.
  96. Without love in our hearts we will suffer.
  97. They also usually suffer from depression.
  98. A person shouldn’t have to suffer so.
  99. He was enjoying watching Stain suffer too.
  100. She figured the child will not suffer if.
  1. I am used to suffering.
  2. She had to be suffering.
  3. Suffering was a way of.
  4. Suffering is not my goal.
  5. She was suffering from a.
  6. I was not suffering from.
  7. To focus suffering is not.
  8. I don't want more suffering.
  9. She was suffering from pain.
  10. Yet what is this suffering.
  11. It was for pain and suffering.
  12. It locked me into my suffering.
  13. This is true about suffering.
  14. Mystery of Suffering and Pain.
  15. The suffering was for nothing.
  16. We were all suffering with her.
  17. A glutton, suffering from gout.
  18. Sonia saw how he was suffering.
  19. He was already suffering from.
  20. Suffering, too, is a good thing.
  21. You have created your suffering.
  22. Is it suffering? he dared to ask.
  23. A suffering servant was out of.
  24. And they will see the suffering.
  25. The Ultimate Source of Suffering.
  26. Diana was in love with suffering.
  27. Not I to make hurt or suffering.
  28. Did those who are suffering and.
  29. Drowning in the ocean of suffering.
  30. His face showed intense suffering.
  31. He was turned on by her suffering.
  32. But I have been suffering cruelly.
  33. Upon his suffering and stormy soul.
  34. My suffering that I want to cover.
  35. You are partners in the suffering.
  36. And she bowed under her suffering.
  37. I had never seen her suffering so.
  38. She was suffering enough, already.
  39. Dry with tired fear and suffering).
  40. Suffering is as universal as stars.
  41. Suffering is never said to be the.
  42. Buddha was suffering in this world.
  43. Social suffering begins at all ages.
  44. There were only degrees of suffering.
  45. There has been great suffering here.
  46. She was suffering but she was clean.
  47. Secondly you chose war and suffering.
  48. He was suffering from hydrocephalus.
  49. There can be much suffering in love.
  50. Are you suffering from the same?
  51. Or suffering pride? Why is he there?
  52. With suffering it is not that simple.
  53. Q: Buddha said that life is suffering.
  56. Perhaps it's suffering he is seeking.
  57. The bush and the grass are suffering.
  58. The suffering is mostly self-created.
  59. No one is ever holy without suffering.
  60. He hadn’t cared about her suffering.
  61. As a result, pain and suffering have.
  62. Was he suffering as much as she was?
  63. Will always be the causes of suffering.
  64. Phalance’s suffering ended in 4196 B.
  65. He really was suffering at that moment.
  66. She was also suffering from Attention.
  67. The suffering will be immense for the.
  68. He could not bear to see You suffering.
  69. Not that the Fed seemed to be suffering.
  70. He was aged fifty-seven and suffering.
  71. Yes, but she’s suffering from fever.
  72. This is suffering that would have to be.
  73. This love is perfected through suffering.
  74. Similarly, suffering warns us that the.
  75. I know what you are suffering at present.
  76. Suffering of Child Abuse: Media Academy.
  77. They glorified suffering in their songs.
  78. His explanations about their suffering.
  79. And beyond this is relentless suffering.
  80. Q: What is the real cause of suffering?
  81. M: Selfishness is the cause of suffering.
  82. Love is not any punishment or suffering.
  83. That drains the blood of suffering men;.
  84. She’s suffering a grave personal loss.
  85. When you heal the heart of the suffering.
  86. They both seemed to be suffering from St.
  87. Prevent this suffering from ever having.
  88. If you are suffering with a severe case.
  89. I was suffering from a bit of a headache.
  90. They could be suffering this very minute.
  91. On which stands the cup of suffering.
  92. But they are also suffering because of it.
  93. Samoa's suffering was different from Guam.
  94. And from them she had had only suffering.
  95. I've seen their suffering and their pain.
  96. Survival without suffering is success.
  97. She never let on that she was suffering.
  98. There is a kind of suffering that we go.
  99. Fusan said: Much suffering has resulted.
  100. Suffering for Jesus equals glory to Jesus.
  1. Be suffered to grow cold.
  2. He suffered as a martyr.
  3. Then he suffered a shock.
  4. He had suffered a stroke.
  5. I suffered a lot mentally.
  6. Mom suffered a great deal.
  7. I've suffered so much at.
  8. She had also suffered her.
  9. He almost suffered from it.
  10. I don’t think he suffered.
  11. Having suffered losses as a.
  12. She knew that John suffered.
  13. I suffered a lot as a child.
  14. Where men died and suffered.
  15. I had suffered major damage.
  16. Your father has suffered a.
  17. At night, she suffered the.
  18. Even then he only suffered.
  19. He knows how I have suffered.
  20. She suffered long here below.
  21. His skin suffered in the sun.
  22. You suffered abrasions and a.
  23. He might not have suffered a.
  24. He suffered a moment of Panic.
  25. Up ahead Vernon had suffered.
  26. Had Keiko suffered a stroke?
  27. It had suffered immense damage.
  28. I think Matt’s suffered most.
  29. You have suffered a head wound.
  30. With sorrow they have suffered.
  31. He had suffered a heart attack.
  32. I still suffered from insomnia.
  33. He knows how I have suffered….
  34. He suffered a nervous breakdown.
  35. The babies suffered no injuries.
  36. You must have suffered horribly.
  37. And he suffered the consequences.
  38. I have suffered for that laxness.
  39. His Hebrew subjects suffered too.
  40. I thought he’d suffered enough.
  41. He suffered, bled and was shamed.
  42. She suffered from multiple stab.
  43. You have suffered and need to be.
  44. Eileen Holland suffered much more.
  45. Is it true that we have suffered.
  46. Argos suffered no such deficiency.
  47. Tell him the Army has suffered a.
  48. He suffered for all those men who.
  49. The Germans suffered no casualties.
  50. And Paul suffered a lot as a result.
  51. I am glad I suffered al these years.
  52. No-one’s suffered any ill effects.
  53. But Little Hanting silently suffered.
  54. She suffered from a heart condition.
  55. Formaldehyde suffered the same fate.
  56. She suffered no losses in that raid.
  57. I had already suffered through one.
  58. Suffered again? The machine assumes.
  59. Clara suffered badly from her mother.
  60. He suffered a moment of sheer terror.
  61. When He suffered, He didn't threaten.
  62. She didn’t deny that they suffered.
  63. She only suffered amnesia for awhile.
  64. The party that has suffered the most.
  65. M: Who has not suffered is not afraid.
  66. He who hath suffered ofttimes shrinks.
  67. It seemed that he, too, had suffered.
  68. She had suffered far too much already.
  69. Your uncle Edmund has suffered a blow.
  70. Glain suffered it, though not happily.
  71. Her brother suffered the same disease.
  72. He suffered a fall, Anthony said.
  73. He has suffered a severe concussion.
  74. You have suffered so much, my child.
  75. Q: Nobody has suffered more than saints.
  76. Lov suffered through hell the first day.
  77. He lay and suffered like a sulking dog.
  78. He physically suffered for us on Earth.
  79. I'd suffered severe mutilating injuries.
  80. Not having suffered due to commercial.
  81. Henry had suffered a heart attack the.
  82. I have suffered from the same mentality.
  83. She suffered, in reality, because of me.
  84. We suffered and were stung by the.
  85. Will has suffered a severe concussion.
  86. But Glenelle had suffered socially also.
  87. But he still suffered a twinge of unease.
  88. For three years, your forebear suffered.
  89. The same year Hugo suffered a second blow.
  90. She has suffered a serious head injury.
  91. On the road I have suffered a great deal.
  92. You, he said, have suffered much.
  93. But what about the indignities suffered.
  94. I suffered, too, gentlemen, I assure you.
  95. My father suffered another heart attack.
  96. As for the girl, she had suffered enough.
  97. It was very sad, how this woman suffered.
  98. I suffered constant mocking and criticism.
  99. Talus had suffered too much loss recently.
  100. When we have never suffered true pain?
  1. Q: But his work suffers.
  2. That thus he suffers for.
  3. He says he suffers want.
  4. He suffers along with us.
  5. Time suffers the big price.
  6. It suffers more by keeping.
  7. The flesh suffers as man sins.
  8. And He suffers because He is.
  9. You are the only one who suffers.
  10. M: He suffers with those who suffer.
  11. She suffers a traumatic head injury.
  13. He too suffers with the same disease.
  14. He suffers from delusions of grandeur.
  15. Why shouldn't they suffer? She suffers.
  16. Will my preparation suffers from this?
  17. When one harms oneness, the whole suffers.
  18. Unfortunately, she suffers from delusions.
  19. Quality often suffers as firms grow quickly.
  20. Two percent of the population suffers from.
  21. Q: So, the innocent suffers for the guilty?
  22. When book reading suffers, literature suffers.
  23. It suffers from the shoulds previously defined.
  24. Here’s something that everyone suffers through.
  25. I have one friend who suffers from haemorrhoids.
  26. Half of mankind suffers from permanent diarrhoea.
  27. Similarly, if the borrower suffers losses in his.
  28. The next one of their poor victims suffers without.
  29. How the Father must have suffered! He suffers because.
  30. He that is told the 'Truth' suffers spiritual death i.
  31. Believe it or not, giant Nestlé suffers from neglect.
  32. Katherine Rose suffers from the same disease, you know.
  33. M: One suffers along with what one thinks oneself to be.
  34. The anorexic is mentally ill sometimes she or he suffers.
  35. One suffers a catastrophic head wound while the.
  36. This is the tribulation that the evildoer suffers in the.
  37. The soul which loves and suffers is in a state of sublimity.
  38. S suffers from grave allergic symptoms attributed to peanuts.
  39. Could not that woman be taken off the train? She suffers so.
  40. I know he even suffers a bit of depression from time to time.
  41. He that is told the ‘Truth’ suffers spiritual death, the.
  42. Matthew 11:12 – The kingdom of heaven suffers violence.
  43. Imagine, for example, an elderly relative who suffers a stroke.
  44. This is what Sabrina suffers from today as referenced above: A.
  45. The same was true for suffers of allergies and skin conditions.
  46. It is not suspected that the revenue suffers by this confidence.
  47. The modernizer spirit suffers conscious freedom to do the repair.
  48. She hoarded and saved, let her husband suffers and starves, and.
  49. He who fears he will suffer, already suffers from his fear.
  50. The man of education suffers even more from these inconsistencies.
  51. Can we dare to think that each suffers for his own sins, of which.
  52. Because, if I’ve got you, then you’re the person that suffers.
  53. By a subsequent statute, the master suffers six months imprisonment.
  54. The Christ, who is God and Man, dies, suffers for sin, and from sin.
  55. In South Africa today, where the country suffers from high unemploy-.
  56. But this strategy suffers if markets decline or options are too cheap.
  57. The woman maintains that she has no bites, but suffers from emphysema.
  58. Besides the costs of war material, consider how the environment suffers.
  59. Anyone who lives within their means suffers from a lack of imagination.
  60. This type of descriptive analysis is fun but suffers from many limitations.
  61. To recap, about 1/3 of the American population suffers high blood pressure.
  62. He suffers from a learning disabilitiy, so when he was able to master the.
  63. Every person who in mentally sick and insane suffers from this kind of detachment.
  64. In Nigeria they have a saying, When two elephants fight, only the grass suffers.
  65. He decides his actions and his allegiances, and he suffers the consequences of both.
  66. The Midwest still suffers occasional droughts, but it hasn’t had another Dust Bowl.
  67. But he grows tired of the exclusive mental labour, and his health suffers accordingly.
  68. The curse that all mankind and creation suffers under was not of My Father’s making.
  69. Only the tenth suffers greatly, earning a compound average annual rate of return of 5.
  70. In the introduction Homer also states that Ulysses suffers because of the trials.
  71. Killing and destruction then becomes bad karma and the countries going into war suffers.
  72. Canny Hogarth knew that ’tis the Woman who always suffers for the Sins of all Mankind.
  73. When one is confronted with hardships, suffers setbacks, or becomes sick, the causality.
  74. It is that which enjoys and suffers and which tastes flavors and savors their pleasures.
  75. You are the one who suffers, you are one stuck in the past and you are the one who hurts.
  76. Well? I was given to understand that she suffers from a rather severe form of depression.
  77. It suffers in vain because, for reasons mentioned above, it is unable to aspire for hope.
  78. It is that which enjoys and suffers, and which tastes flavors and savors their pleasures.
  79. The energy market often suffers another low during midsummer as demand for crude oil wanes.
  80. This section is a clever attempt, but still suffers because they didn’t understand the.
  81. Society once suffered from ignorant superstition; today it suffers from ignorant skepticism.
  82. Just as Hallen said about pretence, and everyone suffers it, they have no means by which.
  83. From the egotism of the man who suffers he passes to the compassion of the man who meditates.
  84. Consciousness purified is reflection of divine consciousness that never suffers from anything.
  85. Then some federal installation suffers terrorist bombing by an unknown source two hours later.
  86. The benefit of the person who does the injury is often equal to the loss of him who suffers it.
  87. Unhappily, most of that population suffers absolute misery, disease and cruel social abandonment.
  88. But it still suffers from the two problems associated with bear markets we mentioned previously.
  89. He’s a doctor himself, researching treatments for Parkinson’s disease, which he suffers from.
  90. For man is but earth which suffers; for from the face of the ground was made the moulding of Adam.
  91. In Matthew, Chapter 11, Verse 12, he says the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, violent pressure.
  92. The human suffers heart death and strangulation as the blood parasite houses itself within the lungs.
  93. For he who is harassed by inconveniences of this kind suffers equal torture with him who is in chains.
  94. Next, he suffers the inexorable consequences of sin -- the transgression of the laws of life and light.
  95. If one part suffers, every part suffers with it; if one part is honored, every part rejoices with it.
  96. This latter ratio is fully available to all investors but suffers from large jumps in measurement, which.
  97. Suffers from a delusional disorder, more specifically, ‘persecutory delusions of the nonbizarre type.
  98. I know what he suffers now, for instance, exactly: it is merely a beginning of what he shall suffer, though.
  99. Does he find it necessary to purchase, he suffers equally from the want of competition among those who sell.
  100. New York, still young, vigorous and hale, prefers its drama in lumps, and suffers from no dyspeptic results.

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