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Frasi con approximate (in inglese)

  1. This is an approximate list.
  2. The approximate gamma is then.
  3. Again, the translation is approximate.
  4. This caudal horn seems to approximate Mr.
  5. It has an approximate diameter of 2,800 drams.

  6. The following height equivalents are approximate.
  7. I have an approximate catalogue, in case of need.
  8. You will discover the approximate path to success.
  9. You have an approximate time? I asked Hartwig.
  10. Each shovel of coal had produced an approximate two-.
  11. Here they are, in the approximate order of importance.
  12. Approximate distance to the Sun: forty Astronomical Units[3].
  13. Thus humanity can only have an approximate knowledge of truth.
  14. He can only approximate true justice as he learns it from God.
  15. We calculated the approximate value of the combo (C – P) as 4.

  16. You see the approximate size, he said as we examined them.
  17. Even the approximate time of its arrival had been kept a secret.
  18. Children are allowed to approximate meaning and therefore arrive.
  19. Sensor readings approximate the readings from the other planets.
  20. We can approximate the daily theta at any point along the tree as.
  21. This provides an approximate 60-degree phase lead in the indicator.
  22. Could I have the approximate date of conception of your child?
  23. Of course any such method will at best yield only approximate answers.
  24. The mortaring was not precise, but they knew our approximate location.
  25. Then there is a recovery back to the approximate level of the old high.

  26. This damage can occur within an approximate of only 15 minutes and can.
  27. Highlights of this period, in approximate chronological order, include:.
  28. To approximate this change, we used the average delta over the price range.
  29. This approximate number is also supported by the McKinsey Global Institute.
  30. We can approximate to this state of the scale, by applying the theorem in Prop.
  31. The ship sailed on a course of 340 degrees at an approximate speed of 20 knots.
  32. Auxiliary personnel approximate the number of active-duty (regular) Coast Guard.
  33. Alexa ranks the top several million websites, and it will give you an approximate.
  34. Crump, for estate tax purposes, I need to know the approximate value of this land.
  35. The old man had sought to place himself in the approximate middle of his huge flock.
  36. Fold the thin tip under to approximate the thickness of the rest of the tenderloin.
  37. Nearly 90 percent of the known gold has been mined, with an approximate value of $4.
  38. Answer: You can get an approximate idea from the historical earnings of the company.
  39. Our scientists believe that is the approximate age of the Great Pyramid in Egypt.
  40. If we take into account the effort in the handle and the approximate mass of the 34.
  41. These are only approximate directions but you will find them adequate for navigation.
  42. We know that the at-the-money option will always have an approximate price ratio of.
  43. I included the names of victims and the approximate times and dates of their murders.
  44. Green Urchin, can you give me the approximate location of those mortars, over?
  45. Trend lines are an approximate visual guide to where waves in price will begin and end.
  46. He had not, of course, been able to form even an approximate notion of what they meant.
  47. He asked me my birth date and the approximate time of my arrival, which was ten twenty.
  48. Other things being equal , what will be the approximate option value 24 hours from now?
  49. Two hundred thousand thousand–Two hundred million, the approximate median population of.
  50. As a result, they often sought shortcuts by which they could more easily approximate prices.
  51. In the latter case, he may well approximate to what the vulgar have called the 'missing link.
  52. The interest value must be the approximate cost of carrying the exercise price to expiration.
  53. AT-15783-9843, and the approximate dates, Jalal could track the shipment, and, get the planes.
  54. If implied volatility increases to 26%, what is the approximate change in the option's value?
  55. This development resulted in an approximate doubling of the market price between 1926 and 1928.
  56. The calculation of approximate liquidating value in a specific case is illustrated as follows:.
  57. This pattern can be viewed as an approximate description matching the behavior of most criteria.
  58. For such purposes an indefinite and approximate measure of the intrinsic value may be sufficient.
  59. These two elements may be used as a basis for calculating approximate normal earnings of U.
  60. When adding the confectioners' sugar and peanut butter, be aware that the amounts are approximate.
  61. Tell him that his devil can never approximate our honorable and pure prophet master Mohammad (cpth).
  62. But some societies made poor showing of their efforts to approximate the solar, or even synodic, year.
  63. Therefore the percentage of fixed expenses is 63 percent, and variable expenses approximate 37 percent.
  64. Traders tried to approximate American values by making adjustments to Black-Scholes–generated values.
  65. Estimated daily advertising costs and approximate click throughs are reported for all selected keywords.
  66. It consists of a trend line and a channel line, with the same approximate breadth of trading in between.
  67. Upon conversion, Wharf will end up with an approximate 35 percent ownership interest in Greentown equity.
  68. I even tried to approximate my appearance and bearing to that of the heroes who possessed these qualities.
  69. If a tender offer is extended, there must be an announcement of the approximate numbers of shares tendered.
  70. If the owner income trend increases over time, you can project the approximate owner income for the future.
  71. From that previous year’s detail, you can project the approximate owner income growth rate going forward.
  72. Fibonacci Retracement is a method for determining the approximate number of points retracement will involve.
  73. Give me her full name, date of birth, and the date, location, and approximate time she disappeared, he said.
  74. Approximate estimations can be based on the average salary, electricity expenses, water supply expenses, etc.
  75. And over time, you can approximate the returns of plain vanilla stock ownership, but with reduced volatility.
  76. Good-Faith Estimate: A written statement from the lender itemizing the approximate costs and fees for the mortgage.
  77. Her arms were thin as twigs, hardly able to lift her own body-weight (which was approximate to an adolescent child).
  78. Thus, since Al’lah’s messenger (cpth) is our rescuer, how could Satan dare to approximate him? How impossible!.
  79. Even if you get an approximate fit that indicates general trends, you can make out like a bandit in the stock market.
  80. The column, Estimated Premium, shows the approximate time value as a percentage of the annualized Implied Volatility.
  81. The resulting number of counts in each bin will have an approximate normal (Gaussian) probability distribution shape.
  82. Finally, he waited for the needle on the dial to move and show the approximate alcohol level in Smith’s blood stream.
  83. Therefore, we shall only submit some approximate formulas in the present paragraph to determine the nature of the load.
  84. Given that my Dad and I could easily approximate a suitably nasal Mersey sound, we cut the parts in a couple of takes.
  85. On the way to my office, I sent a cable to Corina giving her the date, flight number and approximate arrival time in Boston.
  86. He gave a few more details, but they were just details with no new revelations, the route they took and the approximate times.
  87. After the coal is extracted, the removed material is put back onto the ridge to approximate the mountain's original contours.
  88. Her whiskers—long, approximate to the weight of her body—flicker as another piece of paper comes soaring toward the pile.
  89. I’ve stumbled round quite a bit, trying to approximate things such as comfort, but it hasn’t been perfectly natural for me.
  90. A‘s were under represented (9 percent) in the major leagues although these statistics closely approximate the national average.
  91. That man was shot from an approximate distance of fifteen yards, while the car must have been over thirty yards away and moving.
  92. She estimated the approximate distance from the cave mouth, and walked over and stood there looking between the photo and the cave.
  93. This method will enable you to identify the approximate time-price zone in which a market is likely to be making a valuation mistake.
  94. The more often rehedging takes place, the more likely it is that the final result will approximate the results predicted by the model.
  95. A group records the time, date and approximate location of the odors in a logbook and then photographs the capturing of the air sample.
  96. Yes, Feltus concluded, that could match the approximate age of the suspect, even though he had never been good at guessing women’s ages.
  97. The approximate Gibb’s free energy of combustion of jet fuel, the change in gas volume, temperature, pressure, and other state functions.
  98. However, Tess found at least approximate expression for her feelings in the old Benedicite that she had lisped from infancy; and it was enough.
  99. These temperatures are approximate, and are in accordance with the general rules for oven temperature, but this has to be adapted to the recipe.
  100. Consider next what happens when the MACD is applied to a data set that begins to more closely approximate real market conditions, as in Figure B.
  1. It is a mystique closely approximating a religion.
  2. The Darangi, the ones he had seen, appeared to be something approximating human.
  3. He makes the best and most subtle martini in the world by a process approximating magic.
  4. At the time of my heart attack my financial resources had a value approximating one million dollars.
  5. If both hands are pointing up, the response is a single upward arc, approximating one alternation of a sine wave.
  6. Specimens were placed in a large aquarium under conditions as nearly approximating their natural habitat as possible.
  7. The Greeks identified her as approximating Diana, the Moon goddess, and Persephone or Kore, for the grain and harvest.
  8. He’d always liked the Rauschenbergy effect of an actual thing approximating a representation, rather than vice versa.
  9. Harvo was uploaded into a processor unit before being placed within a dutainium box approximating the density of the astronomer’s ship.
  10. The form of the crystals is a rhomboid, approximating very much to that of the felspar, and which has inclined some to consider it as such.
  11. Still, you're approximating circles with squares, so remember to normalize your equations to keep errors from popping up in the wrong places.
  12. If you could get a quorum of proxies approximating the cost of a heart, their vote could be considered a theoretical directive for us to donate one.
  13. They were sung in a furious whisper, approximating the sound of someone spitting out the tale over an electric band that I could only imagine in my head.
  14. In Great Britain, in whose government there were some features approximating to ours, there was always an uneasiness, lest the Parliament should not meet often enough.
  15. He waited in expectancy to discern some mental pointing; he knew that if any intention of his, concluded over-night, did not vanish in the light of morning, it stood on a basis approximating to one of pure reason, even if initiated by impulse of feeling; that it was so far, therefore, to be trusted.
  16. There appears to be among Men of Science a Will towards God but nothing approximating the traditional Godlike Qualities that typify the faith of true believers but rather the assumption of godlike features originating from Reason‘s assault on Faith, that, having shaken its resistance, seeks to discredit the conventional propositions of Eternal Wisdom.
  1. It can only be approximated.
  2. Call it one hundred because ninety-five cries out to be approximated.
  3. It is closely approximated by the Wilshire 5000, Russell 3000, and CRSP-All indexes.
  4. At a minimum, their annual savings approximated six hundred thousand dollars a year.
  5. For example, a Synthetic Long position can be approximated with a deep in-the-money Long Call.
  6. For example, the 2010 PetSmart 10-K discloses that sales from its two largest vendors approximated 22.
  7. The seventeenth century saw advances in science and mathematics that have never been even approximated before or after.
  8. But there is no getting around the fact that in the long run equity returns are closely approximated by the sum of the dividend rate, now 1.
  9. In the opinion of management, the estimated aggregate market value of the above investments approximated cost at December 31, 1986 and 1985.
  10. In every challenge and every endeavor, economic or otherwise, it should be asked what is the ideal and how can it be achieved or best approximated.
  11. The amount of this extra value, or cushion, above the debt may be approximated by using the average market price of the junior stock issues over a period of years.
  12. For example, when a stock is expected to pay a dividend, an American call value can be approximated by comparing the Black-Scholes value of the call option under two circumstances:.
  13. It combines a statement of actual earnings, shown over a period of years, with a reasonable expectation that these will be approximated in the future, unless extraordinary conditions supervene.
  14. True, the familiarity of this address almost approximated to rudeness, yet even the boorish exterior of the speaker could not conceal a constant endeavour never to hurt another one’s feelings.
  15. They are examples of the convenient rule of 72 which says that the number of years in which you double your money is approximated by the number 72 divided by the percentage rate of return.
  16. If an infinite number of balls were dropped into the maze, the resulting distribution might be approximated by a normal distribution curve such as the one overlaid on the distribution in Figure 6-2.
  17. Although profit cannot be expressed in the same units as forecast by this criterion, the notion of the positive profits area is close to probability and can be approximated by the proportion of profitable combinations.
  18. Separation of Church and State—A phrase once approximated (a wall of separation) by Thomas Jefferson in a letter to the Baptists in which he supported the freedom of an individual to worship without the influence of the state.
  19. It follows that, for any investor, the currency-hedged return of a risky foreign asset is well approximated by the sum of the investor’s home currency deposit rate and the foreign asset’s excess return over the foreign deposit rate.
  20. In our particular family such apprehension was common to Papa, Woloda, and myself, and was developed to the highest pitch, Dubkoff also approximated to our coterie in apprehension, but Dimitri, though infinitely more intellectual than Dubkoff, was grosser in this respect.
  21. We were instructed by a man of about my age, who treated us with defensive hostility; he wore very dark blue shirts, a lemon-yellow tie, and horn-rimmed glasses, and it was largely by reason of this warning that I modified my own style of dress until it approximated to what my cousin jasper would have thought suitable for country-house visiting.
  22. The teeth are as in the genus Mustela, and white; those of the lower jaw are larger and stronger: the grinders are four on each side; they are broad, trifid, with the middle lobe sharp and very long: the tusks, or dogteeth, are very strong, curved, and approximated, leaving a very small place for the incisores, which are very small, very short, and flat; the two lateral ones on each side are situated diagonally, the second behind, and the two middle ones are only half the size of the others.
  23. Conscious that the human organism, normally capable of sustaining an atmospheric pressure of 1 9 tons, when elevated to a considerable altitude in the terrestrial atmosphere suffered with arithmetical progression of intensity, according as the line of demarcation between troposphere and stratosphere was approximated from nasal hemorrhage, impeded respiration and vertigo, when proposing this problem for solution, he had conjectured as a working hypothesis which could not be proved impossible that a more adaptable and differently anatomically constructed race of beings might subsist otherwise under Martian, Mercurial, Veneral, Jovian, Saturnian, Neptunian or Uranian sufficient and equivalent conditions, though an apogean humanity of beings created in varying forms with finite differences resulting similar to the whole and to one another would probably there as here remain inalterably and inalienably attached to vanities, to vanities of vanities and to all that is vanity.
  1. This approximates with the.
  2. You see, Pi approximates to 3.
  3. This approximates with the dimensional.
  4. This approximates with the dimensional relationship between the volume of Jupiter’s huge gas.
  5. The alliterative grouping is a mnemonic device and only approximates the process roughly represented by them.
  6. We shall therefore content ourselves with a method which gradually approximates towards the desired results.
  7. An exponential average uses a smoothing constant that approximates the number of days for a simple moving average.
  8. The term hammer price, which approximates these conditions, will have meaning to anyone who goes to auctions.
  9. An exponential average utilizes a smoothing constant that approximates the number of days for a simple moving average.
  10. If net income closely approximates cash flow from operations, then there is less likelihood that it is being manipulated.
  11. It means that if there is a sufficient number of observations, we should obtain an average number of matches that approximates the value calculated by formula 5.
  12. Still, it might be possible to use the exercise prices that are listed to create a position that closely approximates a theoretically constant volatility position.
  13. Note that we do not suggest that this formula gives the true value of a growth stock, but only that it approximates the results of the more elaborate calculations in vogue.
  14. In Table 11-2 we reproduce the projections for 1967–1969 made in June 1964, and compare them with the earnings, and average market price actually realized in 1968 (which approximates the 1967–1969 period).
  15. What’s so fascinating about sex? Is it worthy of so much attention and impassioned emotions? Is it the pinnacle of pleasure that approximates heaven on earth as some suggest, or is it the work of the devil corrupting mankind? To answer that, one needs to ask what sex is and what it isn’t.

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