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Frasi con estimate (in inglese)

  1. I estimate that it can.
  2. Some estimate the gap at 1.
  3. The estimate was raised to $2.
  4. That was Ash’s estimate too.
  5. Estimate time to be completed.

  6. I estimate now that I plunged.
  7. Jimmy didn’t give an estimate.
  8. Your best estimate calls for $6.
  9. His estimate was almost correct.
  10. NOMA’s initial estimate was £450.
  11. Most weight is given to this estimate.
  12. How long do you estimate he will take.
  13. The number is only an estimate since.
  14. Why is liquidity so hard to estimate?
  15. They estimate the planes actual age at.

  16. He groaned as he looked at the estimate.
  17. To the extent that it can estimate the.
  18. They can go two hundred miles I estimate.
  19. I use all this to get a general estimate.
  20. A half mile seemed a reasonable estimate.
  21. She needed some estimate of his potential.
  22. My best estimate is that will be several.
  23. That being the case, we can estimate the.
  24. A common and agreed upon estimate of the.
  25. The highest estimate I came across was an.

  26. Scientists estimate that on average, over.
  27. Thus if we were willing to estimate life in.
  28. I’d estimate that there are only about.
  29. They estimate at least twenty thousand so far.
  30. I’d estimate another seventeen hours, sir.
  31. My estimate has to be revised to around sixty.
  32. Estimate of the expenses and losses of the Bank.
  33. Estimate how low you expect a stock to collapse.
  34. Estimate the visibility is less than 200 metres.
  35. Not that Stahdmaiyr’s estimate made him happy.
  36. But some marketing executives estimate that up.
  37. I would also estimate that each of these sites.
  38. Now you need to estimate your maximum heart rate.
  39. A bit less than ten minutes, by their estimate.
  40. By my estimate, I’m 50 kilometers from the MAV.
  41. In the final estimate, life and poetry both have.
  42. Science experiment was 10-5 kg while the estimate.
  43. An unbiased estimate h of θ is such that Eh = θ.
  44. How many bones remain? Sources40 estimate about 3.
  45. Once I have that price, I have my personal estimate.
  46. It can also give you a reasonable estimate of how.
  47. In order to estimate the density and weight of the.
  48. He tried to estimate how far behind him the Pole was.
  49. I found my expenses have outrun my original estimate.
  50. I’d estimate at least thirty thousand ranmyas here.
  51. The barrels of oil for blood was an accurate estimate.
  52. I saw but sixteen and the highest estimate was thirty.
  53. Estimate the cost of building the network as designed.
  54. The best we can do is estimate them, by hook or crook.
  55. Estimate to lose around 25% of your total calculation.
  56. It must have been at least midnight by their estimate.
  57. It's difficult to estimate how many horses were stolen.
  58. Mining companies estimate that thousands of jobs will.
  59. I estimate that a crew can seal one fissure per day.
  60. By this estimate, Chase's stock was deeply underpriced.
  61. These additional services are included in your estimate.
  62. Let’s start with an estimate of your before-tax needs.
  63. According to one estimate, more than 4 million American.
  64. I'm unable to estimate the hours that passed in this way.
  65. Estimate: The act of setting a financial value on a thing.
  66. Duryodhan then gives his final estimate of the situation.
  67. The highest estimate for the Cold War is 7 million deaths.
  68. Should I go to the other dealer—get another estimate?
  70. But his estimate of the militia of Canada must be too low.
  71. There was no way to estimate the distance we had traveled.
  72. Who can rightly estimate the strength of this enclosure?
  73. The best estimate is that between 6 and 8 million animals.
  74. We can estimate the cost of a new customer acquisition at.
  75. In line with the literature I focus on a pre-cost estimate.
  76. Lancet medical journal had the highest estimate at 567,000.
  77. As we will see shortly, this is a fairly accurate estimate.
  78. The South Vietnamese government estimate was 40,000 deaths.
  79. They have ability to estimate the outcome of their actions.
  80. This we believe to be a moderate and conservative estimate.
  81. According to the Theory’s estimate, the visible Earth is.
  82. With one estimate at 7 million abandoned street children in.
  83. My job is to evaluate the ship and draw up a refit estimate.
  84. He kept raising his earnings-per-share estimate nonetheless.
  85. Note that this estimate DOES NOT include African slaves who.
  86. Recent articles estimate that there are over 5 million home-.
  87. But this estimate was based on current prescribing practices.
  88. Hence, we cannot estimate any intra-group variability measure.
  89. But for most practical purposes this is a reasonable estimate.
  90. By my estimate, her win/loss ratio is better than 100,000,000.
  91. Again, the foundation is linear because the best estimate of.
  92. I would estimate that these messages formulated over half of.
  93. The same thing happens if the dividend growth estimate is off.
  94. My calculations fall between Brownie’s estimate and Sam’s.
  95. It’s $300,000 more than the 2008 estimate of about $650,000.
  96. I estimate over two hundred, Kifter said, shocked by this.
  97. Additional information may help to further narrow the estimate.
  98. The problem is that there is no good estimate of your exposure.
  99. Most indicators that estimate risk belong to the negative type.
  100. If our best volatility estimate is 25 percent, we have a choice.
  1. Now, estimating risk is no easy task.
  2. In this case, you might start by estimating.
  3. Estimating average future earnings is not easy.
  4. The model for estimating market value is as follows:.
  5. Estimating it to be past half-turn of the night, the.
  6. Estimating it to be fifty strides across, the massive.
  7. Second, errors in estimating expected inflation (secular).
  8. Remember that guessing is not the same thing as estimating.
  9. However, estimating free cash flow is usually quite arbitrary.
  10. Estimating a body is like estimating the fingers on your hand.
  11. Rajan was estimating on a paper as how to complete this project.
  12. This is of course useful when it comes to estimating print costs.
  13. Is this not an index of a Wise Arranger and Estimating Creator?
  14. Estimating the length of one's stride while out walking does not.
  15. His estimating brow was drawn up into sums of devious calculations.
  16. I am estimating, took up the first two or three years after I started.
  17. Your finance team may have some suggestions for estimating this figure.
  18. Estimating the market impact of accounting numbers is what counts for them.
  19. I usually use this for estimating pipe length or explosive cable - not for.
  20. Carbonate of lime in calcareous substances, new instrument for estimating, J.
  21. However, estimating what the buyer could earn from the use of the strategic.
  22. I say 150 meters, although I had no instruments for estimating this distance.
  23. In estimating the τth quantile,* we try to find that value of β, for which.
  24. Valuation is the process of estimating the monetary amount the firm is worth.
  25. Here is a simple alternative method I like for estimating long-term fair value.
  26. Hanor, Nole and Bane stayed alert, estimating over fifty strangers populated the.
  27. Is this not an indication that there is a Wise Arranger and Estimating Creator?
  28. The best performance is attributed to the criterion estimating the degree of symmetry.
  29. He gave her a level look as though estimating how much coquetry was behind the question.
  30. There are two other ways of estimating future turning points on the basis of time alone.
  31. Hence, she resolved to follow him in quietly, estimating the complexity of the situation.
  32. She did all the estimating and ordering in a concise amount of time and level-headedness.
  33. The professional traders are estimating what volatility will be or forecasting volatility.
  34. Estimating their progress toward the gate, Moshe moved in that direction hoping to time his.
  35. Is this a general phenomenon? We answer this question by estimating another linear regression.
  36. A good rule of thumb to use is that 1 palm is 1% of the body when estimating the % of the skin.
  37. When estimating the standard deviation from a sample of the entire population, σ is given by1.
  38. I could not preach but to the educated; to those who were capable of estimating my composition.
  39. Experience of the members estimating, plays key role in the success of estimation in this method.
  40. In estimating future earnings (for any sort of business), Security Analysis provides two vital rules.
  41. Insert additional comments and local pricing information to complete cost estimating of the project.
  42. Besides being at least as important, estimating expected returns is much harder than estimating risk.
  43. Estimating activity duration is probably one of the greatest challenges for the sales project manager.
  44. I am grateful to Walter Schloss for providing data essential to estimating Graham-Newman’s returns.
  45. Estimating the fair value of any asset is an extremely difficult task, and options are not an exception.
  46. For a time that scared me; but any concession would have shortened our chance of escape beyond estimating.
  47. This sort of circumstance illustrates the importance of having multiple methods for estimating fair value.
  48. I’ve seen reports estimating that more than 2 million people lived within its roughly eight square miles.
  49. No trader will survive very long if his livelihood depends on estimating each input with 100 percent accuracy.
  50. This is not a perfect solution, but it is a method of estimating the VIX futures prices based on option prices.
  51. Recognizing the different categories in real time will aid in estimating the depth of an expected market decline.
  52. Standing, coldly estimating the caliber of the applause, comparing it to the metered remembrances of other nights.
  53. I’ve seen reports estimating that more than 2 million people lived within its roughly eight square miles.
  54. He continued to give her penicillin at six-hour intervals around the clock, estimating the dose based on his experience.
  55. It can land you in big trouble if you try to guess at the costs of a renovation instead of accurately estimating the costs.
  56. Dalio has been estimating every type of market and finding what the best ratio is through asset allocation for over 20 years.
  57. The criterion estimating how wide the break-even range is in relation to the current underlying asset price is calculated as.
  58. This relies largely on estimating future earnings and then multiplying these by a factor appropriate to the particular issue.
  59. Serious practitioners use more complex risk models with several factors and have more advanced techniques for estimating betas.
  60. You’ll learn when to apply these distributions in your future work along with methods for estimating their parameters using R.
  61. For example, the VaR estimating the amount of potential loss has higher values for riskier and, hence, less attractive combinations.
  62. Estimating their progress toward the gate, Moshe moved in that direction hoping to time his arrival with theirs without appearing to hurry.
  63. When time is not a factor, we still would want to split the sample into two parts, one for estimating the model parameters, the other for verification.
  64. The now-standard procedure for estimating future earning power starts with average past data for physical volume, prices received, and operating margin.
  65. The nonlinearity of such relationships is extremely important for estimating the heterogeneity of criteria effectiveness at its different value ranges.
  66. There were still more enemy fighters than I could count—so many that my Tactical Avionics Computer was having a hard time estimating their number, too.
  67. If you don’t have a cable tester with TDR capabilities, you can measure the cable lengths manually by estimating the distances between the connectors.
  68. Current methods of estimating cloud optical depth from satellite measurements produce biased results that depend strongly on satellite viewing geometry.
  69. The mission fulfilled by criteria is to solve the problem of estimating the fairness of option market prices by comparing these two types of uncertainty.
  70. The truth of the matter was that Rushton had had nothing whatever to do with estimating the cost of this work: he had not the necessary knowledge to do so.
  71. The CCI indicator was first described by Donald Lambert4 as a means of statistically estimating where the current prices lie within the length of a channel.
  72. The discovery of a great metaphysical conception seems to ravish the mind with a prophetic consciousness which takes away the power of estimating its value.
  73. The dynamic disequilibrium concept of earnings involves the use of the past and current record of reported earnings as a base for estimating future earnings.
  74. His admiration was far from being confined to himself, but was accustomed professionally as well as privately to delight in estimating things at a high rate.
  75. The latter example illustrates the interesting possibility of opposite evaluations while estimating a certain criterion using different effectiveness indicators.
  76. Confidence level: is the proportion of times that an estimating procedure would be correct, if the sampling procedure is repeated for very large number of items.
  77. In unduly estimating the value of the material in hand, we find here and there more influence attributed to the Phoenicians, than we should be inclined to allow.
  78. Therefore, quotes volumes contained in the database may be used only as one of the input components required for estimating the execution volume of limit orders.
  79. There was no historical basis for estimating the rate at which subprime borrowers would default as housing prices fell and put them in negative equity situations.
  80. Expected profits on the basis of lognormal and empirical distributions and the criterion estimating profit probability show quite similar degree of effectiveness.
  81. Croll, in an interesting paper, remarks that we do not err "in forming too great a conception of the length of geological periods," but in estimating them by years.
  82. Estimating the value of Christianity by these phenomena is like a deaf man's judging of the character and quality of music by seeing the movements of the musicians.
  83. A common mistake in estimating the viability of a Bitcoin-mining venture is to put too much weight on the exchange rate (in whichever other currency you’re using).
  84. You can then focus on those assets that need to be maintained or replaced (such as machinery) and exclude those that don’t (such as land) when estimating depreciation.
  85. Estimating a single correlation number was convenient but dangerous, because it ignored the diversity of possible correlation shocks and other problems (model risk).
  86. We speak of it as a mere infirmity of nature, a family failing, a matter of temperament, not a thing to take into a very serious account in estimating a man’s character.
  87. Heathcliff I should say in future---used the liberty of visiting at Thrushcross Grange cautiously, at first: he seemed estimating how far its owner would bear his intrusion.
  88. Heathcliff I should say in future—used the liberty of visiting at Thrushcross Grange cautiously, at first: he seemed estimating how far its owner would bear his intrusion.
  89. Rover had recovered their dead, salvaged what parts they could from wrecked tracks, and were roaring and clanking along Route 13 estimating linkup with the main unit about noon.
  90. Bureau Director Michael Bromwich is estimating it will take four to six weeks for his agency to ensure that drillers have complied with those rules and inspected their platforms.
  91. By knowing the option’s vega, the trader can make accurate calculations in estimating each option’s theoretical value, despite the fact that his tables only use one volatility.
  92. A good rule of thumb for estimating a business’s total lease obligation (and a method that is often used by credit-rating agencies) is to multiply one year’s rental expense by seven.
  93. Apart from this method of estimating common uncertainty, it is possible to develop other indicators that express it differently and are not burdened with option pricing models drawbacks.
  94. It will be recalled that, in estimating break-up value, inventories are ordinarily taken at about 50 to 75% of the balance sheet figure, even though the latter is based on the lower of.
  95. However, if the plan is to hedge for only a day so the cost can be estimated through estimating the price, the contract may be sold the following day if the S&P 500 index closed unchanged.
  96. In fashion retail, we have a unique way of estimating lost sales potential and margin loss due to mark-downs, which is used to calculate the optimal assortment and allocation for each store.
  97. Though the mathematical calculations required to evaluate equities are not difficult, an analyst-even one who is experienced and intelligent-can easily go wrong in estimating future coupons.
  98. Option spreading strategies enable traders to profit under a wide variety of market conditions by giving them an increased margin for error in estimating the inputs into a theoretical pricing model.
  99. As part of estimating market prices, they tend very much to be trend players, especially on the buy side, refusing to acquire securities if they believe near-term outlooks for prices are unfavorable.
  100. He seemed to have an uncanny knack for estimating who would come out on top in the bloody fighting at the highest levels of Roman power; or failing that, to ingratiate himself to the ultimate victors.
  1. An estimated 5% of the.
  2. It is estimated that be-.
  3. It is estimated that over.
  4. An Estimated Premium of 40.
  5. Also, estimated costs of $5.
  6. It has been estimated that.
  7. Estimated Weight of the Soul:.
  8. There are an estimated 10,000.
  9. I estimated less than a minute.
  10. The cost is estimated at $250.
  11. Water: Estimated amount of water.
  12. I estimated about twelve horses.
  13. It is estimated that there were.
  14. The doctor estimated six months.
  15. I estimated her age to be in the.
  16. I estimated the twin peaks to be.
  17. Its 2012 membership was estimated.
  18. The estimated wait time listed on.
  19. But their estimated time is nearly.
  20. There are an estimated 500 million.
  21. I had estimated a twenty-five year.
  22. We estimated that we were half-way.
  23. Each year, an estimated minimum of 3.
  24. Who has estimated and guided;.
  25. There is now an estimated 20% to 30%.
  26. It is estimated that there would be.
  27. In the United Kingdom, an estimated.
  28. It has been estimated that 80 to 90.
  29. Projects have estimated ROI within the.
  30. The mass of dark matter was estimated.
  31. The estimated equation is as follows:.
  32. He estimated that there were less than.
  33. The estimated cost at that stage was R27.
  34. About three thousand yards, he estimated.
  35. This was estimated at under $25 million.
  36. We estimated we had five minutes to live.
  37. It is estimated that 10 per cent of all.
  38. It was estimated at fifty thousand francs.
  39. The world population was estimated to be.
  40. The estimated regression was as follows:.
  41. HIV prevalence in Achaam is estimated at 1.
  42. An estimated 14,000 excess deaths in the.
  43. He estimated it to be at least ten meters.
  44. It is estimated that 10 football stadiums.
  45. In 2009, it was estimated that there were.
  46. It is estimated that the income from the 2.
  47. Year 2 Net Income (projected or estimated).
  48. All of the party animals; estimated at ten.
  49. Estimated value for the entire contents of.
  50. The analyst estimated that GE would earn $1.
  51. George Mason University estimated the costs.
  52. The authors estimated that lead exposure is.
  53. Researchers have estimated the average risk.
  54. The bill was estimated at CAN$3 billion (£1.
  55. A common figure for men is estimated at ±18%.
  56. Yukino estimated he was about four meters down.
  57. Madison Wilson estimated around 12:25- 6:25 A.
  58. The mass of dark matter was estimated to be 7.
  59. I had estimated the godown's rent as half of.
  60. World population in 2007 is estimated by the U.
  61. Two coats! and he had estimated for only three.
  62. The Company was paying, he estimated, about $2.
  63. She estimated the quake had hit at around two.
  64. The number of pills she was estimated to have.
  65. Did he give an estimated time of return?
  66. The top 10% people in income have an estimated.
  67. This resulting figure is the estimated variance.
  68. Source: Estimated by DTI from BRE, ETSU and the.
  69. The estimated intercept in the regression is –0.
  70. Colon estimated the distance to be at least 440.
  71. I estimated the height at about eight feet or so.
  72. Faustine commanded an army that Branan estimated.
  73. What is your estimated time of arrival, over?
  74. She estimated a depth of two feet to squirm through.
  75. That leaves us with an estimated 400,000 children.
  76. Wind speeds have been estimated at 620kph (385mph).
  77. We estimated that our humanoid population would be.
  78. Beer sales in barrels increased from an estimated 3.
  79. In Sofia, the capital city, there are an estimated.
  80. Every year, Dunkin' Donuts serves an estimated 650.
  81. As a stroke patient the doctors estimated 60 to 90.
  82. Jack estimated the time the gang would need before.
  83. The ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) field was blank.
  84. The Otter-hound population is estimated at only 1000.
  85. Both earlier age of first use and greater estimated.
  86. Europe, for example has been estimated to have lost.
  87. United States alone, it is estimated that between 13.
  88. An officer estimated that twenty men fainted each day.
  89. Some estimated those casualty lists into the millions.
  90. In this example, the estimated trade value was $3,461.
  91. There are an estimated 50,000 street in Moscow alone;.
  92. The Hurst coefficient is more estimated than computed.
  93. The estimated annualized volatility is then given by.
  94. CFS and fibromyalgia have been estimated to co-occur.
  95. Some report an estimated 1 million Christians in Iran.
  96. Siegel, from the University of Arizona, estimated the.
  97. An estimated 60,000 slaves participated in this action.
  98. What’s this do to the estimated odds of failure?
  99. I’ve estimated that it could take us almost nine.
  100. No one had a watch so times were estimated by the suns.
  1. Estimates are that the cost.
  2. The firm’s use of estimates.
  4. For many years, estimates made.
  5. They gave us their best estimates.
  6. The UN estimates that there are 12.
  7. As expected varying estimates can.
  8. The most common estimates for the U.
  9. We have only estimates at this time.
  10. Comparing those estimates with both.
  11. Estimates went up for the year to $1.
  12. The reliability of estimates of body.
  13. Other European Death Tolls (estimates).
  14. The chart below estimates growth in GDP.
  15. According to estimates of professional.
  16. Estimates of expenses at the 1986 meeting.
  17. Earlier data estimates are available for U.
  18. Some estimates of killings go as high as 7.
  19. The president didnt flinch at the estimates.
  20. Estimates call for GDP in 2009 to fall by 1.
  21. But our estimates say they‘re pretty minor.
  22. EPA estimates, for example, range between $6.
  23. We need her budget estimates for next year.
  24. The above estimates show that the dark matter.
  25. HUD reported that estimates were that over 5.
  26. Intel Wing estimates their numbers have grown.
  27. Analysts duly raised estimates for 1995 to $1.
  28. When analysts’ estimates are below both our.
  29. British Airways estimates that the air travel.
  30. We offer free estimates and a full explanation.
  31. According to estimates, only 6% of the civilian.
  32. The most recent estimates have Shanda earning $3.
  33. Yes, and we were conservative in our estimates.
  34. Some estimates suggest that natural resources (e.
  35. Verifying all important assumptions and estimates.
  36. Some estimates of the death toll were even higher.
  37. Some estimates of the impact of foreign flows on U.
  38. Even if we use the highest estimates of population.
  39. Again, we always use our estimates as a confirming.
  40. Nobody remembered to change estimates or to comment.
  41. Analysts affably lowered their year estimates to $1.
  42. Most recent estimates say there are over 8 million.
  43. Out estimates were way off for this point in time.
  44. Estimates of the deaths ranged from 170,00 to 567,000.
  45. Darnath estimates seven days on our present course.
  46. Estimates of the number of Christians in Iran vary.
  47. Although estimates vary, it is believed that up to 40.
  48. We then compare analyst’s estimates of earnings as a.
  49. The NRC estimates that Fukushima released 200% as much.
  50. Thus, the Ibbotson estimates overstate corporate returns.
  51. Estimates of the death toll were from 100,000 to 200,000.
  52. The company lowered its revenue estimates at the same time.
  53. Reliance on estimates, whether they be from analysts, or.
  54. The figures, estimates, and official tallies were all in.
  55. Source: ETSU estimates, adjusted for consistency with the.
  56. Estimates for local and long distance moves differ greatly.
  57. World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 140 million.
  58. The latest estimates for that were about ten days from now.
  59. By 1893 there were according to estimates, anywhere between.
  60. You must be very conservative with your estimates for growth.
  61. The World Health Organization estimates that from 30 to 60.
  62. What is even more alarming is that estimates forecast that.
  63. I think some estimates are too high, and some are too low (I.
  64. Generally, these types of estimates are given by rouge movers.
  65. Some of the estimates are solid; some are shaky; some are wild.
  66. He estimates there are at least eight thousand of them, My Lord.
  67. The main differences are in the form of estimates and time frame.
  68. Estimates of bird losses in the United States alone range in the.
  69. It estimates course corrections needed in the event of—.
  70. Bureau estimates most people in America will retire on less than.
  71. NASA estimates they’ll take thirty sols, forty-five to be safe.
  72. By some estimates the theft may have been as high as $35 billion.
  73. But Rummel's estimates are not without evidence, and on average I.
  74. Current estimates indicate that up to 10% of children between 5-15.
  75. Their Survey-based estimates of the term structure of expected U.
  76. Security Board of Trustees estimates the money will run out in 2041).
  77. Most investors find that growth estimates are as much art as.
  78. He estimates that he has flown a hundred thousand miles in that time.
  79. Godwyn said: I’ve asked Elfric to prepare drawings and estimates.
  80. For each activity, the model usually includes three time estimates:.
  81. Estimates should not be binding more than thirty days after received.
  82. Estimates of FAPLA losses ranged upward of 4000 killed and wounded….
  83. Winglee estimates that a control nozzle 32 meters wide would generate.
  84. That is one reason we never give you our estimates of intrinsic value.
  85. Phoenix's own estimates were that 81,740 Vietnamese were neutralized.
  86. Minimize the amount of time your reps spend on estimates and forecasts.
  87. Estimates tell us approximately 136 million minds are created every year.
  88. Use appropriate historical data, instead of making subjective estimates.
  89. Estimates of the number of Christians vary up to 100 Million Christians.
  90. The estimates are surprising because it means that complex human beings.
  91. Estimates are that the cost for protecting them will be around $6 billion.
  92. The World Health Organization estimates that malaria infects 300 to 400.
  93. By some estimates a president ages five years for every year as president.
  94. Estimates provided for these larger tasks are more likely to be inaccurate.
  95. That is why we use another method to get more accurate fair value estimates.
  96. It is true that estimates of the deaths caused by Phoenix are often too high.
  97. There are three types of estimates – binding, non-binding and not-to-exceed.
  98. Analysts compliantly followed the leader and lowered estimates "slightly": $0.
  99. Survey-based BRPs give the most direct estimates, albeit with measurement error.
  100. We matched this data with Indicus own estimates of income distribution database.

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