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Frasi con gauge (in inglese)

  1. He looked at the gauge.
  2. I looked up at the gauge.
  3. Tim ran over to his 12 Gauge.
  4. I glanced at the fuel gauge.
  5. He drew a sawed off 12 gauge.

  6. It is indeed a pressure gauge.
  7. We gauge that relationship by.
  8. I stared at the pressure gauge.
  9. The fuel gauge showed half a tank.
  10. A good gauge is to take the Pre-.
  11. Our gas gauge looked like an elevator.
  12. My eyes didn't leave the pressure gauge.
  13. Jartis looked at the gauge on his wrist.
  14. They glimmered, the power easy to gauge.
  15. There are 16 pellets to a 12 gauge load.

  16. In fact, one has to gauge the value of.
  17. Look at the needle on the pressure gauge.
  18. Then he paused to gauge my reaction and.
  19. Bhagirath could gauge the Neelkanth was.
  20. The pressure gauge marked ten atmospheres.
  21. Like a gauge that registers every flicker.
  22. We must gauge the situation before we move.
  23. Model (SM), with gauge coupling constant g.
  24. Gripping the well-used 12 gauge he had been.
  25. He needed more information to gauge his reply.

  26. Use the in-training exam as a starting gauge.
  27. He is too drunk to properly gauge the emotion.
  28. He waited anxiously, trying to gauge my reaction.
  29. Will looked him over, as if to gauge his sobriety.
  30. The fuel gauge read empty yet the van was still.
  31. Can I try to gauge your thoughts and inner nature.
  32. A double-barrel 12 gauge at that range would about.
  33. A gauge labeled "OVERLOAD" is pegged in the red zone.
  34. Does the gauge show above empty or below empty?
  35. For lengths of 80ft or less, I’d stick with 16 gauge.
  36. He then took a pause to gauge the reaction of Ashish.
  37. The needle on the pressure gauge swerved over its dial.
  38. First and foremost, they must gauge the investment risk.
  39. Max’s eyes drifted to the pressure gauge on her wrist.
  40. He pauses to look at me, trying to gauge if I understand.
  42. Check fuel, he announced as he stared at the gauge.
  43. Avery looked into her student’s eyes to gauge whether.
  44. So what could I do now? I looked up at the pressure gauge.
  45. Paul looked at her to gauge her response to his question.
  46. It’s a problem with a knackered old gauge, that’s all.
  47. In fact, it is much more a gauge of investor expectations.
  48. It wouldn’t be fair of me to try and gauge their value.
  49. The grass that hides the rage of a sportsman's twelve gauge.
  50. You have to worry about the gauge of wire when it comes to.
  51. Dan smiled and looked to the others to gauge their reactions.
  52. He looked at the fuel gauge and did some rapid calculations.
  53. If you had the mass you could gauge when the Universe began.
  54. She quickly glanced at his eyes, trying to gauge his question.
  55. Some seconds in and the gauge was filling up, well beyond fifty.
  56. Suzuki looked at the gauge, and the blood drained from his face.
  57. The needle moved up and down the gauge as the plane maneuvered.
  58. I look to Aaron to gauge his reaction to the verse I’ve picked.
  59. It will gauge your state of brainwashing and show the amount of.
  60. I looked down at the gas gauge to see that we only had half a tank.
  61. Willie sat on a chair as his feet were placed in a measuring gauge.
  62. Ren Fengping was startled as he tried to gauge his current strength.
  63. As Aaron leans around and into me to gauge my progress, I feel his.
  64. Kijun-sen (main line) is used as a gauge of the market movement.
  65. When we went in the house I saw a twelve gauge shot gun in the corner.
  66. Suddenly the green light in the middle of his gauge cluster clicked on.
  67. Norah didn’t let herself linger in the hall trying to gauge the mood.
  68. The needle of the temperature gauge would have risen past the blue mark.
  69. But I bet you didn’t know how easy it is to gauge market expectations.
  70. This will help you gauge the possibility of landing on the job you want.
  71. The purpose of the trip was to gauge the viability of several Transcribe.
  72. I would float behind to gauge their strength and let them block the wind.
  73. Lezura sat in the pilot seat of the Thwopter and looked at the fuel gauge.
  74. The real value of the AFN is to use it as an algorithm to gauge capital.
  75. William quickly glanced at Rachel to gauge her reaction to his suggestion.
  76. I stand tall, inflate my lungs to their fullest, and gauge the release by.
  77. Nathan waved his hand while I looked to everyone to gauge their reactions.
  78. When I looked down at the gauge I saw that I weighed 300lb with the chair.
  79. He looked long at them trying to gauge their acceptance of what he had said.
  80. The needles of the gauges all pointed to the green parts of the gauge face.
  81. His hand stiffened slowly around the cup as he tried to gauge how long for.
  82. When compared to industry averages, the ratios can gauge relative risk and.
  83. It’s like when I wake up in the morning and try to gauge my wife’s mood.
  84. Nate, I have to tell you something, I said, still trying to gauge his.
  85. This way, you will be in a better position to gauge potential execution risk.
  86. She looked at me, presumably to gauge how much I could handle before fainting.
  87. I find it useful to keep track, just as a general gauge of volatility trends.
  88. The gas gauge was showing almost empty, so I swung into the nearest gas station.
  89. Then, taking a twelve gauge shot gun, he returns to the backyard to investigate.
  90. I stopped chewing and stared at him, trying to gauge whether or not he was joking.
  91. Why use market rates to price the cost of capital? In order to gauge the risk of.
  92. Ravan squinted to see beyond the ledge, to try to gauge the sheerness of the drop.
  93. Marone seemed at ease having Ray back him up with the twelve gauge Remington pump.
  94. He found it difficult to gauge any experience as being real, in this limited state.
  95. The log indicated a moderate speed, the pressure gauge a depth of about sixty feet.
  96. It also can be slightly more difficult to gauge what your probable losses would be.
  97. With my heart pounding, I metered out the rope trying to gauge how far Dog had gone.
  98. As for me, I’m desperately trying to gauge how our little coffee morning has gone.
  99. They only have one gauge, and that is you and how well you present with meaningful.
  100. Therefore, on a pragmatic basis, we can use these identified variables to gauge risk.
  1. Another gauging of his psyche.
  2. He’s staring at me, gauging my reaction.
  3. Gauging his eyes, his face, even his heart.
  4. The cadets shift their gaze, gauging reactions.
  5. Gauging risk by observing the behavior of the.
  6. But now is not the time to be gauging my emotions.
  7. She looked upwards, gauging the position of the sun.
  8. Her eyes moved to the exit sign, gauging the distance.
  9. Gauging the other three quadrants is a matter of factoring.
  10. Nightfall ceased his grooming and turned a gauging eye upon Edgar.
  11. He looks at Billy, gauging the strength of the man sitting next to him.
  12. She looks up and sees Thor staring at her, as though gauging her reaction.
  13. Hillary had watched her companion’s accurate gauging of the intervals and.
  14. In a reverse of the process, implementing various treatment efforts and gauging.
  15. Berndt looks across at me, as though gauging whether I would be up for this or not.
  16. Gauging our approach, we nipped into line ahead of a larger craft coming from the west.
  17. I like watching this during the day and gauging the intensity of a sell-off in the ES.
  18. She was stunned to see him looking deeply into her eyes, obviously gauging her reaction.
  19. She knows I wouldn’t want a stranger watching me read this stuff, gauging my reactions.
  20. They are skirting the outer permiter, gauging defensive capabilities and security sensors.
  21. Incommunicative as he was, some time elapsed before I had an opportunity of gauging his mind.
  22. Their price range seemed evenhanded when gauging each other, more-or-less watching the driver.
  23. An easier way to track that is by looking up and gauging where the rays of the sun is hitting.
  24. Foremost among these is the gauging of similar risk, and the need to price all sources of.
  25. Gauging the strength of the extension leg is one of the main ways to judge strength of the trend.
  26. The skill necessary to this particular end was in identifying such utility and gauging its seizure.
  27. I thought he was past the prescribed age and merely gauging his abilities against a standard measure.
  28. I find this tool priceless for gauging market direction and for seeing firsthand where the big money is flowing.
  29. Gazzy paused, his fork halfway to his mouth, as if gauging how many bites he could take before a battle broke out.
  30. Do you understand? He eases his finger in and out as he gazes down at me, gauging my reaction, his eyes burning.
  31. However, using the futures relative to the index may be useful in gauging when it is time to buy in moments of panic.
  32. If he were gauging his risk [of being killed] based upon the historical volatility of his life, it would be zero risk.
  33. Apparently Selena never excuses, because he looks gauging at me for a while and then turns his look to the screen again.
  34. Aya hid her true self from us for ages, gauging our intentions, but she came when she was called and decided she wanted to help.
  35. Not until the day I decided to change the route I usually took when I went for a run, she paused, quietly gauging Alex's emotions.
  36. He fell on her again and thrust ever deeper, but slower now and watching her intently as he did so, gauging her response to his every move.
  37. While the daily number is good for gauging market direction on that particular trading day, the 10-day moving average pinpoints major market turns.
  38. As you may have guessed, there is another issue when it comes to gauging whether certain expectations are already priced into the current stock price.
  39. Oak focused on each of Denver's band gauging them by their emotions, putting them into categories of ethical, cruel, weak minded, strong minded, and evil.
  40. You should be prepared to endure three years of trading with very limited success, especially if you are gauging success by the bottom-line profit and loss (P&L).
  41. Although I spend more time watching the actual $TICK, these moving averages are helpful in gauging the trend of the $TICK, which drives the price action throughout the day.
  42. Addicts usually test the potency of the product by gauging the anaesthetic effect caused by rubbing the powder on their gums – the bigger buyers always apply the aluminium foil test.
  43. Even though the T-bond options are considered the most mature futures options, traders still made mistakes by forgetting the relative volatility value and not properly gauging the risks.
  44. The basic thing to keep in mind is that the changeability of this content makes it relevant to very short-term (days, not weeks) crowd behavior and thus is of limited use for gauging information cascades.
  45. In gauging investment results for the vast majority of people and institutions, market performance at any moment should be given a weight of considerably more than zero and something quite a bit less than 100 percent.
  46. Gauging the possible distance, Colling said a silent prayer as he continued to loudly plead, then he sprang up, his right arm outstretched, spinning completely around so that the stone smashed into Jalesow’s left temple.
  47. Linda Raschke and Laurence Conners (1996) advocate usage of the ADX without the DMI to define the strength of the trend while gauging trend direction from other indicators, and they introduce a number of other refinements to the use of this tool.
  48. Nevertheless he sat tight just viewing the slightly soiled photo creased by opulent curves, none the worse for wear however, and looked away thoughtfully with the intention of not further increasing the other's possible embarrassment while gauging her symmetry of heaving embonpoint.
  49. One might hypothesize that the health of a culture could be determined in part by gauging to what degree those in positions of influence and authority embrace the traditions and beliefs upon which the society rests or the amount of embarrassment these figures exhibit by distancing themselves from these once-cherished notions.
  50. She mounted him and took control of all of him for all of her, absorbed in herself, her eyes closed, gauging the situation in her absolute inner darkness, advancing here, retreating there, correcting her invisible route, trying another, more intense path, another means of proceeding without drowning in the slimy marsh that flowed from her womb, droning like a horsefly as she asked herself questions and answered in her native jargon; where was that something in the shadows that only she knew about and that she longed for just for herself, until she succumbed without waiting for anybody, she fell alone into her abyss with a jubilant explosion of total victory that made the world tremble.
  1. The effects were all that could be gauged.
  2. But she had accurately gauged the quality of his love.
  3. Puller eyed what was coming up and gauged the trajectory.
  4. He gauged his position relative to the peephole in the door.
  5. She snugged behind a column and gauged the situation outside.
  6. He gauged the height of his hood and that of the SUV’s bumper.
  7. Years ago, the number of websites linking to your site gauged link.
  8. Since the cost of any capital component is gauged by its required.
  9. Richard was hunting in the forest and got himself gauged by a boar.
  10. She gauged him again, taking in the rugged jaw and chiseled nose and cheekbones.
  11. Although some performance can be gauged by increases in the actual size of the.
  12. The true worth of beta is gauged in relation to the other components of the CAPM.
  13. She gauged that she had him on a roll now and was ready to exploit her advantage.
  14. Actions and expenditures ought to be gauged for usefulness on a case by case basis.
  15. He gauged fairly accurately and now had: Re 216, Mi 240, Fa 256, Sol 288, La 320, and Ti 360.
  16. No, I simply gave him a gueling two hour �job interview�, and gauged his merits as I watched him stammer.
  17. I thoroughly gauged his disposition from his behaviour, and saw at once it would be folly to attempt humouring him.
  18. The idea is to recognize that volatility can be gauged as being low, high, or in the middle of its historical range.
  19. I pushed back my chair with a sudden noise that startled her; by the way she trembled, I gauged how tense her nerves must have been.
  20. Taking a few more general measurements, gauged by his own steps, he was satisfied of the necessary tasks required for preventing any future incursions.
  21. Even from his infrequent, uncertain glances at her, he had gauged that she did not have the air of desperation that most of the females in the place exuded.
  22. I put myself in the man's place and, having first gauged his intelligence, I try to imagine how I should myself have proceeded under the same circumstances.
  23. Having gauged direction from the balloon, the enemy had poured down their merciless fire without exposure from volleys returned from two hundred feet below.
  24. Over their weeklong stay there, having gauged Sandhya’s ability to take things objectively, Raja Rao thought it fit to lead her on the realistic path of life.
  25. Speaking conservatively and in the light of recent experience, it is safe to assume and assert that production will be evenly gauged to consumptive requirements.
  26. At what he gauged to be the appropriate moment he heaved upon it to freeze up the brake shoes against every wheel of the train, as he pulled back on the throttle.
  27. She was a quiet one and since Calvin spent most of his time with White Shift—his senior officers—he hadn't yet gauged her skill or picked up much about her personality.
  28. He offered his fullest cooperation over the signing of the pact with Russia, within the limits he gauged to be necessary for the maintenance of fundamental Polish interests.
  29. I have mentioned above, that though Father Païssy, standing firm and immovable reading the Gospel over the coffin, could not hear nor see what was passing outside the cell, he gauged most of it correctly in his heart, for he knew the men surrounding him, well.
  30. While long-term debt and equity can be gauged in terms of cost and obligation,.
  1. The gauges showed that it.
  2. He tried to read the gauges.
  3. He checked his gauges and mirrors.
  4. Sensors and gauges, said Nick.
  5. He glanced at his gauges and was perturbed.
  6. According to the gauges, the Hydro cell was full.
  7. He watched his gauges and saw the pressure rise.
  8. The copilot was leaning forward watching the gauges.
  9. Daniel looks around, gauges the anger of the other drivers.
  10. What? Are you sure the gauges aren’t malfunctioning?
  11. I carefully watched the new gauges our mechanics had installed.
  12. Most of the gauges and monitors were inoperable, and there was.
  13. You see these four gauges? he asked, pointing to the small.
  14. There was still no answer; Thorn’s eyes were glued to the gauges.
  15. He checked the fuel gauges and was not surprised to see that the.
  16. Two men in white jumpsuits monitored displays and gauges and ignored us.
  17. The UPS bleeped, and suddenly the gauges and instruments sprang to life.
  18. The letters Locke saw on those gauges couldn’t have been OWG at one time.
  19. When the new crystal was installed he checked the master allocation gauges.
  20. He looked at his gauges and it was a shock to see that he had only fifteen.
  21. The needles of the gauges all pointed to the green parts of the gauge face.
  22. Dozens of gauges, switches, knobs, and dials covered the walls and ceiling.
  23. Michael checked his gauges and, true to his word, Morgan had given him three.
  24. The gauges showed that there was little air left in the tank, about an hour if.
  25. Water is being injected, but the temperature gauges are inoperable, so we can.
  26. General, I’m afraid that’s not possible, said Thorn, fussing with the gauges.
  27. All potential candidates must carry really new information not contained in other gauges.
  28. The big J75 engine rumbled and whined into life as the gauges moved like tiny semaphores.
  29. Ingrid looked briefly at her fuel gauges, then at the map display of her inertial navigation unit.
  30. They had other molds that Glau and the others pressed into gauges, gears, engine parts and wheels.
  31. Bob checked some gauges, looked at his watch, then picked up a large thermos flask from under a shelf.
  32. Several gauges in the region which monitor water levels confirm the drought is causing major problems.
  33. Our coolant and cylinder-head temperature gauges weren’t all that precise, but the needles moved, essentially.
  34. Even in the darkness Jacob recognized the tall black rectangular cabinets as electric cases by their switches and gauges.
  35. Until a cars are mostly judged by how easy it is to work its various accessories, how easy it is to read the gauges, etc.
  36. Beer taps behind the counter, and in back the coffee urns, shiny and steaming, with glass gauges showing the coffee level.
  37. One engine, for reasons known only to the plane, was thirstier than the others, so the gauges had to be watched constantly.
  38. But we got quite a bit done before we froze over, and our shops are still turning out gauges and jigs to the new patterns.
  39. Bender explained how the F-4 could protect itself from SAMs by using the Radar Homing and Warning gauges, the RHAW gear, as he called it.
  40. The symbols on the gauges made no sense to him, but the faces of all the gauges were divided into three parts; a red, a yellow, and a green.
  41. The flashlight still lay shining on the floor, the detonators taped to the glass, and the gauges on the timer device seemingly hadn't changed.
  42. Ancient medical equipment was stored: a walker, an aluminum-framed potty, an oxygen tank with hoses and gauges still attached, a glucose monitor.
  43. The fuel gauges were reliable only until the tanks neared empty, at which point they sometimes reported that the plane was magically gaining fuel.
  44. Once it seemed like there was nothing to do but watch gauges for awhile, Bahkmar asked, How do we really know there is a female section to Al-Harron at all.
  45. The train rocked back and forth as it moved down the track, traveling about 90 kilometers an hour… Or, 60 miles an hour, according to the train’s gauges.
  46. With its reactors at nearly full power for so long, the pilot of the XC-10, Major Robert Cardenas, started to watch with growing apprehension his fuel gauges.
  47. The red light pulsed brightly on the panel of dials and gauges, and as Ralf raised his hand toward the button the young man began to keen in a piercingly high warble.
  48. The vicar put much drama into raising a finger before a flashing red button on the panel of dials and gauges, and he began building his cadenced preachment to a climax.
  49. They would keep his resume on hand in case they needed fixtures or gauges for any future job where such items weren't supplied by the customer—that happened on occasion.
  50. Not content with that achievement, Fultyn and Bryairs were now pushing to supply every circle, wherever it might be, with uniform gauges and jigs for as many parts as possible.
  51. When these variables interact with the probability of default - which gauges the potential to cover interest expenses - a cost of bankruptcy can be estimated By multiplying the two.
  52. These (changing) attitudes gave rise to unprecedented consumer debt that (subsequently) skyrocketed through the ceiling; not to mention a ―misery‖ index that gauges our material insecurity.
  53. Undoubtedly, further research will reveal additional factors that influence the extent of interrelationships between different risk indicators and determine the necessity for introducing additional gauges.
  54. She had new, space-age gauges that told me how much gas she had, if the oil was low, the pressure in the tires, when to shift gears for prime fuel economy, what the temperature was in outer space and what phase the moon was in.
  55. Some idiot always forgot to check the gauges and ensure that energy supplies had been replenished, or else, some stupid service technician had forgotten a spanner somewhere which would short out some crucial electrical component or other.
  56. The control buyer gauges that a strong ability exists to finance a transaction attractively grounded largely on perceptions that XYZ enjoys strong finances and might have certain assets that could be sold without interfering with going concern operations.
  57. The bulk of the rifles being manufactured outside Zion—which, unfortunately, meant the majority of all rifles at the moment—still used locally produced and cut screws and breeches, but the new gauges, jigs, and dies were spreading more rapidly than Duchairn had allowed himself to hope they might.
  58. Kurt checked the gauges and saw that they had topped off the tanks and said,.

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