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Frasi con asphyxiate (in inglese)

Jellied tension encased Joe Billie Bloodtooth as his tremulous hand threatened to asphyxiate her.
That smoke, coming from burning electrical cables, was toxic and would asphyxiate any crewmember whose spacesuit was not already sealed.
The pain from his damaged chest stopped his breathing again, leaving him silently opening and closing his mouth as he struggled not to asphyxiate.
Running to the other end of the building and then around it, with the hope of finding a secondary entrance or fire exit that could be used, she soon had to give up on that: what was not engulfed in flames was spewing a thick black smoke that would asphyxiate anybody within seconds.

He could wait it out, use up the remaining oxygen in his suit, until asphyxiating.
That thick, asphyxiating smog had caused over 12,000 deaths within a week inside the Greater London area.
Now that we’ve established that, perhaps you could cease asphyxiating your First Flame before she expires.
The studio was airless and asphyxiating under the hot television lights, and as the fuel of our initial liftoff was burned away, we had to create some space in the songs from This Year’s Model, just to catch our breath.
They all should have asphyxiated.
Therefore, let's concentrate on our chances of being crushed or asphyxiated.
When I returned on board, I was wellnigh asphyxiated by the carbon dioxide saturating the air.
Those that were not killed by the bomb explosions or the collapse of the buildings they were in then were burned alive or asphyxiated when the napalm burned all the oxygen inside the target zone.
She is reading again: Who could possibly calculate the minimum time required for us to get out? Might we not be asphyxiated before the Nautilus could surface? Was it destined to perish in this tomb of ice along with all those on board? The situation seemed terrible.
She put the few articles of clothing that were still usable out into the sun, she drove the cockroaches off with powerful insecticide attacks, she scratched out the veins that the termites had made on doors and windows and asphyxiated the ants in their anthills with quicklime.
And, furthermore, that those partitions, being too high to climb over, the people confined in each menaced compartment had to stay there and become asphyxiated or roasted, because no exits to the outside, say to the roof, had been provided! What would you think of the intelligence or candour of these advertising people? What would you think of them? And yet, apart from the obvious difference in the action of fire and water, the cases are essentially the same.

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