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Frasi con suffocate (in inglese)

It would suffocate us.
I’ll suffocate in that thing.
I thought I was going to suffocate.
We could work and not suffocate him.
Rather than waiting to suffocate in it.
Won’t we suffocate or something?
Anita looked as if she were about to suffocate.

It isn’t on fire, is it? We’ll suffocate.
Coconut Oil will coat the cockroaches and will suffocate them.
She had cut out herself from everyone to suffocate in darkness.
Grab his pillow and suffocate him! Cassidy barked at Henry.
I'd say we have at least six hours before we begin to suffocate.
But I did think, just for a moment, that I was going to suffocate.
Get up and suffocate this man before we all end up in jail!.
She’d suffocate in there and she’s France’s national treasure.
This allows a few seconds to Translocate back again before you suffocate.
At other times I would have liked the place, but now it seemed to suffocate me.
She squeezed her eyes shut to suffocate the sadness and drive it from her mind.
You have about a day’s worth of air in there, after that, you all suffocate.
Once we withdraw our support from them, they will recede and suffocate to death.
I think I would rather be smashed by Smaug in the open than suffocate in here!.
Steve spoke up, You won’t suffocate, and there is plenty of air coming in here.
If it wrapped itself round you and squeezed, you’d never get it off and you’d suffocate.
To my surprise, instead of having tried to suffocate me, Oz was indeed playing with Nathaniel.
For a few awful moments, he thought he might pass out and suffocate before he could get his breath.
At first he thought he was going to suffocate, but the layer that trickled into his mouth was thin.
Angie was afraid they would suck up all the oxygen at night and suffocate her and her husband in their sleep.
In a few hours, many of them suffocate probably because they could not stand the air or the plant they’ve eaten.
As you can see they wilt and suffocate like potted plants in a rock garden, choking on their own carbon monoxide.
When rules and directives suffocate choice we are left with the ruin that accompanies perpetual meddling and leveling.
The prince tried to speak, but could not form his words; a great weight seemed to lie upon his breast and suffocate him.
The judge fined him, and Broward responded by threatening to kill the judge, rape his wife, and suffocate their children.
In the same way, we can only survive for two or three minutes without oxygen before our brain and body suffocate and die.
There are also the evils that rise from the fetal I, that is often in complicity with the mother and can completely suffocate the adult I.
Laurie, (in the priest’s body) replied, Tough shit, should have thought about that before you left me to suffocate in your trunk eighteen months ago.
Hal knew a few of those jars had bugs crawling around inside; the lids had been pierced to allow fresh air in so the helpless insects wouldn’t suffocate.
Pussy’s words of warning still blinked on and off in the back of her mind, but she managed to suffocate them and bury them in a shallow grave in her sub-conscious.
Toward the end, his breathing was so slow and shallow I was afraid he was going suffocate, and worried about the effect that would have on Marjie’s body, but he pulled through.
A touch on the chest silenced me: I am stout, and soon put out of breath; and, what with that and the rage, I staggered dizzily back, and felt ready to suffocate, or to burst a blood-vessel.
How can Jews be God's own chosen children when they suffocate the truth with an idle fool called money, to be considered bigger than the Bible? It can do what it can cooling the hot blood down.
The world closed in, suffocating.
The energy in the room is suffocating.
How suffocating the world without wind.
He seemed to be struggling, suffocating.
And now he was literally suffocating her.
He was suffocating slowly, his suffering.
Where is the sky? I’m suffocating!.
It was like a vacuum and he was suffocating.
Atlai woke up from the feeling of suffocating.
This is the only way to keep from suffocating.
It’s not the dress suffocating you, Lexie.
It’s suffocating too in here, Ron cried.
The heat was suffocating as there was little shade.
I could hear him coughing up blood and suffocating.
It brought all the doubts back in a suffocating rush.
She still dreaded the idea of a pillow suffocating her.
When we met, Leila complained that she was suffocating.
Those storms can blow suffocating dust for days on end.
He’s everywhere, overwhelming me, almost suffocating.
He was beginning to suffer bouts of suffocating anxiety.
Some conversation; you are literally suffocating her.
She felt as though she was suffocating in the closed limo.
Karen, please! I'm suffocating here! Don't freaking leave.
The EPA is suffocating the coal industry with regulations….
It was almost as though the lack of water was suffocating him.
He waited there, nearly suffocating, until he heard them leave.
At the same time, a suffocating tightness swept up into my chest.
He felt their suffocating embrace, and with it a surge of panic.
Nevertheless, he was suffocating her, by protecting her too much.
Elowen’s surprise hugged her tightly, an almost suffocating but.
He shut off the engine, and we waited in silence and suffocating heat.
The images from my childhood were suffocating me and I needed relief.
There was a suffocating silence, and a gentle breeze that was oddly warm.
And within seconds, he would be suffocating beneath that huge hairy arse.
The helmet felt suffocating and heavy as granite as it pressed down on him.
What did that mean? Was she getting enough air? Was Paul suffocating her?
How can the heart ache so? For D’ata, it was a crushing, suffocating ache.
He was immediately seized by a suffocating cough that soon ended his triumph.
He coughed while suffocating beneath a mountain of lives pyred to his pleasure.
As a boy growing up in the suffocating and extinguishing climate of poverty, I.
As if something suffocated them.
My toes feel suffocated thinking.
Probably being suffocated to death.
I’m suffocated by the injustice.
Wei Zhihua was suffocated to death.
And became suffocated with memories.
The rose garden suffocated him, the.
Because it would have suffocated him.
They suffocated me with plastic bags.
Something very uneasy suffocated the air.
She couldn’t watch as Laura suffocated him.
He was suffocated; out of breathe for sometime.
I feel suffocated, but at least I feel strong.
Fear, misery, and war suffocated the mortal world.
Cloud, feeling suffocated by the growing realisation.
Imagine the title: Suffocated Her Lover by Cunnilingus.
The struggling diminished as the man suffocated on his.
The man guarding him suffocated Ish with the trishul rod.
Part suffocated, part bitten to death, in a mound of feral.
She felt a sensation of loathing which nearly suffocated her.
Suffocated before they could get him out, like choking on sand.
But either way, she practically suffocated me with those suckers.
Brown and drab, a thick bed of needle-seeds suffocated the ground.
Certain it is that many died at home suffocated by the Black Smoke.
She was not squashed and suffocated by Mohsens ton of flaccid flesh.
My husband is so protective over me, sometimes I feel so suffocated.
That’s right sir, but that’s not how she died; she was suffocated.
At that instant a suffocated sound of sobs and crying was heard in the room.
Boyfriend suffocated and burnt her body because he thought she was pregnant.
Genghis had his old friend Kushlek suffocated under a pile of carpets.
Her voice was suffocated by years of things missed, of activities left undone.
The weight of responsibility hung over my head, and I felt crushed and suffocated.
For a while, everything went dark and I was being suffocated but then suddenly the.
She suffocated a sigh and glanced at the blonde man who silently walked next to her.
There was still CO2, so the plants hadn’t suffocated without me exhaling for them.
If they had done it carefully – suffocated her with a feather pillow, say – we would.
I do not think that, for he has complained of feeling almost suffocated, and asked why the.
As the zombies joined in, she mercifully suffocated while myriad tiny and big mouths devoured her flesh.
First she had climbed the dangerously dilapidated stairs and now she had almost been suffocated by a door!.
The whole crew were half suffocated as they were tossed helter-skelter into the white curdling cream of the squall.
His vicious breath suffocates me.
It suffocates me only to think of it.
In that box! The mere thought of it suffocates me.
He points with his finger to his mouth and coughs a few times theatrically, pretending he suffocates.
A child can do it effortlessly, but what happens when the child is gone? When the hard, stony reality of this world presses in so overwhelmingly, that the child literally suffocates.
This procedure contains actions that solve the drama of the payment of the debt and it eliminates the agony that suffocates countries and its organizations, without there is the swindle of the debt.

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