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    1. Unless of course it is amazing and she is a junior expert in

    2. “Vinnie is a probability expert, psychologist and battlefield strategist,” Ackers explained to Nancy

    3. ‘Our expert has examined it and someone has done a very good job of repairing it

    4. But wouldn’t say I was an expert

    5. nelson was an expert of the Greek language who read the

    6. "The last data we received indicated that they were able to explore the possibilities with help from the Brazilians," Korum Noshtis, their intelligence expert on Brazilian technology said

    7. He was a junior officer in intelligence but their expert on Brazilian politics and society

    8. Then Athena, who has studied multimedia in London and is supposed to be a great expert in computers, yet she is completely off base

    9. It's about three months since I first noticed a radical change in Persephone's behaviour: She is always shouting and laughing at top voice, she is trying to be clever and expert in all subjects, she is constantly asking for favours: “Type these poems for me” … “Tell your mother to sew this skirt of mine” … “Will you paint this picture for me?” … “Go to that public service and ask this or that” and so on

    10. "I may not be an expert on the ways of this planet, but I already know that no one forces you to have more than you want and no one forbids you to have whatever you can pay for

    11. ‘I suppose it would come down to whichever of us is the more expert in whatever we are talking about … but, if we still can’t agree, I expect I shall have to say that you hold sway

    12. "On them I'm not an expert

    13. He's probably the top expert at atomic level instrumentation of any soul aboard

    14. was an expert at it

    15. She has the power to animate a cherub, and it is one of Alan’s, he has thousands of stored settings packages, and as you know, he built that Desa cherub with very little help from me, so he’s an expert at cherub design

    16. “Well, what’s next Tara,” he asked admitting she was the expert in this environment

    17. expert said on the TV

    18. I had become an expert in dead bodies

    19. “Yeah, the temple employed the most expert vintners in the Isles in these days,” Yellelle told her

    20. there were weeks of auditions held before an expert panel of

    21. There is only one thing you need to become an expert at, and that is driving

    22. may think), I would start out as presenting myself as an expert in that field

    23. wound, probing it with expert fingers

    24. The humble items of furniture were likewise adorned and though of un-dimensioned fir and cedar were none-the-less alluring for the expert craftsmanship of their construction and polished finish

    25. were supposed to be the expert on these bloody

    26. He suspected Ava made up the YingolNeerie story up right on the spot to protect the real source of the new soul and Kulai just went along with it because she was an expert on the technology and therefore the culture from which it had sprung

    27. They ranged over the roadway from one side to the other, the ladies executing with expert precision each posture, block, deflection, and duck

    28. Bailli to do his job! After all, he is the expert - not you

    29. She knew those and some of the nearer stars, but was not an expert

    30. Although he was no expert, he could tell

    31. some sort of expert in these matters,’ said Henri testily

    32. Maybe some expert carpenter could build a perfect poker table with indents to put your chips and drinks and stuff but I was I was just happy to have a nice round circular 5 foot poker table

    33. How are you going to talk to an expert in that legal area when you're a freshman in law school and there isn't one comment on your essay exam? To make a long story short guess what! The student’s grade didn't get changed and he lived with a C in contract law

    34. The best way to get started in this business is to hire an expert in the field of product development and use their knowledge to create your own products

    35. have become expert in the use of their spiritual weapons to free

    36. "Aren't you the elven expert?" Emily said

    37. is an expert warrior

    38. presence of God, and the expert

    39. "I'm glad we were blessed with a system's expert as knowledgeable and conscientious as the one we have

    40. a deal where the expert writes the content and you do the selling, in

    41. But this hardly daunted Father -- he was an expert mariner with a keen knowledge of the stars

    42. ” I was an expert at directing the elements

    43. One expert with the javelin had his

    44. The building itself was made of light brown sandstone slabs, painstakingly carved from huge rocks and cleverly shaped by expert craftsmen to fit together without the slightest opening between them

    45. Feeling overwhelmed about blogging? Think of it as a key oppty to dif-360 ferentiate your business, position yourself as the expert, & the chance to tell your story

    46. Though he seemed to be an expert trapper, she saw no evidence that he’d ever traded furs for goods

    47. He had an expert

    48. It appears that you are the pixie expert here

    49. You need an expert who’ll come to the rescue

    50. I became an expert in complex technical areas of practice

    1. He was always nervous when he was using computers, even though he was one of the best hackers and security protection experts in the world

    2. Much to the puzzlement of recent experts, Blitzer has worn the beard of T

    3. Hence, medical and skin experts contend that applying topical creams and other skin

    4. This is because many medical experts are now insisting on the

    5. Experts say that the skin is the benchmark for the body’s health

    6. This is sound advice given by leading relationship experts to men starting the trend of online

    7. The experts sat and watched each contestant, and as all such experts are trained to do, they sat there in po-faced silence until, with a flourish and a wicked gleam in their eyes, it came to the time for judgement

    8. These ordinary people cringed and winced as the experts subjected them to crushing and horribly patronising witticisms, The ultimate aim of this personal degradation was focussed on one thing; to single out only the most exceptional talents, while ensuring that the audience at home was vicariously thrilled and titillated by the humiliation of those who failed

    9. Most Federal agencies have experts who are available to help organizations apply for and manage their grants

    10. Experts had called the India-Australia series historic

    11. The experts sat and watched each contestant, and as all such

    12. experts are trained to do, they sat there in po-faced silence until,

    13. cringed and winced as the experts subjected them to crushing and

    14. I don’t think there’ll be any capital gains involved, but I’ll check with one of our taxation experts

    15. suppose we could have referred it to forensic experts - but

    16. Just like everyone else in the class I promptly got out my "cheat" books from the leading constitutional law experts, looked up what they said about the constitutional law area he wanted, and basically plagiarized whatever the law experts said because that's what he wanted on the exam; he wanted the leading constitutional law expert’s opinion on that issue, not mine

    17. So I'm expecting to get an A on this exam because I had the leading constitutional law experts and I wrote down what they said about various constitutional law issues, exactly what he wanted

    18. Some of the best products I've ever brought on the Internet were not created by the owner of the business, they either got someone to create the product for them or they brought in experts and interviewed them and turned their knowledge into a product

    19. have no skills! Leave this to the experts, pilgrim,’ said the

    20. When asked, fitness experts mention 4 prevalent myths that are widely believed, but

    21. a piece of news the fact that, sometimes, some experts

    22. In politics – where we are all experts, aren’t it? – they

    23. Now I have experts who are strong in their specialist area

    24. Experts are often

    25. experts in your niche

    26. Recent experiments by nutrition experts in the U

    27. Many experts in this field believe that once the cord is severed, the spiritual self will not re-enter the body i

    28. This is also similar to what experts term as analysis-paralysis

    29. Experts say that such information is actually hidden in our subconscious mind but whatever the case may be, this missing link will always cause ourselves to treat others differently

    30. Four info-marketing experts got

    31. Evaluate what these experts offer and decide for yourself whether or not they can help you go further and realize your dreams

    32. Here are the experts I consider to be my “Home Based Information Products Marketing

    33. The depth of the eventual storage rooms would be sufficient to protect its inhabitants from any strike, thermo nuclear or otherwise, the experts agreed

    34. that time I’d had a lot of experience in condo and timeshare sales in Mexico, so Bernie said, “I know this guy who can help us,” and brought me in as one of a group of experts

    35. But then, the experts had probably never considered the possibility of someone like

    36. Some experts are talking about genocide against white farmers in South Africa, but that is outside the scope of this book

    37. All sorts of experts were being paraded in front of the cameras but they added little to the basics of the information already released by the Government

    38. The remains were being studied by experts, who were expected to report first thing in the morning

    39. The Liberation Movements were never highly rated as terrorists by the international experts but could put up a decent fight when cornered

    40. By that time SAP COIN was the established counter-insurgency experts and not the Army (except Special Forces and Air Force crew)

    41. Even today, we are considered the leading experts in counter-terrorism (of which counter-insurgency is part of) in Africa

    42. As said in the previous chapter that the Liberation Movements were not rated highly by international terrorist experts as terrorists

    43. have been declared upsetting and mind threatening by concerned experts of the

    44. concerned experts of the Church, and well known Doctors of Psychoanalysis

    45. Thus many left after their contracts expired and became security experts all over Africa

    46. Many experts say they were the most effective counter-insurgency unit ever in the history of warfare

    47. As with most counter-terrorism experts of his age group he was trained by the Rhodesians as part of SAP COIN but so were thousands of others who did not become assassins

    48. There is a group of experts who believes that the "green activists" should be classified as the sixth group since many of their activities is terrorism or borderline-terrorism

    49. During the cold war most security experts believed no terrorist group will use weapons of mass destruction as it would be counter-productive to their cause and provoke a response which will destroy them

    50. The effects of such a weapon are in some ways comparable to the Chernobyl disaster though in general the experts are dismissive of its effectiveness which they say is not deadly

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    expert adept good practiced proficient skilful skillful technical authority judge graduate connoisseur master specialist adroit artistic apt clever dexterous experienced