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    1. Those people who are closest to you that are supposed to love you and support

    2. Elevating the legs at the end of a long day helps to prevent problems with the blood vessels in the legs, as does wearing support stockings

    3. They had built up the skeleton of the building enough so that it could support the several hundred tons of materials and furnishing

    4. When you’re trying to grasp something for support, you have to be able to see it

    5. Recognising the void that suddenly lands on the senior citizen in terms of emotional support hitherto provided by joint families, Government, NGOs and Associations of senior citizens can institute this highly effective “treatment” programme

    6. A study found that females of many species, including humans, respond to stressful situations by protecting and nurturing their young and by seeking social contact and support from others, particularly females

    7. Senior Citizens forming their own support groups are more likely to talk as senior persons than as senior citizens

    8. The senior citizens can extend a hand of support, words of solace and the healing touch to the restless souls around them

    9. Avoid storing your fire wood or wood scraps next to the house as this could support termites and allow them entrance into the house

    10. · Wear shoes that give good support and have thin non-slip soles

    11. It is important that at least the near relatives and friends understand as to how they can provide better support to elders

    12. John pulls into a parking space in front of one of the three-story buildings, gets out of his car, then suddenly staggers backwards, holding onto his car to support himself

    13. Always in the past when he’s had a problem, I have been there to support him and, if necessary, advise or help

    14. a bridge support and the car

    15. Being without any support he continued to set his hopes

    16. There had to be life support in the cabin and people pushing buttons to make things happen aboard

    17. "The control panels in the Lula require that life support signal green and the buttons be pushed

    18. The life support is the only fail safe, and it had proven effective against all rogue silicon takeover efforts to date when Lula was launched

    19. "Will I have ground support?"

    20. They talked her thru to the life support controls, those were the first any space-suited humans would make in re-activating the ship from this state

    21. It was a long process, repairing everything that had to be repaired to get life support working so the hard-wired interlocks would let the main controls be operated

    22. There were a lot in life support that she could ignore, as long as she had enough to fool the interlocks, the others could be ignored

    23. None of its support panels responded

    24. All that was on in that shuttlecraft was instrumentation and life support

    25. With luck like hers, she needs all the support she can get!

    26. In the meantime, she still works as a chamber maid in the Hotel “Blue Rose” in Vouliagmeni, while my parents have undertaken the bringing up and support of her two sons – which means at least half of my father's pension is spent on the needs of Alice and her children

    27. He knew that on this world, the seabeds are where the atmosphere is thick enough to support life

    28. While he was off duty, as opposed to live when he has to be there for active support of an important gathering, he can look at schematics

    29. "Everyone present in a society is part of that society and by their presence and participation without open revolt, implicitly support the rulers of that society

    30. Chryssa doesn't work anymore, as her husband earns enough to support her and their child

    31. You’ve got a lot of support here … Look, my love, I’ve got to go away and think about this

    32. After all, you expect us to take the affection and support you offer us, allow us to return the favour

    33. He never complained about my blatant usury, although he would, when the atmosphere became too dense to support life, make his inevitable and irrefutable point about my behaviour

    34. Herndon would not support trying to prevent it

    35. "Oh we could produce a few hundred," Victoria said, "without hurting our life support

    36. This will usher in even more support and energy to focus on

    37. he leaned against the horse for support because his strength was almost

    38. watch over the family for any leads or support

    39. herself with all of u around to support

    40. ‘I heard him say something along those lines, Lintze – it will take a while to muster some support for you for the next one anyway

    41. She wanted to be in there to support her friends

    42. seem to believe that they can support the Jodechians in the dock”

    43. ERICK: Thanks for your support, Coach

    44. the life support tubes swaying with the rhythm

    45. corner so that you have the support of the two walls

    46. You will be in a kind of Headstand at once by this method but why I do not favour it as much as the other one is that in this position your spine is uncomfortably arched instead of being held naturally and because it shows quick results students tend to rely on this method and become so used to the support of the wall that they have difficulty, afterwards, in doing the Headstand without it

    47. I shall do all in my power to encourage, support and protect you through the coming years

    48. Nevertheless, and in the privacy of her own salon, she was quite vocal in her support of the poor oppressed victims of foreign dictators and of those unfortunates in far off lands whose lives were devastated by fire, famine and flood

    49. It is also because of lack of support that people are forced out of the potential to live a regular life and into a void of obscurity

    50. This only happens with ignorance, lack of education and support

    1. He supported rights of individual ownership and fair interaction with people of other ethnic groups

    2. He was not down there with them filing onto the cold stone benches of Susa on a blustery evening, forced to bear silent witness to pronouncements they hardly supported

    3. "I've always supported the Haadij, Vincef was a good man

    4. She had to work her way down into the heavy framework that held the containment and supported all the life-support compartments above

    5. Those that were the most identified with Germany, and supported Germany, were still counted as Jews

    6. standing upon the shoulders of others, supported,

    7. are supported and maintained in proper relation to one another by means of fibrous and

    8. Next to me stood another American lady wearing a large pair of glasses with unusually thick funky lenses all supported by an unfortunate growth on the side of her nose

    9. Of course, it had to be the right sort of politics, the sort that was supported by bazaars, whist drives and charity lunches attended by her sitting member of parliament

    10. had supported the government’s taming of the wilder elements of

    11. it had to be the right sort of politics, the sort that was supported by

    12. Her parents supported her through uni whereas the rest of us (in common with the vast majority of the student population!) had to get part time jobs in order to keep body and soul together and, more annoyingly, she doesn't see why she should get a job now

    13. A line of pillars stood along the wall and supported the wooden balconies above

    14. whole, supported and complete

    15. It was a pretty lavish cot, one that supported him in whatever arrangement he contorted into

    16. Suzanne was rooted to the floor, and she supported herself by leaning on the counter

    17. supported on either side by massive buttresses that seemed to pin the

    18. He had always acted like he fully supported the Kassikan, and since the landing it wasn’t just an act

    19. supported by some renegade Imperialists, with the intent of holding it

    20. supported his wife, but he just couldn’t deal with crying

    21. Knowing the best thing she could hope for was neighbor's that supported the growth and development

    22. around the square poles that supported the roof

    23. one who supported her

    24. This bridge was supported in the center way up on the farthest upstream of the great chimneys that dominate the lower Hyadrain valley

    25. It is in Scotland supported by the evidence of the public fiars, annual valuations made upon oath, according to the actual state of the markets, of all the different sorts of grain in every different county of Scotland

    26. It is supported by many

    27. Alas, the bank’s method will surely be supported by their highly paid lawyers invoking court procedures

    28. to live and was supported by her husband's brother

    29. He'd paid for half her yandrille, he'd supported all her plans, including the audio equipment history exhibit she'd helped him build for the department lobby

    30. More than that, you have supported me in everything I set out to do

    31. Grandpa Wellbelove had erected the marquee with Sky's help and many there felt that at last this might be the end of Knockwit's devious wins, or run of luck, depending on whom you supported

    32. These blocks easily supported a roof of heavy tiles

    33. not wishing to oppose it, supported – even encouraged –

    34. A big hearth was in the middle of the north side, centered in the row of seven thick stone columns that supported the roof

    35. In the public deliberations, therefore, his voice is little heard, and less regarded; except upon particular occasions, when his clamour is animated, set on, and supported by his employers, not for his, but their own particular purposes

    36. parliament supported one or the other according with

    37. Shouts of acclamation supported him

    38. 1843, a revolt of the army, supported

    39. It likewise discounts merchants' bills, and has, upon several different occasions, supported the credit of the principal houses, not only of England, but of Hamburgh and Holland

    40. An unsuccessful war, for example, in which the enemy got possession of the capital, and consequently of that treasure which supported the credit of the paper money, would occasion a much greater confusion in a country where the whole circulation was carried on by paper, than in one where the greater part of it was carried on by gold and silver

    41. feels supported, they’ll produce their best work for you

    42. In those towns which are principally supported by the constant or occasional residence of a court, and in which the inferior ranks of people are chiefly maintained by the spending of revenue, they are in general idle, dissolute, and poor; as at Rome, Versailles, Compeigne, and Fontainbleau

    43. people – a boy with a bandaged foot, supported by his two loyal

    44. supported by his friends

    45. To my parents who have believed in me always, encouraged me often, and supported every risk with a smile

    46. Which supported her guess that he was a devotee

    47. No accumulation could have supported so great an annual profusion

    48. There is no annual produce, even of gold and silver, which could have supported it

    49. And it was only as Penelope looked down herself that she noticed what partially supported their bridge: a set of thick golden piping, running the length of the ground over the water

    50. Helez was on her knees crying uncontrollably, being supported by an older woman – possibly the aunt she had mentioned

    1. "Labor is free here Ava, any one of us could have been supporting her all along, even one of the wives with a single stainless kitchen knife

    2. Actually they were the supporting documentation for her royalty application

    3. Theoretically he was not attending the meeting he was supporting because he was on duty

    4. Ahmed kept him busy the next few days supporting many other meetings as different groups of important souls from the expedition argued this way and that regarding the world of Satan

    5. The monument is a 24-meter high triumphal column, supporting a pair of clasped hands and a dove of peace

    6. the strong supporting the weak) it is my most sincere hope that the maiden voyage not the survivalist attitude (e

    7. Drens lowers a rope to his struggling crewman who is now supporting the limp body of our friend

    8. Your best way to master Variation 4 is to practice the other three until perfect and then, while supporting yourself with a conveniently placed chair or low table you can gently pull yourself on to your knee-caps, and then let go of the chair or table

    9. legs off the floor and rise into a Shoulderstand, supporting

    10. Man and wife tended their plants, made sure that their supporting canes were securely tied, weeded and hoed beds, watered and pricked out, and through their horticultural therapy they began the process of contemplation, of imagining their lives lived forever in the shadow of the hole

    11. Without Yellelle supporting him he immediately dropped to the floor behind the couch with his pants down

    12. wife tended their plants, made sure that their supporting canes were

    13. You are supporting al life with love and

    14. “For that you chose extermination? You prefer genocide and suicide to supporting the Life Principles? This is wrong! I was not included in the vote

    15. Never thought of it like that, always looked on the Foundation as a way of supporting women

    16. Out of breath, Bex and the boys lean against one of the pillars supporting the mezzanine floor above the main room

    17. He can only play a supporting role in the drama that seems to go on, act after act, in the lives of Carol and Billy

    18. ” Once Enjteen had a steady job, Kulai didn’t feel responsible for supporting him and his mother, just because they were his mother’s friends

    19. reinforcements rushed to assist the teams supporting the heavy pipes

    20. ’ The constable said gently, supporting the now weeping woman out of the room and down the hall

    21. Tom suspected Marjorie’s job was probably a supporting role for the

    22. The supporting materials are very well presented

    23. afraid of the consequences of supporting a view that

    24. Originally built in the 35th century as a barn, it had thick cut stone walls and an earthen roof now supporting an orchard of sweet leshin, congfruit and nives

    25. Next, she had him do it on his back, gently supporting his legs and shoulders, then letting him swim for a second on his own, then nudging him up as he started to drift lower

    26. A certain quantity of materials, and the labour of a certain number of workmen, which had before been employed in supporting a more complex and expensive machinery, can afterwards be applied

    27. The expense of repairs may frequently be necessary for supporting the produce of the estate, and consequently both the gross and the neat rent of the landlord

    28. A certain quantity of very valuable materials, gold and silver, and of very curious labour, instead of augmenting the stock reserved for immediate consumption, the subsistence, conveniencies, and amusements of individuals, is employed in supporting that great but expensive instrument of commerce, by means of which every individual in the society has his subsistence, conveniencies, and amusements, regularly distributed to him in their proper proportions

    29. which compose the fixed capital, bear this further resemblance to that part of the circulating capital which consists in money; that as every saving in the expense of erecting and supporting those machines, which does not diminish the introductive powers of labour, is an improvement of the neat revenue of the society ; so every saving in the expense of collecting and supporting that part of the circulating capital which consists in money is an improvement of exactly the same kind

    30. It is sufficiently obvious, and it has partly, too, been explained already, in what manner every saving in the expense of supporting the fixed capital is an improvement of the neat revenue of the society

    31. So far as it is employed in the first way, it promotes prodigality, increases expense and consumption, without increasing production, or establishing any permanent fund for supporting that expense, and is in every respect hurtful to the society

    32. So far as it is employed in the second way, it promotes industry ; and though it increases the consumption of the society, it provides a permanent fund for supporting that consumption; the people who consume reproducing, with a profit, the whole value of their annual consumption

    33. The gross revenue of the society, the annual produce of their land and labour, is increased by the whole value which the labour of those workmen adds to the materials upon which they are employed, and their neat revenue by what remains of this value, after deducting what is necessary for supporting the tools and instruments of their trade

    34. One of the most supporting and inspirational tools to achieve success is to have

    35. supporting the struggle for the liberation of

    36. When both are the produce of domestic industry, it necessarily replaces, by every such operation, two distinct capitals, which had both been employed in Supporting productive labour, and thereby enables them to continue that support

    37. So far, therefore, as the productive labour of the country is concerned, the foreign trade of consumption, which is carried on by means of gold and silver, has all the advantages and all the inconveniencies of any other equally round-about foreign trade of consumption; and will replace, just as fast, or just as slow, the capital which is immediately employed in supporting that productive labour

    38. That part of the capital of any country which is employed in the carrying trade, is altogether withdrawn from supporting the productive labour of that particular country, to support that of some foreign countries

    39. The capital of the Dutch merchant, which carries the corn of Poland to Portugal, and brings back the fruits and wines of Portugal to Poland, replaces by every such operation two capitals, neither of which had been employed in supporting the productive labour of Holland; but one of them in supporting that of Poland, and the other that of Portugal

    40. When the capital stock of any country is increased to such a degree that it cannot be all employed in supplying the consumption, and supporting the productive labour of that particular country, the surplus part of it naturally disgorges itself into the carrying trade, and is employed in performing the same offices to other countries

    41. The king was looking on, his hand supporting his chin and a slight smile on his lips, seemingly very interested in this young woman of exceptional beauty

    42. You are supporting someone in an emotional or financial way

    43. Not because they were inquiries into the unknown or unknowable, but because the supporting knowledge required to convey the understanding was absent in her

    44. Had the king of Portugal submitted to those ignominious terms which his brother-in-law the king of Spain proposed to him, Britain would have been freed from a much greater inconveniency than the loss of the Portugal trade, the burden of supporting a very weak ally, so unprovided of every thing for his own defence, that the whole power of England, had it been directed to that single purpose, could scarce, perhaps, have defended him for another campaign

    45. It was a long time before even the parliament of England, though placed immediately under the eye of the sovereign, could be brought under such a system of management, or could be rendered sufficiently liberal in their grants for supporting the civil and military establishments even of their own country

    46. Before the walls were wooden pillars supporting the second story, and before them were long tables on each side

    47. “Only two ways I can see,” replied Chris, “First is we attach two ropes to her and, supporting her from both sides, we haul her across

    48. But the small extent of ancient Egypt, which was never equal to England, must at all times, have rendered the home market of that country too narrow for supporting any great variety of manufactures

    49. That system, by encouraging manufactures and foreign trade more than agriculture, turns a certain portion of the capital of the society, from supporting a more advantageous, to support a less advantageous species of industry

    50. Rather than just supporting her, they were carrying her, leaving her feet to drag on the ground

    1. Who made this web? Who supports this family? Certainly not him, and he doesn’t show a lot of gratitude for it

    2. Valerian and passionflower aid relaxation and sleep, oats have a calming effect, ginseng supports the adrenals (but shouldn't be used during pregnancy or if you have high blood pressure) and Echinacea boosts immune function

    3. Naturally, I don't question Louise's good intentions; on the contrary, she is the only friend of mine who supports me in deed

    4. Selenium also supports immunity read as far as nuts are concerned

    5. stickers, ribbons or anything that supports the theme of the page

    6. missing supports of emotional and loving connection will quickly be felt

    7. And hey, it supports a good and bad cause!

    8. had long since removed, but the metal fence supports were still

    9. Port Hedland – named after its founder, Peter Hedland in 1863, now it supports a population of 14,000 and is the highest tonnage port in Australia

    10. He started to cut and weld the supports back to specifications

    11. do not be arrogant toward the branches; but if you are arrogant, remember that it is not you who supports the root, but the root supports you

    12. supports the church and church supports the monarchy

    13. “In these times of war, the king supports harsh measures

    14. It is in a great measure indifferent to him from what place he carries on his trade ; and a very trifling disgust will make him remove his capital, and, together with it, all the industry which it supports, from one country to another

    15. The member of parliament who supports every proposal for strengthening this monopoly, is sure to acquire not only the reputation of understanding trade, but great popularity and influence with an order of men whose numbers and wealth render them of great importance

    16. Children also develop values and moral character by being part of a larger group – the group supports us, and we also become a support to others, strengthening ourselves as well as our community

    17. We know that children and adults who have at least one significant person who supports them – whether family or friend – are much more resilient in successfully overcoming problems; and programs such as Big Brothers/Big Sisters are highly effective

    18. The main entrance was another piece of art with its massive solid wooden door hanging outwards, held in position with polished brass supports to prevent it from closing in the breeze

    19. It would support the trade of the farmer, in the same manner as the trade of the wholesale dealer supports that of the manufacturer

    20. The only other cushiony thing in the store was a bundle of neck supports for traveling

    21. The edges of the circular fabric were firmly weighted down with rocks and the centre was raised with the pipes making effective supports

    22. No government that supports space exploration, mining and colonisation is going to win elections anymore

    23. He supports the girls and I and

    24. Supports and protects the liver

    25. Pouring in heavy volleys from their carbines, the cavalry then surged forward, the enemy's right flank falling back in good order before the Rough Riders, who were now enfiladed by Rubin's mountain artillery, and the infantry supports entrenched along the ridge

    26. Anyway, Hamp was hired and he knew what he was doing for he graded the pad off perfect then took his backhoe and dug out the footings for each of the several supports for the trusses

    27. Amaranthe clambered up the cement block, but hesitated when she looked up at the steel supports

    28. This equally supports the argument that Infinity is a mathematical certainty extending in two opposite directions

    29. He enthusiastically supports all of my new projects

    30. On the contrary, since you become one with your wife (Ephesians 5:31) you should be stronger and better able to fulfill your role as a father because you have a good wife who supports you

    31. A US public with a large segment that supports torture made it easier to be carried out and more difficult for war criminals to be tried

    32. They were also in awe while beholding the exquisite and elaborate art of the cathedral and the pulleys system that supports and operates the famous “botafumeiro” (hanging incense holder), proclaimed to be the biggest incensory in the world

    33. That boosts their confidence and supports your role and authority

    34. He supports San José legislators who labor on a bill that, if enacted, will require equitable distribution of tax revenues among all the provinces

    35. There’s a lot of truth to that, Gordy, he has a large family and pretty well supports them all

    36. It is achieved through the commitment to understand the nature of negative thought patterns and the resultant stress (negative emotional patterns) and finally, the habits and behaviours that stress supports and the willingness to make adjustments in life-style to dissolve stress and support new health-promoting habits and behaviours

    37. The way to change behaviours and habits is to understand how they originate and the matrix of negative emotions and feelings (stress) that supports them

    38. indicated that he supports the construction of nuclear power plants and the federal Nuclear Regulatory

    39. In the past when I was first introduced to the phrase, I thought, ‘Finally a presentation of what we know that supports the proposition of “Intelligence” accompanying the beginning and progress of all things

    40. Neurology also studies the way the brain answers the “calling” of this body, and how it also supports a theory of the “consciousness” of self and others as part of this mental process

    41. It’s so dark I can barely see them, but when I stare at the huge, rusted supports holding the wheel in place, I see the rungs of a ladder

    42. Today Leftist brain supports the gay and lesbian community to destroy the tradition and create a whole new concept

    43. If his popularity is 43 % then only 10% of the middle or other side also supports him

    44. We all have one or more Spirit Guide that tutors and supports certain periods of our lives

    45. I start to climb backward, toward the metal structure that supports the bridge, toward the staircase that will lead me to Wacker Drive

    46. There is no way to know who among the Erudite supports Jeanine and who does not

    47. I STAND ON the edge of the truck bed, holding the structure that supports the cloth cover

    48. Mexico supports policies that encourage illegal immigration to the United States, yet Mexico has severe laws that punish those who come into Mexico illegally

    49. Making a list of pros and cons, and then choosing the option that the evidence best supports

    50. The law of karma supports the vision of an elegant spirit[88] – a person who has awakened to realization that he or she is a creator and, therefore, acts to honor that power through living with love, wisdom, and compassion

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