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    1. “You three, barricade the causeway! And man those hoses!

    2. construction of a dam or barricade to hold back the water

    3. The marines slowed down and stopped in front of the barricade

    4. Five miles away a young girl pulled her horse to a halt outside a barricade made by two Landrovers that had been pushed across a gap in a fence to form a gate

    5. His voice bounced harmlessly off of the twenty foot high barricade of junk before him

    6. He repeated the blow, again and again, chopping through the barricade of boards one by one

    7. Ome was on the verge of directing the Elders and Chosen into defensive formations, maybe barricade themselves within the Hangar before the Dark Army found them, when suddenly a Chosen shouted out in warning

    8. It looked like the Sundown residents had been able to get a barricade of sorts together, made of trailers, cars, trucks, and whatever else they could find to surround the area, but they were fooling themselves if they thought it would be successful in stopping even a small number of freaks on a rampage

    9. He climbed around a barricade and slid down the side of an embankment to the path below

    10. down with his bare hands and piling the rotten timber in a barricade across the street toward the dock

    11. Hiding the torchlight was not easy, but only had to be done until the first boat landed their men at arms and then they could ignite the first barricade

    12. Nine succeeding rows of trenches must first have been captured on the slope leading from San Juan, the terrible barricade of barbed wire, protected by the forts and blockhouses, surmounted, before the stormers could reach the city and its immediate defences

    13. The FBI’s Hostage Barricade Database System shows that roughly 27% of victims show evidence of Stockholm Syndrome

    14. The men calmly watched as the police at all the entrances began to barricade themselves in from inside with desks, chairs and all sorts of debris they could gather in the minutes following the rocket attack

    15. partition as a barricade

    16. Q says they should bronze the door that the Israeli professor used as a barricade and create a memorial to him

    17. Dacian fully expected the bomb to break through the barricade, but it was

    18. lives with that barricade

    19. That’s when she saw the barricade and the flashing blue lights

    20. One stood by the barricade, while a second man walked behind her car as if watching for other bystanders

    21. She went back toward the barricade, seeing the speedometer hit eighty

    22. The uninjured cop was loading the barricade into the trunk

    23. We galloped for the causeway to the city and our lead elements surprised the rebels who were moving to barricade it

    24. I looked over at Andreya who was next to me behind the barricade

    25. At the front of the barricade, I recognized Chofsky's bodyguard who I had tipped about Shamansky’s arrival

    26. It looked like it took a decent amount of effort, but within half a minute she finally managed to get her right foot through the barricade and safely on to our side

    27. The President and Congress looked forward to a Happy New Year finishing off their work of dismantling the American Republic behind the barricade of their 60 Senator filibuster proof majority

    28. I do remember driving into ND stadium on a two-lane road where the cops had made both lanes one way going into the stadium with a wooden orange diagonally striped barricade between lanes

    29. The hints were everywhere; in the barricade along the

    30. ’ The guard nodded his understanding; Barrad collected his horse and started to ride out of the camp stopping at a perimeter barricade to keep up the pretence of checking on the men

    31. Barreto hovered by the barricade and began flying across the

    32. None had broken through, like there was a barricade behind the windows

    33. fourth clip by the time we reached the barricade

    34. I know it is dangerous! I came from death row where I had to barricade my door in case a power surge caused the doors to open

    35. barricade to give the appearance that I wasn’t affected

    36. The Dangler hollered with exhilaration as they burst through the barricade, knocking a wall of buried, moss-covered logs out of the way

    37. Arguing back and forth as they ran, the children crashed through a last barricade of ferns into a wide, well-lit clearing

    38. Ramming in to the barricade

    39. Alessandro was waiting behind the barricade and felt his heart sink

    40. It was near the Prague Radio Building where people had jammed overturned buses, trams and trucks across the street to barricade the building

    41. In the middle of a barren stretch of road we came upon a barricade and stopped

    42. When Charles reached the general vicinity of the office, he [JS7] was stopped by a barricade of flashing lights

    43. After a few words, the driver got back into the car and proceeded through the barricade

    44. As police waited for the smoldering pile to reach approachable temperatures, yellow tape was used to section off and barricade the area

    45. At the westerly end of Calella beach, Captain Miguel de Unamuno, a front line Spanish army officer, is watching the incident from a cliff-top position behind a barricade of sandbags

    46. They landed outside the village barricade and, by the time the door had slid open and Siri had stepped out smiling, a large group of villagers were excitedly waiting to shout their greetings

    47. Jimmy retreated behind his barricade of books

    48. he slipped under the barricade

    49. Nazi helmets and swastikas added an ingredient of distasteful icing to a thoroughly unpleasant cake, thought Rudolph, as the two biggest members of the gang advanced the full distance between the barricade and his car

    50. Morse drove up to the barricade and jumped out of his car

    1. where rooms once barricaded

    2. The children barricaded themselves in their bedroom, but their parents made no attempts to break in

    3. The children barricaded themselves in their bedroom, but their

    4. The residents have barricaded the roads

    5. All the shutters were boarded off, all the doors barricaded shut

    6. Thirty Dark Lords barricaded Hell’s Gate by the time the Giants came thundering at them

    7. My chest tore in two and I bridged a feeling that until now had been barricaded by as many shields as I could muster

    8. They haven’t met any actual resistance but they’ve had to cut through four heavily barricaded doors

    9. It commanded the succeeding rows of trenches on the hillside and the strongly fortified and barricaded outskirts of the city, that rose like a wall along the next crest

    10. I remember a wonderful punch-up at a sleazy hotel in Pretoria West where we’d had a running battle with locals who had barricaded themselves inside the building and refused to submit to arrest to the local station policemen despite being asked to do so

    11. The barricaded ones wanted to see the sergeant, which was not a strange request as most civilians respected the sergeant much more than any commissioned officer

    12. After a short while about seventy percent of the barricaded ones surrendered and were charged with drunkenness and disorderly behaviour

    13. We rode along the outer edge of the city, where the streets were barricaded like Paris in Commune, the walls loop-holed, trenches cut across the highways, and so formidable a line of defence formed that an assault on the city would have proved costly

    14. Jinotega’s marketplace had converted to a military motor pool for communist armor, Soviet teachers taught Russian and distorted versions of history in the schools, and everywhere people scurried from door to barricaded door, avoiding patrols of soldiers

    15. He had been found barricaded in his residence and, when they approached, attempted escape on horseback but, as the valley he fled into was surrounded by jungle with the highway its only outlet, it was poorly contrived

    16. It had been fully barricaded and the drawbridge removed

    17. van as they neared a barricaded junction, his focus trained on the

    18. I turned on him so fiercely; I nearly knocked the lamp post that barricaded the pavement where I stood, breathing out in relief that I hadn’t

    19. When Lisa made it safely out of the RV to the barricaded

    20. There was no way to convince Severa when she barricaded behind her philosophical and moral sermons; but out of respect I inhibited my protest loudly against her predicament, on the inside, yes, I complained and complained so vehemently: "so you, Severa, think, I have a dark side, ah?" Nice to think of the shortcomings of others, ah? Is it nice? You surrounded by the darkness of your clothes, your hair, the shadows that dwell in the shade of your eyes, whose blackness you wear with the ghostly air of a widow, you, you come to lecture me?”

    21. Elegant and lean in a well-tailored suit; face as barricaded against the world as I felt mine must be, I couldn’t take my eyes off him and made certain I sat beside him at the table

    22. Joel barricaded the door as best he could, and more than once, he had to hold it shut with

    23. Thomas de Torkvemada10 was sitting on the bed, barricaded in his chambers

    24. The War Room was a large chamber deep in the center of the palace, well protected by heavy walls and barricaded fortress gates spelled with strong rune stones to ward off both battering rams and destruct spells

    25. They never left their barricaded castle except to steal forth into the Halls of Silence that lay between the opposing fortresses, to slay and be slain

    26. I had barricaded the door with the table and chair and since I hadn’t paid for food, no one tried to wake me for meals

    27. �As I say, we've got the place staked out and he's barricaded the door, anyway he ain't going anywhere; sure you don't want any more coffee?� asks Steve with a confident smile

    28. Police in Oakland, California spent two hours attempting to subdue a gunman, who had barricaded himself inside his home

    29. Obviously, Terence knew the game was nearly over and had barricaded himself in the suite in hopes of either negotiating a deal or ultimately winning the standoff that would surely ensue

    30. Shaking his head discouragingly, Feltus opened the door now barricaded by two different locks with a shiny brass key specially fit for each and stepped aside cautiously as the door quietly swung open to reveal the dark foyer beyond which a shaded lamp could be seen casting an eerie glow in the far corner of the parlour

    31. Unfortunately, however, the police had barricaded everything within a ten-block radius

    32. Most of the other citizens of Toulouse that had not fled barricaded themselves in their houses once night fell

    33. When they arrived in the small coastal town of Arima one hour later, it was to find that the small local garrison had already been massacred, with only a small group of women armed with naginatas still barricaded in the local rice granary

    34. The first problem came when Sister Jeanne Mance refused to evacuate her hospital, insisting on staying barricaded inside it

    35. “No! There were guards running around, and they had the gate barricaded

    36. When everyone had left the building, Jack barricaded all the doors so on the ground level so that they could not get in

    37. The Soldiers barricaded the front door and had been guarding it

    38. The entrance was barred as Soldiers had barricaded it

    39. When the gypsies came to town, the peasants barricaded themselves in their farmhouses and cottages

    40. “I’m barricaded in my bedroom

    41. We here at Channel Three News have barricaded ourselves into this studio, and I suggest anyone watching this do the same

    42. Residents of the reservation had barricaded I-15

    43. The crowds were probably no bigger than usual but because of all the barricaded area there was a crush

    44. "You need to get this door barricaded and get the archers and casters up top fast

    45. They’d barricaded it with a thick wooden beam that sat on metal brackets, as well as a shelf full of chain and leather armor pieces, two wooden chairs, and a bench

    46. It had no doors and could not be barricaded against the lions

    47. The villagers had all retired and barricaded

    48. road is barricaded at the western entrance

    49. path that had always been absolutely barricaded to

    50. Roger had barricaded himself in his bedroom

    1. It doesn't seem to bother them when they reminisce, that Mickey manned the secondary strikers’ barricades while Ted was a true blue supporter of capital punishment

    2. He had already regrouped the remaining construction crews to focus on building a series of barricades around the Rift

    3. Fallingwater lay silent, guarded by dilapidated wooden barricades in front of the narrow, stone enclosed passageway that led to the front door

    4. They said the barricades they built as tank defences will last 62 minutes

    5. The road split and so did the barricades

    6. Flesh’ailer had stayed behind and butchered several soldiers who found a way around the barricades, through the houses

    7. Extending along its whole length were trenches, intersected with blockhouses, while below strong barbed-wire barricades were stretched along the base of the hill

    8. The barricades were torn down, the outworks stormed; and though a few desperate soldiers fought from house to house, Caney was soon in our hands

    9. A handful of enforcers struggled to establish barricades on either side of the bridge, but this had just happened and few men had arrived

    10. He cast aside the hard grasp of logic and lifted the barricades of his reason to let the shining light of true faith enter

    11. Behind her, a shot rang out as she hit the gas, splintering the barricades and rolling one fake cop off her bumper

    12. I sat and played the guitar on the barricades and the woman sat on the pew below, embroidering

    13. After about two hours, when the buildings‘ shadows covered the barricades, she got up to leave

    14. For Roger who witnessed the student unrest, strikes and barricades at Los Angeles City College, this was truly frightening

    15. I could not make up mind, so I just crashed through the wooden barricades, high tailed it to general parking, and met Nick at his reserved parking space right up against the stadium wall outside our seats

    16. ” Donald, the area where we were just watching, the barricades where people were watching and taking pictures

    17. The alarms and barricades were activated a few minutes too late

    18. Wouldn’t have helped anyway; the outbreak didn’t start in the germ-vaults where the barricades are—it started in the ventilation ducts outside them

    19. He found steel plates and timber and all kinds of materials that would build barricades at the front and side of the house

    20. Gomes and the family carried the materials and began to construct sturdy barricades that would repel any shots from Tafferel and his men

    21. Another thirty minutes and they would be in darkness by which time she should be back behind the barricades and safe

    22. He stared at the frightened, gaunt faces that looked back at him through the barricades but the only emotion he could muster was indifference

    23. city centre the crowds grew thicker and barricades had

    24. Barricades and settlements work against this solution and we fail to slap hands

    25. barricades about a hundred deep and were screaming and cheering for all they

    26. barricades absolutely covered with Baxtre’s brains and blood and gore

    27. The officer then ran over to Agent Pete Williams with the Secret Service and told him he had a man at the barricades frantically saying that the President‘s life is in danger

    28. Several police officers standing at barricades on the east side of the stadium pointed up in the air

    29. Dahms didn't like it, stating that the repair of the dome after the battle would be quite expensive and take several months, also stating that they would have to build fires and temporary barricades to keep the toral out

    30. The police have set up barricades in front of the federal courthouse and, so far, there hasn’t been any violence

    31. “They’ve erected barricades, and appear to be more reinforced then they are


    33. Those isolated shots quickly became heavy exchanges of gunfire as the workers of Paris built barricades all across the city and as the army went on to brutally dismantle them and disperse the rioters

    34. The end of the insurrection that would be known in the future as ‘The days of June’ was marked the next day, June 26, by the fall of the last barricades in the suburbs of Saint-Antoine, which bordered the district of Le Marais, where Jeanne lived

    35. The tanks rolled past the barricades and a column of Federal soldiers fired defiantly at patriots

    36. Army trucks blocked streets and soldiers hastily erected barricades

    37. Then one of them began shouting for building barricades around the warehouses, and another for igniting the Daldera ships and raiding the armories, and the room turned clamorous

    38. They also erected barricades

    39. barricades of the main entrance gate

    40. Religions are simply buying stock in the gated and protected community of your kind and booking reservations on the rescue liner of your choice should the metaphysical barbarians breech the moral barricades

    41. barricades were placed so non-church members could not drive past the

    42. " was parked by one of the barricades and workmen pretended to

    43. collisions, for example, use of barricades

    44. covered field and barricades blocking off the road

    45. Barricades were now being erected across roads passing

    46. Many sympathetic American and Canadian citizens gathered at the barricades in

    47. “Yes, when we put up the barricades at both ends of the reservation, we just stopped the

    48. out, and all barricades had been removed

    49. The barricades creaked and groaned as he pulled them shut

    50. The short wooden barricades on each side of the ferry would block a direct shot, and he doubted there were many archers out here with the skill to drop an arrow on them from above, but he'd still spent much of the trip watching for good hiding spots

    1. I made my way over the barricading ledge between the door to Levi’s house and his garden, when TJ spoke

    2. According to his file, he had killed his wife and three daughters after taking them prisoner and barricading himself inside their home

    3. Celia leaned against the door as if barricading it

    4. captain!” yelled the soldier, while barricading the metallic door

    5. But memory turned traitor, and as if possessed by the perverse spirit of the girl, would only recall Jo's oddities, faults, and freaks, would only show her in the most unsentimental aspects--beating mats with her head tied up in a bandana, barricading herself with the sofa pillow, or throwing cold water over his passion à la Gummidge--and an irresistible laugh spoiled the pensive picture he was endeavoring to paint

    6. I kept my eyes straight ahead, feeling every intersection as a potential collision site, watching for black cars, maybe a bunch of them barricading the road

    7. He was barricading himself against possibilities

    8. Hotaki opened a wooden crate at his feet as the rumble of the approaching vehicle mingled with the sound of people barricading their windows

    9. And so, while Jane Porter and Esmeralda were barricading themselves within the cabin, the cowardly crew of cutthroats were pulling rapidly for their ship in the two boats that had brought them ashore

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