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    1. where rooms once barricaded

    2. The children barricaded themselves in their bedroom, but their parents made no attempts to break in

    3. The children barricaded themselves in their bedroom, but their

    4. The residents have barricaded the roads

    5. All the shutters were boarded off, all the doors barricaded shut

    6. Thirty Dark Lords barricaded Hell’s Gate by the time the Giants came thundering at them

    7. My chest tore in two and I bridged a feeling that until now had been barricaded by as many shields as I could muster

    8. They haven’t met any actual resistance but they’ve had to cut through four heavily barricaded doors

    9. It commanded the succeeding rows of trenches on the hillside and the strongly fortified and barricaded outskirts of the city, that rose like a wall along the next crest

    10. I remember a wonderful punch-up at a sleazy hotel in Pretoria West where we’d had a running battle with locals who had barricaded themselves inside the building and refused to submit to arrest to the local station policemen despite being asked to do so

    1. “You three, barricade the causeway! And man those hoses!

    2. construction of a dam or barricade to hold back the water

    3. The marines slowed down and stopped in front of the barricade

    4. Five miles away a young girl pulled her horse to a halt outside a barricade made by two Landrovers that had been pushed across a gap in a fence to form a gate

    5. His voice bounced harmlessly off of the twenty foot high barricade of junk before him

    6. He repeated the blow, again and again, chopping through the barricade of boards one by one

    7. Ome was on the verge of directing the Elders and Chosen into defensive formations, maybe barricade themselves within the Hangar before the Dark Army found them, when suddenly a Chosen shouted out in warning

    8. It looked like the Sundown residents had been able to get a barricade of sorts together, made of trailers, cars, trucks, and whatever else they could find to surround the area, but they were fooling themselves if they thought it would be successful in stopping even a small number of freaks on a rampage

    9. He climbed around a barricade and slid down the side of an embankment to the path below

    10. down with his bare hands and piling the rotten timber in a barricade across the street toward the dock

    1. It doesn't seem to bother them when they reminisce, that Mickey manned the secondary strikers’ barricades while Ted was a true blue supporter of capital punishment

    2. He had already regrouped the remaining construction crews to focus on building a series of barricades around the Rift

    3. Fallingwater lay silent, guarded by dilapidated wooden barricades in front of the narrow, stone enclosed passageway that led to the front door

    4. They said the barricades they built as tank defences will last 62 minutes

    5. The road split and so did the barricades

    6. Flesh’ailer had stayed behind and butchered several soldiers who found a way around the barricades, through the houses

    7. Extending along its whole length were trenches, intersected with blockhouses, while below strong barbed-wire barricades were stretched along the base of the hill

    8. The barricades were torn down, the outworks stormed; and though a few desperate soldiers fought from house to house, Caney was soon in our hands

    9. A handful of enforcers struggled to establish barricades on either side of the bridge, but this had just happened and few men had arrived

    10. He cast aside the hard grasp of logic and lifted the barricades of his reason to let the shining light of true faith enter

    1. I made my way over the barricading ledge between the door to Levi’s house and his garden, when TJ spoke

    2. According to his file, he had killed his wife and three daughters after taking them prisoner and barricading himself inside their home

    3. Celia leaned against the door as if barricading it

    4. captain!” yelled the soldier, while barricading the metallic door

    5. But memory turned traitor, and as if possessed by the perverse spirit of the girl, would only recall Jo's oddities, faults, and freaks, would only show her in the most unsentimental aspects--beating mats with her head tied up in a bandana, barricading herself with the sofa pillow, or throwing cold water over his passion à la Gummidge--and an irresistible laugh spoiled the pensive picture he was endeavoring to paint

    6. I kept my eyes straight ahead, feeling every intersection as a potential collision site, watching for black cars, maybe a bunch of them barricading the road

    7. He was barricading himself against possibilities

    8. Hotaki opened a wooden crate at his feet as the rumble of the approaching vehicle mingled with the sound of people barricading their windows

    9. And so, while Jane Porter and Esmeralda were barricading themselves within the cabin, the cowardly crew of cutthroats were pulling rapidly for their ship in the two boats that had brought them ashore

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    blockade bar obstruct shut in fortify obstruction rampart obstacle

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    barricade roadblock barricado bar block block off block up blockade stop obstruct shut in fortify obstruction rampart obstacle