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    1. That beam didn’t care what was in front of it

    2. I tried to pick at the frame of the grill so that I could steal a stray beam of light from the bulb in the corridor, but all that I did was aggravate the pin prick wound in my finger from the bullet hole in the trunk of the car that had brought me here

    3. It was a pretty good imitation of what he would have liked back home, a sprawling ranch built out of earthenware blocks with a tile and beam roof

    4. No laser beam came out of my gun

    5. She sent the probe following that beam

    6. They were clearly using the refraction of the atmosphere to send the beam much further than it could have gone line of sight, even with the large radius of this planet

    7. She parked the probe in the upper branches of a tree far above where humans could climb, and where it could catch the fringes of a beam from one small globe far down the hill

    8. Drifts of lazy smoke catch the beam

    9. A beam of light encircled her head and went to Rah and back to her

    10. Time stood still and they were engulfed in a beam of light

    11. Then he turned and stared at Oreo; a beam of light shot out to Oreo and she rose up and was engulfed in Rah’s wings

    12. on their beam ends,

    13. A beam of light shot out of Ash and hit Emily in the heart area; she was engulfed in a bubble of light

    14. But the big news was, he was given permission to have Engineering turn the tangler beam on one of the bodies heading toward Sol and found the pulses of state changes were coming from there also

    15. With the Staff of Light in his hand, Collin yelled at him, “For Becky and Jared - die you monster!” He shot out a beam from the Staff of Light and it tore thru the blacks wing

    16. He was able to find out that the auxiliary veron store she was running in had been the target of Thom’s new tangler beam just five minutes before

    17. "It is fifteen days til the tangler beam illuminates a halo object," Thom told them

    18. "So what I propose is that we target one of the impactors with the tangler beam, and see if there is any of this activity in them

    19. "But you have already found activity in every large body that has crossed the path of the tangler beam have you not?" Heymon asked

    20. As you are already aware, I have been researching the condensates in the dark bodies along our path by exposing captive antimatter condensates to the tangler beam while it is illuminating bodies too big for collection

    21. " He displayed a diagram of the ship, a dark body, his antimatter in a jar and the forked tangler beam of paired photons that was illuminating his antimatter and the dark body

    22. "You look like you're building your own tangler beam

    23. I don't need the power of the main tangler, just a thin little beam and some tracking software and I can make many more studies

    24. “These particles were in the target of my beam

    25. “What percentage of the thoughts in my mind are entangled by one pass of the beam?” Ava asked

    26. "I don't think you should be in the middle of anything when the beam reaches the body, and five minutes after that, there is no telling what will happen at that time

    27. "Nothing can happen when the beam reaches the body," Darryl interjected, “but once it does, whatever is going to happen is inevitable

    28. "The beam will reach the target in a half hour," he said

    29. He fired off the entangled beam

    30. "You better come back over, I don't like the way Ava blinked out the instant the study tangler beam should have reached the target

    31. "Which means it has to be something illuminated by the tangler beam, something within a few million miles

    32. Any heat at all would kill them and even the tangler beam probably carries more heat than they want to deal with

    33. ’ Alastair commented, instinctively ducking to avoid the beam placed just at head height half way up the stairs, ‘It’s lovely the way you’ve resisted the temptation to modernise it out of all recognition

    34. “If it is spreading in all directions, but if the signal is generated by something small and local and sent in a tight beam toward us, not much energy is used

    35. “They are well within the cone of the transmitter, even though it is a very narrow beam

    36. “MY teleportation beam, is that what you say happened to me?”

    37. "Then why did you shine that teleportation beam at us?" Yellelle asked so innocently

    38. Well, whatever the reason, you shouldn’t have blindly stepped into that teleportation beam without some idea where you were going, don’t you think?”

    39. But it appears that they have a tractor beam on the third ship

    40. But she had been pulled into this universe at the instant the tangler beam reached the dark body, not five minutes later when the effect had propagated back to Gordon’s Lamp

    41. A flare of the tail feathers and a challenge and within the blink of an eye Mya was on the beam not five feet from the large bird

    42. The Mote and the Beam in the Eye the Eye: Luke 6:37-43

    43. beam that is in thane own eye?

    44. thane eye, when thou thyself beholds not the beam that is in thane own eye? Thou

    45. hypocrite, cast out first the beam out of thane own eye, and then shalt thou see clearly to

    46. in his seat so that his face entered the beam of light

    47. A beam of sunlight broke through the cloud, lighting the colours on the feathers for a brief moment before disappearing again

    48. and mirrors to produce an intense narrow beam of light which could

    49. Roman placed his eye over the hole, not feeling the laser beam touch the

    50. “So what, these aliens pulled you out of bed with their tractor beam or

    1. “Oh, the head’s the best part!” she beamed

    2. ” He beamed with pride as if it were him that was getting through the security instead of the Super Chip

    3. ’ Fred beamed, interrupting my clearing up at the end of the afternoon by wrapping his arms around me and giving me a big hug

    4. The driver beamed like a supernova going critical, lighting up the cabin with his wide, wild eyes and his deep bellow

    5. Nihar had beamed with pride and pleasure when the

    6. They played across the intricate cast marble that beamed the walls and ceilings and glinted on the frames of the treasured artworks that lined the forty-foot long side wall of this study

    7. She beamed with joy because the enhancements he'd made to himself over the centuries insured that no woman would ever fail to find fulfillment in his bed again

    8. All the shelves, table tops and chair backs were protected with embroidered white linen and above us, a wooden beamed ceiling

    9. Ish beamed at his proudest

    10. “Not a problem Captain Alexei,” smiled Naria, “I will just have them beamed up to the ship

    11. A bright light and the party was beamed off the ship

    12. “You’re not proposing time travel and that we have been beamed into bodies in ancient Atlantis?”

    13. Most were mud brick and timber with wood beamed tile roofs

    14. Jack beamed from ear to ear and said,

    15. They have offered him a small fortune and a path to partnership if he would allow himself to be nominated for the position,” she crowed and Harold beamed

    16. the service within, while Jean and Richard beamed with

    17. Nelson beamed “I have the tail section ready to drop and I cut through most of the nose

    18. The dwarf beamed with the possibilities

    19. " Nathalia beamed down at the child with pride

    20. "Ah a perfect day" he said as he beamed around at his colleagues

    21. Dingle beamed and rose to join the rest of the group busily tidying up the equipment and replacing the turf where the pegs had been

    22. The room was blue with smoke and the two candles flickered their orange light across the walls and chased shadows across the wood beamed ceiling

    23. Suddenly his eyes lit up and his face beamed

    24. She beamed with pleasure when Tragus mentioned how much profit he’d

    25. He beamed a toothless grin at seeing her and

    26. ” she beamed, “It was what the Captain just said that really shredded the one curtain keeping me from seeing the end of this little riddle: 'nothing stays the same'!” For Jista that was it and enough

    27. Each smiling face beamed warmly back at her, unheeding of the effects of gazing into the eyes of an impassioned Lascor Princess---the Princess of all---then she was staring at the cake with candles and the one beautifully wrapped gift in front of it

    28. Darshi beamed, “Good! Yßir will be so pleased I remembered to mention it to you

    29. I followed the pathway back to where the entity beamed up

    30. Then, harnessing the power of the ruro material in his chest he beamed Orb across to Jodie

    31. It beamed them out as realograms into the internal space of the ship

    32. Messages from Earth were beamed into the

    33. As soon as he broke through the last line of people, he swept his arms out in a huge arc and beamed a smile at me

    34. ’ Torbin beamed with a sudden comprehension at his

    35. His eyes open this time, the image was beamed onto his retinas, the same vector pattern

    36. “What do you want to do now lads we could have a look around I suppose and see who else is here or we could find out if there’s a card game going on?” Elijah beamed at this and so did Johnny, Elijah said

    37. Here was where their images would be beamed to every broadcasting station world wide, their voices translated into over a hundred languages

    38. “It sounds elegant, I’ll be the hit of the party in my own daughter’s creation!” Pamela beamed with pride already

    39. I went down stairs and into the kitchen Beth was stood at the range just taking the kettle off to make a pot of tea she beamed when she saw me

    40. life no matter what was thrown at him and beamed her a wide smile

    41. She replaced the 'phone and beamed at Jack

    42. “Hear, hear!” and Elijah beamed out at us from his ruined face

    43. He beamed and said, ‘Can you hear him? Is he there?’ In excitement he continued, ‘James, vhat is he saying? Is he giving you instructions?

    44. ” Pastor James beamed back at me

    45. She looked so alive, but so serene, she had a special quality that young woman and he beamed as she took the prayer book from him

    46. Sheuli beamed back and was pulled away by her friend

    47. Mother beamed again, and told her to sit down for a treat

    48. He skipped a she walked and beamed a smile that could be seen at several paces

    49. The boy beamed in return, but it wasn’t lost on Dorro that there was a hint of mischief behind it

    50. ” Saldon beamed a broad grin

    1. As the exhibition ends satisfactorily without any major mishap, the assembled adults applaud, the children beaming proudly at their respective families

    2. Sally was beaming with excitement over the chase and flaming

    3. "We're delighted to hear it", said the two men, beaming at him, and they proceeded to name the chapters, to summarize their arguments and to explain all of the most salient points they had made

    4. The beaming of the impactors had been inconclusive

    5. I rolled onto my stomach, allowing the water to wash and revive me, pulling myself forward over the pebbles like a lizard, sliding down into the water past the boulders, keeping as near to the bottom as I could and then turning, and looking skyward through sparkling shafts of sunlight beaming through my open fingers

    6. On her final visit to the clinic she was greeted by the beaming face of her consultant, all of which made her death nine and a half months later, shortly after the birth of her son, that much harder for Ken to bear

    7. Sally is beaming at me, and comes over to inspect my ring which she has just spotted

    8. Naria stepped onto the beaming pad and called the Saber

    9. "We're delighted to hear it", said the two men, beaming at him,

    10. she was greeted by the beaming face of her consultant, all of which

    11. In the crowd of waiters, waitresses and chefs, stood Jameson Connor in his new white kitchen jacket, beaming with pride

    12. Her beaming smile and her father's expression of devotion and pride met the roar, and the performers bowed their appreciation for the response, a little taken aback that so few an audience could produce so loud an ovation

    13. “So then here are the six centers, each with there own three parts, and each of those with their own three parts of parts!” The young man was beaming with the thrill of discovery

    14. Beaming with confidence, he simply gave her a new mission, one which he claimed she would not fail

    15. beaming grin, and a body so well built, it must have made Ares seethe with envy, Vorous was the darling of every girl on Scheria

    16. As the buggy came to a standstill outside Crissy’s humble home, little Mitzka came running out, beaming from ear to ear

    17. Even his manner came across as arrogant and proud; certainly not someone to mess with! He smiled back at the king’s beaming face and shivered as he thought how quickly those friendly eyes could turn to stone when provoked

    18. Penelope could not deny the sincere happiness at his reply, and she tried to tone down her fiercely beaming grin

    19. balancing the people's welfare with that of her personal obligations and responsibilities is a juggling act she can't always essay with grace!” Tei was beaming

    20. This will not be forgotten, I assure you,” he said to a beaming Hillary

    21. I got this thing right here, but even with that sun beaming down, it’s cold out here

    22. She nodded, that beautiful face of hers beaming

    23. “I have my home with you,” He turned to me and smiled that beautiful, beaming smile of his

    24. I don’t want to rush you, but what do you think?” She could hear his nervousness beneath the beaming anticipation in his eyes

    25. “Mr Kennedy, what a pleasure it is to meet you face to face,” the warden said, beaming

    26. Millicent had not yet arrived, but Mr Abbott sat at his side beaming profusely, delighted to have his two stars on the same program

    27. “That’s fantastic!” he said, beaming, and took a step towards her again to take her into his arms

    28. Esther glanced at the Rabbi who was still beaming

    29. Mother was beaming when I entered, and said, “She looks

    30. Roy stood up, beaming, and said, “My gosh girl, I’d have recognized you anywhere

    31. Ironbristles just smiled and put his hands on his waist, beaming proudly, “Yep, me maw told me I was the smartest one of the brood! Why, let me tell you, little girl, when I was a wee sprat, I was gonna—”

    32. chaperon was beaming approval upon them, and the young men were taking

    33. goblets would have done; and Bob served it out with beaming looks,

    34. Beaming and in a good mood for the next two days

    35. I was beaming and glowing and could not stop smiling

    36. Anne and Jessica were decked out in their finest dresses, their faces beaming with delight

    37. Henderson,” he replied, beaming continually as it was filled out

    38. Often I felt a long moment of dread, especially when walking into the briefing room, and seeing all those innocent young faces beaming after their latest escapade

    39. Steve was looking relieved, calm, and beaming with enthusiasm

    40. He felt its corruption overwhelm him and its malevolence flow around him, its power beaming right through him

    41. “At the cabinet level, yes, and who knows about next election?” he said, beaming

    42. “She is mine and yet she is not mine,” he answered, beaming proudly at his cryptic response

    43. Hilderich rocked himself back and forth on his toes and heels, his face beaming with health and good spirits

    44. beaming with joy at being treated like her mother

    45. The sun was beaming brightly and it was a warm fall day for a change that elicited one of Blazin’s favorite expressions, “It feels like Indian summer out here today,” he said smiling brightly

    46. “You know it kid,” Bob said while beaming

    47. ‖ Abbey‘s face was beaming as she clapped her hands excitedly

    48. An intensely caring man, he stopped for a chat, beaming pleasure to see Nic in good health

    49. She couldn’t help the wide, beaming smile at her mouth when the two

    50. ” He told her, beaming like a laser

    1. They don't have anything down here but the tied down planks and beams

    2. He drains his glass and beams at Ricci

    3. To do that, we’ll have to hold station closer to the transit point and collide the beams more directly to achieve the same result using less energy

    4. He beams at me, delighted with my pleasure at his gift

    5. The natives derided cut timber as 'plank-up' and deemed it temporary construction, even if the beams were eight by sixteen

    6. Strangely enough, this time it proved to be quite easy for me to dodge the thick azure beams as his marksmanship seemed to have waned a little -maybe because he was still dizzy

    7. in the beams above their heads, some talk in their sleep

    8. She set out to map the routes these light beams took

    9. Ava had to fish around awhile to find beams coming out of that city

    10. She found beams radiating to all points of the compass from here, and some with much more traffic than the one she had been studying

    11. But while the probe was moving, she followed the concentration of beams toward the place Alan had told them he was going, the city on the volcanic plug

    12. Abi beams and goes off to join Ben playing with Sam

    13. Thruout, the most substantial buildings were stuccoed stone with wooden beams and pillars

    14. They lifted beams back into place and

    15. His father brought up lumber from another pile and framed an opening into the floor beams over the covered hole in the ground

    16. Of course, I updated the bathroom … oh, and added the conservatory, but the flagstones and beams are mostly original

    17. where we stood, squinting through the high beams of the spotlight

    18. wander over the painted beams (they were each more

    19. one of them, out in the cold air, cutting lumber, measuring beams, having jokes

    20. I shall cut the main beams in the wings and other parts of the fuselage once the engines and undercarriage have been removed

    21. occasional beams of light breaking through the tree cover might have been

    22. to the beams,” Roman said

    23. Beams of sunlight filtered through the stained glass windows lining the chamber's walls

    24. First the elder child -- her body transparent and ethereal, the beams of light from above slicing right through her

    25. Alfred's pocket light continued to throw dancing blue-grey beams thru all the cracks, and there were many, many, wide spaces between boards, so it wouldn't have done any good to be silent if he did have a light

    26. Alfred's beams were still searching the floor below when Alan reached the place where all the plank-ups and hand-holds seemed to lead

    27. The flashlight beams began to play around the upper parts of this area where trunks were fewer

    28. Before he could start to move out of the way, the beams pinned him

    29. By the movement of the light beams he could tell what Alfred's android was doing

    30. The ceiling was made of timber beams, whereas back home, a rich man’s ceiling would be covered with terra cotta tiles, each imprinted with a pleasing image

    31. Nearing the top of the hill she could see the charred frame of a structure, twisted beams and stone collapsed onto a resilient foundation

    32. All she could see were the familiar blackened beams and crumbling interior of the former home

    33. A light breeze caused the drapes to stir lazily, letting beams of light in now and then

    34. “There is in every true woman's heart, a spark of heavenly fire, which lies dormant in the broad daylight of prosperity, but which kindles up and beams and blazes in the dark hour of adversity

    35. The backdoor was the two-piece “Dutch door” I had removed from the entrance of the ship’s galley, and the front porch roof was supported by vertical beams that 163

    36. A series of blue-white wide focused beams overhead, on her face

    37. I noticed sun beams inching themselves over the courtyard and sniffed honey-suckle-scented air

    38. oak beams and wattle and daub and saw the devastation caused

    39. roof beams inside of it

    40. Oh Fuck, that’s what the beams were in Rich’s letter

    41. Termites infested those solid-looking A beams

    42. The most interesting bit was discovering what the beams were

    43. There were stepped levels with security scanning beams Monique had to pass through to reach the High commander

    44. Sometimes she saw a tiny room with wooden plank walls and metal beams on the ceiling

    45. “Up to the beams

    46. Fairies, and out into the Open Air, where Jack Frost and the Star Beams

    47. She listened as the words rolled out of his mouth, as he detailed the pounds of lard, the quantity of wood beams, the man hours of effort that would go into making the Serenor Keep come up to his standards

    48. Her father’s voice thundered through the thick door, his anger resonating through the oaken beams

    49. Or, was she remembering what Gene Frazer said about her fights with her son? She wasn’t sure but, in a confusing whirl of knife blades, ceiling beams, fat cheeks waggling with laughter, squinty-eyed grimaces while his cock befouled her, taut shoulder muscles, angry shrieking, a dagger penetrating the soft flesh below her chin as she contorted her neck to escape it, blood trickling along her neck, the color red, a wash of green, a snickering cockroach crawling over her, red again, the ceiling, black, all black, it ended

    50. His eyes were fixed to the bumper of the SUV in front of us, the elegant planes of his face thrown into high relief by the light of the reflected high beams

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    balance beam beam radio beam beam of light irradiation light beam ray ray of light shaft shaft of light electron beam air broadcast send transmit glow radiate shine beacon emission glimmer spark hint stud timber joist rafter strut stay girder gleam illuminate irradiate glare glisten glitter grin laugh emit aim give out focus relay