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    1. That beam didn’t care what was in front of it

    2. I tried to pick at the frame of the grill so that I could steal a stray beam of light from the bulb in the corridor, but all that I did was aggravate the pin prick wound in my finger from the bullet hole in the trunk of the car that had brought me here

    3. It was a pretty good imitation of what he would have liked back home, a sprawling ranch built out of earthenware blocks with a tile and beam roof

    4. No laser beam came out of my gun

    5. She sent the probe following that beam

    6. They were clearly using the refraction of the atmosphere to send the beam much further than it could have gone line of sight, even with the large radius of this planet

    7. She parked the probe in the upper branches of a tree far above where humans could climb, and where it could catch the fringes of a beam from one small globe far down the hill

    8. Drifts of lazy smoke catch the beam

    9. A beam of light encircled her head and went to Rah and back to her

    10. Time stood still and they were engulfed in a beam of light

    1. “Oh, the head’s the best part!” she beamed

    2. ” He beamed with pride as if it were him that was getting through the security instead of the Super Chip

    3. ’ Fred beamed, interrupting my clearing up at the end of the afternoon by wrapping his arms around me and giving me a big hug

    4. The driver beamed like a supernova going critical, lighting up the cabin with his wide, wild eyes and his deep bellow

    5. Nihar had beamed with pride and pleasure when the

    6. They played across the intricate cast marble that beamed the walls and ceilings and glinted on the frames of the treasured artworks that lined the forty-foot long side wall of this study

    7. She beamed with joy because the enhancements he'd made to himself over the centuries insured that no woman would ever fail to find fulfillment in his bed again

    8. All the shelves, table tops and chair backs were protected with embroidered white linen and above us, a wooden beamed ceiling

    9. Ish beamed at his proudest

    10. “Not a problem Captain Alexei,” smiled Naria, “I will just have them beamed up to the ship

    1. As the exhibition ends satisfactorily without any major mishap, the assembled adults applaud, the children beaming proudly at their respective families

    2. Sally was beaming with excitement over the chase and flaming

    3. "We're delighted to hear it", said the two men, beaming at him, and they proceeded to name the chapters, to summarize their arguments and to explain all of the most salient points they had made

    4. The beaming of the impactors had been inconclusive

    5. I rolled onto my stomach, allowing the water to wash and revive me, pulling myself forward over the pebbles like a lizard, sliding down into the water past the boulders, keeping as near to the bottom as I could and then turning, and looking skyward through sparkling shafts of sunlight beaming through my open fingers

    6. On her final visit to the clinic she was greeted by the beaming face of her consultant, all of which made her death nine and a half months later, shortly after the birth of her son, that much harder for Ken to bear

    7. Sally is beaming at me, and comes over to inspect my ring which she has just spotted

    8. Naria stepped onto the beaming pad and called the Saber

    9. "We're delighted to hear it", said the two men, beaming at him,

    10. she was greeted by the beaming face of her consultant, all of which

    1. They don't have anything down here but the tied down planks and beams

    2. He drains his glass and beams at Ricci

    3. To do that, we’ll have to hold station closer to the transit point and collide the beams more directly to achieve the same result using less energy

    4. He beams at me, delighted with my pleasure at his gift

    5. The natives derided cut timber as 'plank-up' and deemed it temporary construction, even if the beams were eight by sixteen

    6. Strangely enough, this time it proved to be quite easy for me to dodge the thick azure beams as his marksmanship seemed to have waned a little -maybe because he was still dizzy

    7. in the beams above their heads, some talk in their sleep

    8. She set out to map the routes these light beams took

    9. Ava had to fish around awhile to find beams coming out of that city

    10. She found beams radiating to all points of the compass from here, and some with much more traffic than the one she had been studying

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    balance beam beam radio beam beam of light irradiation light beam ray ray of light shaft shaft of light electron beam air broadcast send transmit glow radiate shine beacon emission glimmer spark hint stud timber joist rafter strut stay girder gleam illuminate irradiate glare glisten glitter grin laugh emit aim give out focus relay