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    1. No hint of Venna could be found around either

    2. Once it tastes a hint of it, the beast goes into a bloodlust and eats up the earth faster than before

    3. ’ I said, taking the hint

    4. the bill in a black plastic wallet and with that delightful hint of gravel in the Greek

    5. There was the merest hint of something Italianate in

    6. drawl, just a hint of Tara, to go with that pencil thin moustache and film star grin

    7. The exception was when there was news, a clue, a connection, a hint of warmth on the trail

    8. Any hint or clue

    9. plain, cream in colour, with just a hint of flow and swirl towards the hem

    10. Where there was a hint of Elissa he could not help himself

    11. His bedroom door is closed giving me no hint of where he might be … oh well, I’ll just have to contain myself in patience

    12. mind that bore the as yet unnamed form of Conscience added just a hint of chiding

    13. ’ I said, searching my mind for any hint of the events which he and Emma mentioned last time I was awake

    14. Whenever I hint that we ought to stop seeing each other she gets all upset and I can’t go through with it

    15. Joking apart, it would be the end of my career if there was so much as a hint of anything going on, and some of these girls are complete nightmares

    16. " And I detect the slightest hint of concession from her

    17. I pretended not to have taken the hint

    18. " Nathan laughs, and you can detect a slight hint of anxiety, "Okay, well where are they?" Sabrina's voice changes in tone when she replies

    19. Skite! Oh you were right, Karenze, he does have his uncle’s eyes … and his hair … and there’s a hint of the bone structure too

    20. The Countess rose and walked over to the rustic, blue painted wardrobe and pulled from its hanger one of a number of simple cotton summer dresses, long and plain, cream in colour, with just a hint of flow and swirl towards the hem

    21. That part of his ethereal mind that bore the as yet unnamed form of Conscience added just a hint of chiding harmonic resonance to the song of the universe, and thus was born the conduit between God and the third rock out from an insignificant little star

    22. But what kind of humility did Moses exude that would allow him to make that statement, and yet at the same time he is telling the truth? When we have come to a place where we can make that kind of a statement about ourselves, and not have a hint of pride in the statement, then we have reached ultimate humility

    23. There is not a hint of anyone who murmurs against Moses’ demand

    24. ’ I replied, scouring my mind for any hint of this period

    25. This not-so-subtle hint bears fruit and Gilla and I spend the following morning searching the shops for something suitable while Caderl makes the visit to his workers that was ostensibly the primary reason for his accompanying us

    26. fades into shadow at the hint of your sweet scent,

    27. But down around the port, came a more thriving version of life in shiny, tiled kitchens, and white lace curtains flapping a gentle hint of an incoming breeze that would help to keep the flies at bay

    28. "There's a hint of seasons here, the clawleaves aren't quite as hangy as in Trenst and it's a little more obvious which is the channel here, but this is a lot of the same look, especially on the south side of the Myassa

    29. I don't know what they are, he's never given me a hint, but he needs someone, while Yarin only wants someone

    30. As it was she was quite content to end the day as she often did by toasting the world with another hint of single malt, safe in the comforting knowledge that the sun, like people, inevitably moves towards sunset

    31. They should get the hint at this point

    32. Alan hoped that wasn't a hint of what they were going to do with his sentence

    33. It’s quiet here in the cottage … I can just hear the hint of a piano coming through the wall from next door … it makes me smile knowing that Jo’s happy

    34. There was a hint of extra

    35. Master Seatac spoke of her with great admiration and a hint of protectiveness

    36. What? He doesn’t mean – does he? How long is it since you were alone with a man who had even the faintest hint of romantic intentions, Sally? You didn’t see this coming – oh heavens!

    37. The remainder of the staff, family and friends took the hint and

    38. with just a hint of a serrated edge to his voice

    39. She’d seen no hint of yaag in this universe

    40. the day as she often did by toasting the world with another hint of

    41. Her demeanor was serene with a hint of mistrust, but she smiled pleasantly

    42. Practice: place a hint to something that wasn’t expected and then make it

    43. In these times a hint often acts

    44. Raising my hand, I gently trace the line of his jaw, feeling the hint of stubble

    45. ’ Dave said, a hint of pride audible in his voice

    46. She tried her best not to give him a hint, made it as big a challenge as possible to get her off

    47. he and Alistair took the hint and nodded their agreement

    48. With the basics done, both girls spend the next hour studiously making themselves up to look like they don't care; hair professionally unkempt, foundation, a hint of lip gloss, a dash of sparkle, nails scrubbed, and in Leona's case painted purple

    49. And those remaining, very few, who through bigotry or sheer ignorance had despised the little family's presence in the village, now had to be very cautious indeed to at least never publicly hint at any lingering misgivings regarding the Livingsons they might still privately harbor

    50. “Good question, young Harry,” the old man praised with a hint of a smile now creeping into his delivery

    1. What they knew about the planet was evil to be sure, but there was so much culture and history hinted at in the reports that it seemed a shame we don't gather some data first

    2. Sabrina's absence should have hinted at me what was going on, but the thought didn't actually occur until I saw them together

    3. Nlara hinted that it was a deadly adventure and Vyinga eventually gave in, complaining about having to relive this on every trip on this river

    4. A totally irrelevant question, but it hinted at his growing belief is us

    5. Even though he couldn’t take it seriously, he tried to imagine what it would be like to be in the heaven his mother’s letter hinted at

    6. He hinted obliquely at a

    7. Andy poked around in his memory trying to recall if there had been any event, however minor, which hinted at the presence of a stranger … he couldn’t remember anything at all

    8. “Has anyone hinted at any of that? Recently or in the past?”

    9. “Has anyone hinted at any of that? Recently or in the past?” Even saying whether it was a recent or past lover would tell him

    10. from the moon and the stars hinted at the moving waves of the ocean

    11. Each time she hinted at

    12. Her complexion was whipped strawberry cream, the high check bone hinted at her the small frame, captured in the wheel chair

    13. I went up the creek first, where, as I hinted, I brought my rafts on shore

    14. The color of his hair hinted at it, as did his drooping ears, but for Emily, it was his eyes that truly gave it away

    15. As Alfred has hinted, we are prepared to let you bring Desa with you and since she is clearly a successful person in her society," she shot her a look that said she was only saying that and didn't really believe it

    16. Anon’s blood hinted at its existence, but he wanted it in truth

    17. they can obtain what you have hinted at

    18. Their near-fight in the snow not long before now had hinted as much

    19. Deni opened her mouth to argue that she had been training, and both Elenir and Ravena hadn't said so, but hinted that they thought she was a natural

    20. The Elusivers had shown him things only ever before hinted at – always tantalisingly beyond his grasp

    21. crackly, very droll, but with an edge that hinted at mental agility

    22. And as he moved in, a light out the corner of his eye hinted of their approach

    23. only hinted at it, one on top of Islington Green school, one above a tall block of flats

    24. strongly hinted that it would be unwise for me to reject his idea of a meeting

    25. edge to her voice that hinted at the painful moments of her past—the things that had made her what

    26. eyes, making it clear to them that she didn’t want to hear anything that even hinted of accepting

    27. The doctor, who returned every few hours to check on Fela, hinted to me that if the fever had not broken by tomorrow he would consider operating on her and removing her breasts so that the infection would not spread throughout her body, thus endangering her life

    28. Helen had hinted on many occasions that she wanted to rekindle their brief romance, but Paul was not sure how he felt about Helen

    29. “I believe someone was heating up some water,” he hinted politely as I got out of his vehicle

    30. “You’re saying that this man Kevin only hinted that Mike might be smuggling cocaine with these horses?”

    31. He watched every movement he could capture in the field of his binoculars throughout the offloading of logs, and saw nothing that even hinted at anything unconnected with the job of moving them to various piles throughout the yard

    32. The skies hinted at the approaching evening, as the Sun started to set

    33. And annoying him more each time he thought about it was the possibility, transparently hinted at by Quarles, that he was intended only to be an embellishment to the role she was playing, and not part of the mission

    34. He soon understood it for the mistake it was; the burning and the acrid smell of the drink hinted at battery fluid or something equally awful; Ethan spat out the rest and put down the glass, wiping his mouth in the process

    35. And if “seeing is believing,” he has a long way to go before certainty is even hinted at

    36. To be sure, he suddenly remembered that Aunt Martha had once hinted that he ought to marry again

    37. In my previous book I sort of hinted towards how I would like to be buried

    38. Her words sent terror down my spine, and they hinted to the terrible truth which I didn't want to believe

    39. Jesus often hinted, and openly spoke about the only true riches available to all on

    40. Jesus often hinted, and openly spoke about the only true riches available

    41. It was the twelve-point harness that first hinted to the intensity of

    42. When Jesse left us alone, Irina brutally hinted that she and Jesse were once lovers

    43. ” She answered when I hinted at the possibility

    44. Elliott hinted it might even be too late to mete out internal punishment, but

    45. "A couple of higher-ranking scientists at Worldwide Industries have hinted at the picodust being not terrestrial

    46. Warm still, the air hinted at a chill before the night was over

    47. “On the contrary, Junior, I have kept you from the public eye and have merely hinted grave things

    48. understanding of belief, and have only hinted at the formative and spa-

    49. As for our host, he was polite, not much for small talk, and whether they were glass or not, he had a steady eye that hinted of inherent distrust

    50. He hinted that his boss acquired almost 100 percent of his furniture and personal items at the expense of the broadcasting station

    1. My aunt and uncle began chatting about the crazy obsession the surfers share for beach life and I knew it wouldn't be long before he'd start hinting that it was about time I learned to swim, even though we had long ago agreed that I would only go with them to a beach as long as I didn't have to go in the sea, which I never did because I hated the water, the salt and the cold, and also I hated being so thin

    2. He was all but hinting she should give up her courses

    3. it plain that these were bedtime drinks, clearly hinting that it was time

    4. Alternatively, the dream may be hinting at some sexual matter

    5. He knew what she was hinting at

    6. Also, they had offered her a supply line of grass whenever she wanted it, hinting that they had a few operations going on

    7. Miss Lovensky gracefully extended her arms hinting Alex to push the

    8. ” Colling decided to remain non-committal until he understood what Elizabeth was getting at, and particularly that maybe she was hinting about what side of the political fence she was on

    9. What if she was too stubborn, too angry, too bitter; too prideful to tell him? To let him know? God knows she was hinting around about marriage, but he had never thought to inquire why

    10. ‘Is that what you’re hinting at?’

    11. “Sephiroth…?” repeated Cloud, hushing his voice to one hinting

    12. “But you are hinting that I might know?”

    13. 15 He gained his attention with difficulty, and hinting that the mealtime was getting past, talked the matter over with him

    14. So, I changed its mood by hinting breakfast

    15. What I’m hinting

    16. 15 He gained his attention with difficulty and hinting that the mealtime was getting past talked the matter over with him

    17. Although you might be tempted to think that I just painted a portrait of a 'good guy' and a 'bad guy', I state, unreservedly, that I am not suggesting, or even hinting at which sort of Initiate you should become

    18. This same employer had until now always treated me fairly, but when I received a phone call from a Mr Liebman hinting at another, better paying job, I went to find out what was behind it

    19. Sonja knew what he was hinting at

    20. In the center of the wall, at head-height, was an inlaid statue of a fat frog with tightly sealed lips hinting up in a satiated smirk

    21. fun it was that Tony was hinting at

    22. ” He was hinting that Beck was talking around the houses about things he already knew

    23. He said someone was coming to see him at four, hinting that he would like me to leave by four

    24. She finds enough voice to get a piano teacher, mostly out of the relative’s insistence (her grandmother, the previous owner of the piano) and he is a nice university student who comes once a week and remains steadfastly polite about the state of the piano, never hinting to her mother that it should be tuned, to her knowledge

    25. hinting that we had a nice fat cheque waiting for Tommy at the Tap by way

    26. “But this is who I am Lezura,” Joey said in a low voice, hinting of despair

    27. 1 Hinting at the Need for Action

    28. Hinting at a task that would be good, but never asking the coachee to

    29. 2 Hinting At But Letting Off The Hook

    30. hinting at wanting me to live there but was afraid to ask me

    31. hinting that she wanted to hear 'his story'

    32. Jimmy knows what she is hinting at

    33. This is also an important statement hinting that this

    34. This is all hinting to a pre-Inca,

    35. After that thought, he noticed the sound of a lone television set hinting to the sacred privacy he had rudely interrupted

    36. Usually the interrogator starts with a few formal pleasantries and introduction, hinting that they know everything and want it confirmed by the interviewee, for the record

    37. 'Are you hinting that Grobut has left Earth?' Voltor asked

    38. bamboo and slate, hinting that wealth was akin to the deepest eastern wisdom

    39. I'm sure that's what the police keep hinting, they just can't prove it

    40. Vinny finally got what she was hinting at

    41. The ruins of the old smelters still stood and were now silhouetted slightly by a gradual brightening sky hinting of sunrise

    42. Repetitive in the trader’s life, Knowlan’s eyes sagged, hinting at an early bed

    43. voice didn’t hold any semblance of hinting that everything was

    44. whilst there is constant hinting at possible

    45. Maybe, that’s the compromise Tara was hinting at

    46. hinting that he would be receptive? Yet, if we did go to bed together, would we be content

    47. He had been hinting on the new ways he would surprise her sexually and all she did was laugh

    48. Still not quite sure what she was hinting at, and acutely aware of the previous night’s activities, John mutely followed as Venarya led him to a part of the house that he had not yet visited

    49. where you could be living?” James asked, hinting at something

    50. The writer is hinting at the water! In the past, the distribution of water was done by only a handful of major facilities


    2. The formulas given here along with the hints are to help you

    3. Follow these hints and you will succeed


    5. with hints of Basil, Marjoram and Honeysuckle, and all set off perfectly by the

    6. Moreover, she is always trying to sabotage me in various stupid ways: She steals my back up floppy discs and accuses me of losing them, yet I see them as soon as she opens her drawer; she refuses to show me some useful things on the computer; she gives me to type the wrong texts and then she says I am the one who doesn't work right; she drops hints I am illiterate and I don't know the computer program, and so on

    7. Hints of perfumed unguents applied so thoughtlessly in the dawn light spoke in foreign tongues to insect senses

    8. It hints of something else that should be laid to rest

    9. There have been hints that anyone not needed for the war effort should be prepared to spend some time in backup

    10. He fetched one of his gardening books from an alcove shelf in the living room and leafed through the sections that showed keen gardeners how to build walls and fill holes with hardcore, and as he read the hints, tips and instructions, Ken realised that his weary bones ached for a change

    11. Have you gotten any hints that Alan is doing this?”

    12. build walls and fill holes with hardcore, and as he read the hints,

    13. offered no hints as to who the band might be, showing only shots of

    14. We’ve had some hints that someone doesn’t want us learning more

    15. ‘Yes, there didn’t seem to be any point in hanging around any more … and Ozzie had made a couple of veiled hints that I could have Chrissie … I didn’t want that … so I waited until a few hours before dawn and sneaked out of the building

    16. She looked out for anyone else following her, but saw no hints

    17. Those were more hints weren’t they?

    18. Was there anything he could do to give him more hints, like any reference to Chardovia? That was potent and got it down to five

    19. She, for herself, was only just recently made aware of the hints of expression and gesture which revealed to the careful eye, the heart's own true longing

    20. Becky offered Harry a multitude of hints and pointers for dealing with the vagaries of their business and for many of the individuals who populated it

    21. information and useful hints and tips on

    22. Uncommonly rich in flavor, with hints of clove and orange blossom

    23. Urge him not to sign any legislation that hints at the

    24. his forces for the next battle without giving any hints to Grant, who had the superior forces

    25. But weeks passed, and they replied to all my hints that Crystal was already bonded with me

    26. Mom preferred for Dad to feed Bob and began dropping hints that he should be looking for another home for the big cat

    27. purchasing people dropped a few hints about the features or extras they wanted on their cars, so I had all the options covered in my bid

    28. Or maybe she was imagining hints that weren’t there

    29. Galeron’s insightful mind would have picked up on even the slightest of hints that she was conspiring against him

    30. At first, some hints to readers who never read H

    31. You know, the universe is constantly giving you hints and trying to pull you in one

    32. Are you noticing those hints? From now on, think about the signs you’re

    33. There were a few hints, scattered amongst the nautical bric-a-brac

    34. She who had seemed as a terrible force had been wondrously transfigured into a mother bathed in sunlight, radiating warmth and love; all hints of terrible awe a mere phantom now in the eye of the beholder

    35. He addressed the Inquisitor without turning around or barely moving his head, his voice carrying hints of aggravation:

    36. Finally, after some gentle hints and some stiff prodding, in which he noted an air of unspoken tension between Sim and Trent, the man finally went

    37. He seemed like a long lost brother the language he spoke altogether different but with hints of the language of God

    38. He was somehow circumnavigating the point in question, never directly touching it, uttering generalities and giving cryptic hints, as if his annotations alone sufficed to make himself understood

    39. The latter only gives hints through its discoveries that seem to support the former

    40. The mind was somehow in the brain, but was it of the brain? This was entertained with a hopeful kind of certitude but gave hints in a way little understood, that it was inexplicably divorced from it

    41. (Although many are those who hear any hints of a progressionary theory as a wholly “theological” concept, still it appears to be there in the real world also

    42. I still have friends calling me after years to get some hints about their future

    43. Meredith had received innumerable hints from brother members of Presbytery and from many parishioners who could not be suspected of any ulterior motive, as well as from some who could, that he ought to marry again: But these hints never made any impression on him

    44. So THIS was what some mysterious hints he had got in school that day meant! He marched Faith and Una home without ceremony, and the Good-Conduct Club held an immediate session in the graveyard to sit in judgment on Faith's case

    45. And destiny gives you hints

    46. Hints: use right$ function with the string set of “12345”

    47. It was the first time I could detect hints of panic in Itsuki's voice

    48. “There are other such hints in the folklore and legends of the world… ‘I shall come

    49. Positive terms are mere hints and

    50. at the present, outlines without colour, hints at what can be

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