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    1. d) Capital gains from the sale of shares

    2. · Capital: Money raised from promoters and shareholders to start and expand the company's operational capabilities (Authorised-As per registration and increased with the approval of the share holders from time to time

    3. America was still officially a nation at the time, though Washington was in ruins and the new capital at Dallas not far behind

    4. ” in big, capital letters

    5. ’ He announced with a flamboyant gesture, his voice pointing up the capital letters

    6. He watched thru those eyes, projecting in this crystal ball the natives call an 'Eye' with a capital E

    7. massive with a capital M

    8. Minutes earlier I'd almost climbed aboard the regular bus for the island capital but an incident with the driver had left me a little anxious and caused me to change my mind

    9. A famous bouzouki man from the capital was here too

    10. He was indicted for stalking, for abduction and for a host of other charges, which lead, with a nod and a wink and some party donations, to the minister responsible for such matters making stalking a capital offence

    11. They were especially keen to send their tomatoes to the restaurants run by their celebrity chef chums in the bustling centres of expensive consumer consumption that shined amid the phantom lights of the capital city

    12. The day after the grand banquet, old Ted was summoned to the hotel in the capital city where his employer and his wife were staying for a few days

    13. By the time he was of age, they had been re-united with the American Army under the new capital at Dallas

    14. Assistance may also be available from one of the nearly two dozen organizations funded by the Department of Health and Human Services' Compassion Capital Fund

    15. You can learn more about the Compassion Capital Fund and the organizations it funds at www

    16. South of the Potomac, Dallas was still trying to consolidate it’s position as the capital of the new Republican States, Denver, Atlanta and even Charlotte were claiming they were really the new capital because they had larger economies than Dallas

    17. Mum's not frightfully practical, to say the least, and Dad left things so that she would be okay financially but not able to touch capital

    18. matters making stalking a capital offence

    19. amid the phantom lights of the capital city

    20. hotel in the capital city where his employer and his wife were

    21. I don’t think there’ll be any capital gains involved, but I’ll check with one of our taxation experts

    22. He has been looking through travel brochures and has decided that the rave capital of Europe offers his best bet

    23. There is far more trouble associated with retail therapy in North Devon's regional capital than there is with football

    24. He feels like he is back in school, up in front of the headmaster, only this time punishment is spelled with a capital P

    25. It doesn't seem to bother them when they reminisce, that Mickey manned the secondary strikers’ barricades while Ted was a true blue supporter of capital punishment

    26. Capital job of planning, ladies,” said Mr

    27. found himself standing in the Kingdom’s capital

    28. “Do you understand that treason is a capital offense?”

    29. positive impression of the Royal Capital, and it would be

    30. No matter how many times he strolled through the nation’s capital, a

    31. It was a quiet morning at Beijing Capital International Airport

    32. It’s the whale capital of Central America, with 22

    33. Athens – capital of Greece

    34. The capital annually employed in the one will, in this case, amount only to one thousand pounds; whereas that employed in the other will amount to seven thousand three hundred pounds

    35. Though in settling them some regard is had commonly, not only to his labour and skill, but to the trust which is reposed in him, yet they never bear any regular proportion to the capital of which he oversees the management ; and the owner of this capital, though he is thus discharged of almost all labour, still expects that his profit should bear a regular proportion to his capital

    36. In the progress of the manufacture, not only the number of profits increase, but every subsequent profit is greater than the foregoing ; because the capital from which it is derived must always be greater

    37. The capital which employs the weavers, for example, must be greater than that which employs the spinners; because it not only replaces that capital with its profits, but pays, besides, the wages of the weavers : and the profits must always bear some proportion to the capital

    38. In the price of sea-fish, for example, one part pays the labour of the fisherman, and the other the profits of the capital employed in the fishery

    39. ; and people of good credit in the capital, and in many other parts of the kingdom, at three and a-half, four, and four and a-half per cent

    40. As the capital of a private man, though acquired by a particular trade, may increase beyond what he can employ in it, and yet that trade continue to increase too, so may likewise the capital of a great nation

    41. The great accession both of territory and trade by our acquisitions in North America and the West Indies, will sufficiently account for this, without supposing any diminution in the capital stock of the society

    42. I shall hereafter have occasion to mention the reasons which dispose me to believe that the capital stock of Great Britain was not diminished, even by the enormous expense of the late war

    43. The diminution of the capital stock of the society, or of the funds destined for the maintenance of industry, however, as it lowers the wages of labour, so it raises the profits of stock, and consequently the interest of money

    44. it is worn out, it must be expected, will replace the capital laid out upon it, with at least the

    45. education, with at least the ordinary profits of an equally valuable capital

    46. admit the employment of a larger capital in the business

    47. profits of his capital, and little more will remain, perhaps, than the ordinary profits of stock

    48. much less in the capital than in small towns and country villages

    49. the capital than in small towns and country villages

    50. to be found in the capital of a very rich one

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