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    1. It took a long time, it took a lot of energy, it took money, it took commitment, it took integrity, it took focus, it took a lot of things that are a challenge, but I embraced those challenges

    2. He showed that a reasonable level of stress provides challenge and creative stimulus and motivates us to action

    3. “There’s no challenge in it

    4. I grin at him debating whether I should challenge him for a moment

    5. ‘Some of us had rather a lot to drink and what started out as a race across the lake transmogrified into more of a ‘see who can knock who out of the boat’ challenge

    6. His greatest challenge would be

    7. The responsibility was now his, and what a great challenge he was faced with

    8. he hear – a challenge to his monarchy! He did not hear a word about God

    9. The air bristled with the electric confusion of unbidden challenge and hasty counter

    10. It was the challenge of rendering all those views with all those actors in each view, each from a slightly different angle

    11. He didn't say anything now, but he would take that challenge

    12. The challenge is that most of us don’t spend

    13. If we are not willing to hear a word that will require or challenge our faith and perception, then we are no longer candidates to receive wisdom

    14. Are you willing for the potential word that will shake and challenge your beliefs? Are you willing to possibly have to change?

    15.  It’s a challenge to remember that The Universe

    16. When Peter spoke of His resurrection, no one dared challenge it

    17. This is where the heart comes into this challenge

    18. To be a people person and to enjoy the challenge of making a connection with them is a talent, whereas the ability to build a network of friends and supporters who know you and are prepared to help you is a strength

    19. The crystal and the explosives are not a great challenge

    20. Who knew what lurked there? What demons and monsters waited to pounce? Every step was a challenge

    21. He had known many women of her race in those days, the Megnor were powerful and respected, even as God of the Nycoba in their days of Empire he wouldn't challenge any of the great kingdoms of the deeps, and they were well beyond the heights of their power by those days

    22. ‘I’d heard that chestnut mares tend to be sprightly and highly strung – it’s clear she likes a challenge

    23. There'll be a leadership challenge for sure"

    24. Bringing them together would be a challenge, not as difficult as she and Daniel, but still a challenge

    25. I believe Lord Boras is looking for an excuse to challenge me; he could become a problem

    26. Word had spread thru the Queen’s Light Brigade of Altera’s challenge

    27. It was a standard Pan Solar League Soul Registry record with all the right keys and holograms and challenge questions

    28. confluence of opportunity and challenge was his moment of

    29. Give thanks for the lessons and opportunities that are always hidden in every challenge

    30. When there's a challenge, it brings out the

    31. passers-by would see and think and take up the challenge

    32. His personality is such that he need not challenge anyone, nor try to prove anything

    33. He roared a challenge loudly, and Tarak answered him with one of his own

    34. A flare of the tail feathers and a challenge and within the blink of an eye Mya was on the beam not five feet from the large bird

    35. She tried her best not to give him a hint, made it as big a challenge as possible to get her off

    36. It will be an intellectual challenge

    37. She would have relished the challenge of going a year without sleep

    38. Autumns bowed to winters and the Livingsons were prepared for almost anything with which nature, or the vagaries of commerce might challenge them

    39. Never-the-less both boys were disciplined and adept at any physical challenge presented them

    40. So it was that by the morning of their rendezvous with the impending academic challenge, they were calm and excited to begin

    41. “I am most taken with Hipolyta's handwriting and number formation, always so precise; she would provide an excellent model of instruction for the younger one's as they attempt proper letter construction and also as they move from block letters to cursive---always such a challenge for the finer muscles of the hand and wrist

    42. He was going to be a larger challenge then even that which she’d endured over the weekend

    43. Everyone became a challenge to train and most of them she won

    44. there was no mistaking the challenge behind them as

    45. Both felt, finding a man was the most important thing in life; they were going to be a challenge

    46. challenge awaits the tourist willing to put in the effort

    47. The satisfaction felt in overcoming that challenge is

    48. Of course having the stupidity to go in there and challenge his grade made him a legend in law school; I wonder if he ever graduated

    49. They challenge the false religious leaders who are more concerned about building their own kingdom than the kingdom of God

    50. They challenge the injustices of government and of the rich and powerful

    1. situation we are challenged with in our lives

    2. What I have just described here can be challenged by

    3. “What would you have done differently?” Vinnie challenged him

    4. "Hey you!" An angry voice challenged him

    5. "She's not with you?" Thom challenged

    6. ” Sera challenged him,

    7. “What other explanation of that letter do the laws of physics allow?” Kelvin challenged

    8. When did you take them in without our noticing?” She challenged, stumped by the information

    9. Egged on by the friend (and who needs friends like this?), Terry challenged Andy when he got home last night and the whole sorry tale came out

    10. Why in the world had she challenged him, of course he could do it better and faster than she could

    11. ” Belle listened, as Kaitlyn continued, “I have forced not merely my nerves and sinews to do my bidding, but I have challenged my every thought and emotion in the effort to purge what silliness and inanity might yet remain in me

    12. "Wes, challenged you again?" Todd's voice rattled as he asked the question

    13. They obtained permission for Otto to take the tour for the mobility challenged as there was no way that Otto would have managed the walking needed for the main tour

    14. It was with signs and wonders that Moses challenged the gods of Egypt and delivered the people of God

    15. The rain and oncoming night challenged Drau’d’s limited cave-vision, obscuring his father’s image

    16. With their hands always on the hilt of their weapons, they challenged all who crossed their path with a glance

    17. The Spirit challenged me to

    18. Elijah challenged the prophets of Baal to see whose

    19. The Dort Championship in Golf was an annual event where last years champions were challenged by another team selected by drawing from a hat whose hat didn't really matter, generally it was from Mr

    20. You are going to be challenged in ways you 40

    21. challenged by the Bailli’s Sergeant

    22. And X’ander was proud to note, that the more he challenged her, the greater her talents became

    23. And the conclusions they make by themselves are rarely challenged

    24. She’d say that Aristides had challenged me to a contest of cup and ball

    25. This is why it’s so critical that Jason, David and Jill are positively nurtured and challenged – when a child is stressed out by their environment and unable to control their negative reactions, they are focused on their emotional state and thereby less able to follow directions or develop higher-level skills that allow them to analyze situations and plan ahead (executive functions)

    26. He challenged himself to perform his task in the shortest time possible

    27. They ignore the fact that it is those who have challenged

    28. I should have challenged it

    29. It was a beautiful, tight run, with great falls and dangerous rock formations that challenged anyone especially after days of spring rain in the Laurel Mountains

    30. “Never before have we been challenged by such a front of evil as this

    31. It didn’t take us long to reach our lines we were challenged and then allowed through the mules and their drivers took the water off to a central point and the Fusiliers went off with them after saying goodbye

    32. We were challenged from our lines and so I replied

    33. likelihood that his ship would not be able to resume her raiding activities, Alabama’s Captain Semmes challenged Kearsarge Captain John Winslow to a ship-to-ship duel

    34. Dad, eighty-four, spent time on the computer and napping, while Mom, nine years younger, watched television, read, and challenged herself with crossword puzzles

    35. When I challenged the instructor on this point, he had no rejoinder

    36. “I challenged them saying what the fuck are you doing and then when they turned round I saw that it was that little shite Stanley and Tommy Smith I had left my rifle in the crater when I went and these two both fired at the same time and I took a bullet in the gut and one in the chest

    37. ’ The voice was calm but with a force suggesting not to be challenged

    38. part and parcel of the Soviet Union, the same Soviet dictatorship that challenged the United States for global leadership

    39. Our pickets challenged and fired, and the Spaniards turned to run back to the city

    40. Anything they do which is beyond their specific powers will be challenged but that is an entirely different book which I will not be bothered to write

    41. It is also well-known in law that a woman with children is a lesser "catch" than one who is a virgin but I expect that this will be challenged under the equality laws

    42. An environment which finds itself aesthetically challenged, however, must inevitably hasten the radical departure of polished elements to more refined environments

    43. oftentimes distorts a child‘s (emotional) sense of proportion; conditioned as many of them are by undisciplined, emotionally challenged environments that fail to provide spiritual sustenance and practical guidance to that child

    44. The above was challenged many times in court by the long haired liberal lawyers, and the commissioned officers soon learned to adapt to the conditions

    45. At the time Slikit could only suppose such a terrible thing was happening because the Custodians of Spinningbrock had forsaken the old ways when younger more impatient badgers had challenged their customs, thinking they knew better how to live life

    46. On the ride here I challenged him to bed even three women in the keep within three days, to prove he was the great lover he claimed to be

    47. It is a highly unlikely scenario but theoretically possible and I know of quite a few submarine commanders who swore they took pictures of your carriers (fat juicy targets in their language) without being detected and one showed it to me when I challenged him

    48. The mind must be continually challenged or otherwise it will weaken its natural capacity for growth

    49. Grindel, the claws of one paw resting on the jagged edge of the plywood box that had become so much a part of his life since he'd discovered it, challenged Thesa with eyes that accused him of committing some despicable act

    50. That judicial nominees are being routinely challenged on private matters of Faith is setting a troubling precedence in our nation

    1. It took a long time, it took a lot of energy, it took money, it took commitment, it took integrity, it took focus, it took a lot of things that are a challenge, but I embraced those challenges

    2. from His throne dealing with life challenges on your own

    3. When they said ‘I Do’ they were in a mood, once they get into a fight and they continue to have more challenges in life, that mood is gone

    4. Now, trust me, when you’re married or in a relationship or anything you are committed to, you are going to have challenges that change your mood

    5. Weak instead of strong – When challenges to the Almighty God arose, Zedekiah

    6. In these quarters, his life was so empty without the mothers of his children, no matter how delightful the scents of these gardens or exciting the challenges of his adventure parks or voluptuous the sculpture of his houris

    7. On top of Mount Carmel (up toward the gods), Elijah challenges their entire religion to see if Ba’al can offer his own sacrifice

    8. Try finding an activity that is new to both of you and you will be able to bond while tackling new challenges and adventures

    9. They may also help small groups with other challenges, such as training volunteers and staff or expanding the reach of the services they provide

    10. However, challenges are there to be surmonted and after an hour’s hard slog, the rudiments are in place

    11. Unbeknownst to anyone, Jameson had secretly observed, when his own training permitted, Titania and Hipolyta as they performed some of their own challenges and tasks

    12. The open campfire presented challenges the cookstove at home hadn't, but he managed admirably and both his father and uncle said so

    13. “Well Lawrence, how do think these ladies have done with the challenges of the day?”

    14. “I was adequate to the challenges set forth

    15. Her father was understanding in that he did not expect his daughter to abandon her training immediately, but hoped she would be amenable to returning to Ohio and helping him sort through the requisite challenges his wife's death left their little family, after her term had ended

    16. The sixth form should provide some challenges and he relished the prospects, hence his residency of the library and reading rooms of the College

    17. The other apprentices of Waterhouse, there were two others, were subject to much the same rigorous and varied challenges as himself

    18. The Orphanage was moving ahead without as much of his direct oversight, and other challenges were presented to his little 'team

    19. more and more these days to Heather’s intellectual challenges and her need to

    20. I see a prophetic generation rising that challenges the status quo

    21. She understands the challenges of getting elected with her background, but she remains

    22. It challenges the religious institutions and false beliefs we trust in, and it is easier to put it aside

    23. challenges and pressures of today

    24. Seeing business as a game can help you through the challenges and make it

    25. What are the main challenges that will impact your profitability

    26. is successful has encountered challenges along the way

    27. You live and thrive on life’s challenges

    28. know that there’ll be many challenges, both at sea and ashore

    29. I may have a prominent scar, but we both know that in a life filled with fearsome challenges, that’s nothing

    30. The bases for such intellectual and emotional capabilities are built through caring, consistent nurturing and age-appropriate challenges

    31. Only when you are ready challenges will confront you to remind you that you are in a growing period of time and you are strong

    32. There is a reason to discover the challenges of glory

    33. Any other challenges?”

    34. "You'd rather the pigs went unmonged, would you?" he challenges us

    35. First, dukkha is the physical and emotional suffering caused by the basic challenges of life: birth, aging, sickness, injury, and death

    36. All this while, the setting that has been creating the numerous challenges in life is the dualistic nature of this planet

    37. From the largest to the smallest family member there will be challenges for each one

    38. The challenges on a legitimate golf course can’t be too much more challenging than those

    39. So I surmised that these challenges were preparing me for this, and again I gained a sense of peace

    40. What is significant about this opportunity and the success of my other ventures is that they are predicated on my own life experiences and challenges

    41. I felt so blessed that my challenges did not make me bitter and that I didn’t give up hope

    42. My challenges have been raising a special needs child, inappropriate relationships, a poverty mentality and the consequences of this negative environment, internalized oppression, a dysfunctional family that was not able to give me support, and my own insecurities in having to deal with all of these dynamics

    43. My later years have added the challenges of aging issues

    44. But I have accepted even those challenges as a part of my dynamic growth

    45. Life has mellowed out the challenges of my youth, but my aging process and diabetes give me a whole new set of challenges

    46. One of my greatest challenges was learning how to separate myself from the opinions of others while remaining close

    47. But the greatest challenges I faced were those inside of me

    48. Their very existence challenges the tenets of the Red Catholic faith

    49. ‘L-Seven-Six had got bored with this role, he simply wanted a new set of experiences and challenges – and what's more challenging than being a human in the real world?’

    50. At midnight the artillery moved to San Juan, and then the silence was broken only by groans of the wounded and hoarse challenges from the guards

    1. This book is about challenging your faith, challenging

    2. The rusting cranes and conveyor belts in the water made a challenging obstacle course

    3. Fighting the pull of gravity becomes more challenging with age

    4. “Yeah,” she said, challenging him with her eyes

    5. Long-distance grand parenting is challenging, but with care, you can stay in touch

    6. Karalintze, Reading between the lines of your message, I gather that your little task has proved to be more challenging than anticipated

    7. “Ah, are you challenging me woman? It would not be wise,” he said smiling at her lovingly

    8. Regularly update the daily assignments you have done over the last four weeks and continuously look out for new and challenging assignments

    9. Mistress Fate heard this desperate plea and within a week Miss Jones found herself facing a very new and challenging situation, for which she was entirely unprepared

    10. On the one hand this was emotionally challenging, but on the other, it’s lovely feeling that so many people care

    11. One of the most challenging aspects of fear is that it can often

    12. Use ' feel good' triggers to instantly improve your emotional state, almost anywhere and anytime so you can overcome the most challenging situations and phobias, easily and quickly

    13. I’m hoping to learn the Laudamus Te from the Mozart C Minor Mass – it is a piece I have wanted to sing for a while, but it is challenging, full of runs needing a lot of breath control

    14. The most challenging aspect of

    15. a bit more challenging to learn

    16. ‘I can see that living with you is going to be challenging

    17. ’ Sheila said from the other side of the muddy hole – her eyes challenging

    18. She looked at Ozzie as though challenging him to say otherwise

    19. He was an unwitting dupe, challenging her in a way she could not resist even if she wanted to

    20. challenging to tweak his brain

    21. Hipolyta nodded and added, “It really can't be any more challenging than the one Harry took at Malvern College

    22. The first term was challenging, not so much for the studies, but the school's culture, events, activities and clubs kept him so occupied and pulled this way and that, he was ready for the break of term

    23. Architecture was as challenging and fascinating as he'd hoped it should be, and the Waterhouse firm encouraged his input and creativity, though in moderation

    24. made all the more challenging by the fact that we were

    25. The music was extremely challenging, probably over the heads of all but the other musicians

    26. Once it was time to storm the interior, sword drawn, it had proven not overly challenging

    27. The king noticed his firm stance and his confident look without the impression of being forward or challenging

    28. Life was certainly challenging these days

    29. I have a quiet office, with few interruptions; writing is challenging, but I have the necessary skills; writing has clear goals; and I get immediate feedback when I read what I wrote

    30. It is undeniably a major part of the unique but challenging set-up of Earth

    31. As he understood that challenging times are lessons for growth, he suggested that they pray for courage, instead!

    32. known to be one of the most challenging

    33. I knew that joining the Colonisation Program often resulted in instant promotions, one of their incentives, and I desperately wanted something more challenging than acting as a bus service for two-hundred ton cargo canisters

    34. “As I understand,” he continued, “Sebastian’s new method also reduces some of the more challenging aspects of our service

    35. not challenging in any way

    36. Planning for and executing the plans was challenging

    37. When you are standing on the green, waiting for your turn at the challenging ninth hole of your favorite golf course these helpful online tips will come flooding back to you and will make a huge difference in how you see the game, how you play the game and how you execute each precise effective swing

    38. Most people don’t consider miniature golf to be challenging

    39. The challenges on a legitimate golf course can’t be too much more challenging than those

    40. Maybe this is a TIAR program, and she a challenging conquest

    41. It was challenging and fun, for a while

    42. Monique stood facing the tall glass entrance, wondering whether to play along with the charade (both that of it being literally an illusion and not challenging the deception of father's life) or say something that would cause consternation within the household

    43. ‘L-Seven-Six had got bored with this role, he simply wanted a new set of experiences and challenges – and what's more challenging than being a human in the real world?’

    44. Perhaps it was in the genes to strive for the most challenging goal

    45. The rest of us might find that feat challenging, especially with a monster crashing through the door

    46. Being young men they immediately started showing off by challenging the female cadets to races and other water games, which proved beyond any doubt that they could indeed swim very well

    47. ” Amaranthe wasn’t yet panting, but carrying on a conversation was growing more challenging

    48. The occasional flashes of lightning lit the world, but the resulting darkness was even more challenging to deal with

    49. One which might be much more challenging to negotiate

    50. They'd learnt very quickly that a challenging stare was usually met with a stinging blow or a bruising bite

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