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Frasi con question (in inglese)

  1. It is not a question.
  2. It was a good question.
  3. It was a question he.
  4. No time to question it.
  5. I do have a question.

  6. My question to you is:.
  7. That was one question I.
  8. You may question me now.
  9. He smiled at her question.
  10. Then he asked a question.
  11. The answer to a question.
  12. You ask a guy a question.
  13. I have only one question.
  14. The question is if this.
  15. I had a question for you.

  16. I have one more question.
  17. Oh no question my dude.
  18. The book in question was.
  19. The question can then be.
  20. Not a question of how he.
  21. It made him question his.
  22. It was a question of the.
  23. It's a question of angles.
  24. The question that had me.
  25. It is only a question of.

  26. The question was kind of.
  27. How much was the question.
  28. The question is – what.
  29. All right, a question to.
  30. It was the question that.
  31. Let me ask you a question.
  32. I remember a silly question.
  33. It’s out of the question.
  34. That is a good question.
  35. That is always the question.
  36. The young man in question.
  37. Tracy, I have a question.
  38. He then asked one question.
  39. I have a question for them.
  40. The question was an absurd.
  41. It is a profound question.
  42. He directed a question at me.
  43. But I have one big question.
  44. He ignores her last question.
  45. That is bold, no question.
  46. Now there’s a question ….
  47. The question hung in the air.
  48. There was no question that.
  49. A question within your mind.
  50. What more can he question?
  51. So the Big Question is How?
  52. You may answer the question.
  53. But how much is the question.
  54. What a stupid question she.
  55. That’s out of the question.
  56. Then came the next question:.
  57. It was not a casual question.
  58. He was asking her a question.
  59. Jimmy wanted to question this.
  60. He asked the question for her.
  61. The real question is another.
  62. You are asking the question.
  63. Jesus asked the same question.
  64. Drink? Now there's a question.
  65. I can't answer that question.
  66. My only question is why?
  67. The question, Helen, is this.
  68. I do have one other question.
  69. Now I asked you a question?
  70. I asked the same question.
  71. It was a rhetorical question.
  72. Question: Who is this Moloch?
  73. Back to the question of choice.
  74. The moment I question it and.
  75. She pushed the question aside.
  76. M: Then what is the question?
  77. She blurted out her question.
  78. The question begs to be asked.
  79. Yes, I answered that question.
  80. No one’s going to question.
  81. It's all a question of timing.
  82. I repeated the question again.
  83. M: The question is wrongly put.
  84. Thoth waved aside the question.
  85. He had not heard her question.
  86. Setne waved aside the question.
  87. Ben nodded yes to the question.
  88. The bishop began to question me.
  89. No time for thought or question.
  90. You had a question, he said.
  91. This was an excellent question.
  92. You will cause him to question.
  93. It was a question of liability.
  94. It was also a question of scale.
  95. That question is hard to answer.
  96. A question popped into his head.
  97. What a question! Why would.
  98. There was no question about it.
  99. I will not answer that question.
  100. The only question asked was -.
  1. He raised a questioning brow.
  2. He is wanted for questioning.
  3. I began the questioning him.
  4. They would be questioning Mr.
  5. She looked at him, questioning.
  6. Now came the real questioning.
  7. He shot me a questioning look.
  8. It was this very questioning.
  9. I looked up my gaze questioning.
  10. Jack shot him a questioning look.
  11. I began my questioning in earnest.
  12. Tuer looked at Garcia questioning.
  13. You may be questioning the use of.
  14. Now they are questioning God’s.
  15. She looked at me, her questioning.
  16. He gave her a questioning glance.
  17. He had even lied under questioning.
  18. Thered be no trial or questioning.
  19. I will take you two for questioning.
  20. They moved on to questioning Abbott.
  21. This was me, questioning my reality.
  22. How long can the questioning go on?
  23. The police have stopped questioning.
  24. Jonas's eyes gently questioning them.
  25. Damash grew firmer in his questioning.
  26. Emily, stop this line of questioning.
  27. They were hard, questioning, accusing.
  28. Mike Reed and the questioning continued.
  29. Stop questioning the supremacy of the.
  30. Only until you finish questioning them.
  31. All 3 of them gave me questioning looks.
  32. The others gave her a questioning look.
  33. I am not questioning their heart only.
  34. Nicholei continued with his questioning.
  35. I don’t like this line of questioning.
  36. Lieutenant Rymson began his questioning.
  37. There was a cruelty in his questioning.
  38. She cast a questioning glance at Gabriel.
  39. Rudolph changed his line of questioning.
  40. Irena looked at him with questioning eyes.
  41. Henri threw a questioning glance in the.
  42. Torres said questioning his own judgment.
  43. She is in love already, I am questioning.
  44. They were questioning me, saying, How.
  45. That was the end of the team's questioning.
  46. You should get Westman in for questioning.
  47. Questioning the meaning of your existence.
  48. Thomass questioning look was met with a.
  49. This gives rise to questioning and seek-.
  50. I was really questioning my writing skills.
  51. Kevin changed the course of his questioning.
  52. In that case keep stopping and questioning.
  53. I took the bar to the cop questioning the.
  54. Questioning looks were on many faces, but.
  55. I turned to meet Abby’s questioning gaze.
  56. Recognizing, questioning, or worse, chal-.
  57. Me? Was he mad at me for questioning Kelly?
  58. We have detained this woman for questioning.
  59. Thomas smiled at the many questioning gazes.
  60. I turned back to him with a questioning look.
  61. Its deepness turned toward him, questioning.
  62. Matt went cold as he began questioning Yakov.
  63. Oh now you have me questioning everything.
  64. Sharon gave the Primagnon a questioning look.
  65. She wasn’t used to people questioning her.
  66. Questioning Christ will prove fatal for many.
  67. He brought his questioning gaze down to her.
  68. He couldn’t believe the line of questioning.
  69. Blanche knew whom the questioning eyes missed.
  70. Donald turned forward with a questioning look.
  71. Questioning the habitual is the duty of the.
  72. He raised his eyebrows in a questioning look.
  73. She was questioning Aunt Patricia about them.
  74. Once she began questioning him about his son.
  75. We just want to bring him in for questioning.
  76. The agents exchanged questioning glances and.
  77. Fred gazed up at Beauty with questioning eyes.
  78. Please proceed with the questioning, Captain.
  79. She was growing impatient with his questioning.
  80. He didn't see the questioning look from Wendy.
  81. In Moscow? he said in a questioning tone.
  82. The Professor lost no time in his questioning.
  83. He looked up at her, eyes wide and questioning.
  84. Points of view questioning different aspects.
  85. If the questioning of Bronius Multar produced.
  86. For ten minutes the Doctor kept questioning him.
  87. He looked questioning to Enilia and she nodded.
  88. He was probably questioning us about something.
  89. He even began questioning whether he’d done.
  90. The important thing is not to stop questioning.
  91. Jimmy had finally conceded with the questioning.
  92. Omes studying me, questioning what he should do.
  93. And upon questioning, he had merely disappeared.
  94. He watched as her face gave a questioning twitch.
  95. Again the high priest was questioning him, and.
  96. We’re taking him to the MSD for questioning.
  97. I felt really ashamed to go on questioning them.
  98. The voice was soft and questioning but, oh, so.
  99. They had him in for questioning again yesterday.
  100. Where is this line of questioning going?
  1. He is questioned by Anas.
  2. And not to be questioned.
  3. At first I questioned it.
  4. They are to be questioned.
  5. I might be questioned: I.
  6. He never questioned me –.
  7. And a voice questioned him:.
  8. When I questioned the time.
  9. And I had never questioned it.
  10. On one hand, she questioned.
  11. I questioned my seva and was.
  12. I have questioned him on the.
  13. As a child he'd questioned it.
  14. Which I never questioned before.
  15. He never questioned or doubted.
  16. As a child he’d questioned it.
  17. He never questioned what it was.
  18. Then Sidney was being questioned.
  19. Even cloning is being questioned.
  20. He was also questioned by a woman.
  21. He questioned every doctrine of.
  22. How are you? She questioned.
  23. Doctor Manette was next questioned.
  24. They questioned me for a long time.
  25. The Theory questioned in 2007 if.
  26. What is this? she questioned.
  27. Kathy questioned Conrad about this.
  28. I questioned Orville about Big Reds.
  29. But no one questioned her presence.
  30. He will be thoroughly questioned.
  31. Where is he? Zayn questioned.
  32. Reading the poem I questioned things.
  33. And I questioned Arthur’s actions.
  34. I never questioned this; I took it.
  35. No one questioned anything he did.
  36. She was glad he hadn't questioned it.
  37. He was questioned, yes, I know this.
  38. Immediately the boy questioned the.
  39. He questioned her more, then got hot.
  40. He talked to motors, questioned them.
  41. But the sword? Thane questioned.
  42. Valley? she questioned him directly.
  43. I should have questioned Blunt more.
  44. Definitely he questioned her motives.
  45. Is she for real? He questioned himself.
  46. I’ve questioned them all; twice now.
  47. I questioned myself… had she been?
  48. The Cossack was sent for and questioned.
  49. I questioned his judgment, I say.
  50. She called the maid and questioned her.
  51. No? I questioned, challenging her.
  53. She questioned, still stunned from the.
  54. The boss’s son also questioned Thomas.
  55. What? We all questioned ourselves.
  56. Is everything okay? He questioned.
  57. Tragus never questioned this arrangement.
  58. For a moment, I questioned my own sanity.
  59. If anyone questioned him about this, he.
  60. Keeping her voice low she questioned him.
  61. Even the Hoover Dam has to be questioned.
  62. Toby? She questioned as she mounted.
  63. The king questioned each of them in turn.
  64. He didn’t waste time, but questioned me.
  65. But? Questioned Halon, joining them.
  66. The police questioned her for five hours.
  67. Have the boys been questioned?
  68. Cyrellius and I questioned the stranger.
  69. What was his hurry? Grant questioned.
  70. Darrin you’ll be Jason if questioned.
  71. You may even have been questioned by them.
  72. Three police officers questioned witnesses.
  73. The big questioned asked was, how did all.
  74. Father Rosetti has questioned her —.
  75. The FBI and the police had questioned her.
  76. Tony and I questioned her about that also.
  77. He questioned whether it had been worth it.
  78. But he had never questioned his allegiance.
  79. We questioned him for three days, but his.
  80. Without being contested or even questioned.
  81. This was the first time he’d questioned me.
  82. Mankind has always questioned what happens.
  83. Sampson and Cross had questioned him before.
  84. The officers questioned us about what we saw.
  85. How much are they asking? I questioned.
  86. Really together forever she questioned.
  87. I do not intend to be mercilessly questioned.
  88. I was examined and questioned by Lord Talbot.
  89. Oh is that right? Questioned the bomber.
  90. Since she hadn’t questioned the captain in.
  91. If he were questioned he had only to play up.
  92. I should not have questioned him in that way.
  93. What about her Father? Yakov questioned.
  94. She questioned my body, and my arm seemed to.
  95. And Mistress Judith? questioned Lindley.
  96. A questioner questioned the imminent torment.
  97. You have questioned the crew? Hiss asked.
  98. Why do you think that? Stacey questioned.
  99. I hoped this was true, so I questioned every.
  100. How will we do that? questioned Brandela.
  1. I have a few questions.
  2. I had so many questions.
  3. As I asked questions as.
  4. I have questions for you.
  5. Ask me no more questions.
  6. But the mix of questions.
  7. Ruby had so many questions.
  8. He had so many questions.
  9. He asked the boy questions.
  10. Sorry for all the questions.
  11. I have lots of questions.
  12. She bit back her questions.
  13. They had so many questions.
  14. And no questions were asked.
  15. Just a few more questions.
  16. Thomas was full of questions.
  17. You ask too many questions.
  18. Of course they had questions.
  19. Bailli can ask his questions.
  20. Make ten questions this way.
  21. Did you have questions and.
  22. There were so many questions.
  23. To the questions that I want.
  24. These are all great questions.
  25. I have some questions to ask.
  26. He’d ask no more questions.
  27. Next I asked a few questions.
  28. Questions formed in her mind.
  29. And put his questions to him.
  30. I presumed they had questions.
  31. The questions twist and turn.
  32. There are many good questions.
  33. I didn’t ask any questions.
  34. We just answered his questions.
  35. They are questions of meaning.
  36. There was a list of questions.
  37. A lot of these questions are.
  38. Media and the Tough Questions.
  39. The dark hag always questions.
  40. There were so many questions:.
  41. No questions asked, of course.
  42. I heard you have questions.
  43. The Prince had a few questions.
  44. I continued with the questions.
  45. With her, the questions were.
  46. These questions will be asked.
  47. Then he closed questions on it.
  48. I said no questions about me.
  50. Harness the Power of Questions.
  51. There were no further questions.
  52. Faye Anne called for questions.
  53. Are there any final questions?
  54. Do you have any questions?
  55. You may ask questions there.
  56. They had many questions to ask.
  57. Here’s the power of questions.
  58. She kept asking these questions.
  59. Answer only the questions I ask.
  60. I've been asking the questions.
  61. Answering questions may or may.
  62. The questions still pressed him.
  63. You even answer a few questions.
  64. And think about great questions.
  65. He came away with more questions.
  66. These questions will never stop.
  67. It could open with two questions.
  68. Ask the right questions to lead.
  69. Then she began asking questions.
  70. Questions can be helpful, or not.
  71. Hay can also be used in questions.
  72. A detective was asking questions.
  73. What questions? He had heard none.
  74. The leading questions should be:.
  75. So many questions, she says.
  76. Can I ask some questions?
  77. I have some questions of my own.
  78. The reflection questions in the.
  79. Travis reflected on the questions.
  80. Any questions? the Baal asked.
  81. The questions you’ve asked me.
  82. They’d not asked any questions.
  83. Let her answer her own questions.
  84. The questions came thick and fast.
  85. Well, there are a few questions.
  86. Well, I do have a few questions.
  87. I was waiting for the questions.
  88. The Russians are asking questions.
  89. You ask questions that begin with.
  90. Hold on to your questions, guys.
  91. Enough with the damn questions.
  92. In what condition? questions the.
  93. He had a few unanswered questions.
  94. The technician might ask questions.
  95. I have three questions, he.
  96. And one shall to all questions lie.
  97. Have a list of questions in your.
  98. Add the questions about the lesson.
  99. No reason to raise questions that.
  100. His eyes asked her a few questions.

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