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    1. Sure, it is your money and your choice, but that person may contest the will on the basis that you had a temporary memory lapse

    2. Instagram can be used to host a photo contest of campaign

    3. It is important to create unique hashtags so that your followers know which one to use when posting an image, and so the images they share for the contest will be properly categorized when the judging takes place

    4. If you want to promote the contest on Facebook, the easiest way to do so is to come up with a creative hashtag, and one that is going to distinguish the competition

    5. By doing this, not only will a competition gain more followers and more interest, it is also going to elicit more people to want to engage in the contest and to post their own submissions, which are going to help you as the business owner in the end

    6. By promoting the contest on Facebook, you are going to elicit more people to take part in it

    7. If a follower likes the contest, this will automatically inform their friends on Facebook of the contest as well

    8. In turn, more people are going to learn about the contest when you use the social media site to promote it, and you are going to receive more response and more photos for the contest when a larger audience is aware of it

    9. The end result is that you will receive more photos, your contest will garner more attention and you will eventually receive the best content to use in the end

    10. You can promote a contest where if new customers follow you through the social media site, they are automatically entered to win tickets to a big event

    11. There was no contest; Rah dove on her claws extended and ripped her in two, throwing the halves into the air and flaming then to the ground

    12. Desa didn't because she was still too sleepy to get into the howling contest which was very likely to happen if she did say anything

    13. If they were to get into a staring contest, Alan was sure he could win it, but be sorry he did

    14. had not bothered to contest the proceedings, so neither the famous

    15. There was a short staring contest between the two men as Alexei feigned an attack on his honor and good name

    16. I won't contest it, for I want nothing but freedom

    17. I wish I were young enough to contest him, simply to defeat him in a fight

    18. They used to run this little contest, the two of them

    19. The band stopped and announced that the pros have just taken the floor, so everyone thinking about winning this contest had better think twice

    20. Then the contest was announced and he held her, not allowing her to take a seat next to what appeared to be a steaming Mike

    21. wish to contest this charge?’ The visiting Magistrate was

    22. would lose this contest

    23. Not because he lost the contest, but because of how skilled and gifted Adros truly was

    24. Klowa began to feel a little sorry for her, for it was Luray who won that contest, and not by a small margin

    25. It was a see-sawing contest and first one was ahead, then the other

    26. city as a result of a contest, having Poseidon as

    27. “It happened when they held a contest to name their city

    28. contest, he stole the fire and gave it to humans

    29. She’d say that Aristides had challenged me to a contest of cup and ball

    30. trochos back and forth for instance, or even a complicated contest that larger boys played with this hoop

    31. Airplane Contest took place in the

    32. When the art of war, too, has gradually grown up to be a very intricate and complicated science; when the event of war ceases to be determined, as in the first ages of society, by a single irregular skirmish or battle ; but when the contest is generally spun out through several different campaigns, each of which lasts during the greater part of the year; it becomes universally necessary that the public should maintain those who serve the public in war, at least while they are employed in that service

    33. So small a matter as the appointment of a parish priest, occasioned almost always a violent contest, not only in one parish, but in all the neighbouring parishes who seldom failed to take part in the quarrel

    34. The Lord Jesus did not contest the fact that these kingdoms belonged to Satan, but God, through Jesus, purchased this lost authority back for man through his sinless death on the cross as payment for our sins

    35. appeared there were no winners in this contest

    36. The strictest regards for the rights of neutrals cannot be too sedulously observed; nor should an opportunity be lost in cultivating friendly relations with their naval and merchant services, and of placing the true character of the contest in which we are engaged in its proper light

    37. The cat continued to gaze into my eyes, as if we were in a contest to see which of us could last the longest without blinking

    38. Once you start seeing results in your body, you may decide that you want to enter a body building contest

    39. Think about what you will wearing during the contest and what

    40. worked very hard on your body, and in a contest, you will want to show off as much of it as possible

    41. Each contest is different, but most will have the following rounds:

    42. In late 1960, however, he showed a great deal of class by refusing to contest the eminently contestable 1960 election in which John Kennedy defeated him with the efforts of thousands of dead voters in Illinois and Texas, without whose votes Kennedy would not have won

    43. What would you say to a contest?”

    44. It should remain apolitical, amoral, a-everything; that is to say, it should never engage in alliances with any side of a particular issue or (political) contest

    45. With the contest coming down to only the two men, it was natural that the schedule would be off a little

    46. I won a 2nd place in a cookie contest with this recipe

    47. "HONORABLE MENTION WINNER: 2002 Hershey's 'I Resolve to Eat More Chocolate' Recipe Contest

    48. I have encountered a number of practicing Christians over the years who are (seemingly) unable to resolve religious ―questions‖ such as the Immaculate Conception, the Assumption or Transubstantiation, for example; considering such (doctrinal) propositions set forth by the church as operating outside the prescribing (rational) limits otherwise informed by Reason, who are unwilling to contest, however, the Incarnation, Resurrection and the Holy Trinity as matters of Faith

    49. By law, unless in a state of war or other declared emergency, the SAP would always win such a contest for the Army was under Police command inside South Africa

    50. As an American, who am I to contest such arguments, although having the right tools certainly helps!

    1. Any word that is not decipherable is open to misinterpretation and can be contested later

    2. For example, if the testator never knew English but has the will drafted in that language, then it can be contested on the basis that the testator had no idea what he/she was signing

    3. The reason being the will can be contested later on the basis that force was involved in the signing of the will and the person was of unsound mind when doing so

    4. ‘This is absurd! My client has never contested the

    5. This decision cannot be contested

    6. It’s still being contested, last time we both checked

    7. Example: When he deployed one of our warships into Haiti during their contested elections for president, when the ship tied up, a group of rioters threw rocks at the ship

    8. Nixon had no intention of precipitating a constitutional crisis, which would surely happened had he contested the results of the election

    9. Democrats are still throwing a temper tantrum over that bitterly contested election nearly two years after its outcome has been (legally) decided

    10. This great rival to Ramses II’s Egypt contested for control of the Fertile Crescent lands of the Middle East for many centuries before it mysteriously disappeared from the historical record

    11. After all, this is one of the most hotly contested

    12. Technically, you could call it contested territory, but in reality we are as active and unhindered as ever

    13. His heirs, eager to become the chosen, as in the story of Joseph, contested with one another until they had caused the kingdom to split into two parts

    14. Peter) and the bishop of Constantinople vied for supremacy of the “faith” they were supposed to share, while together they contested for supremacy in the secular empire as it sank into chaos

    15. At some point in Man’s early development an appeal was thought to have been made to this Presence (there have been many representations for this entity who we now call God),to arbitrate between equally demanding claims to leadership in order to avert the chaos inherent within a physically contested resolution

    16. It was thought they might resist since they had a chain of strong points throughout the valley, but our crossing of their border was not contested, and when we presented ourselves at their ruler’s fortress palace, they immediately surrendered

    17. The Waylya had stoutly contested

    18. John Adams served from 1797 until 1801, but was defeated for a second term in the bitterly contested election of 1800 between Adams’ Federalists and the Republicans (now Democrats) of Thomas Jefferson

    19. It also bested the United Nations in a hotly contested category that

    20. As Gotimin explained, the human who had owned it previously had died, and his many heirs had contested his will for years, neglecting the ranch and it’s bills in the meantime, until the empire had seized it for unpaid taxes

    21. “The greatest tournaments are held in Felion, contested for the crowns of empires, and we went there for their advise on the enterprise

    22. Most of the events the gargoyles contested involved flight, and every race except the selkies had at least one such event, so the air in the crater and above it was the site of many impressive displays of skill

    23. The pairs of elves had the quickest victories, and they will be rewarded for this by having the most time to study their opponents and to plan tactics, since their match will be the last one to be contested

    24. Only those in their vicinity contested them

    25. Fisheries Service agent assisted by the Coast Guard used a proper mix of diplomacy and threatened fire power to avert an international incident in contested lobster waters in October 1972

    26. And those of us in Europe, the contested mother, what will we do?

    27. contested in traffic court but who has the time to diddle away 2 hours for a $25 ticket?

    28. She told them that she and her family did not have the money to pursue a claim on a contested will at the time they lived in Dublin

    29. contested God’s actions, due to the fact that

    30. Weeds contested to spring up about

    31. is contested by some scientists I believe it to be true

    32. Lezura contested two gufders, knowing they were taking their time to tire her out with repeated blows until she was exhausted enough for them to finished her off

    33. Rich in oil, this vilayet was contested also by Iraq and the dispute gave the Soviet Union the opportunity to revive her former standing with Turkey by concluding with her a new Treaty of Friendship and Neutrality

    34. The future of Azerbaijan, where we were, was now contested

    35. contested in court here in present day America

    36. What is not often shown about a will is that it is contested

    37. Wills are contested in long bitter rivalries that often leave no member of the family unscathed

    38. Barely visible as a dark mass about one kilometer away was the islet of Diaoyu Dao, as it was called by the People’s Republic of China, the biggest islet in the contested Diaoyu archipelago, which was also known as the Senkaku Islands in Japan and as the Tiaoyutai Islands in Taiwan

    39. Armed with apparently first class intelligence information about Jewish and Arab operations, two of the three infantry battalions under Dows’ command, strongly backed and supported by a fleet of helicopters and attack aircraft, had deployed observation posts around Northern and Central Palestine, near contested villages and towns, both Jewish and Arab

    40. The importance of these current àgents` that we regularly us is commonly noted out every time a traffic incident is contested out

    41. Family relationship is the greatest challenge every time this factor is being contested during breakdown of marriages

    42. All of these capsules of positive elements had been defined over statistics that were all èquated, balanced, twinned and leveledùp with our own sorts of lives and therefore cannot be challenged or contested out in any existing mode sincèwè had announced their

    43. The importance of these current `agents` that we regularly us is commonly noted out every time a traffic incident is contested out

    44. All of these capsules of positive elements had been defined over statistics that were all `equated, balanced, twinned and leveled` up with our own sorts of lives and therefore cannot be challenged or contested out in any existing mode since `we` had announced their `finite` lines

    45. In fact, one senior Congress minister who had contested several elections rang up Vora seeking funding for his campaign

    46. His first public comments after the victory were made at a thanksgiving speech in Vadodara, one of the two seats he had contested from

    47. In as many as 178 of the 464 seats that the Congress contested, the party’s candidates secured less than 16

    48. Out of the 432 seats which AAP contested, in 414 the party’s candidates secured less than one-sixth of the total votes polled, hence losing their security deposit

    49. In other words, in a little over three out of five seats that the AAP contested, the party could not even secure one per cent of the votes

    50. contested Banking Sector of the Security Market

    1. "Their contesting the Will” her voice rattled as she spoke

    2. ‘I will be contesting the charge on behalf of the

    3. They expressed no interest in contesting our progress or resisting our demands

    4. The foreboding still hung over him; contesting now with his curiosity

    5. other candidate who is contesting election

    6. making fun or contesting whatever opinion he or she has about

    7. “What statements are you contesting?"

    8. “We are also contesting the statement made by the paper regarding the level of addictiveness of this particular medication

    9. Pratt had no intention of contesting the drug screen result

    10. When this happens, a common means of contesting a will is employed that involves a claim of undue influence

    11. He even decided to opt out by not contesting the Lok Sabha elections, preferring instead the Rajya Sabha route

    12. Unlike the BJP, many senior Congress spokespersons were contesting the elections and were not available in Delhi

    13. In south Bangalore, where former Infosys posterboy Nandan Nilekani was contesting, I met a group of techies

    14. Ironically, the only city where I noticed a slightly divided opinion was Amritsar in Punjab where Modi confidant Arun Jaitley was contesting a Lok Sabha election for the first time, against former Punjab chief minister Amarinder Singh

    15. I asked Kejriwal later whether he felt he had erred in contesting from Varanasi

    16. The politician who insisted that the AAP would fight in more than 400 seats across the country is now terrified of even contesting the Haryana elections

    17. Fighting a war or contesting an election without thought of winning

    18. One faithful evening, as we gathered in our village country home during a Christmas celebration, I asked our Dad his reasons for not contesting election into any deserving elective position as that would enable him to serve his country at the capacity of a public servant

    19. But I had never even imagined to directly contesting Abbu in elections to stop him

    20. “When I said we don’t have enough money for contesting the election what did your holy brain comprehend?” asked Zeeshan frustratingly

    21. “I’m not contesting that Pam,” Ed said

    22. The funny thing is I feel such a fake that two terrific women are in a sense contesting me

    23. “Tell the Elders I'm contesting his claim and I'll be there in the

    24. In this particular instance, any potential settlement would not reflect on the veracity of the claims, but rather the time, money, and inconvenience that contesting the charges would bring

    25. He began warmly contesting the justice of this view

    26. The Army of Glacierheart had been driven back for as much as twenty miles, but it had fallen back sullenly, contesting every inch of ground after the initial ferocious heretic bombardments

    27. “Also, a couple of students from your class are contesting their grades

    28. "—"Well," replied Monseigneur Welcome, without contesting the point, "if it is nonsense, the soul should shut itself up in it, as the pearl in the oyster

    29. Contesting Castro: The United States and the Triumph of the Cuban Revolution

    30. The coachman's office fell, as a matter of course, to Roman; nobody would have dreamed of contesting his right to it

    31. Snorting wildly, the colt regained his feet and rushed on as the rest of the field, contesting for third place, rushed up to the finish

    32. Jackson during the present winter set himself up as a British President in New York, contesting the point of jurisdiction before the people, with the American President at Washington; whilst Congress, regardless of their own constitutional powers, &c

    1. Menachem introduced me to a world of shabby-chic fitness, and we competed with each other in impossible contests; press-ups and squat-thrusts, star-jumps, stomach crunches, and bicep lifts

    2. So, use the feeds, promote, and keep your followers in the loop using Facebook to leverage your Instagram contests

    3. Used to have races, and contests; surprised!”

    4. Some parents who had not given their children much attention before, now at the least, were attending the frequent performances and school contests

    5. “I’m not saying this kid would win any sanity contests

    6. Though they’re busy now preparing for the contests where my husband will be picked, everyone will be pleased to see you

    7. I’ve hardly mentioned these contests, but the Scherians themselves had paid them little

    8. There’d be no marriage for Nausicaa until someone could defeat him at any of these contests

    9. Proud owner of a celebrated baritone, he’d won many singing contests at the Festival of Dionysus back when Smyrna knew prosperity

    10. Sponsor events & contests

    11. You can locate on-line contests to sponsor at 421 http://contests

    12. Writing contests are abundant

    13. their monthly, quarterly and annual contests

    14. important thing is that athletic and artistic contests have been held here since antiquity

    15. contests as well as national competitions that are held on an annual basis

    16. That translated into avoiding the usual hotspots in the gathered crowd, namely blind drinking contests (named so because the winner usually ends up with optic nerve damage), prostitutes (sex workers is a more catchy term, but in Memphis they still call them whores), and alligator fights (popular opinion is that the losing ’gator is turned into women’s accessories, but some local news outlets circulated some rather more sinister rumors about zombie assasin ’gators)

    17. There were all the usual contests and some new ones, from the spear throw to the axe hurling and the bow stringing and arrow making to a new thing called swimming

    18. The festivals include cooking contests, parades, farm tours, and of course, beauty contests (where a young girl gets to hold the dubious title of Miss Durian for a whole year!)

    19. The stability conferred by an agreement to view this Magnificent arbitrator as a final Referee in leadership contests inexorably spread to contests concerning other kinds of behavioral disputes

    20. They had contests to try to open it, but none of them won

    21. Some moms then hold contests and give away the products that they have tested

    22. Now that Roger is retired, he has decided to dedicate some of his time, every now and then, to write poems about topics that penetrate his heart, for poetry possesses that special capacity to communicate passion and sadness, beauty and love, joy and nostalgia… Perhaps these poems, all originally written in Spanish, do not deserve prizes in modern poetic contests, but they reflect in the author an eagerness to mix the old cannons of rhyme and rhythm with the metric flexibility of the modern free verse

    23. Contests are a very effective strategy that you can use to boost the number of followers you have

    24. Offer freebies in the form of contests on Twitter that only people who are following you will be able to participate in

    25. One of the contests

    26. can write short stories and enter them into contests in a relatively

    27. contests to see how many pieces of pizza she could eat,

    28. Again, we must do our best to make these activities fun and healthy and enjoyable! Hold them as contests, in a sporting and festive atmosphere, and award prizes for the best responses and performances by individuals, neighborhoods, and cities

    29. My father had a flair for sales contests, especially in outdoor, since the operation wasn’t spread all over the country as his other holdings were

    30. Pops thought sales contests got the juices flowing

    31. “For two hours all the competing couples will engage in contests of pure skills that are considered important in the militaries of their races; that is humanoids will compete in archery, swordplay, spellcraft for attack and defense, and so on, while couples of selkies will engage in contests of aquatic combat skills, underwater sabotage, et cetera

    32. We’ve all entered contests at one time or the other

    33. • Some online marketers run photo contests, according to the theme of

    34. Works in the same way as essay contests

    35. When my first book came out, I did everything I could think of to promote it--book signings at bookstores and base exchanges; I made t-shirts; I ran book giveaway contests; I even snagged a few local television interviews and articles in local newspapers

    36. Do you watch for the contests so al uringly featured in newspapers and

    37. If you wil read this book thoughtful y you wil not have to win any contests

    38. What does it do to the sense of self and others of the typical young boy in the United States, who is taught that he has the right to pee on whatever he can reach? Indeed, contests

    39. Team spelling contests: Each student who gets the spelling correct gets a point for their team

    40. • Team spelling contests: Each student who gets the spelling correct gets a point for their team

    41. In the footy season there were many tipping contests (your sentence had to be at least as long as the season), pick the winners, pick the score and head to head

    42. She often tried to best him in physical contests, but he would beat her every time

    43. The mother ship’s crew often made wagers on the outcomes of the contests, a practice that even Commodore Townsend could occasionally be found supporting financially

    44. Make things fun with contests, events, and other incentives

    45. contests as well as national competitions that are held on an annual

    46. These contests are about great physiques with toned

    47. building contests are really about

    48. each month, they give information about upcoming contests,

    49. The Blues won the series in seven games but in a rematch, the Monarchs won in five out of six contests

    50. This means you can study the winning combinations from all previous contests and it won’t do you one iota of good

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