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Frasi con characterization (in inglese)

1. The use of an improper characterization.
2. The best examples are the characterization of wisdom and.
3. Alarcónmay have had in mind Hamlet's characterization of.
4. This is an accurate characterization of all earthly empires.
5. Planet Earth and the characterization of your deeds and results.
6. Maybe Gerald would really believe my crazy characterization of David.
7. Then he instructed the jury that the witness’s characterization of Mr.

8. The characterization of addiction as a maladaptive learning-related phenomenon.
9. That would explain the senior agent’s characterization of Nancy as a ‘bitch’.
10. I told him, I don't appreciate your characterization when I was just getting strangled.
11. Both he and his mother, the regent queen, were not as vulnerable to such characterization.
12. Clearly this isn't a practically useful characterization: how could we build such a machine?
13. This designates that it is used as a characterization or a likeness symbol for another symbol and not a.
14. Lenins characterization of those in the capitalist countries who would provide the ropes that would hang them.
15. He'd read through a story and write down those things that stood out the most, such as characterization, plot, setting, and so forth.
16. Gandhi, the author has illustrated events in his life from the perception of characterization and evolution of becoming a Mahatma on a personal note.
17. To color something as a method of portrayal, whether truthfully or falsely, but specifically as an intended characterization of the nature of the target.
18. Characterization of the Products of the Clay Mineral Thermal Reactions during Pulverization Coal Combustion in Order to Study the Coal Slagging Propensity.
19. They provide not only a setting, but also a permanent fixture that can sometimes be an important pivot point for characterization as well as an objective correlative for the lives of the characters in those series.
20. Of course, this was very similar to the characterization of the original opponents of the theory, as they attempted to indicate that this is what Darwin’s theory demanded belief in, which was totally opportunistic nonsense.
21. But this encompassment of her own characterization, based on shreds of convention, peopled by phantoms and voices antipathetic to her, was a sorry and mistaken creation of Tess's fancy—a cloud of moral hobgoblins by which she was terrified without reason.
22. The President has had a full report of these and has asked me to repeat that he believes that the effect of our proposal is quite the opposite of your characterization of it and that it will indeed achieve the mutual objective for which we have both been striving.
23. Political Correctness has accelerated this admonitory process by its simplistic characterization of individuals or groups; by not only disregarding the complexity of singular viewpoints but by challenging the moral and intellectual foundation of the individuals expressing them.
24. It is a very strong tale, full of color, with a consistently developed plot, constructed with a fine sense of proportion and vivid characterization, except in one respect, which constitutes the weak point of the story—that is to say, the character of Dick Lawton, who is somewhat priggish and altogether disappointing.
25. Nonsense! (If, however, this an accurate characterization, just what does that tell us about Enlightenment philosophers?) His form of German idealism, involving as it must, complete subservience to the State, as manifest in the spirit of history, goes beyond the boundary of the civilized and prepares the way for Karl Marx.
26. Phillips depends for the success of his narrative rather upon theme and plot than upon style and characterization; not that these two elements are slighted, or that they are not skillfully and masterfully handled, but that one feels that they are purposely subordinated to the subject-matter and to interest in the development of the tale.

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