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Frasi con depiction (in inglese)

1. He had never seen such a bleak depiction before.
2. Cast–Portrayal or depiction in a specific role.
4. His tragic and his comic depiction of men’s folly?
5. We saw a depiction on television of brotherhood.
6. It was my depiction of what hell would be like and this bothered me.
7. Above them was a depiction of a lightly clouded blue sky that extended.

8. In fact, data points will often take on the characteristic depiction of a.
9. What follows is a depiction of what Winship will wind up paying for the month.
10. A graphical depiction of the curve based on these prices appears in Figure 13.
11. A concluding page was devoted to an historical depiction of the political battle.
12. Sexual symbolism and depiction is a cultural element pervading the whole of India.
13. Accepting the depiction of Lady Jane Ashburn as valid up to a point, Feltus nodded.
14. A depiction of a great asteroid colliding with the earth showed great geographical.
15. In order to offer one possible depiction of this whole, I would posit that the nature of.
16. Some were shattered, but one window was still intact with a depiction of hands in prayer.
17. I should stress that this depiction is provided for illustration purposes, and not as the.
18. Feltus instinctively knew they were probably accurate in their depiction of his appearance.
19. In her depiction, I have the social skills of a Sasquatch, torturing her with long silences.
20. The chief and usual effects in painting are effects of light and the depiction of the horrible.
21. This is a static depiction, which does not provide us with the dynamics of the selection process.
22. His depiction of the Mafia wars are eclipsed by the real gang wars that follow, killing thousands.
23. In this “ideal” depiction, the optimal amount of debt is at point “X” because the difference.
24. It's a depiction of what must be thousands of soldiers marching on a bloodstained beach, littered with corpses.
25. Everything that David was, and everything that David represents, is a depiction of Christ Jesus and His eternal Rule.
26. Dark hair, lovely complexion, seductive eyes? Feltus offered as a depiction, much to the listener’s surprise.
27. Captain Ca confirmed the name of his father was Nguyen and the details, and depiction sounded identical, allowing for age.
28. The founding of the Visitation of Holy Mary, a depiction created for the 400th anniversary of the Visitation of Holy Mary.
29. This Bride is a perfect reflection of the Divine, in that she is no longer a depiction of separation or enmity, but of unity.
30. And it was unique in that it presented this depiction from the point of view of the person with Alzheimer’s, rather than the caregiver.
31. Perlmutter had provided variations on this depiction of my Jane Doe to account for the artistry and guesswork that had gone into creating the image.
32. Most people who have watched a ton of anime will notice one thing about the depiction of schools in various series: they all look practically the same.
33. The depiction of Christ’s blessing over a child at Capernaum shattered, glass splintering everywhere, some of it falling on the heads of the children.
34. It was a brightly coloured affair with the bottom half (looking at it horizontally) an intricate depiction of grass in thin pen with swirls and cross-hatching.
35. Of course, this is an absurd depiction of ‘God’, because if every human action was predestined then the gift of freewill and choice may as well be redundant.
36. It is called Our Lady of Guadalupe, and there is no one in Christendom who has not seen this depiction of Christ's mother at one time or another in his or her life.
37. All other drugs mentioned are real, and the depiction of their use and efficacy in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease is accurate as of the writing of this story.
38. Every row, every book displayed showcased little more than hardbacks with strange symbols, exotic letterings, and images of such foul depiction that I dare not rebroadcast here.
39. Before Still Alice was even published, it seemed to me that I’d created a story that, although fictional, was in fact a truthful and respectful depiction of life with Alzheimer’s.
40. An extreme expression of rebellion for the young male today is to revel in the vile and sadistic depiction of women rather than risk submission to the bonds of a woman’s tenderness and love.
41. To compensate for his underdeveloped imagination, the Senator is attempting to line-up the perspectives of a dramatic charcoal depiction of a new building, and the existing buildings of Colfax Street.
42. The painting in her possession was a depiction of an alarm clock, one of only a dozen or so examples of Peter’s work to have survived the great conflagration that eventually engulfed his modest home.
43. The depiction of settlers moving up the beach with the vague outline of a ship in the background and a view of the great mountains in the distance didn’t seem to be hinting at anything greater that need be bothered with.
44. From beginning to end it absorbs attention, is virile in the depiction of character, and most of all notable in its absolute fidelity to human nature and the modern point of view, even where it points an overwhelming moral.
45. Lord Ashburn wheeled himself to the coroner’s side and dutifully responded to the inquiries, giving a vivid depiction of Faye Underwood that seemed to bring her to life for all those in the room who had not had the fortune to meet her.
46. Faye, on the other hand, was a sweet, innocent young woman trapped in a marriage with this Romeo but whose mean streak was cleverly concealed by her Southern-belle demeanour; though this conflicted with Elizabeth Bascomb’s vivid depiction of the charming, granddaughter-like figure, Feltus realized that Lady Ashburn was somewhat more clever in her observations and interaction with the suspect.
47. The feelings flowing from the religious perception of our times, Christian feelings, are infinitely new and varied, only not in the sense some people imagine,—not that they can be evoked by the depiction of Christ and of gospel episodes, or by repeating in new forms the Christian truths of unity, brotherhood, equality, and love,—but in that all the oldest, commonest, and most hackneyed phenomena of life evoke the newest, most unexpected, and touching emotions as soon as a man regards them from the Christian point of view.
48. Writing in a newspaper column, Richard Cohen {1989) railed against this depiction,.
49. I have seen many artists depiction of what is described by Ezekiel in this chapter,.

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