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Frasi con delineation (in inglese)

1. The object israther delineation of character.
2. We are indebted to this gentleman for his delineation of this singular case.
3. There became a clear process of delineation between tasks when problems occur.
4. Impact evaluations may include delineation of affected batches and additional or more.
5. They were not blemishes, but instead a delineation of what he was—hauntingly beautiful.
6. In 1949, the FBI declared his Death of a Salesman a negative delineation of American life.
7. The Orchid, by Robert Grant, Scribner’s, might be an authentic biography of a twentieth-century society woman, including a faithful delineation of her environment.

8. As the central figure in the series of adventures described is O’Rourke, so the most conspicuously meritorious piece of literary work is the delineation of his character.
9. This is a gentle delineation, is it not, reader? Yet he whom it describes scarcely impressed one with the idea of a gentle, a yielding, an impressible, or even of a placid nature.
10. By a view of the map of this country it will appear that the above divisional line will divide the Territory into nearly two equal parts, and it has, for the most part, a delineation by nature.
11. It is a theme which has engaged the pen of writers time out of mind—but it is safe to say that never has the theme been handled with such mastery, with such keenly sympathetic character delineation and analysis, as that with which Mr.
12. For example, the pomegranate that is presented to the people of Paradise is comprised of the delineation mentioned in all the previous Verses and is referred to with the words: “couches”, “cups”, “attractions” and “zareba”.
13. How much conflict, how much death and horror has been created by the creation and delineation of imaginary lines-boundaries-borders? If you examine history: it is an endless conflict between imaginary-created abstract lines and actual human conditions.
14. We trust that all cultivators of mineralogy and geology in this country, will willingly aid Professor Cleaveland in enlarging his list of American localities for a second edition; and we hope that he will repay them, at a future day, by giving us a distinct treatise on geology, with as particular a delineation as possible of the geological relations of the great North American formations.
15. The auctioneer heard, without much surprise, that his was a constitution which (always with due watching) might be left to itself, so as to offer a beautiful example of a disease with all its phases seen in clear delineation, and that he probably had the rare strength of mind voluntarily to become the test of a rational procedure, and thus make the disorder of his pulmonary functions a general benefit to society.
16. The delineation of such costs is crucial,.

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