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Frasi con classify (in inglese)

  1. It is the facility to classify.
  2. It would hardly classify as fine student.
  3. There are many ways to classify industries.
  4. Edwards to classify them into five divisions.
  5. And yet we always classify mankind in this way.

  6. To taxonimize is a classify cases within a domain.
  7. Greek lexicographers classify it as a Persian word.
  8. He was smart, but I wouldn't classify him as a geek.
  9. Experts classify the cabbage soup diet as a fad diet.
  10. This book couldn’t even classify as historical fiction.
  11. Would you classify that as a rabid and loyal fan? I would!.
  12. Machines cannot measure, classify, nor evaluate themselves.
  13. The 90-10 rule seems to classify winning and losing traders.
  14. Attempts to classify this play with other works of Benavente.
  15. I classify the associated trading profits as cash flow growth.

  16. I’m not even sure you can classify this as a house, homey.
  17. Nevertheless, we can begin to classify the investment itself -.
  18. We classify directional trades as either bullish or bearish trades.
  19. Allow the mind to associate, classify, group, combine and compare.
  20. It would be impossible to classify any one strategy as the best one.
  21. It is a dreadful sin to classify ourselves as incompetent but there are.
  22. First of all, I barely classify that as getting away, Dendrav growled.
  23. As a SS officer, you probably would classify him as a basically bad person.
  24. It will aid our exposition if we classify this study under three headings, viz.
  25. Suppose, to you, there is a color pattern that you classify as a material apple.

  26. States classify certain assaults as aggravated assault under their criminal codes.
  27. Suppose, to you, there is a color pattern that you classify as a holographic apple.
  28. It is important to classify the type of manager you are partnering with at a business.
  29. To classify them into sub sections will lead to academic debates which is useless to us.
  30. However, it is not done in traditional way; instead they classify the page links by its.
  31. He could not recall any of their responses that he would classify as out of the ordinary.
  32. Gender category might be classify by four sections: Male, Female, Unisex, and Other with.
  33. Lindsay used closing prices to find key dates and intraday highs to classify market tops.
  34. For the purpose of this record we will reorganize and classify these teachings as follows:.
  35. An investor should be able to classify whether a business is growing organically or through M&A.
  36. Nordau and Lombroso would so classify him, and qua criminal he is of an imperfectly formed mind.
  37. Suppose, to you, there is a color pattern that you classify as a holographic apple, but someone.
  38. José Arcadio Segundo had managed, furthermore, to classify the cryptic letters of the parchments.
  39. The finality is to classify and to insert diverse agreed organizations that are part of the XUSING.
  40. When that person answers, listen closely because you have to classify their answer into one of two.
  41. Arson statutes typically classify arson as a felony due to the potential to cause injuries or death.
  42. Another simple way to categorize management is to classify management teams as either lions or hyenas.
  43. It further states that this system does not classify people, but rather "disorders that people have" (p.
  44. Instead, he could have opted to classify the paperwork but he said that was too cumbersome to deal with.
  45. To some extent, we can anticipate pins or squeezes, though I would classify this as more art than science.
  46. I think in a certain sense it is Common Law but cannot classify it as such because of the new Acts involved.
  47. Parents, day in and day out, will pressure their children to classify their actions as right or wrong, good or bad.
  48. The terrorist knows it value and you can classify it as you wish but the effects will be bad enough for those exposed.
  49. The first set of questions, in Chapter 7, helps you learn about the background of the managers and how to classify them.
  50. As Graves saw it, there are two types of poetry, which I will loosely classify as Poems of the Moon and Poems of the Sun.
  51. Yes: but as THEY produce nothing even when they are at work we need not trouble to classify them unemployed, because our.
  52. If management is consistently beating its own estimates, you can classify these management teams as dedicated guiders.
  53. Specifically, we classify all straddles into six implied volatility groups (Chapter 10) and five market-cap groups (Chapter 12).
  54. Gary’s father had somehow managed to classify gardening into the category of women’s work, much to the annoyance of his mother.
  55. Conseil, whom I hadn't alerted, mistook it at first for a gigantic sea snake and was gearing up to classify it in his best manner.
  56. State laws vary widely on these factors, with almost each state using a different calculation method to classify the level of offense.
  57. In a broad sense one can classify as stuff such things as pets, plants, hobbies, carpets, art work, bridge club, golf buddies etc.
  58. Even though there are many different volatility spreads, traders tend to classify spreads in terms of their basic volatility characteristics.
  59. A lot of fatherly talks took place between suspect insurgents and the Security Forces to classify them as insurgents or helpers or sympathisers.
  60. His object is to group together and classify all the ideas on infernal punishments, on the crimes for which they are inflicted and their duration.
  61. Whether stood at the bar or on the balcony overlooking the dance floor, he believed that he could classify girls into a number of different types.
  62. We classify the functions of the inner organ, into four facets: the thinking, the self-asserting, the understanding, and the memorizing activities.
  63. Standardized names used to classify the media, in this case using a vocabulary developed by the National Library of Medicine for its multimedia holdings.
  64. We notionally classify the UU-VVU-copies that actively interacts with its NUU-VVU-Configurations into high-frequency, medium-frequency and low-frequency ones.
  65. One can debate where to classify fees, trading style costs, trading profits or losses of hedge funds, and trend-following strategies; my choices are shown in Table 21.
  66. The candle on December 9 crossed above the 10-day moving average, and NLST closed above the moving average; thus, you can classify this gap as occurring above the 10-day MA.
  67. And it was not only the men that Don Pepe knew so well, but he seemed able, with one attentive, thoughtful glance, to classify each woman, girl, or growing youth of his domain.
  68. Do I classify that under A or T? Should I put the Five Bridges under the letter E for Keith Emerson or under N for the Nice? I solved that by placing the first under T and the latter under E.
  69. For major incidents there are typically criteria available to classify them and separate procedure available to inform relevant stakeholders and take immediate actions to restore the service back.
  70. Nay; what thing, for example, is there in the Greenland whale's anatomy more striking than his baleen? Yet we have seen that by his baleen it is impossible correctly to classify the Greenland whale.
  71. Is this statement really true? From only a few aspects that we touched on earlier, we already know that there are many discrepancies and contradicting facts that would classify Evolution as non-scientific.
  72. I should be disposed to classify them all broadly, as either good or bad men, morose or cheerful, putting by themselves, as a sort of separate creatures, the ingenious fellows who could not hold their tongues.
  73. But it neither reflects nor impedes the prevalent use of these categories to classify people; almost all therapists refer, for example, to schizophrenics, hysterics, and borderlines as if the person becomes the disorder.
  74. Beneath the gong the polished marble flags showed no footprint, but there was a scent in the air—a faintly fetid odor he could not classify; his nostrils dilated like those of a wild beast as he sought in vain to identify it.
  75. Though he had little idea at this point as to the motive for wanting Spalding dead, he felt confident that he could safely classify this case as a homicide, which many might find unusual given the lack of any suspects or motives.
  76. These imaged features are most important in order to index and classify out our nature forms but unfortunately these sorts of credentials could never be assumed to have any kind of a relationship with the lives that we have and possess.
  77. In the last chapter I have tried to show that the convicts were of different types, and tried to classify them; but when I think of Akim Akimitch I don't know how to place him, he was quite sui generis, so far as I could observe, in that establishment.
  78. To this class Nekhludoff also reckoned those depraved, demoralised creatures whom the new school of criminology classify as the criminal type, and the existence of which is considered to be the chief proof of the necessity of criminal law and punishment.
  79. Organizations mostly classify their projects based on Size of the projects, technology and type of projects, and for each segments given here the allowable tailoring in terms of each process (activities tailoring and template tailoring) is pre identified/guidance given.
  80. Who are the kids sitting together? In what way can you classify the groups? Who are left out? How do the students treat their teachers in the cafeteria environment, and vice versa? The cafeteria doubtlessly illustrates how robust and dynamic the interactions between this microcosm of society is.
  81. Although, it is popular to classify meditative techniques as categorically passive or active, a number of meditative techniques, including Buddhist insight meditation, oscillate between the two types of meditation in a single sitting — although one of the two types of meditation will usually dominate over the other.
  82. It would be much safer to stick them all into the fire, wouldn't it? But no, they must keep every little scrap of paper in drawers and desks, and endorse it and classify it, and tie it up in bundles, for each year and month and class! I don't know whether they find this consoling to their feelings afterwards, or what.
  83. Once we hit the next stage of sales closure, however, there is the learning curve around how to classify data visualization (software? service? consulting?) and how to price it (by number of users? reports? templates? rows of data?) We spend a fair bit of time educating our corporate customers and evolving our commercial models.
  84. The police officials and the gendarmes question the young man, but his replies will not serve to classify his offense under the heading of any crime that comes within their jurisdiction; they cannot either accuse him of revolutionary motives, or of conspiracy, because he declares that he has no desire to destroy anything whatsoever; on the contrary, he opposes all violence.
  1. Classifying a word according to.
  2. No point in classifying anything.
  3. You may have the record for classifying the.
  4. There are different ways of classifying the funds.
  5. I did a lot of work last night, classifying them by weight.
  6. Our thinking is always classifying – is it or isn’t it.
  7. Nearly the same rules are followed as in classifying species.
  8. We still classifying this as a hate crime, Lieutenant? Cappy sniffed.
  9. Perhaps that’s how I should make my own CDs, without classifying the output.
  10. He’s Tutsi and it illustrates the ludicrousness of classifying people by race.
  11. But by this point observing, studying, and classifying were out of the question.
  12. Did you hear that the weather boys are classifying these storms by sex? he continued.
  13. Long-term cycles were Lindsay’s attempt at classifying the market’s major lows throughout history.
  14. Obviously, in the presence of these zoophyte and mollusk specimens, the fine lad was classifying his head off.
  15. This evaluation results in classifying of criteria and option strategies according to their mutual compatibility.
  16. To me, this song asks the question about the evolution of music as well as the concern about classifying any piece of music.
  17. Meredith, who had picked up Miss Cornelia's way of classifying people, considered that Ellen belonged to the race of Joseph.
  18. All the cassettes are a mix of types, so my concern has to do with classifying the CDs, so I can find the one I want to play.
  19. And in truth, although the fine lad was a classifying maniac, he was no naturalist, and I doubt that he could tell a bonito from a tuna.
  20. I discovered long ago in collecting and classifying marine animals that what I found was closely intermeshed with how I felt at the moment.
  21. In essence, numerous fish had caught his eye, and when fish pass by, Conseil vanishes into his world of classifying and leaves real life behind.
  22. Nathan spent the next two hours classifying the diamonds into groups of similar color and clarity and then weighed each pile then tapped the results into his calculator.
  23. The results of this study bring us to a number of important conclusions and allow classifying the criteria according to their applicability to solving problems of option combinations selection.
  24. The public has little use for learning grammatical structure, which is merely a confusing scheme of dividing and classifying parts of speech and writing, and it has virtually no practical application.
  25. Although the issue of classifying the optimization space is not of paramount importance, the presence of local maximums suggests that a global maximum must not necessarily be the best optimal solution.
  26. What about classifying a CD according to the type of music? The CDs I made – either on my PC or the recorder in my stereo system – are mixes, but of one type of music, like jazz or oldies or party music.
  27. Nevertheless, unavoidable statistical noise does not prevent us from distinguishing the main patterns peculiar to each of the lines and classifying these optimization spaces according to their modality.
  28. For example, Internet service provider America Online (AOL) disclosed in its footnotes to the 1994 10-K that it was classifying marketing costs as balance sheet assets rather than operating expenses, naming them Deferred Subscriber Acquisition Costs.
  29. The local flora was represented by fine floating algae: sea tangle, and kelp from the genus Macrocystis, saturated with the mucilage their pores perspire, from which I selected a wonderful Nemastoma geliniaroidea, classifying it with the natural curiosities in the museum.
  30. It is truly ironic that the Nazis labelled much the art 'degenerate' - art by greats like Picasso, Chagall, Dix and Beckmann - seizing and hiding it so as to protect public morals while Hitler and his cronies set about dismantling the very concept of morals, classifying certain types of people as animals and foisting the ultimate horror on Europe.
  31. There our nets brought up some fine fish samples: dolphinfish with azure fins, gold tails, and flesh that's unrivaled in the entire world, wrasse from the genus Hologymnosus that were nearly denuded of scales but exquisite in flavor, knifejaws with bony beaks, yellowish albacore that were as tasty as bonito, all fish worth classifying in the ship's pantry.
  32. Excuse me Zune, but it’s a hierarchy problem, don’t you see? There’s nothing wrong with classifying and grouping and organizing and all that, but the deal is, when we end up on top of the taxonomical pyramid, that tends to give us illusions of grandeur and superiority that are not at all justified when a global point of view is taken into consideration.
  1. No, that was all classified.
  2. Maharaj could be classified as:.
  3. A lot of it has been classified.
  4. And not the kind of classified.
  5. It can be classified in 4 grade.
  6. For print ads, try classified ads.
  7. The files on it had been classified.
  8. Which are classified for the moment.
  9. Here's the gen, classified of course.
  10. EBay also has a classified ad section.
  11. What you see ahead is highly classified.
  12. Shares tend to be classified like this:.
  13. It could be classified as a shitty grin.
  14. Animals not yet classified by learned men.
  15. They are classified as vulnerable on the.
  16. Herding dogs are classified as working dogs.
  17. It is classified as a medical condition of.
  18. The railing itself could be classified as art.
  19. We believe she relayed classified information.
  20. This discovery remained classified until 1973.
  21. I thought that was classified information?
  22. This is now classified for top command eyes only.
  23. This is because we have not properly classified.
  24. Another organization that has to be classified as.
  25. The top classified advertising hot spots include:.
  26. Everything, including the flight, was classified.
  27. Our case should have been classified as a home.
  28. Such a contingency might be classified as a miracle.
  29. A security risk may be classified as a vulnerability.
  30. These would in time be duly classified and examined.
  31. It didn’t really say that, but I was classified 1-A.
  32. Is that classified too? She asked visibly shaken.
  33. That way, you will be classified as someone who poses.
  34. The basic constituents are classified as five elements.
  35. Encounters with plasma life forms can be classified as.
  36. All our booster technology is classified information.
  37. This is where you take out a classified ad in a newspaper.
  38. Didn't he know that revealing classified information is a.
  39. I met my first love through an actual blind classified ad.
  40. Karma has been described and classified in a number of ways.
  41. Classified ads on the Internet? Where would you even start?
  42. Thus it cannot be classified under forensic auditing at all.
  43. Ah, he sighed, as if that classified something for him.
  44. Although cheetahs are classified as big cats they’re built.
  45. Thus they were classified as early to middle Paleolithic man.
  46. It’s out of my hands; this whole thing has been classified.
  47. The truly classified parts of our space plane are its engines.
  48. There are many free classified ads websites out there but the.
  49. What I am going to say is classified, so be discreet about it.
  50. When creating your classified ad you need to do four things: 1.
  51. This classified meeting of this Committee is now in session.
  52. I hope that you will keep this whole incident classified!.
  53. These indicators are classified into three major categories:.
  54. Several classified databases have issued alerts on Sergei Durov.
  55. When posting on classified ad sites, you need to understand the.
  56. Of those, the state has classified sixty-five as heritage.
  57. As for free classified ads, there is only one place where I have.
  58. You may have not been briefed, as this is classified information.
  59. Classified stuff, you will understand when you have spoken to him.
  60. These are the humans that can be classified simply as cheap.
  61. I'm sorry but that information is classified for security reasons.
  62. Some of the high-tech stuff they were using, was highly classified.
  63. Neither one nor the other can be classified in any other way than.
  64. And for good reason, because it was full of classified information.
  65. York newspapers to run in their Classified section under help wanted.
  66. He might be classified as a defector, someone who favored Communism.
  67. The information we’ve gathered on the enemy is still classified.
  68. Finally, to conclude, Conseil classified a large number of flying fish.
  69. See, I’m not really on board with being classified as ‘damaged.
  70. This appointed action has been classified into four categories on the.
  71. I would have classified you as a passive aggressive, Torres said.
  72. The important charges of this character may be classified as follows:.
  73. If any mission could be classified as suicidal, this certainly was one.
  74. Offline, classified ads are relatively cheap little ads that appear at.
  75. Though classified as fiction, I think the book is in the wrong category.
  76. The number of publications where you can place Classified Ads offline is.
  77. Cinnamon is classified a hot herb in traditional Chinese medicine, it not.
  78. Try to use classified ad web sites that rate high with the search engines.
  79. One of the best places to begin is on web sites that allow classified ads.
  80. Normally the components are classified as like simple, medium and complex.
  81. That is really what we are talking about in this section - the Classified.
  82. According to age accounts of minor can be classified in to three categories.
  83. You now have the ability to buy under priced items through the classified.
  84. In other words you apply the same principles to your classified ads as you.
  85. A classified ad for promoting most products should be around 25 to 35 words.
  86. The Halfway House area had formerly been classified as agricultural holdings.
  87. The more number of classified sites you post your ad on, the more will your.
  88. Uranus is classified as a "gas giant" planet because it has no solid surface.
  89. So from a small classified ad you test a small box ad, if that proves to be.
  90. Their electronic equipment is extremely advanced and still highly classified.
  91. It is now conceded it is not that, but is classified as a neural dysfunction.
  92. Every human action can be classified between 18 and at the most 42 activities.
  93. It goes without saying that this matter will now be classified as Top Secret.
  94. Today’s rap and hip-hop celebrities can scarcely be classified as musicians.
  95. All clays( the material a POT maker uses is also a CLAY) can be classified as.
  96. Where is he? That’s classified information; and suddenly you want to talk.
  97. Now the above is the minimum success rate, a well written small classified ad.
  98. Nearly all reports and classified memos on the war passed through Butterfield.
  99. But why is the light we call sun classified as a star? Is there any evidence.
  100. In life, he had undoubtedly been classified by women as mysterious, seductive.
  1. Aristotle classifies the forms of governance.
  2. After all, our element table classifies hydrogen as a gas and that is the way we think of hydrogen.
  3. STARS stands for Stock Appreciation Ranking System, and classifies stocks from 1 to 5 with 5 being the best.
  4. And now here, in Chapter 17, Krishn classifies these worshippers as the most debased, for the only form of reverence.
  5. Nancy actually classifies his personality as lawful evil, meaning that he may act with violence or meanness but would do it to preserve a set of rules or laws from a given authority, not for his own profit.

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