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Frasi con sort (in inglese)

  1. I sort of lost it.
  2. As a sort of joke.
  3. It was a sort of.
  4. It has a sort of.
  5. Of a sort at least.

  6. They are a sort of.
  7. What sort of a God.
  8. Sort of give God a.
  9. The magic sort of toy.
  10. It was sort of musty.
  12. That sort of not nice.
  13. A sort of tabula rasa.
  14. A sheet sort of thing.
  15. You know the sort of.

  16. He asked me what sort.
  17. This is its own sort.
  18. It is sort of expected.
  19. That sort of thing is.
  20. I am sort of their pet.
  21. These are the sort of.
  22. He was trying to sort.
  23. You have him, sort of.
  24. Sort of like fire opals.
  25. It was a weird sort of.

  26. I was sort of astonished.
  27. Nor heating of any sort.
  28. You sort of passed out.
  29. He was kidding, sort of.
  30. But He has some sort of.
  31. He had the same sort of.
  32. Sort of like a sour mash.
  33. The sort of Chav that is.
  34. It was some sort of clan.
  35. It’s the sort of thing.
  36. I sort of had a foot in.
  37. Being the sort of man he.
  38. I know that this sort of.
  39. Osiris is my dad, sort of.
  40. I am nothing of the sort!.
  41. Without any sort of pain?
  42. We can sort something out.
  43. Sort of worked against us.
  44. A sort of wakeful sleep?
  45. It was a bag of some sort.
  46. Ice One had some sort of.
  47. Maybe she can sort it out.
  48. Not _that_ sort of someone.
  49. Sort out what’s going on.
  50. I'm a poor sort of father.
  51. Some sort of higher level.
  52. It was sort of like Heaven.
  53. I never know what sort of.
  54. It was that sort of market.
  55. They had had some sort of.
  56. They were sort of far away.
  57. I was sort of hoping that.
  58. Sue asked the same sort of.
  59. Our thoughts are a sort of.
  60. The guy sort of looks like.
  61. She was sort of sober again.
  62. City were an odd-acting sort.
  63. He seems like an odd sort.
  64. It’s some sort of clue.
  65. You know that this sort of.
  66. Sally was an ambitious sort.
  67. It was nothing of that sort.
  68. This sort of thing belongs.
  69. What sort of a stunt was.
  70. I have sort of a green thumb.
  71. Um, that’s sort of true.
  72. It’s some sort of talisman.
  73. Hematheus was a funny sort.
  74. I don’t know what sort of.
  75. She can sort out all of this.
  76. The sort of man she deserved.
  77. This is some sort of second.
  78. These used the same sort of.
  79. It was sort of a snooty place.
  80. But I did nothing of the sort.
  81. What sort of diabetes do.
  82. You have a plan of some sort.
  83. You have some sort of implant.
  84. Nothing of the sort, mister.
  85. Well, he sort of kicked me.
  86. I know your sort, she thought.
  87. That sort of thing has to stop.
  88. Well, I guess, sort of both.
  89. He felt like some sort of cat.
  90. Haggerty was sort of laughing.
  91. You should have some sort of.
  92. Trees, stone – that sort.
  93. Some sort of terrorist attack.
  94. I found out that the sort of.
  95. Cult members are of this sort.
  96. It was sort of like sticking.
  97. From Arno no news of any sort.
  98. Some sort of sadness, perhaps.
  99. It’s sort of a long story.
  100. Sort of wishing we never leave.
  1. Patrice pauses in her sorting.
  2. The sorting belt was still now.
  3. Sorting out what it meant for them.
  4. Not sorting with a nuptial ceremony.
  5. The Day of Sorting has been appointed.
  6. And Sav listened, sorting out the words.
  7. She is sorting favours for the cotillion.
  8. My brother had already begun sorting the.
  9. Danny can give you a hand sorting out the.
  10. Jacoba scowled and went back to his sorting.
  11. Terry was sorting out his wardrobe for the.
  12. Last, there were the sorting machines that.
  13. We're sorting out some things, she said.
  15. I was actually sorting through Kit’s memories.
  16. We had a good old time sorting them fatherly out.
  17. There’s just one or two that need sorting out.
  18. At the top of the panel are three color sorting holes.
  19. Ariella joined the boys as they were sorting the weapons.
  20. Taisei was sorting through his latest stack of pictures.
  21. I’ve got a full plate sorting through other things today.
  22. With a merry, smiling face Pierre was sorting his purchases.
  23. I already have a squad of commandos sorting that little.
  24. Your mother and I will be busy for a while sorting things out.
  25. Yes, sorting stuff out for the Walf, the Vulcan remarked.
  26. Next to her on the grass at a woman, sorting and drying herbs.
  27. He developed a strategy for sorting out the troublemakers at St.
  28. Tom found his father in the woodshed, sorting logs for the fire-.
  29. The family was escorted to the sorting field by a security guard.
  30. Yes? she said, her fingers momentarily ceasing their sorting.
  31. Carol stopped sorting, and dialed the number on the phone message.
  32. But there––I doubt she intended to die before sorting it out.
  33. As I’m sorting the dry washing in my bedroom, I hear a car outside.
  34. Maybe it’s sorting out at all those books of hers in the basement.
  35. This sorting begins early and continues throughout our lives, but is.
  36. The lads didn’t notice as they had been sorting out the beer stash.
  37. Now she was sorting through the lipsticks she kept in her pencil case.
  38. The few minutes whilst I was sorting the tea gave us both time to think.
  39. He was sorting out his packets when Will took his gun from his waistband.
  40. James began sorting through the outgoing mail as he had done every morning.
  41. Patrice smiles up at her then shifts her attention back to her mail sorting.
  42. I went back to get the music from the car and started sorting it into sets.
  43. I watched Aidan sorting the papers on his desk and packing up his suitcase.
  44. While we were sorting things out, I spotted a Toyota pickup in the distance.
  45. The use of the Strategy design pattern is not limited to the sorting domain.
  46. After all, Thompson had spent the past few weeks sorting Smith’s life out.
  47. Heekin said they were sorting through the bride’s possessions as we spoke.
  48. After dinner, Monique settled herself in the bedroom sorting out stuff for St.
  49. The president was very capable of sorting out which issues were technical (i.
  50. Save space on your hard drive by spending some time in sorting out the images.
  51. Next, they would start sorting boxes, each according to the room they belonged.
  52. Bilo crept over to Gulab, she was busy sorting out the dresses in order of size.
  53. I was in the back sorting through some new Blu-ray discs that Vince had asked me.
  54. When his parents died, Adam was forced to concentrate on sorting out their affairs.
  55. I’ve been sorting out the food packages for this month’s delivery to Libya.
  56. This section on Methodology covers the three sorting archetypes Homology, Analogy.
  57. Howard-Smythe was sorting though a litany of items that needed to be taken care of.
  58. His room was, as usual, in a mess, but Annie didn’t feel up to sorting it all out.
  59. Haven jumped up and started sorting through the papers and finally, she located the.
  60. The latter dropped his eyes and remained silent too, as he began sorting the papers.
  61. She takes to scrubbing, pressing, sorting, sweeping, folding and vacuuming the place.
  62. A very pregnant woman nearby, sorting through a rack of tops, looked up with a smile.
  63. While we were sorting things out, I spotted a Toyota pickup in the distance.
  64. These are Thinking, Sorting and Interpreting, Rationalizing, Understanding and Acting.
  65. After three hours of sorting through dust covered cartons she started to hate her job.
  66. There are different criteria that help us pick a sorting algorithm on a per-case basis.
  67. Your sorting process is just about finding the one you have a powerful connection with.
  68. I opened the glass door and began sorting through the Hot Pockets with Nathan directing.
  69. I was still sorting out what the hell had happened when the door to the house popped open.
  70. From far away came the rumble of the sorting machines and the tap of the boxers’ hammers.
  71. That’s a relief, you’ve had enough of this sorting out business – they can stay there.
  72. The photograph of Sheena, still floating about in sorting offices, would appear in my mind.
  73. Dias R, Robbins TW, Roberts AC (1996b) Primate analogue of the Wisconsin Card Sorting Test:.
  74. She put down the stack of mail she had been sorting and stood up and grasped Manda’s hand.
  75. He told her that he was sorting out some trouble, the old business, kids trying to muscle in.
  76. It is widely believed that dreams are the mind’s way of sorting through our waking thoughts.
  77. Men and women were coming back, men from the orchard, women from the sorting and packing house.
  78. The thin curve represents the portfolios based on the sorting of combinations by future profit.
  79. If I’d been on my own I would have confronted her, I’d have had no problems sorting her out.
  80. Laughing, Claire gave up on sorting the crystals and came around the counter to give Annie a hug.
  81. Fortunately, their interrogators were intelligent and well practiced in sorting wheat from chaff.
  82. The bold curve represents the portfolios based on the sorting of combinations by criteria values.
  83. This function will keep the header line intact and allow sorting of the remaining lines of output.
  84. There were piles of rocks awaiting sorting and other piles that seemed to contain great treasures.
  85. The spinning was done by the poor women of the town, and the cleaning and sorting by their children.
  86. I spent most of the time in the hotel sorting out my clothes and equipment, and doing some shopping.
  87. I mean, if I need help sorting out my computer, I’m told off for all the cookies and Trojan horses.
  88. I was still sorting out what the hell had happened when the door to the house popped open.
  89. If he wasn’t the governor’s cousin he would be sorting recycles out of the trash where he belongs.
  90. He put Tracy to work on the morning report and was sorting through the mail that had arrived on Monday.
  91. He picked up his wine glass and said, ‘Here’s to sorting out this mess in Wales as soon as possible.
  92. There are many sorting algorithms, and, in general, none of them is considered the best for all cases [j.
  93. I want to use what I have as effectively as possible, which means for me sorting out the big stuff first.
  94. Between the rows came the trucks to load the picked apples and take them to the sorting and packing plant.
  95. Beth was sorting the cones that lay thick under the hemlock near by, for she made pretty things with them.
  96. Does not need additional memory (the sorting takes place in the array - this is called in-place processing).
  97. Henry started sorting through the piles of paper with renewed energy, like he was digging for buried treasure.
  98. I headed down the road steering with my knee, sorting through the letters waiting for something to catch my eye.
  99. Take, for example, the sorting problem, which is related to putting the elements of a list in a specific order.
  100. Puller could almost hear her mind sorting through things and compiling data, with a conclusion soon forthcoming.
  1. I have it sorted out.
  2. The Gods Are Sorted; My.
  3. I’m all sorted out here.
  4. Just when it's all sorted.
  5. It will all get sorted out.
  6. By then we’d sorted out.
  7. When we have sorted out the.
  8. As he sorted through all the.
  9. He sorted through the strewn.
  10. Colin sorted through his memory.
  11. These will be sorted out, not.
  12. Maria sorted through the tote bag.
  13. Karen really sorted her out!’.
  14. Have you sorted out the sleeping.
  15. Humphrey sorted through the prints.
  16. With sobs and tears he sorted out.
  17. However, the children were sorted.
  18. He told me he’d sorted this out.
  19. Have you sorted the vehicles?
  20. Come on, let’s get this sorted.
  21. Grain was sorted in hand sieves and.
  22. Until things got sorted out properly.
  23. BELIEVE me the problem got sorted out.
  24. It was time to get the teams sorted out.
  25. Nothing was sorted yet, but it would be.
  26. I would have sorted myself out in no time.
  27. These returns are sorted from low to high.
  28. We got things sorted out, Orcher says.
  29. They seem to have sorted their differences.
  30. Have you got transport sorted out yet?’.
  31. It was all sorted out after a while and I.
  32. She loved it when things sorted themselves.
  33. Pivot in correct place in sorted array/list.
  34. Gareth sorted through the money in his pouch.
  35. I wondered how they kept all this sorted out.
  36. Ring in the relatives and you’ll be sorted.
  37. These dreams may have sorted out from every.
  38. Look at how much needs to be sorted, Sally!.
  39. Sorted sequence at the end of the execution.
  40. So that’s Lorila sorted out, said Arin.
  41. Combinations Are Sorted by the EPLN Criterion.
  42. Good, I’m glad we finally got that sorted out.
  43. I’ve already sorted this with your foreman.
  44. I’ve hunted all sorted of game over the years.
  45. Calm returned quickly as he sorted his thoughts.
  46. He hadn’t told them how much he’d sorted out.
  47. They told him it was sorted but he saw it as messy.
  48. I told him to stay there until this mess is sorted.
  49. Cara sorted through the tenses of Hunter’s vision.
  50. Means we’ll be sorted out in about a day or two.
  51. I think the original problem has been sorted out.
  52. This sharp, smart biology student had sorted me out.
  53. I sorted the notes out neatly and held them in my hand.
  54. He turned to his desk, sorted through a pile of news.
  55. Remember the sorted() example in the previous chapter.
  56. While we got the provisions sorted out, I told them—.
  57. With a fell swoop, I sorted out several pressing issues.
  58. A couple of the girls sorted out the minibus's interior.
  59. Disadvantages: requires that array elements to be sorted.
  60. As a result of a pre-test subjects are sorted into pairs.
  61. But they sorted things out while you were unconscious, J.
  62. Now that the database is sorted, let's look at the code:.
  63. From the sorted file, we just produce the report as before.
  64. Let’s get you sorted out, then, he said, Come on.
  65. Your hands are tied until this mess is sorted out, Caldon.
  66. More concerned with the new e-mails in his inbox, he sorted.
  67. The coins rattled in his pocket, sorted by manicured fingers.
  68. After his mother died, and her affects sorted through, we had.
  69. He lowered himself in his seat and sorted the mail in his tray.
  70. Domestic disturbance, the man said, all sorted out now.
  71. Besides, she was having enough trouble getting her head sorted.
  72. My wife and her friend were with me, and all was soon sorted out.
  73. Consider an ordering of combinations sorted by descending profit.
  74. Can watched as she sorted out the booty, commenting on their find.
  75. I’m glad that we’ve sorted out the issue with the food today.
  76. In his experience, such matters never just sorted themselves out.
  77. In the crib, oh yes we soon got that sorted, we rocked and talked.
  78. We sorted out our food and put it away in the cupboards and fridge.
  79. I thought Etienne had sorted that, he said into the handset.
  80. Until he'd sorted Maiorescu, his life wasn't going anywhere anyway.
  81. Once things were sorted, Stephen insisted that I moved in with him.
  82. The detainees at Camp Edwards were sorted into different categories.
  83. I had better get the controls sorted out before it’s too late.
  84. Thus your command and control lines must be very clearly sorted out.
  85. It was all sorted with the immigration office and the Cretan police.
  86. Student performance is sorted according to a system of letter grades.
  87. I remember them fighting, but they sorted it out and stayed together.
  88. Had to wait here till the insurance company sorted him out a hire car.
  89. They quickly sorted out the decoys and attacked the cruisers en masse.
  90. I think that there is only one other place which has to be sorted out.
  91. Both wanted to leave as soon as everything was sorted out at this end.
  92. After the jacket situation was sorted, Ted showed me how to snow-plow.
  93. She had sorted out pieces of art which she thought would not be missed.
  94. But after I’ve sorted them he puts a letter next to each one with my.
  95. Yes, yes, details, all of which can be sorted out in the negotiations.
  96. Number of elements that need to be sorted: This is called the input size.
  97. Any problems could be sorted out later by the techs at the cloning labs.
  98. Madge had arranged for the wool to be cleaned, sorted and spun into yarn.
  99. I ran the accounts and sorted the cash and filled out the deposit slips.
  100. They will proceed in companies sorted out, that is, they will be separated.
  1. I’m just out of sorts.
  2. He was a rival of sorts.
  3. They got up to all sorts.
  4. A distant cousin of sorts.
  5. I heard a jingle of sorts.
  6. His pets are of odd sorts.
  7. In all sorts of ways.
  8. All these sorts of things.
  9. It was a junction of sorts.
  10. It was a solution of sorts.
  11. I know all sorts of things.
  12. But there was hope of sorts.
  13. I guess it takes all sorts.
  14. All Sorts of Categories for.
  15. They’d make all sorts of.
  16. Indeed any bargain of sorts.
  17. It was a promotion of sorts.
  18. It was a gut feeling of sorts.
  19. There are many bad sorts in.
  20. It’s a present, of sorts.
  21. All sorts of things occur to.
  22. He told us all sorts of things.
  23. It's used in all sorts of ways.
  24. You said all sorts of things!.
  25. It created an alcove, of sorts.
  26. There are three sorts of sin:-.
  27. Money and wealth of all sorts.
  28. A longing of sorts, he thought.
  29. They do a night shift of sorts.
  30. They drank, a communion of sorts.
  31. It was a step forward, of sorts.
  32. He seemed out of sorts and was.
  33. There was even a toilet of sorts.
  34. I learned all sorts of things.
  35. There are all sorts of emotions.
  36. It was like a gold rush of sorts.
  37. But there was a problem of sorts.
  38. He continued I'm into all sorts.
  39. There are all sorts of flavors.
  40. The Counsel had formed all sorts.
  41. A horse of this sorts can easily.
  42. It created a bond of sorts for me.
  43. All sorts of dangers lurk in the.
  44. They do all sorts of queer things.
  45. Izzy had an emergency, of sorts.
  46. It seemed to be a pattern of sorts.
  47. It was like a campus park of sorts.
  48. Enjoying a reprieve of sorts, she.
  49. You could fix a stretcher of sorts.
  50. They reached an agreement of sorts.
  51. You said all sorts of things! Akím.
  52. Filling the Manor with all sorts.
  53. The enemy has all sorts of torment.
  54. There were all sorts of colours.
  55. And then came a revelation of sorts.
  56. I have all sorts of men in my house.
  57. Some sorts of dirt serve to clarify.
  58. I guess that was an answer of sorts.
  59. In essence, it was an oasis of sorts.
  60. You have become a legend of sorts.
  61. It appeared to be an entrance of sorts.
  62. It would solve all sorts of problems.
  63. I’ll always have a craving of sorts.
  64. Maybe, it was a shock method of sorts.
  65. All sorts of things occur to help one.
  66. There are all sorts of phrases for it.
  67. I use graphics for all sorts of things.
  68. After all it was a compliment of sorts.
  69. Of thirty different sorts, lo! brushes.
  70. And which are these two sorts? he asked.
  71. She was still jittery and out of sorts.
  72. They had a bond of sorts because of it.
  73. So finaly al those sorts were kicked out.
  74. I read about all sorts of things Mrs.
  75. This has all sorts of implications –.
  76. She could get into all sorts of trouble.
  77. The prisoners had all sorts of requests.
  78. However, it’s an unusual town of sorts.
  79. A couple cities of sorts came into view.
  80. A trail of sorts, not much more than a.
  81. He had stumbled onto a robbery of sorts.
  82. Or it could’ve been a mirage of sorts.
  83. I do have a family – of sorts – now.
  84. There are all sorts of parts in a whole.
  85. We often hear people using all sorts of.
  86. I had then been a mentor of sorts to him.
  87. In the light of consciousness all sorts.
  88. Even racketeering is a business of sorts.
  89. It was the only weapon of sorts he owned.
  90. There were all sorts of figures to gawk.
  91. Candidates would spew all sorts of nasty.
  92. This home had been a refuge of sorts to.
  93. I imagine all sorts of improbable things.
  94. Davey was close about all sorts of things.
  95. No, but for all sorts of nervous invalids.
  96. The liquid was all sorts of strange colors.
  97. One comes across all sorts of historical.
  98. Larded with many several sorts of reasons.
  99. The Orb of Paryphax is a battery of sorts.
  100. I thought that you were a virgin of sorts.

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