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Frasi con assort (in inglese)

  1. Remember we on earth holds the earth at the centre and therefore the inner planets assort to our position.

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  2. The SS and other assorted human garbage.
  3. Opt for assorted non-material reinforcers.
  4. There was a tray with assorted condiments near by.
  5. Assorted meats and sausage on a bed of sauerkraut.
  6. Appears on: Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs (1970).
  7. Nancy looked at the assorted gifts piled throughout the.
  8. Guests were served their choice food and assorted drinks.
  9. It is impossible that light from such an array of assorted.
  10. Justine averted her eyes from quart jars of assorted eyeballs.
  11. Even with the drone of traffic noise and assorted sirens and other.
  12. House coffee, a box of assorted chocolates, and a couple of jars of.
  14. You have been given a ring of 40 assorted keys and told one will work.
  15. From the tents along the road came the assorted snores of the campers.
  16. The harbour was alive with ferries and assorted other floating traffic.
  17. The people were of both sexes, assorted ages and of mixed race appearance.
  18. It’s true, Killian said, bringing in his own pile of assorted crockery.
  19. They landed near a patch of assorted greenery, and surprisingly, a human being.
  20. There were also other assorted useful items, including barrels for storing water.
  21. The linearity of the assorted costs of capital in the Miller/Modigliani propositions.
  22. In addition to getting rich, this militant faction was stealthily stockpiling assorted.
  23. I shared the huge cargo space with two brand new Humvees, assorted pallets, and, a few.
  24. With a stockpile of sugar, caffeine, and assorted junk food he began his journey at 8 a.
  25. From another room I heard a burble of assorted laughter as some group convulsed in open.
  26. Leon delved in his pockets and produced a handful of small shiny stones of assorted colours.
  27. Samantha Hawes reappeared with a pot of coffee, deli sandwiches and assorted salads on a tray.
  28. The dockyard staff were slightly dumbstruck by the incongruity of this small group of assorted.
  29. On the walls around him were assorted weapons, but he tried not to be obvious in his inspection.
  30. He paused in his story as servants returned with more tea and plates of cakes and assorted meats.
  31. Evan sat glumly on the couch, books and a lamp and assorted knickknacks on the cushion beside him.
  32. Well, cockroaches and assorted vermin, time to feel the boot heel! Flynn called out in glee.
  33. There was just room for them all and the odour of assorted perfumes and excitement was overpowering.
  34. The warriors strode beyond the marketplace and assorted homes, built on stilts above the soggy earth.
  35. I climbed a mountainous range of assorted, useless and flimsy plastic things labelled 'made in china'.
  36. This and this and this, said Mink, instructing the others with their assorted spoons and wrenches.
  37. Satisfied that ‘six tons of assorted weapons’ had been duly collected – they would order the lids.
  38. Where’s your car? I stopped at the edge of the woods and looked over the assorted cars in front of me.
  39. Nobody can be entirely healthy or spiritually well in a world of hunger, illness, and assorted other horrors.
  40. Our hands darted in and out of the assorted nuts, dates, and fruits like kingfishers hovering above a stream.
  41. One side had a varied selection of barbells and benches, various loose weights and assorted strength devices.
  42. This time as I got closer to the universe the independent colors were distinguished by assorted hues of light.
  43. Two days later, accompanied by assorted experts and consultants, Griffin reported to his boss, Alistair Vaughan.
  44. It looked like she would be be celebrating here, with the crayfish and frogs and other assorted victimized beasts.
  45. It’s nothing less than shameful to bury valuable organic material under mountains of assorted trash in landfills.
  46. I’ve made two millions from that single deal and another half a million for the assorted favors done over the time.
  47. Ashore, was another structure housing ice machines, assorted machinery, and a room called the refrigerated rack room.
  48. The floor at the front was lined with women’s shoes; assorted clothes were stacked against the side and back walls.
  49. She’d grown up in central Florida, dropped out of college, moved to Las Vegas, and had had assorted hand-to-mouth jobs.
  50. Conklin and I stopped off at the property room and signed in a million two in US currency and a half dozen assorted guns.
  51. The marriage trainees would relish in their assorted wears, which is one of the ways to show off for their rich wardrobe.
  52. Their wide eyed in awe pleading eluded most of the assorted stars anger at being bothered in their haven of pseudo anonymity.
  53. My own friends came, of course, and the curious accomplices Rex called his friends; the rest of the party were very oddly assorted.
  54. It was non-stop sales by mid-afternoon, and all that was left were those in the display case and one poly-box of assorted flavours.
  55. Over time, with the assorted pursuits of the Prabhu clan, as they came to be known in time, Misty Nest became a beehive of activity.
  56. Assorted items of skiwear adorned seat backs and were strewn about the gangway, with obvious disregard for their replacement value.
  57. A man stood at the entrance with a large piece of wood with various assorted nails and bits of broken glass embedded menacingly in it.
  58. It was a Chinese military transport plane which he shared with a company of Chinese troops, their assorted equipment and light vehicles.
  59. In addition to smoke, the air was stale, and thick with the smells of assorted non human creatures, enough to make anyone’s eyes water.
  60. Hanging naked limbs of oaks, pines and assorted vegetation, all blended into a protective cocoon that curled around the layered structure.
  61. There were dishes to wash and stack, provisions to fetch, red wine to water down, cheese to grate and a hundred assorted menial tasks to do.
  62. Divers: Differing, in a plural number; unequal; assorted: or, two or more persons that are different in character or quality from other people.
  63. Not to mention, turtle mothers and assorted other beastly geneses, the genesis of each genesis being conveniently left to individual preference.
  64. Lathgertha would no doubt be leading the one from the west, a huge force of witches, Amazons and assorted village-women marching along behind her.
  65. Other phone calls went out to offices of a judge, police officials, politicians and assorted businessmen to arrange the hand delivery of envelopes.
  66. Besides the limbs in casts and stitched-up wings, everyone had bruises, black eyes, and assorted scrapes, but no one looked at me when I walked in.
  67. But something about Richard—the gray in his hair or the casual slump of his shoulders, the assorted newspapers under his arm—made him seem safe.
  68. And he was still in there twenty-five minutes later when the guys returned with bulging bags of assorted booty and unpacked it on the kitchen island.
  69. The swim was refreshing and by the time they’d jogged back, made themselves breakfast from assorted fruit, cereal, bread, eggs and tea, they were dry.
  70. When you rent, you’re not paying all those other assorted fees, which effectively frees up tons of cash that you would have been spending on a mortgage.
  71. Byron sat with the largest plate in front of him, assorted remains of things that used to have faces set indiscriminately on its dulled patterned surface.
  72. This was a building four or five stories high, filled with fruit lockers and assorted factory gear, most of it wrecked by looters long before we got there.
  73. A glass prism in the window shone rainbows over the chests and Persian carpets and assorted astronomical equipment, all put patiently in order in her absence.
  74. Using differential calculus, a slide-rule and a box of one hundred assorted elastic bands, he set about calculating the Pong Ratio of seven known elemental odours.
  75. Belle had spent the morning assembling trays of assorted flowers from beside the meandering overflow that emptied the pond when heavy rains filled it past its rim.
  76. AS HE REACHED THE SECOND FLOOR, his heart was beating a lot faster, the moans and assorted bed noises had gotten louder, and he started to smile in spite of himself.
  77. They tend to over 4600 cattle and various other animals such as; oxen, horses, donkeys, dogs, cats, pigs, goats, sheep, assorted birds, and an occasional coatimundi.
  78. The trolls had said that the two men had disappeared into a mountain together, along with various assorted hangers-on, and soon afterwards the mountain had exploded.
  79. Tanem’s Orphanage in Heathcote, twelve buttons, some assorted sweets and fifty seven ducits were collected, and all trooped out into the night air tired but elated.
  80. This was a building four or five stories high, filled with fruit lockers and assorted factory gear, most of it wrecked by looters long before we got there.
  81. Pockets everywhere, which the pair liked because it made it handy to carry knives, flints and the other assorted paraphernalia that got lost in saddlebags or bedrolls.
  82. Furthermore, the state trooper took an obviously staged photo of Mike’s sneaker and assorted rusted beer cans which had been along the road for years in front of a post.
  83. Jim would later say that he was aware that many, if not all, of her phantom headaches, cramps, and assorted ailments were an attempt at sidestepping her marital obligations.
  84. Over a plate of assorted sushi and sashimi a couple of hours later, Maria filled Jill in on much of what had happened with Colin, the story sounding unbelievable even to her.
  85. I left Connor’s whimpering body in the sand, assorted with the broken glass, dead insects and other creepy crawlies and stood over him, looking down as I figured out my next move.
  86. The large, dim space contained glittering reflections of four mirror-balls, a small dance floor, Hard Rock music blasting from a dozen speakers, assorted tables and chairs, and a bar.
  87. The cans went among the assorted essentials in her toiletries bag and weren’t thought of again until evening, finally at home on the deck at La Hacienda, relaxing and Sal telephoned.
  88. Caine and assorted bystanders had pulled him off Dexter Lewis, who was holding his hands to his nose, blood running through his fingers, splashing on his white shirt and pale gray suit.
  89. Beauty stopped and held out her hand, seven ducits, string, carrot, two clean and freshly pressed handkerchiefs and assorted pinky dust particles followed Nimblefax out into the hallway.
  90. Ludwig sloppily made his way out of the doors in the back of the Rover over the assorted bags and crates, while Ethan opened the window behind him and drew himself out in a fluid motion.
  91. A delicate and delicious meal of assorted mini morsels in crisp pastry and sweet nutbreads of various kinds was brought in, with a large pitcher of a sparkling yellow to wash it down with.
  92. They looked at Dorothy and her strangely assorted company with wondering eyes, and the children all ran away and hid behind their mothers when they saw the Lion; but no one spoke to them.
  93. Strewn among these ruins was what appeared at first sight to be random wreckage but, after further examination, Siri recognised the assorted shapes of abandoned sea-going craft of all sizes.
  94. As the departmental representative on the education committee I met with a group of university profs and assorted intellectuals and asked them to stop turning out children with liberal arts degrees.
  95. As Frank lent over the counter, the receptionist looked up with a weary glance, her desk was heaped high with folders and assorted papers, and Frank wondered for a moment how far down the pile his notes were.
  96. Evil has its own inestimable manner of penetrating the hearts and minds of individuals who, although not evil themselves, unwittingly serve as conduits for a variety of sordid practices and assorted mischief.
  97. The central hub for the Silvers is the Hall of All Days, an infinite, gilded corridor where time is not linear, filled with mirrors of assorted shapes and sizes that are portals to other worlds, places, and times.
  98. The KKK mobilized side by side with the Aryan Brotherhood, assorted free-lance Neo-Nazi skinheads, Texas separatists, Weathermen, and a mélange of pseudo-religious Armies for Christ/Allah/the great Poohbah/what-or-whoever.
  99. And lest the favored lot of the powers that be should miss to savor the creamy cake of the world’s most populous democracy, there are the councils of ministers, chairmen politicians for assorted boards and umpteen bodies.
  100. Everybody else in my family had done this, so what was odd about it? Tramp steamers carried assorted cargo and often had a couple of cabins for the world-weary traveller who knew better than to crowd into a passenger liner.

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