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Frasi con collar (in inglese)

  1. His collar too sprang up.
  2. If the collar rising up.
  3. On his collar were two bars.
  4. It had a high, ruffed collar.
  5. Agent #1 tugged at his collar.

  6. I know you've a Roman collar.
  7. He felt his collar bone snap.
  8. She grabbed him by the collar.
  9. One mate my dirty flea collar.
  10. There was no collar to be seen.
  11. Mitch slipped the collar over J.
  12. But without his collar or tie.
  13. It is called white collar crime.
  14. The collar was loose and draping.
  15. Ivan Ilyitch turned up his collar.

  16. This means this collar can lose 4.
  17. Caught him and by the collar took.
  18. Darek grabbed Sorren by the collar.
  19. Each man had his collar, but the.
  20. I'm to get the collar at Christmas.
  21. She grabbed him by the collar and.
  22. This wasn’t about the big collar.
  23. Joey popped the collar of his merino.
  24. Charley sniffed and shook his collar.
  25. He shrinks down into his coat collar.

  26. Theo took the paper from Tim's collar.
  27. Helios popped out of Andrew’s collar.
  28. Her collar glowed as she started the.
  29. This alternative is known as a collar.
  30. Cynthia to read the name on her collar.
  31. In this collar, IWM was trading at 114.
  32. The collar said Rousettus aegyptiacus.
  33. So did the lace at my collar and cuffs.
  34. A large paw grabbed the collar of his.
  35. The jersey had a polo-neck collar in red.
  36. Even the collar held tight to the metal.
  37. Brown brillantined hair over his collar.
  38. The collar separated at an invisible seam.
  39. I grab him by the collar and pull him up.
  40. I wish the collar of his shirt were higher.
  41. I see that by the slave collar he wears.
  42. Then Arthur would unhook his tunic collar.
  43. Sergeant’s rank pins shone at his collar.
  44. The jacket had a rather wide collar that.
  45. Jensen felt hot under the collar and stupid.
  46. But is that a rope or collar on it?
  47. His white collar came just to my eye level.
  48. Of the enchanted collar, there was no sign.
  49. I knelt to remove Astra’s lead and collar.
  50. She had broken both collar bones, multiple.
  51. Amaranthe tugged at the collar of her blouse.
  52. My hands tremble as I grip his shirt collar.
  53. Training your dog with a leash and a collar.
  54. The collar of it was very slightly V-shaped.
  55. Louis stood still while I removed his collar.
  56. Hold still while I secure it to your collar.
  57. Veronica held the agitated dog by the collar.
  58. The collar had been cut out Flashdance-style.
  59. His collar was undone and his blue tie askew.
  60. And Ingwe, crawling before him, a collar of.
  61. He wore Adjutant Generals Corps collar brass.
  62. Pulling the man by the collar, Jim dumped him.
  63. You will have to be crowned without a collar.
  64. It’s melted or bonded to the collar!.
  65. He did not notice the new shine to the collar.
  66. Ahcmed the collar around your neck will send.
  67. She motioned for him to clip it to his collar.
  68. He wore a simple oxford shirt, the collar open.
  69. I put him in the tub after I removed his collar.
  70. She grabs my collar and pulls me in for a kiss.
  71. The collar was slightly V necked with a normal.
  72. David first attached the lead to my collar then.
  73. Athena stepped closer to him, touched his collar.
  74. Someone caught me by the collar and pulled me up.
  75. I said, folding the collar neatly along the seam.
  76. Master Dignam got his collar down and dawdled on.
  77. He took the torn collar and went into the house.
  78. The wide collar accentuates his broad shoulders.
  79. Bajrang clutched his collar and lifted him two.
  80. Ton Tsing laughed and picked him up by the collar.
  81. Disobedience brings another session of the collar.
  82. Hold still while I take off this collar from you.
  83. Thomas grabbed Chuck by the collar, joking around.
  84. I’d find that corner at the collar of my shirt.
  85. Their game, his brilliance, by the collar did drag.
  86. The cat had a pink collar with a metal, heart tag.
  87. Night took a step back, and readjusted his collar.
  88. He was loosening the collar about his neck while.
  89. Keep an eye on him—better hold on to his collar.
  90. He was holding him by the neck of his shirt collar.
  91. The rest of us aren't keeping a dog collar on him.
  92. Her hands pulled at the collar of his woolen jacket.
  93. Brown curls were starting to flip up at his collar.
  94. I sighed and held the collar with trembling fingers.
  95. I heard him undoing the buckle on Astra’s collar.
  96. And Martin snapped a tin note to the dog's collar:.
  97. She wondered at the medical insignia on his collar.
  98. I could feel the heat rushing from under my collar.
  99. Jesse jerked away and straightened his collar as he.
  100. Francois grasped the man roughly by the collar and.
  1. Another bloodhound tracked a man for 138 miles before collaring him.
  2. Collaring newly purchased shares doesn’t make much sense for reasons that we’ll discuss when discussing zero cost collars.
  3. Everything ached and the memory of the last day returned with my knowledge of the burning, collaring and transfer to the elder wizard’s possession.
  4. The fact that VIX is not directly investable is partly responsible for this, but additionally, not many people are interested in collaring their long VIX position; they’re usually looking to capture all of any spike in VIX so there’s relatively little selling pressure above at-the-money from sellers of covered calls.
  1. In the suit and the collared shirt.
  2. Our kitchen workers were collared immediately and.
  3. He wore brown suspenders over a white collared shirt.
  4. The maximum profit on the collared stock position is 0.
  5. Dom collared the chick in the stairwell, and dangled her.
  6. Often, a stock is collared after it has shown substantial gains.
  7. Jane had collared DI Morton after she had spoken to John Strait.
  8. When Fred finally adjourned the meeting, Lester collared his charge.
  9. He was collared after he tried to deposit some of the loot into the 82.
  10. Must find Nobby; he collared the "kitty" when that blinking boat got hit!—J.
  11. He wears a red collared shirt and a pair of jeans that are fraying at the knee.
  12. If there is no suit and tie available, use a collared shirt or white long sleeves.
  13. Later, he showered and changed into jeans, a windbreaker, and a white collared shirt.
  14. During a lull in the scrapping, a lone German wandered too near, and we collared him.
  15. Collared doves squabble in the Maple trees that line the road as sparrows chirp happily.
  16. It took two days for the collared doves to settle around their new found source of water.
  17. As I couldn't, I held my tongue, and bore the scolding till the old gentleman collared me.
  18. He’s dressed smartly in dark grey khaki style pants and a white collared shirt that stretches.
  19. His hair was dark, but probably colored, and he was wearing a suit and a collared shirt, with no tie.
  20. This morning he had been shaved, his hair was combed, and he was dressed in pants and a collared shirt.
  21. As the Duty Sergeant passed his desk he collared him and asked if one of the pool 4 x 4 Jeeps was available.
  22. Ragnar and Lathgertha retired through the gaps which this had created, taking their collared captives with them.
  23. The man who collared her in the large pool, turned Monica on her back, and began to apply the life saving method.
  24. In the twinkling of an eye, before Javert had time to turn round, he was collared, thrown down, pinioned and searched.
  25. He apparently slid across the tiles to his seat – wearing his collared shirt up and his short brown hair to the side.
  26. In fact, this general shape for the payoff of the collared stock will exist regardless of the precise strike prices selected.
  27. The picture of cool, he was dressed in a pair of casual, almond-colored slacks and a collared, two-tone, short-sleeved shirt.
  28. Amy was always wearing slacks with collared shirts that were buttoned up all the way to the top, practically choking her neck.
  29. Dressed in faded jeans and a white collared shirt rolled to the elbows, he was finishing up an order for a waitress on the far side.
  30. Even with the difference in likelihoods, there is a discrepancy in the potential profit and potential loss from our collared position.
  31. With blue corduroy shorts and a white collared shirt, Phillip stood out like a neon light to Mitchell, slowly closing in with uncertainty.
  32. And at the table by the window, a guy in an open collared shirt (it’s good quality), pair of Levi’s jeans, a nice belt and leather shoes.
  33. Whether it is a simple black dress that goes with anything, or the suit blazer that can be worn with a T-shirt, a collared shirt or even formal wear.
  34. Back at the Forestry Commission’s assembly point on the Llancoed estate Darren Tetlow collared his supervisor, Jed, just as he was leaving for home.
  35. Back at the assembly point, after Darren had spoken to Jane, he had finished his lunch and was heading back to join Steve but had been collared by his supervisor.
  36. He pictured the guy from the train, in his suit and his collared shirt, with his fine leather bag, and the woman, in her white dress, fit for a garden party in Monte Carlo.
  37. The cuirassiers quitted the cavalry to return to the infantry; or, to put it more exactly, the whole of that formidable rout collared each other without releasing the other.
  38. A collar is also long a protective put, so there’s a lower limit on how much we would receive for our stock and a lower limit to the value of the complete collared position.
  39. He pulled the lower extremities and showed the child who was severely hit in the face, thus he was collared and put to jail together with his group who took alcohol that night.
  40. Before Millie could address him, the crown parted and a tall, gaunt, man with sharp, unforgiving features and gray hair that matched his high collared uniform well approached her.
  41. Their leader, a burly scouse thug called Derek Weatherall, but who had changed his name by deed poll to Jack Mosley, admitted to the shootings and the car bomb as soon as he was collared.
  42. His figure was enveloped in a riding cloak, fur collared and steel clasped; its details were not apparent, but I traced the general points of middle height and considerable breadth of chest.
  43. He was wearing this white ruffled collared shirt, you’ve seen the kind, it was the kind that you’d picture Beethoven wearing when he was putting on his piano concerts in the days of yore.
  44. In a pair of camel, slim fit pants and a matching shirt protruding from a winter white shawl, collared cardigan, he runs his fingers through his flowing locks and stares at me with anxious eyes.
  45. High collared shirts and turtlenecks later were used to hide some of the scars on his neck and chest, but wrinkled black and red scar tissue covered the left half of his chin continuing down his throat.
  46. The general shape of the payoff chart shouldn’t change, but let’s see if the collared stock position is going to be above or below the payoff of the naked stock, and let’s see where the inflection points are.
  47. Bulstrode asked, reprehensively, what the new police was doing; but a voice could not well be collared, and an attack on the effigy of the candidate would have been too equivocal, since Hawley probably meant it to be pelted.
  48. Even the warrior-styled costume; rich black pants matching the military jacket embroidered with gold buttons and chevrons over a collared, glacier white shirt with an oversized ribbon tie is not enough to hide that theatrical posture.
  49. He was obviously not one of these city folks dressed in their pocket-watch sport coats, neckties, collared shirts with button-down cuffs on the end of the sleeves, and penny loafers with silly little hats wrapped in silk ribbons, standing there in disbelief.
  50. Since a collar is short a covered call, there’s an upper limit to how high the underlying stock can rally before getting called away, meaning there’s an upper limit to the effective price we could receive for the stock and an upper limit to the value of the complete collared position.
  51. As Claire passed Nick’s table on her way out Nick collared her about what was going on,.
  1. You should wear different collars.
  2. The top left was all ties and collars.
  3. They clapped their hands to their empty collars.
  4. Always know a fellow courting: collars and cuffs.
  5. They adjusted their uniforms, fixed their collars.
  6. No, they are not allowed to kill dogs with collars.
  7. It was a joy to her to have him proud of his collars.
  8. The suitcase was already missing some socks and collars.
  9. We discussed skew in Chapter 9 when we looked at collars.
  10. Jim was halfway across the road, head down and collars up.
  11. Four borzois with collars were pressing close to the wheels.
  12. We discuss collars including put spread collars in Chapter 9.
  13. She had on these blue pajamas with red elephants on the collars.
  14. Her collars seem to grow higher and cleaner each time I see her.
  15. And he pulled out half-a-dozen embroidered collars from the box.
  16. A breeze comes in and soothes hot brows and uncomfortable collars.
  17. We’ll discuss zero-cost collars in more depth later in this chapter.
  18. Jeff and Paul sat huddled on a white concrete slab, their coat collars.
  19. And she was not grieved for the collars, but for my refusing, I saw that.
  20. The ties were pulled down a little so the shirt collars could be unbuttoned.
  21. The gaoler, wrapped in high collars and thick furs beneath his jerkin, muttered a.
  22. Collars Effective?, Why Should You Use a Spray Collar to Stop Your Dog from Barking?
  23. She and her father had emerged from the house, wrapped in thick coats with fur collars.
  24. Lizaveta, the pedlar, sold me some collars and cuffs cheap, pretty, new, embroidered ones.
  25. Collars are fine as a way to lock in a little something after a favorable move in a position.
  26. Blouses with huge collars were wrapped around pantaloons with crooked, kaleidoscopic buttons.
  27. The terms long and short, when applied to collars, typically refer to the underlying position.
  28. All of them were about options, the world of Collars, Married Puts, Spreads, Synthetics, etc.
  29. On the way out the Sergeant collars a couple of bobbies rostered for one of the mobile patrols.
  30. Her face peered into his, her hand gently pulled the collars on his cape together for protection.
  31. Even long sleeves and high collars let bruises show from time to time, and Mister D had seen them.
  32. Waistcoats, striped trousers, moth-chewed chambray shirts with tall collars and comically long sleeves.
  33. This is the real difference between this wide collar and those narrower collars we looked at previously.
  34. You will then write various articles about antibark collars, and these articles will have a backlink to.
  35. He was particularly partial to the ancient Chinese dress styles, with mandarin collars and earth colors.
  36. They had four people with them, all of them on leads attached to spiked metal collars around their necks.
  37. Rod and Alfie tried to run, but their collars cut into their throats and they very nearly strangled themselves.
  38. And besides, all the motion detectors were enabled because they showed no signal from Penny and Em�s collars.
  39. Utterly preposterous as his cravat was, and as his collars were, I was conscious of a sort of dignity in the look.
  40. It takes some doing to keep them apart, but John manages by hanging onto their collars and spreading his arms wide.
  41. She liked to do things for him: she liked to put a cup for his tea and to iron his collars, of which he was so proud.
  42. And I said, 'I can't stay,' as I didn't want to read, and I'd gone in chiefly to show Katerina Ivanovna some collars.
  43. Jagu lowered his gun with a perverse grin, he flicked his shirt collars up and viewed each of the girls from head to toe.
  44. Chain leashes and collars secured the necks of the slaves, who trundled forward with slumped shoulders and downcast eyes.
  45. To remove body oil stains from collars and cuffs of coloured shirts and blouses, rub hair shampoo directly on the stains.
  46. Collars are also popular because the sale of the covered option may offset some or all of the cost of the protective option.
  47. Those high collars, those broad belts, all those rhinestones, those cloaks, those scarves, the moves, those sideburns….
  48. I probably should have talked about Collars earlier because they can be useful in protecting gains on a stock you already own.
  49. Strangest of all were the big copper helmets that were obviously supposed to fit on heavy collars around the neck of the suits.
  50. We’ll do the same sort of replacement of outright options in collars and risk reversals, but more about those structures later.
  51. A wind had come up from somewhere, a gentle wind that fanned their shirt collars and flapped the strewn calendar gently in the dust.
  52. Collaring newly purchased shares doesn’t make much sense for reasons that we’ll discuss when discussing zero cost collars.
  53. Intricate designs cover every inch of their bodies except the parts that protrude beyond the cuffs and collars of their business suits.
  54. Aside from that, short sleeves, and clothes that are made without collars are the ones you want to wear for utmost comfort during summer.
  55. AFTER THE MEETING at Fenn & Tarbox, Rich Conklin had stood on Battery Street with Brady and Lindsay, their collars up against a misty rain.
  56. There are neck collars, chin and head straps, and other mouth devices to prevent your facial and throat muscles from relaxing and sagging.
  57. He had no trouble recognizing hoses, clamps, various metal collars in racks upon what could only have been the classic wooden pallet or skid.
  58. But we’ll focus on those collars that have the call struck higher than the put with both being out-of-the-money when the trade is initiated.
  59. While she had been away with him, tantrums when Mammy tried to dress her in dimity frocks and pinafores instead of blue taffeta and lace collars.
  60. There stood a tall man behind a grating, leaning against a stove, and holding up with both hands the tails of a vast topcoat, with three collars.
  61. Shirt collars were smeared with lipstick, hair was ruffled by wandering fingers, and the occasional dislodged stiletto lay forgotten in the aisle.
  62. In the past, the tailors had been conscious of her modesty and had made dresses that were not revealing and had high collars and loose fitting bodies.
  63. At the entrance a long line of about ten unshaven, grim-faced men in ill-fitting suits, white shirts with buttoned up collars minus ties, were receiving.
  64. That, he do! giggled Ironbristles as he grabbed both Wyll and Cheeryup up by their collars and began dragging them roughly towards one of the little sheds.
  65. We are only the most visible casualties of a silent war, and as they lock collars on our necks and tell us it is for our protection, we know that worse will come.
  66. Their gloaming hair was twined with flowers; green and white gems glinted on their collars and their belts; and their faces and their songs were filled with mirth.
  67. You know that once the containers are on their flotation collars, your P I ship can as easily drag them up the river to the edge of the lake as my cargo tug can.
  68. Cut off by insulated offices, Crowded laboratories, Classrooms and white collars, These sounds— Independent of civilization— Are the true foundations Of our future.
  69. Also, as an aside, why are Penny and Em’s collars still working? For the motion detectors in the house, I mean? Shouldn’t those have gotten drained of power too?
  70. How does that difference manifest itself? As we saw when discussing collars, one way skew impacts our risk reversal is the distance the strike prices are from at-the-money.
  71. But there’s something more important we need to discuss: What is it with you and disco? I can understand the ’70s TV because everyone loves hairy people with huge collars.
  72. This time she was wearing white jeans with metal studs on the trim, a light green silky blouse and a sleeve-less shiny jacket with the collars wide around her neck like a frill.
  73. Their fair flabby faces, somewhat tanned by the sun, were the colour of sweet cider, and their puffy whiskers emerged from stiff collars, kept up by white cravats with broad bows.
  74. Seizing them by the collars of their coats, he lifted them from the ground, and deposited them on their knees on the stones of the choir, firmly, as if he meant planting them there.
  75. Molly dressed her only son in Edwardian lace-trimmed collars, sailor suits, and velvet pants that were a little more Little Lord Fauntleroy than down-the-town Birkenhead usually saw.
  76. The good ones were the Chinese in the laundries, heirs of a sacred knowledge, who returned one’s shirts cleaner than new, with collars and cuffs like recently ironed Communion wafers.
  77. There I found a complete outfit laid out for me—dress clothes with all the fixings, a brown flannel suit, shirts, collars, ties, shaving things and hair-brushes, even a pair of patent shoes.
  78. The gaoler, wrapped in high collars and thick furs beneath his jerkin, muttered a series of barely audible imprecations and stumbled forward into the flickering light cast by one of the candles.
  79. The light of the lamps of the church fell upon an assembly of black clothes and white collars, relieved here and there by tweeds, on dark mottled pillars of green marble and on lugubrious canvases.
  80. I was tired of remaining in my bedclothes and walked to the closet, staring at hangers filled with the kind of dresses that only Bethanie would wear; pale washed-out colors with frilly cuffs and collars.
  81. The band of reporters reassembled at the front gate, and I watched the attractive newscasters flipping their hair and fastening microphones to their collars, using the backdrop of the Dakota for their on-air reports.
  82. Why doubt that? Well, for the theft of a thousand, the law is smart to catch up with the poor to put them behind the bars but when it comes to the embezzled millions under the white collars, it is slothful in sniffing at the scent.
  83. The open collars of the men’s shirts showed dark red lines of sunburn on their throats, and one guest had gone to the trouble and expense of breaking his forefinger, which was splinted and covered with laced leather cut from a glove.
  84. They were such resplendent uniforms, brave with shining buttons and dazzling with twined gold braid on cuffs and collars, the red and yellow and blue stripes on the trousers, for the different branches of the service, setting off the gray to perfection.
  85. Then, after half an hour of the rain seeping into their shoes, and their noses chilling, and rain slipping into their raincoat collars, they had turned from the warm pavilion light and walked off, silently, the music fading, down the road back to their cabins.
  86. There's foolishness for you! They go, the poor fellows, all in a clump, and even sew red collars to their coats! How can they help being hit! One gets killed, they drag him away and another takes his place! What foolishness!' the old man repeated, shaking his head.
  87. I have found it necessary to ban the following items: golden hairpins, laced shoes, fur collars, silver-buckled belts, long trains, jewelled rings, gowns cut low in front, many-coloured vestments, Nuns adorning themselves as if they were brides, many-coloured ribbons.
  88. And though the lord of the eagles became in after days the King of All Birds and wore a golden crown, and his fifteen chieftains golden collars (made of the gold that the dwarves gave them), Bilbo never saw them again-except high and far off in the battle of Five Armies.
  89. The conservative newspapers liked to list things that modernist politicians did; an inability to speak without peppering one’s arguments with English phrases, the wearing of Western high collars, complimenting one’s own wife in public, forgetting how to speak Japanese.
  90. Crass, Slyme and one or two of the single men, however, were howling swells, sporting stand-up collars and bowler hats of the latest type, in contradistinction to some of the others, who were wearing hats of antique patterns, and collars of various shapes with jagged edges.
  91. He looks for the familiar face of any other beat cop like himself, who has been shanghaied into this hastily assembled detail, but the high collars of specially ordered urban-flak-vests, and the wide rims of civil defense helmets painted black, cloak the men’s identities in deep shadows.
  92. They sent me a picture of the chicken coop, with the brown and tan hens scattered about, some with their beaks frozen at the corn on the ground — the shine of the red in those roosters collars, reminded me briefly of the time that I stood toe-to-toe with Devil and watched the red in his eyes turn to fear as I stomped the devil right out of him.
  93. The judges are coming, was again proclaimed, and again three men, with embroidered collars, ascended the platform, and there was the same settling of the jury on the high-backed chairs, the same gendarmes, the same portraits, the same priest, and Nekhludoff felt that, though he knew what he ought to do, he could not interrupt all this solemnity.
  94. A priest told me, the devil's the biggest bragger! "As soon," says he, "as you begin to brag, you get frightened; and as soon as you fear men then the hoofed one just collars you and pushes you where he likes!" But as I don't fear men, I'm easy! I can spit in the devil's beard, and at the sow his mother! He can't do me no harm! There, put that in your pipe!.
  95. Tridden told them how it had been twenty years ago, the band playing on that ornate stand at night, the men pumping air into their brass horns, the plump conductor flinging perspiration from his baton, the children and fireflies running in the deep grass, the ladies with long dresses and high pompadours treading the wooden xylophone walks with men in choking collars.
  96. A priest told me, the devil's the biggest bragger! “As soon,” says he, “as you begin to brag, you get frightened; and as soon as you fear men, then the hoofed one just collars you and pushes you where he likes!” But as I don't fear men, I'm easy! I can spit in the devil's beard, and at the sow his mother! He can't do me no harm! There, put that in your pipe!.
  97. Though she warned him off with contempt and disgust, as though she were really afraid of being soiled by contact with him (which I could not at all imderstand because he was such a pretty fcjlow, and turned out to be just as well dressed when he took off his overcoat), the younger of the two men kept asking her to tie his tall friend's cravat for him, and to put him on one of Lambert's clean collars first.
  98. Now, these are the expenditures in conformity with your position: for shoeing your horse,—one (he closed one finger); for the apothecary,—two (he closed another finger); for office work,—three (he shut a third); for extra horses, which cost five hundred rubles, my dear fellow,—that's four; you must change the soldiers' collars, you will use a great deal of coal, you must keep open table for your officers.
  99. What is it that compels the men who were but yesterday taken from the plough, and who are dressed up in these monstrous, indecent garments with blue collars and gilt buttons, to travel with guns and swords, in order to kill their hungry fathers and brothers? They certainly have no advantages, and are in no danger of losing the position which they hold, because their condition is worse than the one from which they are taken.
  100. Quite a common spectacle - for gods and men - was a procession consisting of a handcart loaded up with such materials being pushed or dragged through the public streets by about half a dozen of these Imperialists in broken boots and with battered, stained, discoloured bowler hats, or caps splashed with paint and whitewash; their stand-up collars dirty, limp and crumpled, and their rotten second-hand misfit clothing saturated with sweat and plastered with mortar.

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