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    1. Schulz: Why? Are you going to arrest me for that?

    2. ‘… Inspector Ditton told our reporter that the police are now following up a new lead and hope to make an arrest in the very near future

    3. Yoga can arrest the progression of the disease if it cannot reverse it

    4. FBI dropped by to arrest me the

    5. "There is an international warrant for his arrest

    6. ‘The Inspector came out and supervised Sadler being put in the police car – and that took three of them – resisting arrest isn’t in it

    7. niece’s arrest and realizing how it must have affected her

    8. during her arrest period had left her a mere mass of

    9. lead which had led them to Hazaribagh only to arrest an

    10. She nearly fainted as they explained that, while she was not under arrest, they felt that it would be in her best interests to accompany them to the local police station

    11. Thom was threatened with arrest once and he heard that Alan had been arrested

    12. while she was not under arrest, they felt that it would be in her best

    13. He’s cooked for the woman, for Christ's sake, pleading guilty, under house arrest, but he loves her and he wants to make amends

    14. 'Then the arrest of Guichard provides me with such an

    15. investigate the arrest of Guichard

    16. punishment for not trying to stop the arrest of his Bishop

    17. investigate the arrest of the Bishop,' he began

    18. arrest of Bishop Guichard, that’s all

    19. “What would you do if you had to arrest your Mother?”

    20. And who would you have arrest

    21. Cardinal whilst he was investigating the controversial arrest

    22. 'And you trusted him not to arrest you? Why on earth

    23. might be the cause of his friend's arrest

    24. ‘I expect that Godfrey’s arrest

    25. arrest of the Apothecary

    26. the Church and State over the arrest of Guichard, and no

    27. Cardinals and arrest errant Templars

    28. 'Like I said, Templars who avoided arrest

    29. Godfrey’s arrest, and – as it seemed fairly certain that he

    30. Godfrey’s arrest, by the way

    31. arrest of the Bishop,’ explained Jean

    32. when I came to arrest you

    33. he’d run away to Paris to avoid arrest for stealing the tax

    34. arrest him and take him back to Troyes, and he couldn’t

    35. came to arrest them,’ said Henri proudly

    36. ‘ You went to arrest him?’ Henri had stood and was

    37. under instructions to arrest you

    38. interest in this matter concluded with the arrest of

    39. apologised for the arrest that had been forced upon him

    40. of Marguerite’s arrest and trial

    41. "accidental" arrest - quickly handed the case over to the feds, which, unbeknownst to Hankins, was already building their own case against her and Mr

    42. The officer gave the statements before making an arrest

    43. For the first time since his arrest, Jean allowed

    44. "That so, now I'll have him its, under arrest 'an all

    45. ‘Then tell him I have a monk for him to arrest – that

    46. In a booming voice, he threatened arrest and prosecution for any

    47. She moved away as fast as possible, expecting he’d shout for the town watch to arrest her

    48. program without the arrest of some traf ickers of

    49. “So when the ticket-collector is about to arrest him for his

    50. You can’t arrest me! She said she

    1. I swear to you, you don't know what kind of country you are living in until you've been arrested

    2. ‘You have to be punished … the police arrested you

    3. They think Sadler did something to it before he was arrested

    4. She introduced me to three plump and gauky guys as an author and an artist, then we did the round of the offices once again, I had to shake hands and smiles with all those astonished people, once again we arrested everybody's attention

    5. It was five or six hours later when the cops came to my room and arrested me

    6. They followed the trail of ground lentils right up to the soldier's door, smashed their way into his room and had him arrested immediately

    7. Thom was threatened with arrest once and he heard that Alan had been arrested

    8. The driver of the other car involved in the accident has been arrested for drunken driving and will appear before magistrates shortly

    9. Police arrived in minutes and arrested the youths who were ranting about wanting to fuck the whores

    10. After less than an hour, a rapping on the solid door to the Billiard room arrested Harry's attention

    11. Guichard arrested because he thought he was guilty of

    12. He would have us arrested or killed without a

    13. Edmond, Felix and Gaston; in other words, nearly all the Men who had been arrested

    14. arrested by the King for heresy

    15. Those that weren’t arrested last year got out as

    16. Guichard was arrested

    17. making an effort to vacate will be arrested for trespassing

    18. ‘And he saw her again when he was arrested

    19. warned him that he was about to be arrested, and he left

    20. fled before I could have her arrested – most probably with

    21. 'Apparently they've arrested the murderer

    22. She was arrested by state officers

    23. story when he had me arrested

    24. You remember - we were arrested together on my

    25. have been arrested, because they danced rock-

    26. No matter what, the Imperial soldiers who had arrested her would hear nothing of her pleading and assertion of her family name

    27. “I had been arrested

    28. The Elf looked over her shoulder at what had arrested her sister's attention so completely

    29. It wasn't so much that time was standing still here also, it was---a few leaves hung in the air just inside the tall latticed windows, a small bird was arrested in mid-flight, even the dust that would otherwise be swirling in the rays of the sunlight were merely sparkling in place

    30. “I could have you arrested, you know, sent to jail for being a window peeper

    31. ‘What is this? Am I being arrested here?’ ‘We just need you to answer a few questions

    32. You and Mars were arrested because I was foolish

    33. “About ten months ago, Herod Antipas had him arrested

    34. “Preachers aren"t normally arrested, are they?”

    35. The soldiers arrested Him and took Him away

    36. arrested and brought to a police station, really the first time he'd had anything much to do with the police

    37. And they'd taken no interest at all in Bradlee and Ronnie, hadn't even arrested them, despite Danny's protests

    38. "I got arrested, but I've been released

    39. The Duke of Whitten Hold has been arrested by his own army after the peasants revolted and the soldiers submitted to their strength of arms

    40. The idea seemed to dawn upon Orion as he shouted, “If that is so, they are innocent men! We cannot kill them! They must be arrested and sent for trial!” The Guardians began rounding up the survivors and marching them into a line

    41. was later questioned and arrested

    42. This was her police photo, from when she was arrested

    43. They arrested me there and then and took me to a room they have in the cellar of Ruby Tower

    44. “Those that disobey will be arrested and sent for trial

    45. Her hair was patchy; he couldn't remember how long they had been exposed before stasis arrested the ravages of radiation

    46. They’ve arrested four men that they say are people of interest in the Tony Reilly case, four Muslims from Union City

    47. I pulled the phone away from my mouth and said to Roger and Liz, “FBI has arrested four men of interest in the Tony Reilly case

    48. The years in TIAR – a near total stasis for the body – had not only arrested the progression of their cancer, which would normally be at a fatally advanced stage, but also the natural ageing process to a fraction of a per cent of normal

    49. Interpol arrested him last month

    50. Of course, Ray and his team were also arrested, it was all part of the plan and later at Kings Cross Police Station, he was congratulated for the whole operation

    1. Arresting the Templars and expelling the Jews

    2. responsible for arresting the Bishops of Pamiers and Troyes

    3. starts to attack the Church by arresting the Bishop

    4. that he might have made a mistake in arresting the old

    5. was less than enthusiastic about arresting some poor

    6. Bailli is responsible for arresting accused heretics as well

    7. asked the duty sergeant, "You're not arresting this man for the Danny Mathews charges, are you?"

    8. arresting officer and the duty sergeant pointing out a number of Danny's features that matched

    9. without arresting him, then this had to be the

    10. the case said, “We were in the middle of a corruption crime spree, and we wanted to stop it,” as justification for tapping his phone and finally pulling the plug on Blagojevich by arresting him

    11. She wore little gold heart earrings, and sandals, so the effect was casual, but arresting

    12. The Governor's smart coup in arresting all the chief men, had robbed the warriors of their leaders; and the open failure of the fetish power had demoralised them thoroughly, but every precaution had to be taken

    13. Nothing prevented a constable from arresting an Army general if he so pleased

    14. So what do you do? I held the viewpoint that crime prevention and the saving of lives were more important than arresting a criminal at the expense of a vulnerable woman but with the general's shouting for arrest statistics all the time this became difficult to defend

    15. As a result we were excited at the prospect of arresting or killing a few robbers red handed and decided to seriously kick the (you know what) out of them

    16. In our macho culture committing a crime in front of us was always going to have us arresting or killing the culprits

    17. The Security Forces conducted sweeps in the city of Nairobi arresting whoever else may be involved to ensure that the remaining insurgents don't have any physical support for food and medicine etc

    18. "He ruddy well attacked me when I was in the middle of arresting a bank robber

    19. That means doing the forensic work and arresting the perpetrator and or attaching his property with a court order

    20. "Well I'd say that depends on who was doing the arresting, wouldn't you?"

    21. Such a raid is quite violent with AK47 armed men storming into your office and arresting the CEO

    22. He put Georgia under martial law to stop KKK terrorism and suspended habeas corpus in South Carolina, arresting many Klansmen

    23. Imagine, Truman? The US army right here with authority to arrest – it’s a goddamn invasion! How would they like to have Costa Rican soldiers walking US streets, arresting their citizens inside their own borders? I’ve already prepared information sheets about the proposals, and sent one to every elected official

    24. They started their attempts to break up the march by arresting isolated people that had broken away from the crowds

    25. dollars than in arresting you

    26. On the news came a report of police arresting a thirty-two year old driver, who admitted to smoking two bongs to stay awake, while in control of his 40 tonne dangerous goods truck

    27. I have dealt with worse injuries than this—I have been hit harder than I was by the soldier who slammed the butt of his gun into my jaw while he was arresting me

    28. The two arresting officers were sitting at the desk waiting impatiently for the formalities to be over with before they started their questions

    29. The arresting officers sat there, gleaming as they always did when they knew something you didn’t

    30. Feulner, president of the Heritage Foundation, reports an arresting analysis of the alternative:

    31. Constitutional scholars say that while the law has little use in modern times, it is often used by Washington area police as a way to avoid arresting members of Congress

    32. Luther, however, questioned Roman Catholic orthodoxy at a time when the prestige of the papacy was at low ebb and the German princes were open to any reason to justify arresting the flow of money to Rome

    33. together, arresting the forward motion abruptly

    34. Kirk was now staring at the Primagnon in disbelief, his attention riveted to the Leader’s arresting eyes

    35. There were no charges that looked related to Alana Favors, but the high bond amounts implied that the arresting officers were investigating them for further charges

    36. raping, arresting and worse to ensure students would submit to the ruler

    37. At the police station Alwyn’s impassioned plea for ‘Art’ and my honest anguish that I had caused offence, convinced the arresting officer to merely bind me over to keep the peace – or something equally kinky

    38. “Shit!” You put your hands up immediately trying to explain, “That little punk tried to steal my wallet! What the hell are you arresting me for?!”

    39. It was identical to the one they had encountered in the cavern that morning and it had an equally arresting effect on the river

    40. "I am arresting you for trespassing," the policeman replied

    41. “We are in the process of arresting all the directors of Shure Stock

    42. `Are you arresting me?' Eric asked incredulously as if Victor was out of his mind to do that

    43. he was arresting his father’s old friend and partner, who happened to have some Jewish relations, he was

    44. “caught” doing something interesting or arresting by the time your

    45. It was a fact that many of the members of the Sanhedrin either secretly believed in Jesus or else were decidedly averse to arresting him during the feast, when such large numbers of people were present in Jerusalem, many of whom either believed in him or were at least friendly to the spiritual movement which he sponsored

    46. 2 Pilate was up and ready to receive this group of early morning callers, having been informed by those who had secured his consent, the previous evening, to employ the Roman soldiers in arresting the Son of Man, that Jesus would be early brought before him

    47. “Huh?” he replied while distracted by the antics of a drunk driver arguing with the arresting officer

    48. The mystery was why they had allowed him so much time before arresting him? If the surveillance was as good as it appeared they would surely know about his artificial body

    49. If they had they would be arresting her rather than talking to her

    50. Within hours of the court’s decision, the Security Police began arresting cadets who verbally accosted other cadets

    1. the Templars who escaped the arrests last year

    2. Could you believe it? There was a great deal of social unrest and people cried out for longer prison sentences and more arrests

    3. The police and I don’t know a thing about the arrests in the case and I was wondering if you’d heard anything

    4. Those arrests were for dubious political issues and probably were more of a desperate attempt by the Nationalists to curry favour with the ANC, for the generals constituted no threat to anyone…except the Nationalists because of their knowledge of the dirty action campaigns that they, the Nationalists had ordered

    5. I cannot say that other units did not back down as we once had a serious fatherly talk with twelve members of the Special Guard Unit who refused to get out of their vehicle, and assist a police woman when she was attacked by three men in their presence! Their reason to let a police woman be beaten up beside their obvious cowardliness? They cannot make arrests and appear in court as witnesses, for who will then protect the Nationalists? Well, you know there's still 900 other plastic policemen in your unit who might be able to protect them! I wonder how many rest days we spend in court answering stupid questions from lawyers

    6. Most Police & Intelligence Agencies work together across borders to assist with information or arrests where applicable

    7. This makes arrests and search warrants much easier for Mr Criminal cannot run to another county (municipality) and expect not to be arrested

    8. A single phone call by Kennedy after one of King's arrests created the false impression Kennedy backed civil rights

    9. Racist media coverage led to racist targeting of minorities for arrests and prosecution

    10. Officially, he was an undercover cop whose job it was to supply others with the information necessary for successful arrests in any class of crime, but in the red-light district of San José that translated into cocaine

    11. He would be redeemed with the bosses, particularly when the fingerprint ID came in confirming his identity as a wanted murderer but undoubtedly, Edgar would be shuffled back to obscurity, listening to scum inform on scum, while being locked out of even those inglorious arrests

    12. “The American authorities will be notified of the arrests in due course, unless you insist that I call them

    13. Exactly who was this Douglas Finney from Boston, Massachusetts? His police record, begun in childhood, included two separate arrests for possession of cocaine with the intent to sell, but through plea-bargaining he had avoided conviction on both occasions: the first had been reduced to possession, and the second dropped altogether

    14. All that was there were the arrests of two transvestites for soliciting, six drunk and disorderly arrests, an array of traffic citations and the impounding of a car found parked in a space reserved for an executive

    15. His handler was suspended indefinitely and had to explain why his and Blitz's arrests were higher than the average

    16. of the population, accounted for 49% of murder arrests, 33% of arrests for rape, and 54% of arrests for

    17. In July of 2009 arrests were made in Detroit where the cases

    18. In that time he’s had six arrests but no convictions

    19. As the Council was having its meeting to conclude the ending of the arrests, four shadows entered the room

    20. After the writer reminds us of who Chloe was and what happened to her, they report that although police investigators have a few leads, no arrests have been made

    21. Congress have drug-related arrests in their background, eight were Paradise Lost_____________________________ 179

    22. After these greetings there took place arrests, executions and deportations to the Gulag of persons who were predominantly Polish and Catholic

    23. in the local paper following his recent arrests

    24. 1989 (July and October) Coast Guard cutters Shearwater and Cushing seize a total of more than 15,000 pounds of cocaine in high seas interdictions and arrests

    25. Coast Guard data as of March 2006 revealed that more than 160 terrorist or alleged terrorist arrests occurred

    26. executions, arbitrary arrests and torture,” adding that, on

    27. Surely there have been other arrests of people in his

    28. been numerous arrests of people associated with Mr

    29. already been sequestered outside the main procession route, and some arrests were made

    30. with no arrests and no trials of the perpetrators and the newspaper has

    31. In response, today has already seen a record number of arrests by police, MSD and army units, the detainees being held for questioning in a temporarily-converted army barracks

    32. Who arrests the thieves?'

    33. With each passing month in 1980, as the world’s attention increasingly focused on the hostages, more and more arrests took place throughout the country

    34. Rory had consulted with the Head of the Cargo Anti-Smuggling Unit at OR Tambo International Airport, Superintendent Steve van Zyl who told him that they had succeeded, jointly with the Crime Intelligence Unit, to a large extent, in stopping huge drug consignments from coming into the country and had made some arrests

    35. Arrests were imminent, three men had already been taken into custody and one, a Sheriff was dead

    36. “You have the authority to make arrests and help us find the perpetrators, you have the local knowledge and, more importantly, this is your case and you deserve the credit for solving it

    37. A number of arrests were made but no single person could be identified as the culprit and charged

    38. How many more there were, no one knew, but everyone was suspect in the witch hunt that followed the initial arrests

    39. ones may result in arrests and convictions

    40. Within a few months, this action spread to over one hundred cities with violence, arrests and counter demonstrations

    41. As a result each gave up his life in the underworld and testified against the mob, resulting in quite a few arrests and imprisonments on both sides

    42. Unfortunately, her producers and paymasters felt that her drug arrests and time in jail would bring more money into their pockets, even if they were bogus

    43. Making their arrests publicly known will help put fear into the hearts of at least some, or more, would-be poachers and traders

    44. Of course, he had more than his share of arrests

    45. We also heard gunfire (executions), arrests and the

    46. A private political committee facilitating the event agreed to pay the first 10 million dollars in court costs for defending the brutal city employees who took part in the beatings and arrests

    47. It not only made the arrests safer, it also took all

    48. The past two years working out of the Roanoke field office had been a tedious grind of all-night stakeouts, investigations and arrests

    49. No prior arrests or apparent run-ins with the law

    50. What could easily have resulted in civil war, instead resulted in a patrician compromise whereby they allowed plebeians some protection from arrests by patrician magistrates

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