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    1. Schulz: Why? Are you going to arrest me for that?

    2. ‘… Inspector Ditton told our reporter that the police are now following up a new lead and hope to make an arrest in the very near future

    3. Yoga can arrest the progression of the disease if it cannot reverse it

    4. FBI dropped by to arrest me the

    5. "There is an international warrant for his arrest

    6. ‘The Inspector came out and supervised Sadler being put in the police car – and that took three of them – resisting arrest isn’t in it

    7. niece’s arrest and realizing how it must have affected her

    8. during her arrest period had left her a mere mass of

    9. lead which had led them to Hazaribagh only to arrest an

    10. She nearly fainted as they explained that, while she was not under arrest, they felt that it would be in her best interests to accompany them to the local police station

    1. I swear to you, you don't know what kind of country you are living in until you've been arrested

    2. ‘You have to be punished … the police arrested you

    3. They think Sadler did something to it before he was arrested

    4. She introduced me to three plump and gauky guys as an author and an artist, then we did the round of the offices once again, I had to shake hands and smiles with all those astonished people, once again we arrested everybody's attention

    5. It was five or six hours later when the cops came to my room and arrested me

    6. They followed the trail of ground lentils right up to the soldier's door, smashed their way into his room and had him arrested immediately

    7. Thom was threatened with arrest once and he heard that Alan had been arrested

    8. The driver of the other car involved in the accident has been arrested for drunken driving and will appear before magistrates shortly

    9. Police arrived in minutes and arrested the youths who were ranting about wanting to fuck the whores

    10. After less than an hour, a rapping on the solid door to the Billiard room arrested Harry's attention

    1. Arresting the Templars and expelling the Jews

    2. responsible for arresting the Bishops of Pamiers and Troyes

    3. starts to attack the Church by arresting the Bishop

    4. that he might have made a mistake in arresting the old

    5. was less than enthusiastic about arresting some poor

    6. Bailli is responsible for arresting accused heretics as well

    7. asked the duty sergeant, "You're not arresting this man for the Danny Mathews charges, are you?"

    8. arresting officer and the duty sergeant pointing out a number of Danny's features that matched

    9. without arresting him, then this had to be the

    10. the case said, “We were in the middle of a corruption crime spree, and we wanted to stop it,” as justification for tapping his phone and finally pulling the plug on Blagojevich by arresting him

    1. the Templars who escaped the arrests last year

    2. Could you believe it? There was a great deal of social unrest and people cried out for longer prison sentences and more arrests

    3. The police and I don’t know a thing about the arrests in the case and I was wondering if you’d heard anything

    4. Those arrests were for dubious political issues and probably were more of a desperate attempt by the Nationalists to curry favour with the ANC, for the generals constituted no threat to anyone…except the Nationalists because of their knowledge of the dirty action campaigns that they, the Nationalists had ordered

    5. I cannot say that other units did not back down as we once had a serious fatherly talk with twelve members of the Special Guard Unit who refused to get out of their vehicle, and assist a police woman when she was attacked by three men in their presence! Their reason to let a police woman be beaten up beside their obvious cowardliness? They cannot make arrests and appear in court as witnesses, for who will then protect the Nationalists? Well, you know there's still 900 other plastic policemen in your unit who might be able to protect them! I wonder how many rest days we spend in court answering stupid questions from lawyers

    6. Most Police & Intelligence Agencies work together across borders to assist with information or arrests where applicable

    7. This makes arrests and search warrants much easier for Mr Criminal cannot run to another county (municipality) and expect not to be arrested

    8. A single phone call by Kennedy after one of King's arrests created the false impression Kennedy backed civil rights

    9. Racist media coverage led to racist targeting of minorities for arrests and prosecution

    10. Officially, he was an undercover cop whose job it was to supply others with the information necessary for successful arrests in any class of crime, but in the red-light district of San José that translated into cocaine

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    arrest in English

    check stay obstruction deterrent halt hindrance interruption detention apprehension confinement capture constraint imprisonment seizure apprehend bust incarcerate detain catch nab seize attract absorb occupy engage rivet secure block retard delay inhibit

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    apprehension arrest catch collar pinch taking into custody check halt hitch stay stop stoppage contain hold back turn back apprehend cop nab nail pick up get hold obstruction deterrent hindrance interruption detention confinement capture constraint imprisonment seizure bust incarcerate detain seize attract absorb occupy engage rivet secure block retard delay inhibit