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    1. room rose, as they both moved languorously towards their climax, and as the sweat on

    2. There followed a storm of soundless lovemaking during which she engulfed him, forcing his penetration ever deeper until they ultimately found their symphonic tempo, and always, even in climax, their eyes remained locked together

    3. The people celebrated because the hour had come that the climax of history was here

    4. As they approached climax and began to move faster he lost his balance and they fell over together

    5. They tried to climax under water but came up sputtering without really finishing but not really caring because they still had fun

    6. His whole life had just come to a climax in the last two hours

    7. greatest polluter and – to reach a climax – it is the first

    8. though occurred in progress to the climax, are essentially

    9. Helez realised that Crissy was building up to some profound climax and she could hardly wait to hear what it was

    10. They moved in unison as they sealed their everlasting love for each other, climax after climax

    11. These, she knew, were merely previews of a sort to the wild climax she would have later, if luck was with her

    12. The music reached a blaring climax and Millicent waved at the crowd around her before she began to dance

    13. Yet, from the moment of climax, a pang of guilt, then memories rushed in

    14. Although the seeds of anti-Western Tradition were planted at the turn of the present century, they did not reach its climax until the sixties when the war gave plausible expression to such ―troublesome‖ viewpoints

    15. Echoes of my climax washed over me, and I scrubbed at my face with the back of my hand, wishing to chase away the heat I felt rising there

    16. Just as I thought I would break, he pushed a finger inside me to catch a place that exploded at his touch, and I ground my hips into his hand as my climax broke over me

    17. He raised his arms as Maureen caused him to have a climax and went beyond it

    18. Though I had probably gone temporarily deaf from Eileen’s thunderbolt, I could hear the incantations again, reaching a climax I had thought would only come a lot later, when everything had already been lost and only I had remained as a sad witness and an unwilling executioner of all of creation’s last will

    19. Once he entered her, his own movements matched hers, and he was unable to prolong the arrival of his own climax

    20. “Shot in the head while achieving climax, is my guess,” noted Maintenon

    21. The woman was clearly near to climax, and Toby noted his own arousal in a kind of sick objectivity—what else was there to do on a cold and lonely Friday night—and that’s when it really got disturbing

    22. Just as she achieved climax, the man reached up with his other hand, holding a big, pointy, black-handled, serrated-edge commando-style knife and slit her throat from ear to ear

    23. Apparently his first climax was achieved while clutching that book, and following along like some kind of instruction manual

    24. It seems he got scared when nothing came out! His first climax was a dry one

    25. He began to feel something different in his head, a growing anticipation, a building of something intense, and then suddenly they both yelled as they came in one huge climax, with her pussy squeezing his cock in the contractions of the orgasm, and him spurting inside her

    26. into what? Is it a climax of a mountain, or an ending to a terrible drama? The choice is yours

    27. His attention brought whimpers, followed by the exhortations of climax

    28. But if it was ever to reach a climax that climax must come when Ellen was away

    29. create an experience that’s more than just the climax

    30. Happily, a woman’s ability to climax tends to improve with age

    31. The quake was at its climax, tremors so brutal it was

    32. neared its climax, ignorant of the grief that had befallen the

    33. Yes, orgasm is a state of sexual climax experienced by both the male

    34. climax has been achieved and in his ecstasy and the rhythmic

    35. The climax called future

    36. The climax of the affair (so to speak) for the chicken was reached when its head got chopped off

    37. The climax of the 35-city Tea Party Express was a taxpayer rally in Washington, D

    38. I buried my face in the pillows, screaming a climax that had me trembling all over

    39. ” He rasped into my ear and I convulsed around him in a climax that went on and on

    40. He made me climax until I thought I couldn’t take anymore, and then he’d do it over again and again

    41. For Roger, this was a joyful climax to a long and tortuous path to intellectual achievement and recognition

    42. But this festive irony reached its climax recently when the impeachment of Nixon on grounds of unpopularity was dropped because it was found that Congress was more unpopular than the President, and later when the “New York Times” and Cox accused Nixon of being guilty of misprision (failure to report a felony to “some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States”)

    43. encounter to end in mutual climax, but for many men the final event happens too soon

    44. This makes him deeply aroused and wanting to climax but she denies his request until she is ready to climax with him as they experience the best orgasm ever

    45. Then, the climax – something I never thought would

    46. it’s the climax of the first stage of baby and parents getting to know each other

    47. Human women’s bodies do so when they climax, as ours do, but theirs do not do so when the male climaxes within as ours do

    48. Then his pace increased to an erotic crescendo and the climax was beyond imagining

    49. Brandi squirmed, wondering when this interminable tale that wasn't about her would reach a climax

    50. climax was building in the twisted system and it wouldn"t be long before things went

    1. She’d barely got him inside her before he climaxed

    2. It was pure guilt but he climaxed eventually

    3. I never climaxed like that before

    4. With one last thrust and I felt like I exploded as he poured himself into me and we both climaxed into each other

    5. Peter then climaxed

    6. I climaxed moaning out his name and he came at the same time with a guttural moan, and a string of profanities in hushed, breathy tones

    7. And at that moment that terror had climaxed

    8. There was no evidence of a change in their demeanor, but it was easy to tell that their interest was climaxed

    9. The rain had climaxed in a deluge and the tide lapped at the timbers, defying her to cross

    10. They both climaxed together after a while and Tarana hugged Karan more tightly feeling him so deep inside her

    11. hands, Jillian climaxed again and again, before he finally let his own passion burst at the crest of the highest wave of excitement yet

    12. They climaxed within a millisecond of each other

    13. She soon climaxed as a wave of pleasurable sensation tinged with mild pain swept up and over her

    14. impassioned exclamations of ecstacy as we both climaxed

    15. never climaxed like this before and that it could only have happened because of the love

    16. He was embarrassed at having climaxed so quickly, but then he had never had a

    17. Maybe it was because he had just climaxed a few minutes before and had to build up again before he could do it one more time

    18. After she climaxed she said, “Wow, that was wild! Doing it outside in nature gives me a thrill that I just can’t explain

    19. Only when Agneta was black and blue and bleeding did he rape her, and when he climaxed he would yell even fouler insults

    20. I climaxed as I was about to run out of air

    21. Christine climaxed, and then the two of us came together

    22. "We'll leave the gold alone this time, boys," I climaxed; "but we'll have another try when we can get a stronger party together

    1. Their mystery, their dramatic climaxes, their eeriness gave him a fearful, exquisite pleasure

    2. Would you like sexual climaxes that are explosive and totally

    3. Human women’s bodies do so when they climax, as ours do, but theirs do not do so when the male climaxes within as ours do

    4. It was prolonged, ecstatic, as if neither wanted the vibrant, invigorating climaxes to end

    5. They went at it two times, caressing and kissing each other between their climaxes

    6. Melissa felt him go even deeper inside her with the sudden move and as before the crescendos of her climaxes began to go ever higher

    7. This shows that the climactic conditions extend to the intraday (or intrabar if a weekly or monthly chart) time frame as well, which are probably showing exhaustion or climaxes on their own time frames

    8. Do not enter pullbacks following potential climaxes

    9. Furthermore, strong breakouts of ranges, even if they are apparently climactic, usually see continuation, so these are difficult trades, and it is probably best to look for climaxes only after extended trends

    10. We will revisit this structure several times and consider specific trading patterns that can set up around them, but the key, for now, is that you can identify the characteristic patterns of climaxes on charts and know to avoid getting caught in the mania or the panic of the crowd

    11. Do not trade in the direction of blow-off climaxes

    12. In the case of large-scale exhaustions, this is very unlikely as they tend to cause structural shifts in the psychology of market participants, but there are also many smaller climaxes, especially on shorter time frames, that do often result in continuation after further consolidation

    13. Again, this is extremely unusual after larger climaxes as in Figure 5

    14. One of the most common areas to find this formation is following these parabolic climaxes

    15. Trends end in one of two ways: by rolling over as the trend loses momentum, or in parabolic climaxes

    16. Consolidations or pullbacks following climaxes are not high-probability trades for trend continuation

    17. Parabolic climaxes are disorderly, volatile areas

    18. Climaxes on higher time frames can mark major inflection points in markets, but smaller climaxes are common on lower time frames

    19. This is where accumulation and distribution phases occur, along with selling and buying climaxes

    20. The book is full of dramatic climaxes, more or less strenuous, and it cannot be said to be lacking at any point in interest; it is a book to be read more than once if it is to be thoroughly digested and appreciated

    21. For though my existence had its peculiar features, rose to its individual climaxes, yet in the main it was typical—the duplicate in most essentials of that of thousands and thousands of young women, not greatly gifted, who come to New York to seek their fortunes

    1. For a minute as she came out of her dream state Desa even had the fantasy of climaxing with him before he figured it out

    2. ” Then he sucked her nipple and still stayed buried deep within her hot pussy, and suddenly she was climaxing around him, massaging his dick with her orgasm, and he shuddered but stayed hard

    3. be climaxing, flashing against the stairs, against the dots of rain

    4. I knew it and loved the final orgasmic crescendo, so, obeying the imperial command stripped behind a delicate Japanese screen, pulled at my fear-shrunken cock to return it to a semblance of normality, called to The Colonel to turn the music up loud, and leaped out; swirling, twisting, crouching, writhing… a relentless flood of movement that would have left Kath enraptured, climaxing with arms and legs outstretched in a rigid X as the last chord disappeared

    5. She even told him that during intercourse he withdrew before climaxing, in order to be careful

    6. I started walking without a reply, the couple climaxing loudly behind me

    7. At the end of 1988 option volatility (premium) in the bonds and foreign currencies rose steadily along with the prices, climaxing when those markets made contract highs

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