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    1. A cup of tea was one thing, but when it came to domestic chores, cooking and the generality of tasks that comprise sound household management, Cyberia was a complete novice

    2. chores, cooking and the generality of tasks that comprise sound

    3. Unfortunately, our centers and the 'I's that comprise them have co-opted each others jobs

    4. as they comprise just my impression of that time

    5. I wondered what other items of extraneous jetsam might comprise his private zoo

    6. Such a group may comprise Ascended Masters i

    7. 33 In the article, scientists Michael Wysession and Jesse Lawrence explain how they have found evidence of a vast water reservoir beneath eastern Asia that would comprise the volume of the Arctic Ocean

    8. While on the subject of numbers, please explain how African Americans, who comprise approximately 12% of America‘s population, are over-whelming represented in most major sports? Do they possess genetic traits indigenous to their (own) race or is desire the key motivating factor? I will readily allow that sports have traditionally provided many under-privileged people, from all walks of life, a viable means of escaping poverty

    9. • Families with children comprise 40% of the homeless population

    10. electrons comprise the main subatomic particles that make most stable atoms, and in turn are a

    11. Advances in the engineering of amino acids that comprise

    12. The “national seminary” alluded to here would comprise same-

    13. Those who today comprise the conspiracy (The CFR in the

    14. you because you each had traits that would comprise an ideal

    15. The” national seminary” alluded to here would comprise same-

    16. comprise today’s Jewish Left

    17. ” The three principle texts that comprise the Kabbalah are the Sefer Ha-Bahir, Zohar, Sefer Yezirah

    18. (2) Animal protection shall comprise protection of animals‘ life, health, and good

    19. “Though every one of our nations has an equal right to be represented here, our lack of notice has made that impossible! Know that we have therefore formed The Association of Oceania, whereby our common interests might be practically represented within a common diplomatic policy! We have selected three hundred and four diplomats, including myself, leaders of nations all, who have been chosen to represent the two thousand four hundred and sixteen nations who comprise The Association of Oceania! We demand recognition, inclusion, and apology for the slight that has been dealt us!”

    20. While it does not contain anything in a concrete manifest form, it seems to comprise all of existence in a potential form

    21. Paying attention to all the details and signals that comprise the experience

    22. Truth and non-violence were the two most important principles on which all his decisions were made and he did not want to comprise these two principles for anything, even his life or success of his mission or his reputation

    23. transistors, memory units and CPUs that comprise

    24. an elevator full of people, though an elevator and a person do comprise a system

    25. It's organized around the four work execution levels on the vertical axis and, on the horizontal axis, the six elements that comprise the Language of Work ModelTM

    26. Work groups should be modeled by exemplary performers representing the various jobs that will comprise a team model, with the aid of a sponsor from the core process modeling team, and facilitated by the re/org facilitators

    27. A similar number will continue to work part-time, and the rest will comprise people working full-time on the community and for the children

    28. After that much meditation, where are all the so-called enlightened ones, and why don‘t they comprise a bigger percentage of our population?

    29. This should comprise your overal targets of

    30. that will comprise your to-do list

    31. which will force you to comprise with the quality of your service because this can have

    32. Saa-ra said the returning twenty-six emissaries, and the three core Personalities that comprise the Christ consciousness, will have marked themselves in that man’s honor

    33. There are but a handful of the wise who guard the barriers between humanity and total destruction, but their numbers are increasing for Joshua has returned to the world and lives today as three portions, embodied in three individuals, that comprise a trinity of action

    34. “religious wars,” comprise another one

    35. There are but a handful of the wise who man the barriers between humanity and total destruction, but their numbers are increasing for Joshua has returned to the world and lives today as three portions, embodied in three individuals, that comprise a trinity of action

    36. ‘The Chinese, who comprise one quarter of humanity, have begun to stand up

    37. the three variables that comprise the CAPM, which are: the risk-free rate, the market rate

    38. fundamentals that comprise ROE are much higher for that category

    39. have a profound effect on the results - especially when they comprise income and debt

    40. The lovers card, the first of the cards that comprise the spirit of

    41. comprise a small but integral part of this whole

    42. using these to represent the various components that comprise us as

    43. souls on this planet which comprise the group and the reflections

    44. It is the Partiki which serves as material for the patterns of all universes, and the manifestations which comprise them; but Solí, with his ―Megin,‖ establishes the patterns of all the universes

    45. The elements that comprise us both are merely bones of dead stars

    46. comprise a separate book, for they encompass the striving and

    47. Cornubia will comprise fully subsidized houses for the indigent (those that qualify for a provincial housing subsidy), affordable housing for low-income housing (rental) as well as middle to high-income bonded housing

    48. The very nothingness of their acquirements makes them more conceited, they know as an absolute truth that the Arabic grammar, law, rhetoric, and logic, comprise all that is worth knowing upon earth

    49. The moist words were given to mankind, they comprise audible sounds regarded as one of the ways in which the procreative powers of the male are expressed, on a par with his semen

    50. life does not comprise straight, calculated columns of accounts, but it

    1. ’ Her mind busily occupied in wondering precisely what ‘helping out a bit’ comprised exactly and whether the authorities knew about it

    2. Danny found virtual reality far more rewarding than the unnecessary and irksome chores that comprised all manual forms of familial communication

    3. unnecessary and irksome chores that comprised all manual forms

    4. She could see him now … jerkily, returning to his seat at the table … and then, he’d just sort of imploded mentally, as though Andy’s defection was the terminal straw in the train of disasters which comprised this ill-fated project

    5. A castle comprised of a circular curtain wall that was forty feet high and stretched out through ten city blocks

    6. Beyond that, the room was comprised of the same, smooth glass that was found in the hallways

    7. Each articulation passes into history, is cast in stone: It is the prophet who turns their voice to the future And speaks the free voice of the origin to those Who may recognize it—the life of a whole comprised in its Entirety as one huge genie veil embroidered

    8. She could soon see that the group was comprised of three Altmer, presumably Thalmor agents by their dress, as well as the fact that they were escorting two captive Nords

    9. name used by the sizable community comprised of United States

    10. The territory won by Obama in the 2008 election was mostly comprised of those voters living in low income housing and also living off various forms of government aid (and, needless to say, more than a few liberal quasi-intellectuals

    11. It comprised of fried vorsht, a kind of salami omelette, followed by four slices of toast and a cup of tea, no sugar

    12. She had no money, no weapons, no idea who comprised Forge, nothing

    13. It was located in downtown Hustle, which was comprised of two blocks of red

    14. They stopped only occasionally to stretch their legs, and at noon ate a lunch comprised of sandwiches from a picnic basket that Helga had prepared before they departed

    15. The facts in this book were comprised from just a few of

    16. where “jobs” comprised an integral part of that design

    17. It was comprised of twenty-six North American and European

    18. The church must formulate a new bible, comprised of her own liturgy, faith confessions and convictions, written by her preachers and prophets, politically and socially correct with its fundamental base vested in the protection of human rights, choices and free will

    19. We are comprised of body, mind, emotions, and spirit

    20. she touts the health benefits of eating a flexitarian diet comprised primarily

    21. There is only one road in and out of this little development comprised of eight square blocks

    22. Moderates who were willing to listen to the arguments of both sides of an issue, and perhaps help fashion a compromise, comprised 37 percent of the House in the 1970s, but only 8 percent in 2005

    23. Scientists had theorized that these sub-atomic particles would in turn be comprised of

    24. that is seen and unseen – is comprised of light

    25. Index choice are if the food is comprised of whole grains or an abundance of fiber

    26. Wales and other law students comprised the bulk of the U

    27. comprised of the Angolan

    28. laying out the Plasti boards that comprised the round foundation

    29. The trusses that comprised the ceiling structure were

    30. The compound itself comprised of three acres that was

    31. The schedule was comprised of teams that were mostly a mystery to me

    32. This single contract comprised 60% of PSL’s annual revenues, so to say that PSL management sucked up to NASA is huge understatement

    33. The territory remaining under Hyrcanus II’s rule thus comprised Judea and southern Samaria, most of Idumea, the areas of Jewish settlement on the eastern bank of the Jordan, and Galilee

    34. that comprised my life

    35. comprised the Third Estate

    36. things that comprised my conscious relationship with my dad, and

    37. I was taught from birth that hate and shame comprised the

    38. tasks of which her life at that time was comprised

    39. They comprised one-third of his wealth

    40. impressive equipment that comprised the armory of the 4th Army

    41. She could understand neither where the fire had come from nor where it might go, as her entire world was at that moment comprised of nothing but desert and cruelty, baking heat and fear

    42. The sparse ground floor comprised of al manner of bots;

    43. Everything that once comprised his existence since the death of

    44. The milliners’ workshops comprised a long, shadowy row of single-storey warehouses and sheds backed on to one of the city’s many canals

    45. the reason these samples were comprised only of males is the very fact·that females do

    46. "While your eyes are equipped to handle sunlight, the area around them is comprised of the thinnest skin, where most of the signs of aging are," says Amiry

    47. The face comprised a high forehead, high cheekbones with a heavy nose, a big, but delicate mouth, and the smooth, fine skin of a healthy native Indian

    48. that the house was immense, and comprised dozens if not hundreds of rooms

    49. 8 metres tall and weighing a hundred and thirty kilos, that is comprised mainly of muscle and bone

    50. Increasing the magnification he can see that the element is comprised of a lense that entirely encases it

    1. The apartment itself comprises three decent sized bedrooms, a large lounge with balcony (with washing line arrangements), a dining room, decently appointed kitchen and bathroom – all very modern and sleek

    2. The first floor comprises a large open plan lounge at the front of the building and Dave's bedroom facing out over the back garden, complete with ensuite shower and loo

    3. It comprises the Gaza Strip and West Bank

    4. To be fair, much of this criticism is justified: his laboratory comprises a workbench in the corner of his garage, and his training consists of a City & Guilds in woodwork and a Bronze swimming certificate

    5. The hindering block to unity comprises people whose energy is steeped in greed and dominance as they wish the climate of disparity to remain

    6. It comprises multiple dimensions which our present level of human consciousness cannot fathom

    7. believe that the evidence of your senses comprises the

    8. It comprises of the creation of heaven and Earth, the Flood and the origins of the Israelite nation and God’s covenant with them

    9. Through this example we can see that the patterned design around 8 is not only contained in the text that comprises the ELS, but even factors in attributes around the life of the person being discussed

    10. The client base of the SCCU comprises a broad spectrum of complainants in commercial cases and we work with them a lot

    11. background that comprises the homeless family’s ability to make

    12. comprises everything in the universe, both seen and unseen, so by definition there is no place

    13. comprises the human soul is also resident in all carbon-based organic life on Earth

    14. the universe is conscious and we are part of that consciousness that comprises All That Is, then it

    15. Chitta comprises all the levels of mind, the lowest of which is

    16. Right after landing, it started to rain and he and his companions had to take a taxi to go to San Cristóbal Castle to initiate a tour of the National Historical Site of San Juan, which also comprises San Felipe del Morro Castle and the walls

    17. comprises of such diverse

    18. This region comprises of

    19. We have also seen that Austria comprises a multinational, multilingual state in which the emperor is friendly to Jews and in which Jews are handmaidens to the emperor

    20. Neither space nor time has any existence outside the system of evolving relationships that comprises the universe

    21. comprises not only the causal spheres belonging to each physical planet,

    22. It comprises one aspect of brand management

    23. It comprises numerous

    24. Wisdom comprises the consciousness of knowledge elevated to new levels of meaning and activated by the presence of the universe endowment of the adjutant of wisdom

    25. The entire coast comprises hundreds upon hundreds of mountainous fingers that clutch desperately at the Pacific Ocean, resulting in numerous deep fiords and inlets, sometimes 70 to 100 kilometres in length and terminating in the heart of the snow-capped Coast Mountains

    26. Inherently present in every cell that comprises me

    27. If an image comprises

    28. The government of the Global Council, the entity that comprises all the Humans in the Solar System, needed weapons to equip a police force that could enforce the new laws about time travel

    29. comprises the debt component in valuation models and capital budgeting

    30. figure, an opportunity cost that is best derived from a sample pool that comprises all stocks

    31. This comprises of:

    32. ‘’As requested, this shipment comprises anti-tank missile systems, portable anti-tank rocket launchers and sophisticated night vision equipment that will let ISIS fighters outgun and outfight their opponents, especially at night

    33. 'The atmosphere,' Orynn stated, 'Zorba's atmosphere comprises various gases, and the reactor extracts hydrogen and oxygen from the atmosphere, and combines them into water which is then pumped into the ballast tanks

    34. According to Mosher, "what this patriotic education comprises, in broad strokes, is a kind of

    35. satellites in orbit and knock out several power stations on the ground, effectively cutting off all power to the continent that comprises the New USA

    36. This leader-selection mechanism comprises two modules: a module for the evaluation and taxonomy of information and an interactive module

    37. For the uninitiated, Windhoek comprises a high proportion of Germans

    38. The world comprises an infinite variety

    39. comprises 61 islands of which there are 13

    40. (In this chapter we take a quick look at the material of which comprises the crystal

    41. Sub-assembly B3 comprises product C1 and parts C2 and C3

    42. The wall lamp model 3087L comprises the following individual components (Fig

    43. The duration of every path is determined by the sum of durations of work activities it comprises

    44. The idea that comprises the subject matter of the network planning methods is very close to that of the programmed goal planning (or the linear programming methods) but the method implementation technique is different

    45. With mechanical devices some initial movement is usually transmitted via some complicated transmission chain and some auxiliary mechanism into the final member, which usually comprises a dial and a scale with a time indicating hand

    46. So, the curriculum of the secondary schools, set aside the primary stuff, is Islamic all the way, of course with Muhammad’s life and times as interregnums; the madrasa academic drill comprises of Islam, the Quran, the Hadith, the Sunna with mathematics for a change

    47. Whatever comprises you is borrowed from the past, rather it be metals from exploded stars or carbon from decayed Jurassic jungles

    48. However, the majority of thought on what now comprises the GlobalMind is either

    49. God says: "We have revealed to you a Book that comprises you mentioning (your states)…"

    50. Messenger of God (cpth) said: "Al'lah's Book comprises the histories of all that have gone before you, the tidings of all that shall come after you, and the judgment of all your present affairs

    1. It had not been lost on any of that powerful cadre of merchants and proprietors comprising the Village Council that Lawrence Spelman was a man of extraordinarily deep pockets, with international contacts and connections, and most eye-opening to them, he was the close friend and confidant to George and Belle Livingson

    2. Comprising three islands (St Thomas, St Croix and St Jon), these are nicknamed Rock City, Twin City, Love City (and Smal City for the local Water Island)

    3. It was a large space comprising a sizeable bedroom, a small lounge and its own bathing suite

    4. “Would three times her present maximum velocity be something you could get used to?” and her eyes stopped on one particular set of junctions comprising the core of the drive's efficiencies

    5. These manuscripts, comprising around 900 Biblical and extra-Biblical documents, were written in Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek and are estimated to have originated around the period of 150 BC to 70 AD

    6. Widely pursued by both major political parties, this ‖faceless‖ group consisting of (social) synergies comprising a vast number of individuals from every walk of life, represent what President Nixon referred to as the ―silent majority

    7. The former is properly understood in the (traditional) manner as comprising that society‘s political and legal bodies (its parliaments and courts, for example); the latter, by its community organizations gathered together for some specific purpose or function including its churches and schools (along with their established customs and practices)

    8. Founded in 1872 and situated in the states of Idaho (1%), Montana (3%) and Wyoming (96%), Yellowstone National Park stands as the world’s oldest and largest national park comprising 3,472 square miles in area

    9. ‘Every single atom comprising the Cloud and its contents must be categorised and charted; even that of our bodies; even that of the dust

    10. of volunteers comprising individuals and businesses, with 6 months of

    11. comprising families, women, and children

    12. Since we do not live in isolation, but within families in communities comprising a society, then we are also involved in creating and experiencing shared or collective karma – in addition to our individual karma

    13. throughout the entire universe, comprising the entirety of existence: i

    14. irrational to take the pioneering thing to the point of comprising

    15. , 10–12% of the population of Babylonia) and well-based economically, comprising a fair number of

    16. The three principle books comprising the Kabbalah are the Sefer Yetzirah, redacted between AD

    17. ’ This experience provided me with an insight into the esoteric concept that God just ‘is,’ he says, and as such is everything comprising the universe (including humans), as well as the unmanifest infinite

    18. This onionlike layered structure, comprising of

    19. logic 1, the oscillator comprising NAND gates C

    20. tion comprising NAND gates N3 and N4

    21. The second stage, comprising tran-

    22. Who are the people comprising the audience? What do they think,if anything, about thetopic of presentation? What are their backgrounds, educational and social status and cultures? Why are theylistening to this speech or what is their motivation level? How does one reach them effectively? It may seem difficult to address these questions, but keen observation of people’s behavior and regular practice give us a seasoned impulse; which means we can understand people better and make letter mistakes while making our mistakes

    23. " Having thus conceived of the kingdom as comprising the will of God, he devoted himself to the cause of its realization with amazing self-forgetfulness and unbounded enthusiasm

    24. The hall was constructed of white and grey stone and the centre was given to two rows of highly polished tables, ornately carved wooden chairs and seated were fifteen members comprising what Travis thought -- the Duma

    25. comprising women, some youngsters, and two older men, one of whom was the

    26. As interest grew in establishing a single North American country comprising of the USA, Canada and Mexico, people living in the Northwest felt that their interests were about to become buried in this mega country being proposed

    27. “Well…” and Lezura decided to give them the whole story from the beginning “…I was a part of a religious group known as the Dielengann Path, comprising of the Tyhuny, Felkremin and Xemingi religious group—who serve the will of the Dielenganns

    28. a task force comprising of representatives from the union,

    29. Palestine is a unified state comprising all of ancient Israel, with Arabs, Jews and Christians all living in peace and prosperity, thanks to Nancy

    30. The liner had been incinerated in a fireball comprising a mixture of methane released by the silt, and air, ignited by the ship’s engines or exhaust

    31. five year regression was performed, starting in 1998 for the 2002 figure and comprising

    32. A succession of conveyances comprising the title record history

    33. The molecules were immediately turned into plasma, the elements comprising the molecules lost their covalent bonds and were scattered with the solar wind, just so many harmless atoms and particles

    34. 5 within two days, in the six patients comprising this sub-group

    35. of Moses, comprising the Law of God)

    36. the combined operations comprising the Area Office were reported to Atlanta by the

    37. Approximately half the site will accommodate affordable housing - with fully subsidized housing comprising 30% of the total project

    38. ƒ starting and completion weeks for activities involved in the production of each individual assembly and component part comprising product A;

    39. An electrical motor 1 is mounted on a base and support frame and a drive unit comprising a vertical screw conveyor 2 filled with steel spheres (balls) 3

    40. Mounted across the upper end of the pipe 11 is a cutting device 6 with a spring 7 and arm 8, which is hinged to the stem 10 comprising two parts, connected by means of the nut 9

    41. An oblong cut is made in the bottom end of the pipe 11 where the vanes of a 4-vane (or 3-vane) wheel 13 are moving and the wheel 13 rotates around one central axle and is engaged via its gear Z1 with a gear transmission comprising the gears: Z Z Z Z

    42. An ordinary reducer comprising two pair of gears Z1/Z2, Z3/Z4 to the scale indicating hand is adopted

    43. The arrangement for a time measuring device comprising a linear scale is beginning to shape up although we still had the same difficulties

    44. is mounted to the drum and engaged with a gear transmission-reducer comprising the gears Z1/Z2 (item 8)

    45. The Southern African Mission, comprising Mozambique, Namibia and South Africa was completed during the next year and became part of the pan-African report

    46. new addition, open on three sides, with ocotillo stalks comprising the roof

    47. He built Islamic empire with the help of his generals comprising Syria and all North Africa

    48. Omar built an empire comprising Persia, Syria and North Africa until his assassination in Medina by a Persian slave

    49. A shadow fo emptiness representing the “non thought” state of mind (believing in reality that arrives out of nothing, comprising myth, mysteries and collective desire; the blind who is slave to instincts; the blood that falls drop by drop from the sword)

    50. Initialize the set of “safe edges” A comprising the MST to the empty set

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