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Frasi con comprise (in inglese)

  1. Whether they comprise images or text.
  2. This should comprise your overal targets of.
  3. Such a group may comprise Ascended Masters i.
  4. These jointly comprise the ethic of imagination.
  5. Those who today comprise the conspiracy (The CFR in the.

  6. Advances in the engineering of amino acids that comprise.
  7. This should comprise no more than 1-2% of your portfolio.
  8. And they probably comprise the five to ten percent of the.
  9. Her brother’s selection comprise of older flicks such as Iron.
  10. The national seminary alluded to here would comprise same-.
  11. The elements that comprise us both are merely bones of dead stars.
  12. To think that our thoughts comprise "the city of man's soul" should.
  13. The lovers card, the first of the cards that comprise the spirit of.
  14. Paying attention to all the details and signals that comprise the experience.
  15. The writings of Moses comprise two revelations different as light and darkness.

  16. This could comprise anywhere from 2-3 hours of additional time swinging a club.
  17. And let’s say you would like this business to comprise 10% of your portfolio.
  18. This of course does not comprise the only trading strategy, not by a long shot.
  19. I wondered what other items of extraneous jetsam might comprise his private zoo.
  20. According to the ABIM exam blueprint, questions testing Oncology topics comprise.
  21. Nor do heroes, saints, demigods, and prophets alone comprise the whole roll of our order.
  22. Unfortunately, our centers and the 'I's that comprise them have co-opted each others jobs.
  23. In fact, inadequate nutrition, and incorrect nutrition, comprise a "hidden disease" in the.
  24. These comprise all of those which sold at 96 or more in 1946, their high prices averaging 102½.
  25. The two shaded areas, green and red, are the two candles that comprise together the reversal signal.

  26. Though many of the usual suspects comprise the top ten, the list falls apart pretty quickly after that.
  27. If you’re not sure which companies comprise the 30 current Dow stocks, check section C of the Journal.
  28. As this was a spread trade, the two positions that comprise the spread should be considered as a single position.
  29. The advances of two years, each one followed by a decline of one year, comprise what I call the medium-term counts.
  30. While it does not contain anything in a concrete manifest form, it seems to comprise all of existence in a potential form.
  31. Jennings; the length of which, though never exactly fixed, had been expected by all to comprise at least five or six weeks.
  32. The analysis and information in this part comprise far from a conclusive set of tools and definitions in the options space.
  33. Sales and earnings comprise the lifeblood of a company and have more influence on a stock’s price than any other measures.
  34. A similar number will continue to work part-time, and the rest will comprise people working full-time on the community and for the children.
  35. The group on which they live, says Professor Yanjoul, is composed of small islands, which altogether comprise about forty thousand square miles.
  36. After that much meditation, where are all the so-called enlightened ones, and why don‘t they comprise a bigger percentage of our population?
  37. It is scarcely possible to comprise, within the same compass, more of the spirit of whatever is bitter in invective, and humiliating in aspersion.
  38. They comprise the elementary revelation of 'grace,’ and they comprise that 'law’ which entered in order to enforce and condemn the sin of man.
  39. Our lives, their ignorances and awarenesses, their intentions and acts are the unconscious will within the social structures that comprise cultural systems.
  40. Therefore, the characteristics that comprise the definition of love Self has for Self are the only characteristics available to Self for Self to love others by.
  41. It's organized around the four work execution levels on the vertical axis and, on the horizontal axis, the six elements that comprise the Language of Work ModelTM.
  42. Saa-ra said the returning twenty-six emissaries, and the three core Personalities that comprise the Christ consciousness, will have marked themselves in that man’s honor.
  43. A cup of tea was one thing, but when it came to domestic chores, cooking and the generality of tasks that comprise sound household management, Cyberia was a complete novice.
  44. As such, as we not only become aware of the complex systems which comprise us and we comprise, we are also creating hyper-kinnected systems of comformication and, hence, effect.
  45. The moist words were given to mankind, they comprise audible sounds regarded as one of the ways in which the procreative powers of the male are expressed, on a par with his semen.
  46. For this is what competition always does, it turns the table of life into a coroner's table, where the losers comprise the charcuterie the elite's sample their just fruits from.
  47. This is, the spiritual-energy of life itself being the individual spirit of Self, and other Self’s that comprise of spirit and soul as an outcome of the product of the divine ‘word’.
  48. For the index to gap, many of the stocks that comprise the index would have to gap as well; that might be possible in a very narrow-based index, but is quite unlikely in a broad-based one.
  49. These ruins comprise (1) the remains of an ancient Uighur town west of the Orkhon, (2) the ruins of a Mongol palace to the east of that river, and a large granite monument shattered into pieces.
  50. The very nothingness of their acquirements makes them more conceited, they know as an absolute truth that the Arabic grammar, law, rhetoric, and logic, comprise all that is worth knowing upon earth.
  51. It is the Partiki which serves as material for the patterns of all universes, and the manifestations which comprise them; but Solí, with his ―Megin,‖ establishes the patterns of all the universes.
  52. SLUI-SLUU represent, in synthetic structures of the Collective Human Intelligence, all realization VVU-Forms of Cosmic TOO-UU-Entities that comprise the Tertiary Energy-Plasma of Our Type of Universes.
  53. Structures, both non-living and living, comprise of in essence, the energy of atoms, which by definition possess no colour - when they do not or cannot reflect photons of visible light of particular wave-lengths - e.
  54. Finally, though, as will soon be revealed, its contents partly comprise the most delicate oil; yet, you are now to be apprised of the nature of the substance which so impregnably invests all that apparent effeminacy.
  55. In another part of my brain, the more superficial elements that comprise my self—the cadence of my speech, a key set of memories, my emotional responses to various stimuli—are being solved, simplified, and erased.
  56. Cornubia will comprise fully subsidized houses for the indigent (those that qualify for a provincial housing subsidy), affordable housing for low-income housing (rental) as well as middle to high-income bonded housing.
  57. Truth and non-violence were the two most important principles on which all his decisions were made and he did not want to comprise these two principles for anything, even his life or success of his mission or his reputation.
  58. Work groups should be modeled by exemplary performers representing the various jobs that will comprise a team model, with the aid of a sponsor from the core process modeling team, and facilitated by the re/org facilitators.
  59. Are you asking me as IM, or a nism, for believing is an emotion? You might believe in the State, but the State doesn't believe in you, unless the many yous that comprise it act that way towards each other by creating institutions of compassion and caring.
  60. There are but a handful of the wise who man the barriers between humanity and total destruction, but their numbers are increasing for Joshua has returned to the world and lives today as three portions, embodied in three individuals, that comprise a trinity of action.
  61. There are but a handful of the wise who guard the barriers between humanity and total destruction, but their numbers are increasing for Joshua has returned to the world and lives today as three portions, embodied in three individuals, that comprise a trinity of action.
  62. In their researches into the human frame, it may be that the higher and more subtile faculties of such men were materialized, and that they lost the spiritual view of existence amid the intricacies of that wondrous mechanism, which seemed to involve art enough to comprise all of life within itself.
  63. It would be useful to think of security analysis as limiting itself pretty much to the examination and evaluation of stocks and bonds, whereas financial analysis would comprise that work, plus the determination of investment policy (portfolio selection), plus a substantial amount of general economic analysis.
  64. Speech is also an amazing quality that humans exclusively possess, and allows the creation of sounds or vocalizations named and developed as language, and which comprise of the words (sounds) that symbolize the conscious thoughts and emotions from Self’s experiences of interacting with stimuli in the world.
  65. Was this not odd? Did not Mankind comprise Womankind as well? The Philosophers claim’d ’twas so, and yet e’en the most benevolent amongst ’em, the ones who would most vociferously argue the Universality of Christian Charity and Love, seem’d to disregard the Passions and Interests of one-half the Human Race.
  66. In the same manner the remainder of the Old Testament scriptures of the prophets comprises a history of the working of the law, in stimulating and bringing to the surface the 'sinfulness of sin,’ in the chronic rebellion of the Hebrew nation; and they also comprise manifold indications of the working of grace in the hearts of men of good will.
  67. We'd better do something not soon, but now, today and everyday thereafter, because when the people in a virtualnism lose control of its institutional incarnation, when it is both headless and too systemically integrated to die without destroying the people whom comprise it, that nism has gone zombie, and begins to mindlessly devour all that it is kinnected to.
  68. While on the subject of numbers, please explain how African Americans, who comprise approximately 12% of America‘s population, are over-whelming represented in most major sports? Do they possess genetic traits indigenous to their (own) race or is desire the key motivating factor? I will readily allow that sports have traditionally provided many under-privileged people, from all walks of life, a viable means of escaping poverty.
  69. Though every one of our nations has an equal right to be represented here, our lack of notice has made that impossible! Know that we have therefore formed The Association of Oceania, whereby our common interests might be practically represented within a common diplomatic policy! We have selected three hundred and four diplomats, including myself, leaders of nations all, who have been chosen to represent the two thousand four hundred and sixteen nations who comprise The Association of Oceania! We demand recognition, inclusion, and apology for the slight that has been dealt us!.
  70. Earthquakes and tectonic shifts or mall demolitions and nuclear testing the stretching of its limbs? Is it our artificial electrical grid or thunderstorms and hurricanes that comprise Eartheart's higher nervous system? Our field is the lab, our flesh a sensor net, but certainly, the soil, not the dump, is Eartheart's digestive tract; water, not monergy, its circulatory system; weather patterns, not satellite orbits, its respiration; until we're all resourcefully recycled as excrement, decay and death becoming soil once again, where microbial life crawls the face of all the skin of this mother we sprawl across, until we rise, again, as food and stomach both reproducing as sustenance for each other, the carriers of essential vitamins and minerals feeding the many organs comprising its biodiversity.
  71. Our team, over the years comprise of Chinese, Indians, Malays,.
  1. The second stage, comprising tran-.
  2. Comprising fifteen thirty-minute episodes, the L.
  3. This onionlike layered structure, comprising of.
  4. With Buddhists comprising only about 1/300 of the U.
  5. A succession of conveyances comprising the title record history.
  6. Or, in other words, the superorganisms comprising the hierarchy, and thus.
  7. He grew up in a population comprising predominantly of farmers and fishermen.
  8. Initialize the set of safe edges A comprising the MST to the empty set.
  9. And so I did, by establishing a portfolio comprising stocks from the hardest-hit sectors.
  10. The Government represents only the average intelligence of the units comprising that Nation.
  11. He built Islamic empire with the help of his generals comprising Syria and all North Africa.
  12. It was a large space comprising a sizeable bedroom, a small lounge and its own bathing suite.
  13. The three principle books comprising the Kabbalah are the Sefer Yetzirah, redacted between AD.
  14. The first satrapy or that of Ionia, comprising Pamphilia, Lycia, Caria, Pisidia, Ionia and Eolis.
  15. As a general thing, these ship-keepers are as hardy fellows as the men comprising the boats' crews.
  16. An ordinary reducer comprising two pair of gears Z1/Z2, Z3/Z4 to the scale indicating hand is adopted.
  17. Farther south than Naraka, comprising the very bowels of Antarloka, lay the cavernous dungeons of Patala.
  18. The Pacific Stock Index Fund is essentially a Japanese fund, with Japan comprising almost 80% of fund assets.
  19. Omar built an empire comprising Persia, Syria and North Africa until his assassination in Medina by a Persian slave.
  20. The place for me had a romantic aura because of the four novels comprising the Alexandria Quartet by Laurence Durrell.
  21. Almost a third of the population, mostly Tamil, is Hindu with a small percentage comprising of Christians and Moslems.
  22. The fifth satrapy or that of Syria, comprising Arabia, Mesopotamia, Syria, Phœnicia, Palestine and the island of Cyprus.
  23. The teacher had given the seven girls comprising the class the privilege of getting a dinner and each one inviting a guest.
  24. Approximately half the site will accommodate affordable housing - with fully subsidized housing comprising 30% of the total project.
  25. The arrangement for a time measuring device comprising a linear scale is beginning to shape up although we still had the same difficulties.
  26. Sat is relevant, too, to the final conclusion of the action, comprising yagya, charity, and penance, that is capable of taking one to God.
  27. Palestine is a unified state comprising all of ancient Israel, with Arabs, Jews and Christians all living in peace and prosperity, thanks to Nancy.
  28. And that made perfect sense, Ralf thought, since he had properly dispersed the energy comprising the intellect of Albert Forquessas a full era past.
  29. Early in 1939 the stock was selling at about $6, representing a total valuation of $1,000,000 for 161,000 shares comprising the entire capitalization.
  30. The liner had been incinerated in a fireball comprising a mixture of methane released by the silt, and air, ignited by the ship’s engines or exhaust.
  31. As of 22 March 2013, France had won 353 medals at the UCI Track World Championships, a haul comprising 129 gold, 107 silver and 117 bronze medals.
  32. An electrical motor 1 is mounted on a base and support frame and a drive unit comprising a vertical screw conveyor 2 filled with steel spheres (balls) 3.
  33. Comprising three islands (St Thomas, St Croix and St Jon), these are nicknamed Rock City, Twin City, Love City (and Smal City for the local Water Island).
  34. The Southern African Mission, comprising Mozambique, Namibia and South Africa was completed during the next year and became part of the pan-African report.
  35. Hougomont viewed on the map, as a geometrical plan, comprising buildings and enclosures, presents a sort of irregular rectangle, one angle of which is nicked out.
  36. Once the StarGazer was docked and she was on-board the transit station, Vedara stood scanning the crowd bustling purposely about the yawning cavity comprising the terminal.
  37. At the period of our arrival at the Island, the heaviest storage of the Pequod had been almost completed; comprising her beef, bread, water, fuel, and iron hoops and staves.
  38. The fact that at least one option comprising the straddle will expire worthless means that the lower breakeven for a short straddle is always below the breakeven for a short put.
  39. Mounted across the upper end of the pipe 11 is a cutting device 6 with a spring 7 and arm 8, which is hinged to the stem 10 comprising two parts, connected by means of the nut 9.
  40. Would three times her present maximum velocity be something you could get used to? and her eyes stopped on one particular set of junctions comprising the core of the drive's efficiencies.
  41. These manuscripts, comprising around 900 Biblical and extra-Biblical documents, were written in Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek and are estimated to have originated around the period of 150 BC to 70 AD.
  42. The molecules were immediately turned into plasma, the elements comprising the molecules lost their covalent bonds and were scattered with the solar wind, just so many harmless atoms and particles.
  43. The authors surely would not have written the Son of God was born into a human family comprising of Mary (the Virgin Mary) and Joseph and with four brothers or cousins, James, Joseph, Simon and Jude (Mark 6:3).
  44. Founded in 1872 and situated in the states of Idaho (1%), Montana (3%) and Wyoming (96%), Yellowstone National Park stands as the world’s oldest and largest national park comprising 3,472 square miles in area.
  45. Since we do not live in isolation, but within families in communities comprising a society, then we are also involved in creating and experiencing shared or collective karma – in addition to our individual karma.
  46. The hall was constructed of white and grey stone and the centre was given to two rows of highly polished tables, ornately carved wooden chairs and seated were fifteen members comprising what Travis thought -- the Duma.
  47. As interest grew in establishing a single North American country comprising of the USA, Canada and Mexico, people living in the Northwest felt that their interests were about to become buried in this mega country being proposed.
  48. Widely pursued by both major political parties, this ‖faceless‖ group consisting of (social) synergies comprising a vast number of individuals from every walk of life, represent what President Nixon referred to as the ―silent majority.
  49. They were mostly of a felonious character; comprising the pen with which a celebrated forgery had been committed, a distinguished razor or two, some locks of hair, and several manuscript confessions written under condemnation,—upon which Mr.
  50. If this were true, then the description, such as Spain held it, that is in 1800, comprising West Florida, and such as France possessed it, that is in 1762, prior to the several cessions, comprising also West Florida, would be totally inoperative.
  51. An oblong cut is made in the bottom end of the pipe 11 where the vanes of a 4-vane (or 3-vane) wheel 13 are moving and the wheel 13 rotates around one central axle and is engaged via its gear Z1 with a gear transmission comprising the gears: Z Z Z Z.
  52. He believed that a great portion of the district comprising Cecil and Hartford counties had been omitted; and he recollected perfectly well that the error was corrected; and, by turning his eye to the proceedings of that day, he could see other errors.
  53. Well… and Lezura decided to give them the whole story from the beginning …I was a part of a religious group known as the Dielengann Path, comprising of the Tyhuny, Felkremin and Xemingi religious group—who serve the will of the Dielenganns.
  54. A shadow fo emptiness representing the non thought state of mind (believing in reality that arrives out of nothing, comprising myth, mysteries and collective desire; the blind who is slave to instincts; the blood that falls drop by drop from the sword).
  55. It could be suggested then that the white and grey matter comprising the components of the brain are merely the neural-bio-chemical pathways and mechanical vehicles by which consciousness, emotions and cognitions function and operate in the ‘physical’ world.
  56. It had not been lost on any of that powerful cadre of merchants and proprietors comprising the Village Council that Lawrence Spelman was a man of extraordinarily deep pockets, with international contacts and connections, and most eye-opening to them, he was the close friend and confidant to George and Belle Livingson.
  57. In the first place, the enormous cutting tackles, among other ponderous things comprising a cluster of blocks generally painted green, and which no single man can possibly lift—this vast bunch of grapes was swayed up to the main-top and firmly lashed to the lower mast-head, the strongest point anywhere above a ship's deck.
  58. Self’s non-atom spiritual-energy comprising of Consciousness, Spirit and Soul, etc, then separates, departs through being disconnected from the changing (‘at death’) of these atom-energy structures with functions, but spirit of Self continues to exist indefinitely forever as a sovereign, independent and unique person and being.
  59. New research by Vaughan Carr, scientific director of the Neuroscience Institute of Schizophrenia and Allied Disorders, comprising a team of Australian and international researchers studying the brains of people with schizophrenia have identified a thinner outer layer of grey matter compared with people who do not have this mental illness.
  60. The former is properly understood in the (traditional) manner as comprising that society‘s political and legal bodies (its parliaments and courts, for example); the latter, by its community organizations gathered together for some specific purpose or function including its churches and schools (along with their established customs and practices).
  61. Organizational systems, any group as organ or organism, within systems are analogous to highly localized storms that are capable of producing their own weather patterns, whose semi-designed eye is like the will, direction, intention, and instinct of the evolving and emerging virtualnism – which is more than the cell members comprising and constructing it.
  62. It is the largest in form, the largest in circulation, and the best in everything that makes a magazine desirable; comprising entertaining Literature, Fine Illustrations, Music, Floriculture, Architecture, Household Matters, Reliable Fashions, and Full-size Patterns, with other rare and beautiful novelties calculated to improve the taste, and make home attractive and happy.
  63. A breakthrough in requiring soft information probably occurred in 1976 when the SEC, for the first time, required companies with inventories and gross property, plant, and equipment aggregating more than $100 million and comprising more than 10 percent of total assets to provide supplementary data in the 10-K about estimated replacement costs (Accounting Series Release 190, dated March 23, 1976).
  64. Who are the people comprising the audience? What do they think,if anything, about thetopic of presentation? What are their backgrounds, educational and social status and cultures? Why are theylistening to this speech or what is their motivation level? How does one reach them effectively? It may seem difficult to address these questions, but keen observation of people’s behavior and regular practice give us a seasoned impulse; which means we can understand people better and make letter mistakes while making our mistakes.
  65. The presence of guttural sounds, diacritic aspirations, epenthetic and servile letters in both languages: their antiquity, both having been taught on the plain of Shinar 242 years after the deluge in the seminary instituted by Fenius Farsaigh, descendant of Noah, progenitor of Israel, and ascendant of Heber and Heremon, progenitors of Ireland: their archaeological, genealogical, hagiographical, exegetical, homiletic, toponomastic, historical and religious literatures comprising the works of rabbis and culdees, Torah, Talmud (Mischna and Ghemara), Massor, Pentateuch, Book of the Dun Cow, Book of Ballymote, Garland of Howth, Book of Kells: their dispersal, persecution, survival and revival: the isolation of their synagogical and ecclesiastical rites in ghetto (S.
  66. Earthquakes and tectonic shifts or mall demolitions and nuclear testing the stretching of its limbs? Is it our artificial electrical grid or thunderstorms and hurricanes that comprise Eartheart's higher nervous system? Our field is the lab, our flesh a sensor net, but certainly, the soil, not the dump, is Eartheart's digestive tract; water, not monergy, its circulatory system; weather patterns, not satellite orbits, its respiration; until we're all resourcefully recycled as excrement, decay and death becoming soil once again, where microbial life crawls the face of all the skin of this mother we sprawl across, until we rise, again, as food and stomach both reproducing as sustenance for each other, the carriers of essential vitamins and minerals feeding the many organs comprising its biodiversity.
  1. The Phourx were comprised of.
  2. Cultivation is comprised of the.
  3. Three months comprised thirteen weeks.
  4. They comprised one-third of his wealth.
  5. The walls were comprised of stacked bricks.
  6. The Board of PAG Holdings comprised Syd as.
  7. The words we speak are comprised of sounds.
  8. Actually, 80 years is comprised of 29,200 days.
  9. We are comprised of body, mind, emotions, and spirit.
  10. The chess pieces were comprised of starships he had.
  11. The compound itself comprised of three acres that was.
  12. Take water, comprised of atoms of hydrogen and oxygen.
  13. The trusses that comprised the ceiling structure were.
  14. Gibbons have wrists comprised of a ball and socket bone.
  15. The sixth satrapy, which comprised Egypt and Cyrenaica.
  16. It has a small student body, comprised of undergraduates.
  17. The lesson had comprised part of the reign of Charles I.
  18. The sparse ground floor comprised of al manner of bots;.
  19. The facts in this book were comprised from just a few of.
  20. Wales and other law students comprised the bulk of the U.
  21. Meat comprised of 65% of our ancestors total energy intake.
  22. I was taught from birth that hate and shame comprised the.
  23. Finally, we have the last segment comprised of readers who.
  24. The bulk of their diet should be comprised of greens though.
  25. It was comprised of twenty-six North American and European.
  26. Unfortunately for Americans this was sea salt, comprised of 98.
  27. The building industry was comprised of small-time contractors.
  28. Everything that once comprised his existence since the death of.
  29. The next segment is comprised of readers who read the email but.
  30. Who could the other fleet be comprised of in this sunken world?
  31. The card of the lovers suggests that our minds are comprised of.
  32. Notice that it is mainly comprised of large long bearish candles.
  33. She had no money, no weapons, no idea who comprised Forge, nothing.
  34. The schedule was comprised of teams that were mostly a mystery to me.
  35. Hope’s tensile is comprised of the interweaving of the following:.
  36. Garden comprised of two fat surds who had waited hours for that signal.
  37. Therefore 15,000 HL’s is comprised of something like 438 million days.
  38. The forty by fifty foot court was eight foot deep, comprised of blocks.
  39. A rope is comprised of small independent fibers that are called tensile.
  40. The devices used to effect explosion were all comprised of a liquid base.
  41. A yellow color reflects the state of heart comprised in a collective desire.
  42. The overall trend line is comprised of little vertical lines for each month.
  43. It was located in downtown Hustle, which was comprised of two blocks of red.
  44. Creating and running an effective online business is realistically comprised of.
  45. Color, like sound, is comprised of various wavelengths, so technically, it moves.
  46. Students create for themselves an imaginary town comprised of different locations.
  47. Index choice are if the food is comprised of whole grains or an abundance of fiber.
  48. It comprised a series of recollections of petty tyrannies, insults and indignities.
  49. Up ahead I saw a street gang comprised of some young black toughs and a few Asians.
  50. Who has created the soil for your sake and comprised it with different substances?
  51. Fire pits made of stone can be comprised of a variety of materials relative to stone.
  52. The Royal Guard was comprised of two teams of small, tactical fighter, twelve ships.
  53. You may be surprised to learn that your body is comprised of nearly 70 percent water.
  54. The Defence team, as best I can recall, comprised the following players at that time.
  55. However, the situation changed when short combinations comprised a higher percentage.
  56. They were surprised to see that this comprised over 50 families over the last 7 years.
  57. The picture (below) is comprised of several hundred thousand tiny dots (the population).
  58. The model initially comprised only the five sense consciousnesses, and the sixth, which.
  59. Scientists had theorized that these sub-atomic particles would in turn be comprised of.
  60. Beyond that, the room was comprised of the same, smooth glass that was found in the hallways.
  61. The front half of their army is comprised of mercenaries, with inexperienced field commanders.
  62. There is only one road in and out of this little development comprised of eight square blocks.
  63. See that vast chunks of the neurochemical reactions that comprised her identity were redundant.
  64. I slid the folder I had comprised on everything that I knew of Deshavi across the table to him.
  65. On entering the shed, which was basically what the structure comprised, Jack was introduced to.
  66. I intend to show on this text that the evil is the absence of the good and not a comprised force.
  67. During the walk, I'd located the Coral Towers amongst the many high rises that comprised Atlantis.
  68. The group comprised two men, a woman and two young children and was clothed in the Roman fashion.
  69. The Path Finder was basically a giant holographic emitter, which comprised both Fleet emitters and.
  70. The division of Cuirassiers, which had comprised 3600 horses all told, numbered but 800 on that day.
  71. The commons is a taught sense of a shared environment and, as such, it is comprised of a common sight.
  72. We have put together a massive search party comprised of police, firefighters, army, and civilians.
  73. The surface material of the ship is comprised of metamaterials, which has a negative refractive index.
  74. The universe is comprised two conflicting forces, which Chinese philosophy refers to as the yin and yang.
  75. This was true also of the blue chip issues, which comprised leading units in miscellaneous fields.
  76. The first fleet of the Cunard Line comprised four vessels, the Britannia, Acadia, Caledonia and Columbia.
  77. The inner self (Soul)-that which is comprised of feelings, thoughts, human will, emotions, and intellect.
  78. The board was comprised of all of the team leaders of the agency and Chantry served as the chairman of it.
  79. Increasing the magnification he can see that the element is comprised of a lense that entirely encases it.
  80. In relation to our present situation, he recommended a plain remedy, comprised in two words: Follow nature.
  81. Led by the United States and comprised of most countries in Western Europe, plus the United States and Canada.
  82. This bill in fact, however, comprised but one-half of the whole subject embraced by the words non-intercourse.
  83. To point: state laws stipulating state boards of education must be comprised of a majority of certified teachers.
  84. A castle comprised of a circular curtain wall that was forty feet high and stretched out through ten city blocks.
  85. This beach is comprised of coral sand, the remnants of animal shells, with only bits of quarts and ruby and stuff.
  86. It comprised of fried vorsht, a kind of salami omelette, followed by four slices of toast and a cup of tea, no sugar.
  87. It is a life comprised of moments in which we experience feelings of frustration, stress, abandonment, and depression.
  88. In the district in which Ballew was tried, blacks comprised 10% of the population, but Ballew’s jury was entirely white.
  89. The work will be comprised in two volumes, and its completion will be anticipated with interest by the scientific public.
  90. The Eight Components of OCCOULIA are comprised of Four (4) Read-Write Components and Four (4) Input/Output Components.
  91. A shimmering field of light, with the consistency of water, filled the inner area of the large ring that comprised the Gate.
  92. She had a capacity of 5,828 people including the crew and air wing, which comprised around 60 aircraft with a maximum of 90.
  93. And over all these things, a gloomy, indistinct and shapeless mass, rose the buildings and sheds that comprised Rushton & Co.
  94. Galatians 2:8 Sure, there were a number of believing Jews in these lands but The Church was mostly comprised of Gentile origin.
  95. The people of that time feared far more God’s wrath and punishment, which to them comprised of the existence of an eternal Hell.
  96. From this view of the subject I think it results that the province of Louisiana comprised West Florida, previous to the year 1762.
  97. He denied the claim of Democritus that the visible Milky Way was comprised of stars, and denied that stars were similar to the sun.
  98. Those floors were comprised of apartments and living quarters for the security, penthouse, and tower staff who opted to live on site.
  99. Nor did every Israelite appear before the Lord – only those who comprised a proper representation of the nation appeared before Him.
  100. This single contract comprised 60% of PSL’s annual revenues, so to say that PSL management sucked up to NASA is huge understatement.
  1. The world comprises an infinite variety.
  2. It comprises the Gaza Strip and West Bank.
  3. It comprises one aspect of brand management.
  4. Usually, this comprises the biggest share in.
  5. Each moment of mind comprises a primary mind and.
  6. Inherently present in every cell that comprises me.
  7. Sub-assembly B3 comprises product C1 and parts C2 and C3.
  8. Institutions and mutual fund ownership comprises around 17.
  9. This comprises most animated graphics and intense colors for.
  10. Chitta comprises all the levels of mind, the lowest of which is.
  11. For the uninitiated, Windhoek comprises a high proportion of Germans.
  12. It comprises two distinct movements, the first of which hints at how.
  13. Even Lebanon, which carries the lowest weighting in the region, comprises 2.
  14. The wall lamp model 3087L comprises the following individual components (Fig.
  15. However, the majority of thought on what now comprises the GlobalMind is either.
  16. I reckon this also comprises the aspects of my mind that sense, and that I can't.
  17. South East Asia is the area which comprises Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Indonesia.
  18. In other words, this greater being that comprises us all would not only be aware, and.
  19. The third class comprises objects of very little utility, but of extraordinary interest.
  20. This comprises things that have been and are likely to continue as long-term investments.
  21. God says: "We have revealed to you a Book that comprises you mentioning (your states)…".
  22. Because I, at the deepest level, consist of the same energy that comprises the rest of the.
  23. Materialism is a creed, which comprises many different ranks of capacity and respectability.
  24. It comprises multiple dimensions which our present level of human consciousness cannot fathom.
  25. According to Mosher, what this patriotic education comprises, in broad strokes, is a kind of.
  26. The duration of every path is determined by the sum of durations of work activities it comprises.
  27. What you are about to read comprises of extractions forming part of the actual book that you can.
  28. It comprises in itself hundreds of supple, skilful processes that the cleverest juggler cannot compass.
  29. What comprises the World Bank? It is a group of sixteen member institutions from all parts of the world.
  30. There is awareness that humanity comprises a lowly and beastly nature without restraint from a supreme deity.
  31. This figure probably comprises all the other corpses which were flung into this ravine the day after the combat.
  32. Neither space nor time has any existence outside the system of evolving relationships that comprises the universe.
  33. The client base of the SCCU comprises a broad spectrum of complainants in commercial cases and we work with them a lot.
  34. Accordingly, the word 'Daab'ba' does not mean only the animal, but it also comprises all what creeps on land of the solids too.
  35. But as beautiful as it was, I could get only a quick look at this basin whose surface area comprises 2,000,000 square kilometers.
  36. Whatever comprises you is borrowed from the past, rather it be metals from exploded stars or carbon from decayed Jurassic jungles.
  37. It comprises of the creation of heaven and Earth, the Flood and the origins of the Israelite nation and God’s covenant with them.
  38. The camp comprises several tents, made winter-proof by installing wood-burning stoves, and some caravans that must have been towed here.
  39. This leader-selection mechanism comprises two modules: a module for the evaluation and taxonomy of information and an interactive module.
  40. With drug addiction, it comprises the drug's effect on the brain wherein it can become a strong motivational factor to use the drug again.
  41. God-realization is not a single episode play but God realization, actually, comprises a series of realizations over a lengthy span of time.
  42. The complete set comprises the most comprehensive account of the United States ever got together, and nothing since has even approached it.
  43. So when I was asked to write an introduction to Part VII, which comprises the last hundred pages of the book, it was time to do my homework.
  44. The hindering block to unity comprises people whose energy is steeped in greed and dominance as they wish the climate of disparity to remain.
  45. In other words, if Bank XYZ comprises 10 percent of the index, than SKF trading theoretically accounts for $1,108,555,302 worth of XYZ trading.
  46. It comprises Taran of the Elves, Jhamed al Suraqi, Aglaral of the City States, Dawit son of Dia son of Din, and Ventris Captain of the Tower Guard.
  47. The white comprises part of his head, and the whole of his mouth, which makes him look as if he had just escaped from a felonious visit to a meal-bag.
  48. According to the World Bank’s Zoellick, For countries where food comprises from half to three-quarters of consumption, there is no margin for survival.
  49. Wisdom comprises the consciousness of knowledge elevated to new levels of meaning and activated by the presence of the universe endowment of the adjutant of wisdom.
  50. We have also seen that Austria comprises a multinational, multilingual state in which the emperor is friendly to Jews and in which Jews are handmaidens to the emperor.
  51. The first floor comprises a large open plan lounge at the front of the building and Dave's bedroom facing out over the back garden, complete with ensuite shower and loo.
  52. There are actually three more layers of expenses beyond the ER, which merely comprises the fund’s advisory fees (what the managers get paid) and administrative expenses.
  53. The exhibition, which is the result of years of training by kindness and a carefully thoughtout dietary system, comprises, among other achievements, the recitation of verse.
  54. The Qu’ran comprises of 114 chapters, which within are 97 verses dedicated to the threat of hell and 171 verses dedicated to the potential experience and threat of punishment.
  55. The collection comprises essentially the files of Al Freeman, director of advertising and promotion for the Sands Hotel from 1952 until his death at the age of forty-eight in 1972.
  56. Affiliated Managers Group (NYSE:AMG) is a unique asset management firm that comprises a large group of small, boutique investment companies that offer an array of products and services.
  57. The government of the Global Council, the entity that comprises all the Humans in the Solar System, needed weapons to equip a police force that could enforce the new laws about time travel.
  58. Messenger of God (cpth) said: Al'lah's Book comprises the histories of all that have gone before you, the tidings of all that shall come after you, and the judgment of all your present affairs.
  59. Through this example we can see that the patterned design around 8 is not only contained in the text that comprises the ELS, but even factors in attributes around the life of the person being discussed.
  60. To be fair, much of this criticism is justified: his laboratory comprises a workbench in the corner of his garage, and his training consists of a City & Guilds in woodwork and a Bronze swimming certificate.
  61. The apartment itself comprises three decent sized bedrooms, a large lounge with balcony (with washing line arrangements), a dining room, decently appointed kitchen and bathroom – all very modern and sleek.
  62. Rikers Island is the main jail complex for New York City, USA, and comprises 10 jails holding petty criminals, offenders in transit, those unable to get bail and those serving sentences of one year or less.
  63. Reckoning the largest sized Sperm Whale's tail to begin at that point of the trunk where it tapers to about the girth of a man, it comprises upon its upper surface alone, an area of at least fifty square feet.
  64. The idea that comprises the subject matter of the network planning methods is very close to that of the programmed goal planning (or the linear programming methods) but the method implementation technique is different.
  65. With mechanical devices some initial movement is usually transmitted via some complicated transmission chain and some auxiliary mechanism into the final member, which usually comprises a dial and a scale with a time indicating hand.
  66. Its western slope comprises 90 percent of the range, the peaks gradually descending to the fertile valleys that eventually give way to the California coast—which parallels the PCT roughly two hundred miles to the west for most of the way.
  67. The concepts of a Spirit and Soul must be necessary to explain Self’s complexity, specifically in terms of Self’s invisible constructs of consciousness, individual personality, and all that comprises Self that emanates from and into Self.
  68. Right after landing, it started to rain and he and his companions had to take a taxi to go to San Cristóbal Castle to initiate a tour of the National Historical Site of San Juan, which also comprises San Felipe del Morro Castle and the walls.
  69. So, the curriculum of the secondary schools, set aside the primary stuff, is Islamic all the way, of course with Muhammad’s life and times as interregnums; the madrasa academic drill comprises of Islam, the Quran, the Hadith, the Sunna with mathematics for a change.
  70. The entire coast comprises hundreds upon hundreds of mountainous fingers that clutch desperately at the Pacific Ocean, resulting in numerous deep fiords and inlets, sometimes 70 to 100 kilometres in length and terminating in the heart of the snow-capped Coast Mountains.
  71. It comprises Commercial Travellers, Canvassers, Insurance agents, commission agents, the great number of Shop Assistants, the majority of clerks, workmen employed in the construction and adornment of business premises, people occupied with what they call "Business", which means being very busy without producing anything.
  72. In the same manner the remainder of the Old Testament scriptures of the prophets comprises a history of the working of the law, in stimulating and bringing to the surface the 'sinfulness of sin,’ in the chronic rebellion of the Hebrew nation; and they also comprise manifold indications of the working of grace in the hearts of men of good will.
  73. Although Self was created and exists encapsulated within a ‘physical’ body and had a Beginning, and the components of Existence and Beginning are part of the equation that comprises Time, Self and Self’s invisible consciousness and personality etcetera, and thus Self’s Spirit, may now need not to include the experience of Existence in relation to Time and thus ageing.
  74. Considering that with two legs man is but a hobbling wight in all times of danger; considering that the pursuit of whales is always under great and extraordinary difficulties; that every individual moment, indeed, then comprises a peril; under these circumstances is it wise for any maimed man to enter a whale-boat in the hunt? As a general thing, the joint-owners of the Pequod must have plainly thought not.
  75. The particular undertaking contemplated by the State of New York, which marks an honorable spirit of enterprise, and comprises objects of national as well as more limited importance, will recall the attention of Congress to the signal advantages to be derived to the United States from a general system of internal communication and conveyance; and suggest to their consideration whatever steps may be proper, on their part, towards its introduction and accomplishment.
  76. That a bill should be brought in on a very important subject which has been long under consideration, and that a gentleman should move to strike out the first section of the bill, which comprises all its vitality, (for it is the first section which provides for the continuance of the bank,) and should be supported in it, without deigning to assign any other reasons than may be derived from newspaper publications, which are so crude and voluminous that not one man out of ten will so far misspend his time as to take the trouble to read them, is indeed extraordinary.

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