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Frasi con incorporate (in inglese)

  1. But, will they incorporate and.
  2. The attempt to incorporate faith.
  3. And incorporate them into reality?
  4. We will, of course, incorporate.
  5. These are ways that you can incorporate.
  6. But how many of us actually incorporate.
  7. It is best to incorporate cross-training.
  8. Try to incorporate them into your strategy.
  9. It was safe enough to incorporate into a lesson.
  10. Shootfighting does incorporate a lot of stand up.
  11. Cook for 1 minute stirring to incorporate together.
  12. Both science and technology incorporate time as a.
  13. You need to incorporate this quality into yourself.
  14. The most effective figures incorporate the following.
  15. Then, keep it simple, incorporate the headline into.
  16. You need to incorporate various aspects of your life.
  17. A number of indexes and oscillators incorporate volume.
  18. Find ways to incorporate them either fresh in salads or.
  19. It stimulates everything to evolve and incorporate ever.
  20. Incorporate as many of these things into your life as you.
  21. Discovering who we are, and learning to incorporate that.
  22. The best SEO advice must incorporate all of the following.
  23. If you wish to incorporate parts of the Program into other.
  24. How many of them could you incorporate with the word FREE?
  25. With small speakers, you can incorporate them better into an.
  26. Most massage therapists incorporate aromatherapy into their.
  27. Later variations of Aikido began to incorporate some number of.
  28. Some wheels also incorporate key numbers as part of the software.
  29. Grayson was able to incorporate nature into that system as well.
  30. It wants to incorporate me into its huge body, give it knowledge.
  31. Try to incorporate a lot of fruits and vegetables into your diet.
  32. Here are two sample campaigns that incorporate traditional media:.
  33. It wants to incorporate me into its huge body, to give it knowledge.
  34. Incorporate these into your tweets, but be careful not to overdo it.
  35. I think we should incorporate the wisdom of both sides in our trading.
  36. Malaysian-made movie that did not incorporate 15 minutes each of the.
  37. Add tomato paste and stir to incorporate, cooking for 2 to 3 minutes.
  38. In this chapter we incorporate the beliefs of all religious structures.
  39. What are some of the reasons why travelers do not incorporate exercise.
  40. Rock & roll novices need to incorporate this track into their repertoire.
  41. This would facilitate recognition of the clinical need to incorporate the.
  42. Trickle filters and bio-wheel filters incorporate a wet-dry filter portion.
  43. The first is where they incorporate grandma’s ashes into their fireworks.
  44. He even went as far as to incorporate flash, smoke and incendiary grenades.
  45. It would take me months to incorporate every single aspect of what makes a.
  46. The gravity of the Earth strive to incorporate all in the sphere the Earth.
  47. Since then, both the rich and the poor incorporate this in their architecture.
  48. What are some of the reasons why travelers do not incorporate exercise while.
  49. How to incorporate the benefits of meditation and mindfulness into our daily.
  50. I'd suggest that you incorporate in biz-friendly states, such as Delaware and.
  51. One only needs to know the basics and incorporate them into his daily routines.
  52. So you will be able to incorporate all of the functionality as described above.
  53. Feel free to use the language to incorporate into e-mails with public officials.
  54. Stock prices quickly incorporate new information as soon as it becomes available.
  55. Therefore, you need to incorporate those risks to your owner income projections.
  56. When you incorporate those variables, you need to be as conservative as possible.
  57. Some dermatologists will incorporate AHA into the daily skin care regimen of the.
  58. Ask the officer to attach or incorporate the ID Theft Complaint into their police.
  59. It's easy – just make sure you incorporate the techniques explained in this book.
  60. What matters most is to incorporate all the details being asked in the job posting.
  61. We suggest you incorporate this likely dollar progression into your financial plans.
  62. This is cap and trade without the trade but the EPA will probably incorporate.
  63. Using the checklist below, incorporate many of the organizing tips found on the list.
  64. Protein is yet another fundamental building block that you need to incorporate into.
  65. Which of the suggestions above do you need to incorporate into your listening skills?
  66. The gravity of the Earth strives to incorporate everything into the Earth’s sphere.
  67. In a good horror book, there are so many elements you can incorporate into your story:.
  68. They take the ashes and incorporate it into seed which is then placed in a bird-feeder.
  69. This is cap and trade without the trade but the EPA will probably incorporate that too.
  70. Here are gentler ways to detox your body that you can try out or incorporate different.
  71. These systems are based on the essentials of technical analysis but also incorporate Dr.
  72. If you can incorporate a terrace in a garden or backyard setting the reward is tremendous.
  73. Ok, time to check out my goal setting strategy and how you can incorporate that into your.
  74. Here are some of the risks you need to incorporate in your future owner income projection.
  75. The purpose for using these specific images is because the symbolism they incorporate was.
  76. Traders often try to incorporate their personal trading styles into their option strategies.
  77. These programs incorporate elective offerings for several reasons and in a variety of ways.
  78. And many of these services also incorporate a shopping cart application as part of the deal.
  79. Many houses still incorporate traditional designs with paper walls that do not allow one’s.
  80. So you can tell me what you think we should incorporate into Autumn Reigns, he explains.
  81. I love how you managed to incorporate the many religions surrounding the original memorial.
  82. It would not be difficult to incorporate logic gates and arithmetic units in these structures.
  83. But the sun is discarding excess heat it cannot manage to incorporate into its cooling system.
  84. Held–Refuse to relinquish or renounce; to hold fast to and to incorporate within one’s self.
  85. Frank had time to think how he would incorporate this engagement into his doctoral dissertation.
  86. In this way, corporations incorporate themselves into the Earth's organic heart and virtual mind.
  87. Therefore it is crucial y important that you take good care of your brain and incorporate mental.
  88. Find ways to incorporate warmth into your home decorating style that only winter can accommodate.
  89. This is why we must incorporate probabilities of other conservative estimates in our DCF analysis.
  90. I’m just going to give you a quick rundown and share how I incorporate them into my trading plan.
  91. Just incorporate everything that your customers tell you through your survey into the final product.
  92. Most later study other styles but usually they incorporate those styles into their original studies.
  93. Incorporate all of these things in training your dog, so that you would become more effective in it.
  94. Or if you wish to think a bit outside the box you can incorporate a border that possesses some.
  95. A possibility existed he might get there in the spring and incorporate other modes of transportation.
  96. You need to gain a better understanding of various facets in your life and incorporate them together.
  97. Further if you incorporate a garden gate along with walkways, this establishes a feeling of continuation.
  98. There are many ways that a creative mind can incorporate a nautical theme into the home decorating plans.
  99. You need to be more receptive and incorporate aspects of your dream sex partner into your own character.
  100. They extended it last year – converting an old barn to incorporate a small pool and some massage rooms.
  1. He also handled the Incorporating Division.
  2. Before we start incorporating our swing moves with the.
  3. By incorporating this into your website, visitors will.
  4. Also, try incorporating lacewings, bugs that prey on thrips.
  5. Incorporating it in a way that is more comfortable for us individually.
  6. Incorporating trading costs would eat seriously into these paper gains.
  7. I commit to incorporating these ways into my life over the next 6 months.
  8. You might try incorporating plants which climb on walls as well as fences.
  9. What options do you have, when incorporating a new company? Well, you can.
  10. Banks should frame their KYC policies incorporating the following four key.
  11. By incorporating these into your life, you too can become a frugal shopper.
  12. I also know that incorporating these ways into my life will keep me physically.
  13. Research has suggested that incorporating cayenne pepper into the diet may help.
  14. This MA reflects the trend direction by incorporating the values for several periods.
  15. One interesting extension involves incorporating economic priors into the regression.
  16. Incorporating the different features of HTML for developing the web pages will ensure.
  17. Incorporating High Intensity Training is the way to keep it fresh, fast, and effective.
  18. For instance, a popular hood nowadays is the compact Fluorescent hood incorporating an.
  19. You could certainly combine this analysis with a broader self-review incorporating your.
  20. Incorporating these five principles in a business will greatly increase its odds of winning.
  21. This Lifeform, incorporating my physical, mental and spiritual state, is mine and mine alone.
  22. Besides incorporating a very advanced symbology and a difficult code interlaced with a series of.
  23. The trick is always a matter of incorporating these things without making them seem out of place.
  24. Incorporating funding rate spreads cuts the information or Sharpe ratio of the aggregate trade from 0.
  25. I looked at him with indifference, also incorporating me until my eyes were at the same height as his.
  26. December; with the months Quintilis through December incorporating the Roman names for five through ten.
  27. You can improve your forecasting accuracy of future absolute EARET by incorporating both pieces of information.
  28. You can say sayonara and never make that dish again or you can try to make it work, by incorporating some changes.
  29. Increasingly programs are incorporating technology and blending it with face-to-face communication, says Diaz.
  30. According to the current structure, there are three incorporating directors: Ken Smith, Mark Helberg, and Peter Murray.
  31. Fan oven – an electric oven incorporating a fan to circulate hot air evenly within the oven and speed up cooking times.
  32. We’ll see later how incorporating PSR into a group of other value ratios provides even better protection for investors.
  33. HF risks may be better measured by incorporating lagged betas into risk models and by de-smoothing autocorrelated returns.
  34. The establishment of a marine corps is as much an act of sovereignty as an act incorporating the Bank of the United States.
  35. Crucial to this method was that I’d assign to each child his own song, incorporating his or her name into the words.
  36. They are also learning about their world in general and incorporating other concepts into their store of knowledge, such as:.
  37. As this tension accumulates, the muscles of our bodies have no choice but to adapt by incorporating this tension into static positions.
  38. By incorporating aromatherapy into your meditation techniques, you can include the sense of smell and even taste into your meditation time.
  39. Nathan Shumate designed the book cover and was most patient in incorporating multiple suggestions, and revise the design over and over again.
  40. The second layer looks at the free cash flow yield after incorporating operational improvements we expect that don't require top-line growth.
  41. From a factual standpoint, you can only do this by incorporating isolation movements, which can train a muscle in accordance with its function.
  42. Incorporating a whole Regiment of Special Forces from another country is unique in military history but unfortunately it did not work out well.
  43. In one of our sessions, I noticed that Windy was resistant to incorporating Touch Charges and Talk Charges into her relationship with her husband.
  44. Some discretionary traders will use a tool such as the Parabolic as a reference, incorporating it into the trade management process in various ways.
  45. By managing your mental stops manually in this way, you open up the possibility of incorporating any financial instrument into your stop-based strategy.
  46. The pilots and crews had experienced their first short jumps and had started to work simulations incorporating the short jumps into their battle plans.
  47. These SRs could have been boosted further by diversifying each style into other asset classes; but incorporating trading costs would have reduced the SRs.
  48. A law incorporating a military school is as much an act of sovereignty, as to the particular subject to which it relates, as an act incorporating, a bank.
  49. This section examines whether we can further improve the performance of the enhanced strategies by incorporating information from the other three factors.
  50. Serbia attempted to increase borders for a new federal state for Serbs, by incorporating territory taken from two of the other states, Bosnia and Croatia.
  51. Ulysses, being the attentive listener to Zeus’ advice that he is, becomes capable of grasping this meaning and of incorporating it into his own awareness.
  52. The legislature of the state of Ohio have just established a medical college in this city, and have by an unanimous vote passed a law incorporating the Faculty.
  53. Incorporating mobile marketing into your usual marketing campaigns adds a new dimension, and the possibility to add highly targeted elements to your promotions.
  54. The man was ruthless in business, merciless about buying up one company after another and incorporating their products or intellectual knowledge into his empire.
  55. Incorporating a jump risk premium and estimation risk can generate double-digit negative expected returns and thus explain ATM option evidence without mispricing.
  56. But the establishment of a bank is neither levying taxes nor borrowing money; nor is the law incorporating the bank a law to levy taxes, or a law to borrow money.
  57. My preferred response: Kim–Orphanides (2005) show that term structure model estimation can be improved by incorporating survey data to anchor inflation or interest rate expectations.
  58. However, such a different-quality couple will eventually give birth to children that are healthier and stronger in many respects, incorporating the best qualities of both parents.
  59. We’ve had more success by incorporating some projections for longer-term market direction (or at least projecting where the market won’t go) rather than focusing solely on volatility.
  60. This operation enriches the initial information used to calculate criteria by incorporating not only recorded past movements into the final distribution but their inverse values as well.
  61. By incorporating information throughout the year, we can understand which factors work the best regardless of what time of year the initial investment and subsequent rebalances are made.
  62. For it can scarcely be imagined, that the single act of incorporating a bank can be at the same time any thing like a direct execution of so many and such distinct and independent powers.
  63. Crawford) that this has been made a party question, although the law incorporating the bank was passed prior to the formation of parties, and when Congress was not biased by party prejudices.
  64. Since sauna uses heat, experts believe that incorporating this as a regular part of body detoxification would be an effective way to remove the buildups chemical present in persons fat cells.
  65. Why the Bible still contains those admissions is a bit of a mystery, but it is clear that the Hebrews who wrote the Book of Moses were scrupulous in incorporating the older female-driven myths.
  66. The logic here is that the acquiring company is paying a premium for its acquisition and will have to bear the costs of incorporating this new entity within its corporate and operational structure.
  67. An ultra-modern aviator’s wristwatch, manufactured in 2016, along with a military pilot’s survival vest incorporating both Kevlar ballistic protection and an inflatable flotation collar, came out next.
  68. The SAGE (Semi-Automatic Ground Environment) system was the most expensive, the largest – incorporating 56 IBM AN/FSQ-7 computers over an area of 1,860 m2 (20,000 ft2) – and heaviest computer system (226.
  69. I compromise on taking a complete change of clothing for riding and a spare set incorporating a skirt in case I need it … enough knickers for the duration of the trip and more socks than I could ever need … I hope.
  70. As bizarre as this may sound, the question incorporating the word ‘love’ automatically, and subtlety converts itself into a corresponding electromagnetic vibration of which Tony has little choice but to respond to.
  71. Neither Augustine nor Aquinas was a proto-Darwinist…What is striking about both of them, however, is their insistence on understanding and incorporating the best available non-theological thinking into our religious views.
  72. Even Colonialism, which predated modern ideologies, was inclusive and sought to "improve" the Natives" and "bring them to the White Man's level" by assimilating or incorporating them in the culture and society of the colonial power.
  73. But the time had apparently arrived for incorporating the unwelcome expression, especially when Berthier represented that if he did not leave the Kremlin and Kutuzof delivered an attack, he would find himself cut off from his troops.
  74. The Yale Endowment (2009) assumes 6% long-run real returns for developed market stocks (8% for emerging markets), 2% for fixed income, 6% for real assets, and 11% for private equity (incorporating an assumption that Yale can pick good managers).
  75. Poindexter observed that the proposition of the gentleman from Tennessee for incorporating the present Mississippi Territory with West Florida and the Island of Orleans, to the sea, with a view to form of the whole one State, did not meet his approbation.
  76. So when my friend Chris Jones, an accomplished marketer, strategist, motivational speaker, and systems developer, announced he had created a true done-for-you solution incorporating the best practices of marketers like the ones I just mentioned… I was ecstatic.
  77. Incorporating these two seasonal biases would easily improve backtested FX carry strategy performance—for example, doubling position sizes for January and halving sizes for the rest of the year if the January return had been negative would have boosted the Sharpe ratio since 1983 from 0.
  78. Black–Litterman optimizers enable (i) blending historical experience with anchoring priors (such as perceived market equilibrium returns) and/or with active views; (ii) inputting expected return views on particular trades (instead of on each asset separately); and (iii) incorporating a measure of uncertainty for each view.
  79. When the great opportunity came to them to link arms in response to a supreme call they received it with characteristic simplicity, incorporating self-sacrifice into the texture of their common task, and, as far as emotion went, framing the horror of mankind's catastrophic time within the rigid rules of their professional conscience.
  80. The "R" in ATR stands for the range of intraday movement a stock makes from its intraday high to its intraday low; the "T" is there because this calculation also includes the previous day's closing price, thus incorporating any overnight gap; and the "A" signifies that a running average of these figures is what makes up the indicator's end value.
  81. Does the company hold its employees accountable for knowing and incorporating the values? If a supervisor or employee violates the core values, is this behavior tolerated? If a business is serious about communicating, teaching, and operating by using shared definitions of what’s important, it won’t look away if an employee ignores a shared principle.
  82. How can anybody guarantee that the forgiven amount is invested at the own country, without emission of money or new loan? Only our Project guarantees, therefore it has the mechanism of incorporating that forgiven amount of 240 billion dollars in effective investment, without using the physical money, without generating inflation and without the transfer process to occur among people.
  83. In inquiring then, sir, whether or not, at the first promulgation of the constitution, when it came into existence, it was intended that Congress should possess the power of incorporating the Bank of the United States, let us inquire whether there was any possibility of carrying into effect with any tolerable convenience and advantage the several provisions of the constitution, unless this power exists.
  84. For, by these you have agreed that Orleans shall become a State and not part of a State only; and there is a wide and substantial distinction between incorporating that Territory, together with other Territories into a single State, as but a fractional part thereof, and authorizing the people of that Territory to form for themselves a constitution and State government, and to be admitted into the Union upon the footing of the original States.
  85. If we look back, and attentively view the occurrences which took place, when the law incorporating the present bank of the United States was enacted, we shall find our reasoning supported and confirmed by many important circumstances; we shall then perceive, that the act of incorporation was opposed on constitutional ground, by men who were and continue to be esteemed for their talents, political skill, judicial knowledge, probity and patriotism; and it has been admitted, that the arguments formerly urged are unanswerable.
  86. The vote upon the incorporating the bank proves that if such a proposition had been submitted, it must have been rejected under a conviction that the power to create corporations is incident to such of the general powers as might require an act of incorporation completely to execute them, and fairly vested by the constitution in Congress; because ten of the members of that convention were in Congress, and voted for that bill—because General Washington signed that bill, because the only member of that convention now in Congress voted for the bill and is now in favor of renewing the charter; and because there were but eight members of that convention in Congress who voted against it.
  87. Incorporating the philosophies of his various organizations and activities,.
  88. The only problem with incorporating corner base units into your designs is that,.
  1. What’s more, he incorporated our.
  2. Incorporated? Trips to Rome in 21 B.
  3. Trolls were too slow to be incorporated.
  4. After you with our incorporated drinkingcup.
  5. They incorporated links that links to their.
  6. He incorporated these areas of his specialty.
  7. This change can be incorporated into standard.
  8. They have fans incorporated into the aquarium.
  9. Coops must be incorporated inside the enclosures.
  10. I incorporated all the things that you told me.
  11. Lighthouse Service was incorporated into the USCG.
  12. The HBC was incorporated in 1670 by royal charter.
  13. Since then I’ve incorporated them into a process.
  14. The bank was Incorporated on Mars and now had three.
  15. All news is instantly incorporated into market prices.
  16. Save the Cats Incorporated: A non-profit organization.
  17. My mother incorporated that, and we said it all the time.
  18. Hysterical reactions incorporated and actualized these.
  19. Then, the manager of real estate for RHP Incorporated.
  20. Cat Protection Society Incorporated: A no-kill shelter.
  21. The sawmill business was incorporated in 1907, and named.
  22. Torbin was not the only human incorporated into the device.
  23. There are some additional benefits to being incorporated:.
  24. But you are a solicitor and the Incorporated Law Society.
  25. In between, he has also incorporated several technological.
  26. Companies incorporated in ‘tax haven’ countries offer.
  27. Sharing system, the operating system incorporated the hacking.
  28. This is the reason why Taoism and Buddhism are incorporated as.
  29. Another big reason I want to kill him is how he incorporated me.
  30. Add the remaining 1 tablespoon sugar and beat until incorporated.
  31. While many companies have several incorporated sub- units whose.
  32. Here at Knowmedge, we’ve incorporated this important group of.
  33. These lies incorporated the male and vengeful nature (masculine.
  34. The winged sun and other symbols also incorporated feathers and.
  35. Once his rule was over, the Egyptians later incorporated him into.
  36. Where is Holland now? Incorporated as a part of the French empire.
  37. Another business rule needs to be incorporated in the same trigger.
  38. To at least have distaste incorporated into them for what they at.
  39. It is upon this account that, in many large incorporated towns, no.
  40. The section under the bridge had been incorporated into the walkway.
  41. He also wondered if they could be incorporated into a winning system.
  42. Great Britain herself never incorporated apprentices into her armies.
  43. If the standard BMI’s were incorporated you and I would be affected.
  44. This is one way that the meaningful context is incorporated into the.
  45. If a territory be incorporated into a State, it was the opinion of Mr.
  46. Israel incorporated the lies of its captors (Egypt, Babylon, Rome, etc.
  47. Fitch, the following other section was also incorporated in the bill:.
  48. Whiting was incorporated in 1896, and thus goes back at least 75 years.
  49. Aaron’s rod swallowed (incorporated) the serpents (lies/liars) of Egypt.
  50. By having these keywords incorporated into your domain name, you stand a.
  51. This cash is definitely incorporated into the market value of the equity.
  52. Zone Theory and many of his innovative ideas have been incorporated.
  53. Swan Telecom was a company, incorporated owned and controlled by the ADAG.
  54. This testimony was ordered to be incorporated in the record of the hearings.
  55. Excellence can be incorporated in everything we do to take our lives forward.
  56. Certainly, it needs a definition, and should be incorporated into the Lexicon.
  57. Purest crystal windows were incorporated into the wondrously detailed structure.
  58. If you took into account the physical exercise incorporated into the Air Force.
  59. And it is a rather soothing feature incorporated within the backyard landscape.
  60. Fixtures often have fans incorporated into them to keep the bulbs operating at.
  61. In some cases the communities had incorporated some of their own land into the.
  62. The numeric symbolism and astrological math incorporated in The Apocalypse, the.
  63. An opinion about skew and kurtosis can also be incorporated into other strategies.
  64. He killed all their men and incorporated the women and children into the Mongols.
  65. A morale is a principle that is incorporated into, or inferred from a work of art.
  66. Recently, neurobiological research has incorporated brain-imaging technologies to.
  67. The alien spaceship incorporated two bulbous parts, one much larger than the other.
  68. Let’s just get your memory back, okay? he incorporated with a hoarse voice.
  69. Sorensen Incorporated was a subdivision of the Arcturus Corporation, and that they.
  70. Invisibility he knew as an impossibility but he had incorporated the next best thing.
  71. It wasn't that Dylan incorporated self-harm tactics into her already-busy life-style.
  72. The Congress of 1791, which incorporated the present bank, merits the highest regard.
  73. The Red Cross, The Pentagon, and Ecoreal Solutions Incorporated are all virtualnisms.
  74. These views were incorporated from the pantheon of Ra, whose meaning was rediscovered.
  75. Some unexploited, even unexplored capabilities have been incorporated in your organism.
  76. The innovation was that the gallows incorporated a swivel, so that the arm could swing.
  77. Schaefer Corporation (hereafter called Corporation) was incorporated in New York State.
  78. And philosophy too, Sophia incorporated, making Zarah the center of their ridicule.
  79. Add 1 cup of the confectioners' sugar, and work it in with your hands until incorporated.
  80. Only the incorporated I'mage, as personism, has equal identity before the nismatic Court.
  81. With beater running on slow, add in the eggs and vanil a extract and mix until incorporated.
  82. It, in turn, is owned by a Wyoming corporation known as Versailles Investors Incorporated.
  83. They have not only never been incorporated, but the incorporation spirit never has prevailed.
  84. You can look at all the criminal corporations that are incorporated outside the United States.
  85. The helmet also incorporated a miniature radio set and what looked like a night vision system.
  86. The exclusive privilege of an incorporated trade necessarily restrains the competition, in the.
  87. School cafeteria programs are incorporated along with special events, cooking and garden classes.
  88. Industrial designers have incorporated such pretence into the consumer products they design, in.
  89. I’m not sure even Microsoft has ever incorporated this style of response into their software.
  90. A striking example of this development is found in the history of Texas Instruments, Incorporated.
  91. Christianity incorporated excerpts, recasts, and rewrites of earlier Hebrew texts, concepts, and.
  92. Apocalypse, and clearly demonstrates that astrology was incorporated in other Hebrew texts as well.
  93. Power filters often have AC incorporated into the actual filter floss making it a breeze to change.
  94. Egyptian snakes (liars), symbolizes that the original state religion of ancient Israel incorporated.
  95. Western religions also have historical traditions and sects that incorporated reincarnation in their.
  96. Rhea,) in order that the whole might be incorporated into one, offered a resolution for that purpose.
  97. Ann, this is Rene! Have you heard? I mean about Travel in Time, Incorporated? Trips to Rome in 21 B.
  98. The companies were incorporated and domiciled in states where there are no strong antitakeover statutes.
  99. It was much more secure than it had ever been, except for the backdoor code she had incorporated into it.
  100. This could either be incorporated into the town, on a hill above it, or at a short distance away from it.
  1. JVzoo incorporates everything you need.
  2. Each Module incorporates the Life Business P.
  3. To be more precise, web design incorporates.
  4. Thereby, the sun-fire incorporates the seven.
  5. No other method better incorporates the force.
  6. Incantations is for all walks of life, it incorporates.
  7. A current influential hypothesis that incorporates these.
  8. It also incorporates a payment gateway and a merchant account.
  9. The religion of Hinduism incorporates a wide array and plethora of.
  10. If he is impressed, he incorporates it in his stock selection formula.
  11. It integrates and incorporates data gathered from Psychoanalysis and the.
  12. The design incorporates nine steel-unit square tubes in a 3 x 3 tube arrangement.
  13. My Belief incorporates and stresses unity and the belief in one God as being the.
  14. The seven seals symbolism is multi-faceted and incorporates several pivotal concepts.
  15. He is the Guru of Gurus, in other words he is Sadguru because he incorporates supreme Truth.
  16. Golden–Golden incorporates the symbolism of both metal and color and is therefore a compound.
  17. Since the Great Seal incorporates redundant zodiac and star-time symbolism, the eagle is a direct.
  18. For example, the point within the circle, as a symbol for the sun, also purposely incorporates the.
  19. Only the CDS spread incorporates non-zero recovery values, which are important for high-yield debt.
  20. Notice that each setup incorporates the elements of technical analysis that are evident in each chart.
  21. Since the sun as a single eye shines with fire, it incorporates all seven spirits, eyes, and flames as.
  22. Federal criminal law incorporates the meaning of burglary used by the state that the crime occurred in.
  23. Golden–Golden incorporates the symbolism of both metal and color and is therefore a compound character symbol.
  24. Perhaps MLM incorporates some costs and fees that I do not, but I estimate that trading costs should reduce the SR by 0.
  25. A golf fitness program incorporates moderate weight, with medium (12-15) repetitions, and in a time frame of 30-45 minutes.
  26. When you look at a stock (or bond) price today, the price already incorporates what we (the market) expect about the future.
  27. Those who say that men have corrupted our world are oblivious of the reality that the whole Universe incorporates the same notion.
  28. Once you get used to the Forward Bend and can do it tolerably well, proceed as follows which incorporates the Yoga breathing as well.
  29. The microchip is larger than the one he has removed as it consists of three microchip devices that incorporates his modified designs.
  30. This is done in their temples by ritual that incorporates symbols and allegories, much of which has been passed down from ancient times.
  31. The Uniform Code of Military Justice recognizes this precedent and incorporates it into military law in the concept of command responsibility.
  32. In addition, she creates a database structure that incorporates the needs of artists, management, programmers, and corporate counsel that includes:.
  33. It is relatively easy to build a P&L tracking system that incorporates your trades in real time into a spreadsheet that also updates with live market prices.
  34. With regard to the former, Turing incorporates a simulation of attentional directedness, as the mere act of mechanical selection, into his machine at the onset.
  35. The dynamically re-ranked portfolio incorporates this time variation and thus offers a higher ex ante yield spread and a higher ex post return gap than the static carry portfolio.
  36. We can calculate a broader carry measure that incorporates both yield income and rolldown return; it is called rolling yield and reflects return in an unchanged curve scenario.
  37. The symbolism throughout the Dead Sea Scrolls was pivotal to my efforts in this lifetime, which includes the narrative called the Community Rule that incorporates a discussion about the.
  38. Having had an easy time of it with the Letter L Breathing Exercise, try now another exercise which incorporates breathing, stretching, and in its advanced stages, a high degree of balance.
  39. My Belief incorporates the views of all major religions on earth and believes that the supreme energy or point of origin is an intellectual being that governs the world with a sense of karma.
  40. We must say here that the schedule thus drawn up is conditional in so far as it incorporates only activities related to the re-location of equipment, which is directly involved in production.
  41. The actor, spurred on by increasingly good reviews, is offered larger parts with more fluidity of expression, such as a new musical that incorporates a large string section of the finest quality.
  42. Generally, you might adopt a model that incorporates all the above, perhaps by concentrating on stocks in the best deciles of the composite value factors and then selecting those stocks with the best six-month price appreciation.
  43. The elusive marginal investor (often a smart arbitrageur) sets asset prices when new information arrives and modest, if any, new positions are needed to move the asset price to a new equilibrium that incorporates the new information.
  44. So does the OAS or the yield spread between a higher yielding bond and a lower yielding Treasury properly capture the expected return advantage of the former? The OAS incorporates the fact that the investor has effectively written an option (or many) to the issuer/borrower.
  45. His preference for the deal-based valuation is that it is current, that it incorporates the informed buyer's valuation of the business, and that it includes a premium for control that may be worth a lot to the share owner who finds that his or her investment is now in play.
  46. Choosing to indulge in negativity by failing to strive for an aware, positive, and balanced mindset incorporates further negative elements into your being, which resonate with and attract corresponding experiences and intelligences, even providing handles by which such intelligences can toss you about.
  47. The procedure begins in the exporter country when the agreed organization (Area of Activity TRADE) acquires the product or service in its domestic market through the intermediation of Bank3Sector (Area of Activity FINANCES) and this organization incorporates it as donation in its local Coordenational Structure.
  48. The efficient market hypothesis-the idea that the market always incorporates the best estimate of the true value of a security-is embedded in this conception of risk and diversification; otherwise it might be possible for a clever investor to pick relatively few securities and be rewarded for these selections.
  49. But here’s what’s fascinating: Although he still incorporates everything important that I taught him, he doesn’t trade the way I trained him anymore, which is to say that even though he’s retained the crucial elements that all traders need to master, he has found his own completely different style—and what a style it is!.
  50. See that in any situation, each involved country practices the values in its own coin to pay or to receive, without there to be any type of exchange of foreign coin and without anonymous possession of foreign coin; it also incorporates product or acquired service without the acquisition stays in the definitive possession of any organization.
  51. That which incorporates the merits of peace,.
  52. A fair fight however incorporates the key elements of focus,.

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