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Frasi con contain (in inglese)

  1. Is very hard to contain.
  2. The systems also contain 0.
  3. We can at least contain it.
  4. I can barely contain my own.
  5. Most old religions contain it.

  6. They need to contain it, not.
  7. It will contain three scripts.
  8. Imagine trying to contain Beth.
  9. She tried to contain its power.
  10. Josh came forward to contain me.
  11. I can just barely contain it.
  12. A prayer may contain a request.
  13. He could barely contain himself.
  14. He could hardly contain himself.
  15. Con couldn't contain his outrage.

  16. He knows what the hearts contain.
  17. What did the 2nd drawer contain?
  18. Does the brain contain the whole.
  19. It may contain header information.
  20. God knows what the hearts contain.
  21. Jesus could barely contain himself.
  22. We have to contain this situation.
  23. Till then, he must contain himself.
  24. That vase could not contain one.
  25. Canned cat foods contain up to 80.

  26. Edmund could barely contain himself.
  27. Adelaida could not contain herself.
  28. Phishing emails may contain links.
  29. Most of the plays of Lope contain.
  30. She couldn’t contain the feeling.
  31. Tarmon could hardly contain himself.
  32. I contain all, nothing contains me.
  33. Sperm whales do not contain baleen.
  34. It appeared to contain the bedrooms.
  36. Sonic's mozzarella sticks contain 0.
  37. Moshe could contain himself no longer.
  38. Selma could not contain her curiosity.
  39. He couldn't contain his rage anymore.
  40. Yet, he could hardly contain himself.
  41. Jonah could contain himself no longer.
  42. The actual product will contain more.
  43. It did not contain such claim at all.
  44. They contain the following elements:.
  45. The first lesson should contain some.
  46. Marcus couldn’t contain his guffaws.
  47. It should contain more than 200 words.
  48. Of Heaven only can contain the dreams.
  49. His twisting and distortions contain.
  50. He could hardly contain his excitement.
  51. The fences we use to contain them have.
  52. It is said to contain 16 patios, 2673.
  53. The only cells that do not contain 46.
  54. PRECAUTION: Some contain deadly poisons.
  55. A body without breakers to contain it.
  56. It didn’t contain food or resupplies.
  57. Even Phyllis could not contain herself.
  58. He is aware of what the hearts contain.
  59. Eat more food items that contain water.
  60. Processed foods contain more Trans fats.
  61. The interior of the loop would contain.
  62. She could hardly contain her excitement.
  63. A study revealed that fish can contain.
  64. They contain power that made me tremble.
  65. He closed his eyes to contain his anger.
  66. She could no longer contain the emotion.
  67. Sweet wines naturally contain a lot of.
  68. Menachem could contain himself no longer.
  69. Your pages will contain links to other.
  70. Red wine is known to contain flavonoids.
  71. She could scarcely contain her happiness.
  72. He managed to contain his urges, for now.
  73. Create recipes that contain ingredients.
  74. We couldnt contain ourselves any longer.
  75. An enriched job should ideally contain:.
  76. How much detail should the plan contain?
  77. Maybe they could contain the information.
  78. It is said to contain the knowledge and.
  79. Get a count! Guardians, contain the fire.
  80. She didn’t nurse a hurt, or contain it.
  81. I could barely contain my need to open it.
  82. She could not contain her fury any longer.
  83. Unable to contain his anger, he had left.
  84. I couldn’t contain the moan that escaped.
  85. All you have to do is contain them in the.
  86. Great griefs contain something of dejection.
  87. It seems Unks can’t contain his laughter.
  88. But I just could not contain my excitement.
  89. What did the first drawer unlocked contain?
  90. And only one will contain about 60 vampires.
  91. The envelopes at home usually contain bills.
  92. The scroll did contain a picture of a horse.
  93. The agreement should contain the following:.
  94. Try as he might to contain it, he could not.
  95. M: How else? All things contain their future.
  96. Koran appears to contain much of the Mazdaki.
  97. Nothing that is in form can contain it.
  98. Do whatever you can to contain the crisis.
  99. I am so excited that I can barely contain it.
  100. I wouldn't be able to contain it much longer.
  1. Vincent plopped the bag containing the.
  2. That is called containing the situation.
  3. The tin case containing these tools was.
  4. Interestingly, the region containing the.
  5. Here was the place containing all her future.
  6. I felt a heat containing the colors of autumn.
  7. The downtown core was very clean, containing.
  8. It's nothing of the kind, containing only 448.
  9. Put up for sale in cases containing twenty-four.
  10. Also, view those zones as containing and built.
  11. I’d forgotten where I hid the slip containing.
  12. Craving was manipulated with a video containing.
  13. The locker was in the hall containing the airlock.
  14. Water containing more than 1000 mg/Litre ions SO4.
  15. And there came to them news containing a deterrent.
  16. The cook drove the chuck wagon (containing food and.
  17. I succeeded in containing the fury and held her tight.
  18. Travis pulled out another zip-lock bag containing the.
  19. Instead of the dice containing dots there were names.
  20. Females lay several egg cases containing 30-50 eggs ea.
  21. To obtain a report containing the gross amounts billed.
  22. There were four cases in all, three of them containing.
  23. And he held out the envelope containing the four letters.
  24. A raft floated ashore one day containing a very sick man.
  25. And like I said, dreams are all about containing the wild.
  26. Beside him was a wooden jug, presumably containing water.
  27. The corridor was well-lit, containing interview rooms and.
  28. Saints as they climbed into the field containing the sheep.
  29. His hand lay on his bag containing the letter and envelope.
  30. The library is a fine room, containing thousands of volumes.
  31. Containing the new addresses of all the cuckolds in Dublin.
  32. You are the highest form organism containing consciousness.
  33. The van containing the police officers and their securely.
  34. Lithepoul, who was holding a box containing several golden.
  35. Underneath was a hollow space containing an ironbound chest.
  36. A rack containing various boots and shoes stood by the door.
  37. The trendline containing the downtrend has not been violated.
  38. They each carried a backpack, containing essential provisions.
  39. She gave him a queer smile containing traces of embarrassment.
  40. Once the fire got going there was going to be no containing it.
  41. I have that information on another jump drive containing over.
  42. The mineral is remarkable for containing a curious petrifaction.
  43. Is there anything else? Tammas asked, containing his anger.
  44. Now, imagine that a rock layer containing oil has been found to.
  45. Smith containing the "three conditions" which are admitted in Mr.
  46. These are small, and are distinguished by containing human bones.
  47. You mean they’re here? I have a hard time containing the.
  48. It pierces Ralph’s flesh and he drops the pouch containing them.
  49. The base pairs containing the mutated anomalies blinked red again.
  50. She had flung into the lake a bag containing some curious contents.
  51. In this study, if there is large amount of sperm containing fluid.
  52. Most often it is some sort of crazy, mixed-up mess containing both.
  53. After the initiation of the Big Bang, the atoms (containing every-.
  54. A chart containing numerous strong gaps is that of Procter & Gamble.
  55. Only the lid of the case containing the carpets would not shut down.
  56. Bible books containing history, law, and poetry in the Old Testament.
  57. It looks like the half containing the Disrupter is headed for Earth.
  58. Green tea has the added benefit of containing powerful antioxidants.
  59. Cass pulls out a piece of paper containing the directions and address.
  60. A mouth rinse containing zinc chloride was seen in another study to.
  61. The IV solution containing the harvested stem cells was almost empty.
  62. Gradually add to the bowl containing the beaten eggs, about 1/4th of.
  63. Ishmael became the ancestor of the bedoin tribes containing Muhammad.
  64. He was trying to find the boat containing the two Lakellers and Fern.
  65. A few days later he received a parcel containing his books and music.
  66. Healthy young men who took two green tea capsules (containing a total.
  67. The agent immediately fetched a sleek glass bottle containing a potion.
  68. That containing the start of each and all, the virtue, the germs of all.
  69. Scott headed out, got on his bike with a datatab containing the designs.
  70. Yes; there was a tantalus containing brandy and whisky on the sea-chest.
  71. Yamamoto, containing his fury, gave a curt order to his signals officer.
  72. One preliminary trial found that a mixture containing volatile oils of.
  73. A white Renault containing two men immediately pulls up to the elevator.
  74. One of the prizes was a large hamper containing all sorts of foodstuffs.
  75. It is said that angelica root containing variety chemicals that help to.
  76. Eric nodded, and offered the bag containing the robot suit back to Aaron.
  77. This declares the array „var containing 10 different integer elements.
  78. Yes, there was a tantalus containing brandy and whisky on the sea-chest.
  79. For a moment the room containing two adults and five children was silent.
  80. A stone containing a few grains of native copper was found in Litchfield.
  81. Small jars lined the shelf, each containing bits of grass and dry leaves.
  82. It is 27 miles in length, and 21 in breadth, containing 535 square miles.
  83. Between these large dishes were smaller ones containing various dainties.
  84. Venus' interior is probably very similar to that of Earth, containing an.
  85. I handed it, still containing the list, to Alistair Vaughan, he said.
  86. The particles have limits, but not the space containing and creating them.
  87. Under his arm he had a portfolio containing papers relating to some case.
  88. Loan application forms should be comprehensive containing all information.
  89. Considering her outfit, I had a difficult time containing my own laughter.
  90. She produced a large file folder containing several hundred sheets of paper.
  91. It is said that wild yam containing certain substances that help to reduce.
  92. Excitement mounted as the fifth race containing Ocean Blended got under way.
  93. In Cornwall it is found in small crystals in the gneiss containing graphite.
  94. Therefore, the week containing December 31st started on Sunday, December 25.
  95. She picked up the evidence bag containing the note and turned it in her hand.
  96. She placed the vile containing some of the stone into her bag with the rest.
  97. This module shows a list of the calendar months containing archived articles.
  98. In my backpack you'll find a brown bottle containing Yun Nan Bai Yao powder.
  99. Pens stretched his hand to me but seemed as if he was containing tears again.
  100. Indeed, the Jewish Army often defeated armies opposing them containing such.
  1. But she contained her anger.
  2. I felt we had him contained.
  3. The box contained what Tom.
  4. He contained such power and.
  5. Block2 is contained in block1.
  6. Beth contained in a silver jar.
  7. It contained a few gold coins.
  8. The sermon which is contained.
  9. What it contained surprised me.
  10. It contained twenty Bank of St.
  11. One contained bear meat swim-.
  12. The third cage contained clowns.
  13. It contained a bloodstained rag.
  14. Maybe they have it contained.
  16. Both rooms contained double beds.
  17. Self contained, with a staff of.
  18. Each comment contained some truth.
  19. And they often contained carvings.
  20. His Comedias are contained in vols.
  21. The basket contained bread loaves.
  22. I was hoping they contained it.
  23. This one stroke contained the.
  24. It contained Marius' hundred cards.
  25. However, it could and was contained.
  26. It contained everything they would.
  27. That contained only fifteen numbers.
  28. It contained a pair of long pistols.
  29. May the insights contained in this.
  30. All of it is contained in the trauma.
  31. They contained supplies for the mess.
  32. Plated baskets contained fresh rolls.
  33. The box contained just a single match.
  34. Moshe's mount would not be contained.
  35. Page 16 contained a photo of Richard.
  36. What miracles this house contained!.
  37. Irfan’s wain contained another chest.
  38. Each room contained a separate family.
  39. Guo Yuxia contained her smile and said.
  40. That RoboBox, sir, contained the virus.
  41. That only contained a few small bills.
  42. The ground floor contained scattered.
  43. The next closet contained shelves of.
  44. And time future contained in time past.
  45. Oh, what tenderness that kiss contained.
  46. This one contained every link she had.
  47. The front of the vessel contained the.
  48. His hair contained countless beads of.
  49. I want him within sight but contained.
  50. Their fruit contained many winged seeds.
  51. And this worm hole contained countless.
  52. Think what it might have contained!.
  53. The box contained his father’s effects.
  54. The second victim's purse contained $144.
  55. Our archives contained some information.
  56. He sat and scanned the names it contained.
  57. It contained more than biological matter.
  58. It contained the latest Video-com and a.
  59. But his smile contained some elements of.
  60. The file contained copies of all message.
  61. I wish I too contained all that is needed.
  62. Past and present, contained in the future.
  63. The notion that contained universes that.
  64. It contained only a table and five stools.
  65. A report of the mass autopsies contained.
  66. Carrie barely contained her moan of dismay.
  67. But the shop contained none of these things.
  68. One of the rooms contained a skeleton on a.
  69. Some contained what could be a whole family.
  70. It contained Wayne's fingerprints all over.
  71. Both one's mind and the contained memories.
  72. The wall behind his massive desk contained.
  73. It contained a small green fin and poultice.
  74. Contained within this box is a precious gift.
  75. The information contained with it about the.
  76. The courtyard contained an inlaid stone floor.
  77. It contained a vast hanger full of equipment.
  78. It contained his academic robe and doctoral.
  79. The next several weeks contained a flurry of.
  80. He barely contained his smile as he felt the.
  81. It’s the only way to keep them contained.
  82. Just about anything is what the hole contained.
  83. The third cage contained something very much.
  84. The envelope contained a blank sheet of paper.
  85. This motel contained roughly one hundred rooms.
  86. That was the all furniture the room contained.
  87. This would be contained in the equivalent of.
  88. However, Connie wasn’t that easily contained.
  89. I should say beyond doubt that it contained a.
  90. He could not tell which contained his treasure.
  91. He wondered what those strange rooms contained.
  92. The servlet is contained in the class xptoolkit.
  93. Nature can neither be contained nor controlled.
  94. That amount of EPA is usually contained in 20.
  95. I felt the information contained in this book.
  96. Contained by his values, he was released from.
  97. He partly knew, too, what the letter contained.
  98. And the entire universe being contained in (or.
  99. Contained within itself, a universe of its own.
  100. All that live is contained in the book of life.
  1. The city contains all of.
  2. It contains a variety of.
  3. It contains the essence of.
  4. The Handle Contains The Ink.
  5. The list contains each page.
  6. It contains only two stories.
  7. And it contains all knowledge.
  8. It contains a huge number of.
  9. Each mind always contains the.
  10. The Torah contains many simi-.
  11. It contains the keys you will.
  12. My soul contains ingrown hairs.
  13. This book contains her wisdom.
  14. It contains money sealed in wax.
  15. I fancy it contains her letters.
  16. It contains all the words that.
  17. Yes, it contains the string "a".
  18. Their version contains the same.
  19. Each plan contains something of.
  20. Yes, it contains the string "war".
  21. It contains all you need to know.
  22. Every marriage contains two hearts.
  23. I contain all, nothing contains me.
  24. The Staff contains Beings at very.
  25. En contains all X such that X > an.
  26. The Koran contains nothing original.
  27. Eo contains all X such that X≤ai.
  28. Every cell in your body contains 6.
  29. It contains the germs of dissolution.
  30. Bible contains the books of the Old.
  31. This website contains the following:.
  32. That map contains valuable advice.
  33. That is what God’s command contains.
  34. This list contains bargain securities.
  35. It also contains steroidal saponins.
  36. Each category contains three concepts.
  37. Contains potassium for general healing.
  38. The real row contains the elapsed time.
  39. It also contains the token, which you.
  40. The riddle here contains several images.
  41. Each vial contains seventy little pills.
  42. It contains millions of nanobots inside.
  43. But that decision contains a long-term.
  44. This space contains the air we breathe:.
  45. It is important that your diet contains.
  46. The universe contains physics and agency.
  47. It contains an emotional aspect and is a.
  48. The report contains photos for comparison.
  49. The outermost ring, Adams, contains five.
  50. It contains high amounts of vitamins and.
  51. But beer is beer, it all contains alcohol.
  52. Here’s a crate that contains old papers.
  53. Our trade plan contains all of these rules.
  54. Alcohol contains nothing but empty calories.
  55. TENDERCRISP sandwich contains 4 grams of it.
  56. This Blog Also Contains Information About.
  57. The Bible contains both milk and solid food.
  58. This file contains all of the medical plans.
  59. Words part – this one contains words only.
  60. It contains a few toy soldiers made of lead.
  61. Go to the directory that contains the build.
  62. Let not the advice it contains be overlooked.
  63. Thus every problem contains its own solution.
  64. There is a record which contains its history.
  65. It contains a seaweed plant called Gorsporth.
  66. Almost any copy of the Quran contains the 99.
  67. Fish contains very little saturated fat, and.
  68. A "blank" is an end of a domino that contains.
  69. They are in the spirit that contains them all.
  70. Yes! This crate alone contains four Colt CRGL.
  71. It contains the number of the Current Account.
  72. M: All I say is that consciousness contains all.
  73. It contains silex, often from 3 to 15 per cent.
  74. What mattered was that it still contains water.
  75. An elephant's trunk contains more than 50,000.
  76. The data field contains the summary information.
  77. Pour out the oil it contains and bring it to me.
  78. Ei contains all X such that a
  79. If the result contains more than one digit, add.
  80. Who knows what important information it contains.
  81. It contains my clothes and a spare pair of shoes.
  82. A certificate typically contains the following:.
  83. Another sub-array that contains elements < pivot.
  84. Each aspect of experience contains all the others.
  85. It contains the biography collection of different.
  86. Each of us living today has DNA that contains the.
  87. Finally, the phone contains a Taser-like shock app.
  88. And yet His garden contains widely different sorts.
  89. A verse-line contains one or more rhythmic stresses.
  90. One of these files contains root name server hints.
  91. It is the name of the file which contains the class.
  92. It contains powerful antioxidants called catechins.
  93. On the first-mentioned hill, it contains some talc.
  94. Time contains the third dimension, which is formed.
  95. I know it contains more than the simulation data.
  96. Human hair contains nitrogen and other trace minerals.
  97. This is the place that contains all of the high-tech.
  98. The head is filled with nucleus, which contains all.
  99. It usually contains the main idea or the main topic.
  100. The sys module contains system-specific functionality.

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