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Frasi con concord (in inglese)

  1. As a teacher at Concord Academy in.
  2. I voted for fraternity, concord, the dawn.
  3. How comes this gentle concord in the world.
  4. THOMAS PIERCE was in Concord, Massachusetts.
  5. So, he had his chance back there in Concord.

  6. He was keenly aware of the origin of Concord grapes.
  7. Shirley, we decided in concord that it would be best to tell.
  8. The joy of soothing and pacifying, the joy of concord and harmony.
  9. Your life is now in complete concord with the will of Divinity and the.
  10. Pierce’s car was heading into Concord Center, the most congested area of town.
  11. There is a one hundred-dollar reward for this bandit to be paid out of Concord.
  12. Concord was a self-contained, somewhat constrained town that seemed to be aging gracefully.
  13. Then in our city the language of harmony and concord will be more often heard than in any other.
  14. And what concord hath Christ with Belial? or what part hath he that believeth with an infidel?
  15. If we have had the seven-years' itch, we have not seen the seventeen-year locust yet in Concord.

  16. He was daring us to shoot him at ninety miles an hour on Route 2 outside Concord, Massachusetts.
  17. First of all there is faith then fear of the Lord love concord words of righteousness truth patience.
  18. Thus he had only one superior grapevine and he nurtured that one plant into vineyards of Concord grapes.
  19. The sheriff has determined that his name is Jarad Hortmuller and he is an escapee from the Concord jail.
  20. The Concord hunter told him what he knew and offered him the skin; but the other declined it and departed.
  21. I was the axle ringer for the Concord bound train out of Boston that derailed and killed the president's son.
  22. On Friday July 4, 1857, the celebrants mobbed the town greens, many from as far away as Concord, New Hampshire.
  23. I caught glimpses of the Town House, Concord Inn, the Masons Hall—then a sign for Route 62—another for Route 2.
  24. Henry David Thoreau, that was titled "A week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers" which he published a few years ago.
  25. All our Concord waters have two colors at least; one when viewed at a distance, and another, more proper, close at hand.

  26. In 1843 Ephraim Bull of Concord, Massachusetts, planted a few seeds of the "fox" grape intending to raise these wild grapes.
  27. And yet, if you had a discriminating ear, there were in it the elements of a concord such as these plains never saw nor heard.
  28. We will give so much weight to the latter consideration, as to make the temperament of each concord inversely as its frequency.
  29. But, Olin, you will have to argue law against the prosecuting attorney, recently retained from a well know law firm in Concord.
  30. Possibly a discordant interval, or a concord largely tempered, might, in a few instances, add to the resources of the composer.
  31. There is a reward of one hundred dollars and Claude Michaud and me will share that when it arrives from Concord the sheriff says.
  32. And Molly’s father, being a pillar of the city, made concord with the fire and police about all the cars, noise and giant fire.
  33. These, with Concord River, are my water privileges; and night and day, year in year out, they grind such grist as I carry to them.
  34. What might bring you here today? Olin hoped that it was not news that the thug Jarad Hortmuller had escaped from the Concord jail.
  35. We arrived, therefore, at Stubbenkammer about six o'clock in a state of perfect concord, pleasantly tired, and hot enough to be glad we had got there.
  36. Thus Concord grapes resulted from a single random, once in a lifetime, genetic mutation that could have come and gone unnoticed unless a man such as Mr.
  37. The day will come, citizens, when all will be concord, harmony, light, joy and life; it will come, and it is in order that it may come that we are about to die.
  38. Let us clothe ourselves with concord being humble temperate keeping ourselves far from all whispering and evil speaking justified by our deeds and not by our words.
  39. It was to see my native village in the light of the Middle Ages, and our Concord was turned into a Rhine stream, and visions of knights and castles passed before me.
  40. Whereas I lived north of Manchester, almost in the Concord city limits, he lived to the west in Weare, and I could finally look and appreciate the outside of the house.
  41. The crimes listed were armed robbery, theft of farm animals, horse theft, breaking and entering, accosting a young lady and escape from the Concord, New Hampshire jail.
  42. In the numerous examples which history furnishes, let an instance be pointed out, in any war, where the public interest has been promoted by divisions, or injured by concord.
  43. That evening a Weston squire came to the Concord hunter's cottage to inquire for his hounds, and told how for a week they had been hunting on their own account from Weston woods.
  44. She said it was a miracle that in the family environment in which I grew up, the conflicts with my father, the identification and concord with mother, I did not turn out a homosexual.
  45. Martinmon has agreed that for an appropriate fee to the railroad, you will forge hand and leg manacles with chains for a prisoner that will be transported by wagon to the Concord jail.
  46. It is the work of a brave man surely, in whom there was no guile! He rounded this water with his hand, deepened and clarified it in his thought, and in his will bequeathed it to Concord.
  47. A gentleman died in Michigan in a motorcycle accident and the liver was taken from him and frozen and was flown by concord jet to New York, where it was in my father in less than two hours.
  48. Is it not better to sacrifice this golden calf upon the altar of concord, restore confidence and harmony among individuals as well as States, and to reunite the lovers of the constitution?
  49. Happily for the success of this delicate adventure, he had to deal with ears but little practised in the concord of sweet sounds, or the miserable effort would infallibly have been detected.
  50. Concord Fight! Two killed on the patriots' side, and Luther Blanchard wounded! Why here every ant was a Buttrick—"Fire! for God's sake fire!"—and thousands shared the fate of Davis and Hosmer.
  51. As he sat that February evening he brooded over the fact that Jarad Hortmuller had for the second time escaped from the Concord prison, strangling a guard to death and obtaining his weapon in the process.
  52. With him dwelt Fenda, his hospitable wife, who told fortunes, yet pleasantly—large, round, and black, blacker than any of the children of night, such a dusky orb as never rose on Concord before or since.
  53. The hunter who told me this could remember one Sam Nutting, who used to hunt bears on Fair Haven Ledges, and exchange their skins for rum in Concord village; who told him, even, that he had seen a moose there.
  54. Who knows in how many unremembered nations' literatures this has been the Castalian Fountain? or what nymphs presided over it in the Golden Age? It is a gem of the first water which Concord wears in her coronet.
  55. Some people on the train told us that there would be a celebrating crowd here at the town greens today so we got off at this stop in hopes of getting some money for food and train tickets to Manchester or Concord.
  56. In the case of a union, it would probably prevail less in Ireland than in Scotland; and the colonies would probably soon enjoy a degree of concord and unanimity, at present unknown in any part of the British empire.
  57. They were not, indeed, made with the same accuracy, for the music of which the chords were counted, was too generally of the simpler kind, and the numbers corresponding to those in the two columns under each concord in Table II.
  58. Goose Pond, of small extent, is on my way to Flint's; Fair Haven, an expansion of Concord River, said to contain some seventy acres, is a mile southwest; and White Pond, of about forty acres, is a mile and a half beyond Fair Haven.
  59. And certainly there is not the fight recorded in Concord history, at least, if in the history of America, that will bear a moment's comparison with this, whether for the numbers engaged in it, or for the patriotism and heroism displayed.
  60. To those who would doubt the possibility of even bringing such a scheme into existence the answer may be made that there are psychological moments when any measure tending towards the ends of concord and justice may be brought into being.
  61. East of my bean-field, across the road, lived Cato Ingraham, slave of Duncan Ingraham, Esquire, gentleman, of Concord village, who built his slave a house, and gave him permission to live in Walden Woods;—Cato, not Uticensis, but Concordiensis.
  62. And unless man had been joined to God, he could never have become a partaker of incorruptibility, for it was incumbent upon the Mediator between God and men, by His relationship to both, to bring both to friendship and concord, and to present man to God, while He revealed God to man.
  63. But this small village, germ of something more, why did it fail while Concord keeps its ground? Were there no natural advantages—no water privileges, forsooth? Ay, the deep Walden Pond and cool Brister's Spring—privilege to drink long and healthy draughts at these, all unimproved by these men but to dilute their glass.
  64. Ah, the pickerel of Walden! when I see them lying on the ice, or in the well which the fisherman cuts in the ice, making a little hole to admit the water, I am always surprised by their rare beauty, as if they were fabulous fishes, they are so foreign to the streets, even to the woods, foreign as Arabia to our Concord life.
  65. Then all was peace, all friendship, all concord; as yet the dull share of the crooked plough had not dared to rend and pierce the tender bowels of our first mother that without compulsion yielded from every portion of her broad fertile bosom all that could satisfy, sustain, and delight the children that then possessed her.
  66. In this application, however, as D was before raised 5, m, the temperament of the Vth below A, must be taken 154 + 5; and in all the succeeding operations, when the exterior termination of any concord has been already altered, we must take its temperament, not what it was at first, but what it has become, by such previous alteration.
  67. Suddenly an unmistakable cat-owl from very near me, with the most harsh and tremendous voice I ever heard from any inhabitant of the woods, responded at regular intervals to the goose, as if determined to expose and disgrace this intruder from Hudson's Bay by exhibiting a greater compass and volume of voice in a native, and boo-hoo him out of Concord horizon.
  68. Thus by the authority of Agramante and the wisdom of King Sobrino all this complication of disputes was arranged; but the enemy of concord and hater of peace, feeling himself slighted and made a fool of, and seeing how little he had gained after having involved them all in such an elaborate entanglement, resolved to try his hand once more by stirring up fresh quarrels and disturbances.
  69. I also heard the whooping of the ice in the pond, my great bed-fellow in that part of Concord, as if it were restless in its bed and would fain turn over, were troubled with flatulency and had dreams; or I was waked by the cracking of the ground by the frost, as if some one had driven a team against my door, and in the morning would find a crack in the earth a quarter of a mile long and a third of an inch wide.
  70. Anselmo, it is true, was somewhat more inclined to seek pleasure in love than Lothario, for whom the pleasures of the chase had more attraction; but on occasion Anselmo would forego his own tastes to yield to those of Lothario, and Lothario would surrender his to fall in with those of Anselmo, and in this way their inclinations kept pace one with the other with a concord so perfect that the best regulated clock could not surpass it.
  71. And then fresh sparks went up above the wood, as if the roof fell in, and we all shouted "Concord to the rescue!" Wagons shot past with furious speed and crushing loads, bearing, perchance, among the rest, the agent of the Insurance Company, who was bound to go however far; and ever and anon the engine bell tinkled behind, more slow and sure; and rearmost of all, as it was afterward whispered, came they who set the fire and gave the alarm.
  72. This work is the destruction of the discord and of the struggle among men and other beings, and the establishment among men of the greatest union, concord, and love; this work is the realization of what the Jewish prophets promised, saying that the time will come when all men shall be taught the truth, when the spears shall be forged into pruning-hooks, and the scythes and swords into ploughshares, and when the lion shall lie with the lamb.
  73. If thou followest these precepts and rules, Sancho, thy days will be long, thy fame eternal, thy reward abundant, thy felicity unutterable; thou wilt marry thy children as thou wouldst; they and thy grandchildren will bear titles; thou wilt live in peace and concord with all men; and, when life draws to a close, death will come to thee in calm and ripe old age, and the light and loving hands of thy great-grandchildren will close thine eyes.
  74. I have said that Walden has no visible inlet nor outlet, but it is on the one hand distantly and indirectly related to Flint's Pond, which is more elevated, by a chain of small ponds coming from that quarter, and on the other directly and manifestly to Concord River, which is lower, by a similar chain of ponds through which in some other geological period it may have flowed, and by a little digging, which God forbid, it can be made to flow thither again.
  75. The congress places on record a heartfelt expression of gratitude to Almighty God for the remarkable harmony and concord which have characterized the meetings of the assembly, in which so many men and women of varied nations, creeds, tongues, and races have gathered in closest co-operation, and for the conclusion of the labors of the congress; and expresses its firm and unshaken belief in the ultimate triumph of the cause of peace and of the principles advocated at these meetings.
  76. This Congress places on record a heartfelt expression of gratitude to Almighty God for the remarkable harmony and concord which have characterized the meetings of the Assembly, in which so many men and women of varied nations, creeds, tongues, and races have gathered in closest coöperation, and in the conclusion of the labours of the Congress; it expresses its firm and unshaken belief in the ultimate triumph of the cause of Peace and of the principles which have been advocated at these meetings.
  77. This Congress places on record a heartfelt expression of gratitude to Almighty God for the remarkable harmony and concord which have characterized the meetings of the Assembly, in which so many men and women of varied nations, creeds, tongues, and races have gathered in closest coöperation; and in the conclusion of the labors of this Congress, it expresses its firm and unshaken belief in the ultimate triumph of the cause of Peace, and of the principles which have been advocated at these meetings.
  78. I find that even so long ago as 1792, in a "Topographical Description of the Town of Concord," by one of its citizens, in the Collections of the Massachusetts Historical Society, the author, after speaking of Walden and White Ponds, adds, "In the middle of the latter may be seen, when the water is very low, a tree which appears as if it grew in the place where it now stands, although the roots are fifty feet below the surface of the water; the top of this tree is broken off, and at that place measures fourteen inches in diameter.
  79. In short, what cause is more just, and consequently, what war is greater, than that which reestablishes social truth, restores her throne to liberty, restores the people to the people, restores sovereignty to man, replaces the purple on the head of France, restores equity and reason in their plenitude, suppresses every germ of antagonism by restoring each one to himself, annihilates the obstacle which royalty presents to the whole immense universal concord, and places the human race once more on a level with the right? These wars build up peace.

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