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    1. He remembered that day "You are the architect of this camp, I fully agree

    2. There is a Colonel from his expedition who does not agree with the majority decision and wants to make his own policy

    3. will agree with Him in everything He says and does

    4. · Speak up about things you do not agree, but without anger

    5. Herndon did not agree with her on that, but did not say anything

    6. Johnny was about to agree when he noticed the three guards that stood between them and the nearest exit

    7. ‘Yes, but why Liz? If she hadn’t been set up as the murderer initially, I’d agree with you, but as things are, it seems all of a piece

    8. You seek to attack and destroy any thing with which you do not agree

    9. "I agree with that," Tahlmute said

    10. When there was a pause he said, "I agree about sleep, I think I'll go find some

    11. ‘Yes, I agree with you, Molly

    12. agree with the word that says you are healed

    13. "I think we both know it's too late for that, wouldn't you agree?"

    14. "I agree, Morg can come up

    15. "You agree, it's that Colonel guy?"

    16. agree to some change in the local church/congregation That is not the changing of doctrine

    17. I said nothing but I do agree with Nondas

    18. "Once we agree that lives are expendable for objectives, we are only discussing the price

    19. "Then that means you agree with your father? That he should go?"

    20. I also agree with Vincef that a clandestine operation is the only way we'll catch the wizards themselves

    21. He spent those three years talking to each of them, trying to mold their position into something that would make Herndon agree to join them within a boundary

    22. His intellect could agree with her, but his body was filled with adrenaline and needed to be doing something about it

    23. "And I agree the storm wasn't the worst of it

    24. ‘I’d agree with that

    25. “Yes I agree you must give me the recipe

    26. Your world was in chaos Daniel, even you agree on that point

    27. “Yes, I have to agree with you there Catwhiskers

    28. ‘I agree with you, Berndt; that would be our best course

    29. JOYCE: Would you agree that she was no party to your pleasure?

    30. ‘Yes, I’d agree with that

    31. I agree I behaved badly

    32. ‘I agree – that is not in question

    33. ‘Good, we agree on that … your turn

    34. ‘I suppose it would come down to whichever of us is the more expert in whatever we are talking about … but, if we still can’t agree, I expect I shall have to say that you hold sway

    35. Jake turned to face John, if you do accept this task and agree to go John, you will have to be enhanced

    36. Even those who thought her type was an anachronism in these modern times were forced to agree that she was very unassuming and brave

    37. I agree that this should be our priority here

    38. “I will agree with you on that for sure

    39. “chat” with people who are interested in you before you agree to a real date

    40. We had to keep stopping for me to massage my legs which gave Alessandra plenty of opportunity to tease, although she did agree it wasn't an easy trek, 'Wait till we're going down through the gorge, it's worse than going up

    41. 'Ok, here is a deal,' Ish said, 'I agree to the notebooks, not textbooks mind you,

    42. I outline my idea for the study - my two legal advisers agree that this would be both possible and practical

    43. has indicated that the ruler here, Queen Naria, just might agree to see us

    44. "He says the only way he sees the distant areas is in the setup screens when he details them," Kelvin recalled Ava telling him, "but I tend to agree with Heymon

    45. She waited, hoping he would agree to let her stay

    46. We agree that it would be more sensible for me to deal with the letting of the cottage – I’ll contact the agency she used when I took the tenancy

    47. “Oh I agree,” Glayet said, “I just wanted to share what he was thinking

    48. He wondered why the Pan Solar League had picked Ceres instead of a body large enough to agree with scripture

    49. I still don’t think I’m ready to accept your explanation of the signals I’m getting from it light years out in the direction of 61 Cygni, but I agree they could be faked

    50. “My sisters and I agree with you on that matter sir, this war against the Ogatu is insane

    1. Sarah’s very wise teacher obviously agreed

    2. I readjusted myself to this “new time” and the day continued without event until we agreed to meet for an evening meal at 1900

    3. I told her she was right, of course, and we both agreed that we should take a step back and be friends

    4. "We agreed it was a stupid idea," Herndon said, "and vetoed it immediately

    5. "We agreed on what to tell him," Herndon said softly

    6. 'Dreadfully!' she agreed, shaking her head and pursing her lips

    7. ’ I agreed, remembering my childhood

    8. Tahlmute agreed to pay doostEr for his wasted time, and promised he would get this straightened out

    9. ‘Yes … why not?’ I agreed, eyeing up what is on offer

    10. After walking to the far rocks and back they both agreed that it was time for a

    11. For the last forty decades scientists agreed that life of humanoid evolution had been transported here from a planet at a star called YingolNeerie and Estwig had never heard otherwise

    12. someone end it all that I would have agreed to anything

    13. ‘I thought it might be a good idea if we had a little chat … and we agreed that she should come to look at the rooms

    14. ’ She agreed, turning as Stephen comes into the room

    15. My father was on the other side of the law but he would have thoroughly agreed

    16. After some discussion yesterday, it had been agreed that I would use the main front door for the time being, while Stephen organises a spare set of keys for the flat, as we are now calling it

    17. agreed to the terms at once, seeing something close to half a million heading his way

    18. Your offspring is late with payments, init? Interest rate of 100% applies after failure to repay a loan on the agreed date, init?"

    19. ’ I agreed, following her down the path leading to the back of the shop

    20. It was up to her and her skill with that android to get that starship going and she agreed to try

    21. ’ I agreed, joining him in his contemplation of the very neat grass

    22. "That's okay,” Saya agreed

    23. unwittingly agreed with the future earthly Buddha in that He found the unformulated

    24. ’ Stephen agreed, his mouth full of sandwich

    25. ’ I agreed with a sigh

    26. The discoveries reported by Brazil agreed with data the Christial's had reported for a time early during their stay

    27. Their tenant was that each individual could not be coerced to participate in society beyond what each individual voluntarily agreed to

    28. “I wouldn't rule out that possibility,” agreed Peter -one of the few in our class the guru thinks high of

    29. Later, at Janus, we all had a pleasant surprise: Alexander finally agreed to our attempting a technique for astral projection in class, which consists of the following steps:

    30. “Me too!” another one seconded and the others agreed, probably because they wanted to oppose me

    31. He agreed with the astrophysicists, it would be at least a thousand years before humans could survive on this planet again if it was impacted with a body this size

    32. He listened carefully to what I said, he agreed in everything and declared he had just found his soul mate

    33. We agreed to leave and drive to the seaside

    34. Anyway, I don't know if the would-be groom believed me; however, we agreed to meet again two days later and go for a swim at “a nice, isolated beach in Kavouri”, as George suggested

    35. In spite of the above fiasco, I agreed to visit Louise in her office once again this morning, for the same purpose

    36. Nevertheless, we had a nice time together, she asked to meet me again and I agreed with pleasure

    37. The reports agreed that the planet was old as well as big and heavily populated

    38. To this we agreed

    39. At least this woman had agreed to children, if not monogamy

    40. ’ Kara agreed, grinning at the reference – one of the things she and Joris had shared was a love for Earth literature, poetry in particular

    41. All that Smith was aware of was the equivalent of a cosmic itch, and he endured the madness of the itch because he was impotence personified, that impotence inherent in not quite understanding the concept of the scratch, Smith unwittingly agreed with the future earthly Buddha in that He found the unformulated conjecture of eternal peace to be vexatious and maddening

    42. Nandini had agreed to come back home to her children

    43. The next day Brijbabu had agreed to visit the “Sen”

    44. Kakon Debi had agreed to bring the family to

    45. she had agreed to it

    46. Then there had been what Joris had termed ‘bits and pieces’ – in truth, valuable artefacts collected from all over the world that he had garnered during his travels; after discussions with Berndt who had taken a quick look at the vast store of, without exception, items of considerable artistic merit if not value, Kara had agreed that the bulk might be offered to the new Guild to form the basis of a museum of some sort

    47. Numbers that agreed with Alan's

    48. have agreed to learn some tricks and be part of the show

    49. She was sympathetic and agreed that it was scary, even more scary because he knew so little about where he was

    50. We agreed that we wouldn’t say anything to the others about him just yet

    1. The split in the mind of man without love overflows agreeing

    2. He rang me towards the end of last term and nit-picked for over half an hour – could have strangled him by the time he finally got round to agreeing that you’d been right all along!

    3. To the grave and desperate disappointment of both the young man and his mother, the young ladies behaved perfectly because they had all been brought up properly by respectably stage struck parents, each of them agreeing immediately to the request for a bit of a scrub at the washtub

    4. ‘But it’s great sharing, Mum!’ Katie chipped in and Abi jumps in agreeing

    5. agreeing to substitute them with the most expensive pair of black

    6. parents, each of them agreeing immediately to the request for a bit

    7. As he went on about it, he could see that she was agreeing with everything and became interested in their mysteriousness

    8. "I think it's a religious cult," Luray said, agreeing with the staff at Kadaks

    9. One should never admit to agreeing with an opponent during the course of negotiations

    10. When those companies do not trade upon a joint stock, but are obliged to admit any person, properly qualified, upon paying a certain fine, and agreeing to submit to the regulations of the company, each member trading upon his own stock, and at his own risk, they are called regulated companies

    11. Danny had known he was agreeing to

    12. “Helen has quite a bloom to her cheeks I don’t think I have ever seen her look more radiant there’s something on this leave agreeing with her

    13. The bank of England, either by voluntarily discounting those bills at their current value, or by agreeing with government for certain considerations to circulate exchequer bills, that is, to receive them at par, paying the interest which happens to be due upon them, keeps up their value, and facilitates their circulation, and thereby frequently enables government to contract a very large debt of this kind

    14. recognise this symbol?” C-zar barely looked at it before replying, with a hint of anger, agreeing with

    15. Our first Christmas, the entire family went out to chop a tree and, instead of agreeing on one, we argued for an hour about whether we should get a traditional scotch pine, like “we” had always gotten, or a noble fir, like “they” always had

    16. Norma eyed him several times before agreeing, and the kitten came home with us, protesting all the way

    17. A wave of guilt washed over Raven as he remembered reading anti-religious texts and agreeing with them whole-heartedly

    18. Agreeing that they would have to sleep one at a time, Saldon left Halon sitting at the end of the bed whilst he tried to sleep

    19. We got into two cars, agreeing that Felicity would stay

    20. It is not without irony that I find myself (partially) agreeing in part with an African American sociologist, who recently suggested that Sports have superseded the Plantation

    21. The final proof of his anti-Catholic bigotry is that after his defeat he blamed his loss on “foreign Catholics,” agreeing with the central premise of Know-Nothing belief, that the Catholic Church was conspiring to take over America

    22. Obama made the huge strategic error of agreeing not to push for Medicare for all

    23. Should McClellan win, he faces the problem of his own party disagreeing with him, and Republicans only half agreeing with him too

    24. In exchange for Republicans selling out Blacks in the southern states and agreeing to no longer try to enforce civil rights

    25. “Yes!” he said emphatically pounding his steering wheel, as his imagined Beth agreeing with his wisdom

    26. His promotion seemed to be agreeing with him

    27. I found myself agreeing with the old cop

    28. At least in public, when we are not planning together, exchanging information and agreeing to our next best course of action

    29. The bargaining continued, with Caltineri ultimately agreeing to sell a case of twelve bottles of the liqueur for 1500 Lire

    30. “And the party first agreeing to be liable for their spending would almost certainly win a close election, which creates a powerful incentive to commit to a spending limit

    31. She flew back, in a sense, to her apartment as Hunter was agreeing to come into the office

    32. Selena nodded, silently agreeing with him

    33. ” Carter nodded agreeing with Darrin

    34. “I’m going to kill whoever’s idea this was!” yelled Selena from the far corner, Ryan couldn’t help but nod, agreeing with the frightened angel

    35. He cautiously weighed the pros and cons before agreeing to another encounter

    36. agreeing and signing off prototypes, feature lists and screen mockups with users up

    37. However I am not sure what happened during the meal, or how much I drank, but I found myself agreeing to take this drug on my next visit to the club, although I was assured it would only be the smallest amount – enough to allow me to lose my inhibitions for a short time

    38. “Thanks for agreeing to see me,” he said, looking out the window at the multi-terraced alfresco dining area

    39. I extended my hand to O’Malley and said, “Thanks for agreeing to meet with me

    40. The Seven all bowed their heads agreeing to follow the young titan and pledging their allegiance to her

    41. • Agreeing on corrective actions / preventive actions and closing the non-conformances as per the target date

    42. ” Another commentator, gleefully agreeing, saluted the Supreme Court as the “Revolutionary Committee” that had brought that revolution about

    43. "See, Monica, already you are agreeing with me about your cooking ability

    44. I told her whatever I could, and sometimes agreeing with the conclusions she drew herself

    45. It was hard agreeing to that but Jesse can be very persuasive, though I only agreed to have one I refused any more

    46. “I’m not agreeing to anything with you!” I hissed

    47. ” Gale wasn't agreeing with Brie’s logic

    48. “The case was eventually settled in 2007 with all parties agreeing to keep the terms of

    49. of this, they find themselves agreeing with everyone and everything and they often find it impossible to

    50. “I’m just agreeing with you

    1. He agrees with me and he's a Buddhist for Christ's sake

    2. Uncharacteristically, she doesn’t argue and, contenting herself with merely glaring at him, she agrees unenthusiastically that he’s got a point

    3. All our intelligence agrees that the Presidente Lula has never departed 61 Cygni

    4. " Sabrina instantly agrees, "I know that

    5. Once the now customary tears have passed, I ring Brenda and ask if it would be all right for me to have a few days off – she agrees that this is reasonable and promises to make sure that someone is on call just in case there is a problem

    6. What ever it is, it agrees with you all

    7. Better ring Gary – now what’s his direct line? He answers almost immediately and agrees that Sunday would be sensible

    8. I hope to goodness this agrees with whatever Sally has told her already

    9. I tell him about Katie and her boyfriend issues (he agrees that it makes him feel old too!) and how we’re going to North Wales at the weekend to sort out the contents of David’s house

    10. He agrees that I need to think about getting some clothes for Italy

    11. Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) agrees that there

    12. “It also agrees with their course, sir,” another of the women added

    13. David’s struck by this and agrees to put this sort of information into his messages

    14. She agrees with me but points out that there’s not much choice given the commercial property which is available on the market these days

    15. Here's a clipping that totally agrees with my thinking

    16. Made me to smile, I agrees on it

    17. It agrees nearly with the estimation of the Northumberland book in 1512

    18. ‘The trouble is - if Pierre agrees to lift the curse,

    19. ‘If Pierre Buscailh agrees to lift his curse, will you

    20. He said "Ava agrees that your plan is the best chance we have to preserve our cities

    21. In reality B in London owes nothing to A in Edinburgh; but he agrees to accept of A 's bill, upon condition, that before the term of payment he shall redraw upon A in Edinburgh for the same sum, together with the interest and a commission, another bill, payable likewise two months after date

    22. Snaps agrees and he becomes a big hit

    23. She agrees that most of the people in this world come to live ‘ordinary’ lives as opposed to ‘extraordinary’ lives and the crucial thing is not to misconstrue the former as insignificant

    24. (When another person agrees with the motion, it is seconded

    25. When a certain portion of the produce is to be paid away for a tax, the farmer computes as well as he can, what the value of this portion is, one year with another, likely to amount to, and he makes a proportionable abatement in the rent which he agrees to pay to the landlord

    26. When you ask and she agrees and the two of you are legally able to marry then you are engaged

    27. “The regimen agrees with you

    28. Both sources agrees on the fact that he was born in the late Spring and Autumn Period of China (722�481 BC), where he was a general and strategist, serving under the king of Wu, King Hel�

    29. When one agrees, his God is in agreement with him

    30. dog, understands what the rules are and agrees to uphold them consistently

    31. You tell him you won"t call 911 until he agrees to answer a series of questions - most of which will incriminate him

    32. When an answer under the new regime agrees with the theory as reconstructed, a paradigm shift is said to have occurred

    33. When you are sure that you have found the correct answer? Check if that answer agrees or disagrees with the following words of God

    34. Don’t trust yes–men, because anyone who agrees with you without questioning the veracity of

    35. Assuming he agrees, can you remove them, as you did for me?” I asked telepathically

    36. Devin agrees with Tatiana’s

    37. Shmalko agrees to keep this information completely confidential

    38. Out of the crowd, Goragos yelled that he agrees

    39. He agrees and talks about the Godlessness in the bookstore where he works

    40. Jonathan Lash, president of the World Resources Institute, agrees that water is cleaner, air is clearer, and resources are better managed as a result of heightened environmental concerns

    41. ” Alexis de Tocqueville, that remarkably clairvoyant nineteenth century French observer of American democracy agrees

    42. ” Hibbs agrees that such works do subvert traditional values as conservatives claim

    43. Jaden agrees to “show” her the truth instead of telling her

    44. Roger definitely agrees for he considers its bay as the most scenic, pleasing and breath-taking he has ever contemplated

    45. Even Ash agrees with me

    46. a discussion at the bar and everyone agrees that the volcano story is

    47. Evans if he agrees with the Pope’s assertion that Muslims and Christians are more alike than different

    48. It is not surprising that the Board agrees with the NYT

    49. “Well, Yania also agrees, so this measure is approved,” Noiu said, concluding the meeting

    50. Then, if it’s obvious that everyone agrees, the ranking lord makes a declaration to that effect

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